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Classes were run like a full time job so it was really time consuming and our breaks were really short.
We didn't have online classes but we did do research on a variety of tops.
I think it was a really unique experience. As it comes to an end I'm reminded of high school and how this experience will soon pass and our relationships will never be the same. Besides, the neat friends ships I've made I think I learned a great-deal to prepare me for my career and If I were to need more help on something my teachers would help me before I graduate. The workload and curriculum were appropriate, but I would like more experience and want to continue on with nursing so I can utilize my esthetics career in medical aesthetics. I look forward to nursing school and laser school.
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It was pretty basic information that would help us prepare for the esthetics exam. We barely touch on certain area because we only needed an understanding of say 'chemistry'. Our professors were extremely accommodating and knowledgeable. If I ever had a question either they'd look into it or they tell me to and then let them know what I figured out.
Only having one computer for student use at school has been a hassle, but most of us have personal computers so we have made do. The computer often has issues though and has to be restarted and network is also a bit slow. Often times we will save projects to our email and print them off at school, which is nice if you have printer problems at home. However sometimes there can be a line to print and it's a bit hectic because the teachers are waiting on us to come to class. All in all it could be better and my personal computer would be much healthier if storm doors weren't so obnoxious and would stop hitting my back pack.
The teachers put up current available positions on the bulletin board and help us if they can. One of my teachers has already done some searching for me and help enhance a dream of mine. I know my teachers will make great references for my future employment. I do wish that my current school had a department that specialized in our after school success however because our teachers are busy enough.
My school is pretty unique because it is so hands on. I enjoy the time spent getting to know my fellow classmates and the teamwork process that goes hand-in-hand with us. I've met many people who've impacted my life throughout this experience and made great clients. This educational process has changed me and helped me grow, discover new passions, and given me more hope and drive for additional success.
For the price I'm paying things are pretty standard, however when I talked to my mother who went to a similar school years ago for the same degree, she doesn't approve and thinks I'll need additional training because the teachings aren't up to par.
We have one computer in the student lounge, so everyone who can brings there lap tops to accommodate when there needed. I wish we had more of a 'library' or were given a list of good magazines and tools for our future career.
My class is very diverse, with different age demographics, various religious views, various ethic and political opinions, different sexual orientations, and different ethnicity's.
Apart from classes it's a hands on program where we work with clients and gain experience and excellence.
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