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The teachers are not helpful when you have an IEP and they know takes you a while to understand things and you ask to stay and if they can help you they just say to ask a classmate. Not all students are friendly i have been made fun of because of my disabality by several student workers and i have talked to their managers about it and the managers rarely do anything.
Very small classes, and great teachers. Counselors are very helpful with everything! And everyone is very caring
The class sizes are nice and small, in a normal class, you will most likely know most of your classmates, in addition to your professor. Additionally, the professor will know you by name. Office hours are a great way to get help. The people that you are around are as a whole really nice and welcoming as a whole. The environment on campus is in a sense of that of a place of comfort and, like a home.
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I deal with an overwhelming amount of anxiety and depression. Being at a smaller school is just what I needed and the best part is that there accommodations for school anxiety that not all schools have. I highly recommend this school to anyone who feels uneasy about a big university. COD is a great school for a fraction of the cost you would pay for a state school. I'm happy with my decision to go to COD.
A very affordable option to getting an associates degree. Plenty of classes to choose from at all times of the day/night. Numerous locations in the Chicagoland area.
I am deaf and they have many services for students with disabilities. The ladies in the access are the best and show me full support. The classes are great and challenging. With it being a community college, the classes are extremely affordable. I love my college.
College of Dupge has given me the freedom to get a degree in any area that I am interested in. It's also opened the doors to transfer and go to the 4 year school of my choice. All of my credits are transferable. I am so greatful to go here, all the professors have been so kind to me as well. They all offer help during there office hours and really focus on me when I need it. I'm really happy with the class size because the professor really gets to work 1 on 1 with you.
nice main campus, very convenient to have branches. be sure to look at rate my professor first!! and sign up early, i was stuck with not so great teachers last semester because i signed up kinda late
COD has great opportunities and programs for students and adults. There are many great summer classes as well.
I attended College of DuPage to finish my Associate of Science degree, after attending a 4-year college for a year. My time at College of DuPage was well spent. Not only did I accomplish my goal of being educated, but it was a great value!
I have overall had a good experience at College of DuPage. Everyone in the Fashion Department is helpful and encouraging. I also highly recommend visiting the Career Services office for help picking a major and other career advice.
I really liked the school environment and the students were very helpful and nice when I visited. The staff at the placement testing area though wasn't that polite. The advisors are very kind and skillful to explain everything to new students. The campus is beautiful with some small businesses, such as star bucks and subway.
I started at COD because I didn't know where I wanted to go to school yet and I wasn't entirely sure what my major. So I went to COD because I could stay home and it's a lot cheaper than a 4 year school. Costs me about $5,000 to go for a year (2 semesters). It's a great place to start out!
I applied to College of DuPage (COD) to take a cake decorating class. Soon after enrolling, I was required to buy a chef's uniform (despite not being a culinary major), shoes, a kit that the professor wanted is to use (from a third party), along with the class and lab fees which were associated. Spending close to$1000 for one class, I began having second thoughts (What else could come up)? After my second class, I had to drop due to outside occurring events. Attending only two classes out of 15 (Labor Day during16-week course), I applied for a tuition appeal. In the mean time, COD continued withdrawing money from my account to pay for the class. When I found out that my tuition appeal was accepted, I unfortunately found out I was only "awarded" half of the class fees alone. Additionally, at one point I updated my account for charges to come out of a different account, however charges continued to come out of the original account.
I am a current student and I feel like I am thriving here! All my teachers are interested in their prospective subjects and the administration is very active and helping student succeed.
I think the campus is beautiful. Professors are the best. Learning so much. I am going to college of DuPage to get my Associates in Business and transfer to a four year college to finish my Bachelors. College of DuPage is preparing me to get there. I would recommend College of DuPage to anyone who does not want to go away in their first 2 years and want to save mom and dad some money to come to COD. What a great college.
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Taking classes at College of Du Page has provided me with a quality education for a decently priced amount of money.
COD has certainly skyrocketed over the last few years. From the time my grandmother went there to get her associates in nursing to now with me initially going for nursing but now going for criminal justice, the campus has bloomed beautifully. The updates and renovations made for the school have just been incredible and has made going to a community college seem as if you are at a university. The morale is great and the experience is one to remember.
You really have to go on ratemyprofessors before you register for a class. They range from 0-100 real quick
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