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COD is a good school and good way to spend your money if you are trying to minimize your secondary school payments or don't know what you want to major in. They have a lot of direct admission programs with 4-year universities. The academics and cost are great pros, but lacks a social aspect. As there is no dorms, there is only a small percentage of the student population on campus at a given time. You can deffinitely still be social by joing clubs and organizations, but you really have to put yourself out more to socialize as compared to uni's where all the students live in the same general area.
I love COD because it is close to home and offers an affordable college experience. I love the array of classes offered, the coffee bars are excellent, and the school has lots of quiet nooks for studying.
I started my college career at College Of DuPage after my High School graduation in the summer of 2016. The professors at this College are extremely educated and are willing to teach. The classes are tough, but by the end of the class you absolutely master it. Moreover there is free tutoring for every subject and also free math assistance available. I have an awesome experience studying at this college and I highly recommend students to join College of DuPage.
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Everyone is just going to get things done. Not much of a campus or social life, but the value you get on tuition is great. The professors are a mixed bag of bad to amazing. It's hit or miss, but if you research what classes and professors to get on Ratemyprofessors . com , the problem becomes less apparent. Overall good time, would recommend to those low on money or don't know what to major in at the moment.
College of Dupage was a nice start up school to push me in the right direction. Being in college has taught and preached freedom and independency.
College of DuPage is an amazing investment, and an even better choice (money wise) for starting your college career. The facilities are all basically brand new, from the student lounges to the science labs. For the price any student pays at COD, it is well worth it. Although every professor I've had was awesome, I have rate-my-professor to thank. There are lots of listings for the same class, and unfortunately not every professor may be your cup of tea. Lots of people are there to take their classes and leave, but COD does an awesome job of reaching out to students and staying connected. Lots of state-of-the-state choices for a doable price.
I am extremely impressed with College of DuPage. After returning to school after a break, this was the best expereince I've had so far.
Classes are affordable to the point that I was able to pay out of pocket (granted only a couple classes at a time due to my time limitations).
I have taken both on campus and online classes. I preferred on campus and felt I received a little more out of those than the online. However the online classes offered flexibility in time and still offered a challenging environment that required discussions as well.
One of my favorite things about College of Dupage was that many of my professors were professionals within the field of study, this was a part time position for them. Their real life experience often complimented and supplimented the textbooks.
I enjoyed my time at the College of Dupage. In my opinion, it does everything that is expected from a community college. As someone who is pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering, I did not run into a problem of not finding a class that I need to take. From what I've seen, there is also a variety of other fields for which students can get a start at COD, including STEM, life sciences, humanities, and technical.
This college is situated in a neighborhood area of a small town. The campus looks really nice, and is a good place to walk around when getting from one class to another. However if the weather isn't so nice, most of the college is connected on the inside, so it is possible to get around without setting a foot outside.
There are many quiet spots for students to study like the library (pretty big, 2 floors) or sitting areas. They can even get a one on one session with a tutor (free of charge) to get help on homework or test preparation.
Overall, attending the College of DuPage was a pretty great experience. While there I met some great people. Many of which I could relate to in and outside of school. The professors were excellent there and helped get you through anything you needed. The school was very modernized and I would recommend it to anyone looking to go down the jr. college route. I couldn't be more satisfied with being there and would go there again!
Great for saving money. Good bang for your buck if you live in the surrounding area. Campus is very up to date.
It's supposed to be one of the best community colleges, and while this is obvious in some courses, some of the students and professors seem to think we are in kindergarten, rather than college. Other than that, though, the college really is wonderful.
It's a good school with good teachers, it's very easy to find classes that fit my schedule. I did not do much with extracurriculars but it seems the school is very active and if you want to be involved in the community you can. I enjoyed most of the classes I took, there are many options so you can fit your interests and still get your gen eds.
The teachers are not helpful when you have an IEP and they know takes you a while to understand things and you ask to stay and if they can help you they just say to ask a classmate. Not all students are friendly i have been made fun of because of my disabality by several student workers and i have talked to their managers about it and the managers rarely do anything.
Very small classes, and great teachers. Counselors are very helpful with everything! And everyone is very caring
The class sizes are nice and small, in a normal class, you will most likely know most of your classmates, in addition to your professor. Additionally, the professor will know you by name. Office hours are a great way to get help. The people that you are around are as a whole really nice and welcoming as a whole. The environment on campus is in a sense of that of a place of comfort and, like a home.
I deal with an overwhelming amount of anxiety and depression. Being at a smaller school is just what I needed and the best part is that there accommodations for school anxiety that not all schools have. I highly recommend this school to anyone who feels uneasy about a big university. COD is a great school for a fraction of the cost you would pay for a state school. I'm happy with my decision to go to COD.
A very affordable option to getting an associates degree. Plenty of classes to choose from at all times of the day/night. Numerous locations in the Chicagoland area.
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I am deaf and they have many services for students with disabilities. The ladies in the access are the best and show me full support. The classes are great and challenging. With it being a community college, the classes are extremely affordable. I love my college.
College of Dupge has given me the freedom to get a degree in any area that I am interested in. It's also opened the doors to transfer and go to the 4 year school of my choice. All of my credits are transferable. I am so greatful to go here, all the professors have been so kind to me as well. They all offer help during there office hours and really focus on me when I need it. I'm really happy with the class size because the professor really gets to work 1 on 1 with you.
nice main campus, very convenient to have branches. be sure to look at rate my professor first!! and sign up early, i was stuck with not so great teachers last semester because i signed up kinda late
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