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The college is a great place to start with when just starting with your general education courses. Its cheaper than any four year college so it will save you tons of money especially if you don't know what you want to go into.
College of Dupage is an overall great school, it prepares you to transfer to a four year university, while saving money at the same time. While going to College of Dupage, I am able to be a full-time student and also have a part-time job. Class sizes are small, that way you get to know the other kids in your class and will also be able to have a personalized relationship with your professor.One thing I would like to change would be to expand College of Dupage from a 2 year school to a 4 year school. This school is capable of making that expansion and expanding it/ adding more programs will make this school more worth your while. Overall, this is a great school and I feel that more kids should give junior college a shot before going away.
College of DuPage has been an incredible place for opportunity and growth for me. Faculty and staff are great and there is always something to do on campus, whether that's going to a club event or a campus-facilitated event.
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Excellent school that has great professors who care about their students. High selection in academic programs that are easy to personalize for each student needs. Beautiful facility and classrooms. Definitely recommend this school to everyone!
As an international student is a good college, there is diversity and it makes me feel comfortable, is big and the installations are good, most of the professors dominate their topics they teach.
It had what I needed to guess start to learn I can’t wait to start there soon hopefully in the fall of 2018 then later I can start my career so yeah
College Of DuPage is a very solid school, and is a great opportunity to build a solid academic base, while saving money. The campus is very clean and well laid out. Also, their vast array of online classes make working while earning college credits very efficient.
I really love College of DuPage. The campus is huge with numerous places to lounge with friends, grab a bite to eat, or have some alone time to get homework done or just relax. I've taken some very challenging and fulfilling classes at COD, with professors so much more inspiring and passionate about what they teach than I ever imagined I'd see at a community college. There are so many options for classes to take at a low cost so there really is no pressure, making it the perfect school for someone just out of high school who isn't really sure what they want to do for a living.
The school itself is nice and the teachers vary. The schools polices and willingness to help student is terrible. I am a 4.0 student and had a very minor issue while enrolled in the nursing program. NO One would help me because it was during summer classes. Counseling is terrible and so are the department heads they are unwilling to help student all the want to do is collect your money. I would not send my future children here no matter how cheap it was.
Students are not friendly at all. Many teachers can't even speak English and they are TERRIBLE at explaining any topic at all. Most teachers are nice people, just terrible teachers. CoD also does not help financially AT ALL. I got a 32 ACT and 4.14 GPA in high school and revived ZERO scholarships. I had to pay full price and honestly barely saved any money compared to a 4-year university. I had to transfer out after 1 year because I was so miserable.
The institution is very diverse in terms of the students as well as teachers. The school offers vast amount of resources from counselors who are always more than willing to help me find my course in life, to librarian assistants who help me find books and research articles. They also try to get students to expand their boundaries by trying to get us to take advantage of job fairs, student work positions, and even have cheap study abroad summer and semester programs! However, it is a community college so most of the students are not involved in the school and are more focused on driving to class and leaving right away because they prefer to work rather than spend time at clubs and organizations. Overall, the college spends its revenue to better equip students with the tools that will help us succeed in our classes as well as offer technical courses for those looking to build their way up their profession.
College of Dupage is a great two year school that I would recommend to anyone that wants to save money by going to a community college. They offer pretty great classes and the campus is awesome.
I absolutely love the environment of College of Dupage. Every time I have spoken with an employee I hear nothing but a positive voice and a feeling of joy. The staff could not be anymore welcoming.
College of Dupage had it doors open to somebody like me so I can achieve throughout my life. College of Dupage offered me an opportunity to improve myself and offered me resources that other colleges wouldn't have on their campus. College of Dupage is a community college but had great programs such as a four-year college would have in their colleges. It's also a cheap college to get a great education. I would like to change the costs of books and make the student understand that College of Dupage is not a bad college.
Great Value. College DuPage offers more than most 4 year schools. The teachers are passionate about the subjects they teach and seem to care about the success of their students. The facilities (library, gym, student lounges etc) make the school a place you really can enjoy being in.
I liked that College of Dupage was close and convenient. I hope to see change in how some of the professors teach, as they tended to be lazy more often than not. I also liked that they had plenty of parking and the campus was never so big that I couldn't just walk to my next class.
I love joining clubs, such as Alter Ego. They are In charge of the events that happen in our student life area! Amazing way to meet new people and makes you open to new ideas.
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COD is a good school and good way to spend your money if you are trying to minimize your secondary school payments or don't know what you want to major in. They have a lot of direct admission programs with 4-year universities. The academics and cost are great pros, but lacks a social aspect. As there is no dorms, there is only a small percentage of the student population on campus at a given time. You can deffinitely still be social by joing clubs and organizations, but you really have to put yourself out more to socialize as compared to uni's where all the students live in the same general area.
I love COD because it is close to home and offers an affordable college experience. I love the array of classes offered, the coffee bars are excellent, and the school has lots of quiet nooks for studying.
I started my college career at College Of DuPage after my High School graduation in the summer of 2016. The professors at this College are extremely educated and are willing to teach. The classes are tough, but by the end of the class you absolutely master it. Moreover there is free tutoring for every subject and also free math assistance available. I have an awesome experience studying at this college and I highly recommend students to join College of DuPage.
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