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It's pretty good, suburban location, works with it's students on making a smooth transfer, not much else. Apparently it's the best community college in the country so thats pretty cool. Nice campus, tons of classes and programs.
I took dual credit throughout high school through COD to get a semester ahead in college than the rest of my graduating class. Variety of programs is fantastic.
It was okay, as an online student I feel like there should be an emphasis on online resources but everything was extremely difficult and even in person as well.
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I have been a student at C.O.D. for two years. I love the campus, I think its beautiful. All of my classes have been close to each other and within decent talking distance. All of my teachers have been super helpful and understanding of work and other obligations. The tuition is extremely affordable, especially if you are in district. The only downfall would be that the counselors are not as knowledgeable as they should be. I would suggest contacting the program director for any questions or concerns with classes.
That they have a meal plan and that students could have some place nice to live like dorms instead of paying rent for apartments that are very expensive. provide transportation for the students that live far, like shuttles so kids won't be late for classes. They need to have more than one club for black students to engage in so more people can interact with each other.
Great admission process! Lovely staff with wonderful facility. Great programs of study with detailed curriculum. Great opportunities from foundation to finish. Wonderful school to grow up in.
COD is a good school to get started and it will save you a lot of money. Their Health department has been expanding and they are doing very well in seeing all their students succeed. Vast majority of the professors are dedicated in making sure the students are ready for the "Real world".
The school should be more responsible for people with learning disability and the professor are okay. But i love the comfort zone in this school and there are a lot of opportunities.
The professors are phenomenal and really care about the subjects that they teach. It is an excellent value. Courses are available in a wide variety of degree and certificate programs. Classes are offered at many times of the day, from early morning to late night. Online and weekend classes also offer flexible opportunities.
The management of the college is not great. The financial aid office and the cashiers' office are both terrible disasters. They are not well managed and have a lot of communication issues.
It is very difficult to find parking on campus during the peak class times (mid-day on week days.)
I love how the college is very safe. It is filled with impressive and knowledgeable professors and staff. The college unfortunately is not a university but has tried in the past on becoming one. I highly recommend this college because it offers a variety of classes and opportunities that others offer, but for cheap and less regretful decisions.
I had a good experience here because I was well supported in academics, athletics, and extracurricular activities. It helped prepare me for my next transition to a four-year school.
I enjoyed attending College of Dupage because of the small classroom setting. It was nice to be able to get individual attention if necessary. My professors were all very personable. Something I would like to see change is the professionalism among faculty. Often times I had professors who, while they were friendly, were very inappropriate and bizarre. It was clear the class was not suitable for those certain professors to be teaching.
Lots of different classes and a lot less expensive that a four year college. Great way to start college especially if you aren't sure of your major.
I like College of DuPage because of the professors are really good especially what core classes. A lot of the books are updated and geared more towards your career. The director of the fashion Department is very hopeful regarding to students.
College of Dupage was a great stepping stone for me in my academic journey. It is a school with great opportunities and filled with helpful resources available to all students. It is also a great school for adult education or those who wish to take a class on a personal hobby. My experience at college of dupe was a great one.
The professors and employees care about the students and want them to excel in their academics. Classes are offered at a wide variety of times to support different schedules.
Overall, I really enjoyed my experience at College of DuPage because I loved all my professors and classes. I am also on the track team there and I really enjoy it, they are preparing me very well for the next school that I will be transferring to.
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this is a very good school knowlegable proressors and guidance counselors who care and has allot selecyion of classes and has a cool arts centet
Would love for the staff to be more caring to everyone.
It’s very easy to get involved and get help for your classes.
Great teachers and good school for the price. You can do prerequisites here and save a lot of money.
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