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The best nursing program in IL. Such supportive staff, amazing place to work, and even after you graduate you mean something to them. They support you 1000% percent. Best decision I ever made and would make the same decision again to attend COD.
My experience with college of DuPage has been amazing. the school is truly beautiful, from the people who work there to all the different races of people you will become friends with. I've gone to College of DuPage for 2 years I had the intentions of taking a 3+1 program which allows me to achieve my bachelors but unfortunately im moving and must continue it else where. the program is truly amazing though because it partners up with 4 year colleges to provide the student with a degree.
I love how they have flexible schedules and the teachers that I have had are amazing! They have some new cadaver labs that are out of this world. The help with any questions that I have is great the staff has been super nice since I have been there.
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Going to a community college before a 4-year was the best-forced decision I ever made. This school is top notch and offers every kind of assistance in aiding you to success. The teachers here really know what they are doing and regularly have to go to classes to keep sharp. On top of that everyone is there to help YOU and asking questions does not make you dumb.
College of DuPage is a great place to be in. They have a lot of resources, and the people are friendly. However, the programs need serious work. The professors are crap and really need to reevaluate their focus to be student centered.
Things I like about COD is the professors, academics, food, library, atmosphere, and campus. It's a great college to begin with if you don't know where or what you want to do in life yet. Most teachers you're able to make connections with along with the students.
College of Dupage has a very nice campus as well as a very nice staff. Everyone in every department is very helpful and will find a way to get you the help you need. The classes that COD offers are not offered at other community colleges and they have a wide selection of classes so you can take what interests you the most.
I spent two years in a College of DuPage and I can say I really liked to be part of it. People there are very nice and helpful, as well as the professors. If you have a question or just want to talk about something, professors are always available. If you have any problem, they will work with you to solve it. There also free tutors are available any time for most of the classes, online or in person. College also helps you to get to a spot where you wanna be, whether it is a school or a job. It's a great place to start your career.
College of Dupage is great school.
I learned a lot and experienced a lot.
Strong recommending school
CoD has a vast amount of resources that not many students take advantage of. Most of the professors truly care about the success of their students and teach life skills applicable to the working world. Tuition is very low for a great education. So many degrees offered here. Basically, you get big bang for your buck.
One of the reasons I like COD is because of the small class which helps us learn the material more & the professor is able to help us.
COD is a starting point if you have no idea what you want to do coming out of high school, and the price is relatively reasonably.
It's pretty good, suburban location, works with it's students on making a smooth transfer, not much else. Apparently it's the best community college in the country so thats pretty cool. Nice campus, tons of classes and programs.
I took dual credit throughout high school through COD to get a semester ahead in college than the rest of my graduating class. Variety of programs is fantastic.
It was okay, as an online student I feel like there should be an emphasis on online resources but everything was extremely difficult and even in person as well.
I have been a student at C.O.D. for two years. I love the campus, I think its beautiful. All of my classes have been close to each other and within decent talking distance. All of my teachers have been super helpful and understanding of work and other obligations. The tuition is extremely affordable, especially if you are in district. The only downfall would be that the counselors are not as knowledgeable as they should be. I would suggest contacting the program director for any questions or concerns with classes.
That they have a meal plan and that students could have some place nice to live like dorms instead of paying rent for apartments that are very expensive. provide transportation for the students that live far, like shuttles so kids won't be late for classes. They need to have more than one club for black students to engage in so more people can interact with each other.
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Great admission process! Lovely staff with wonderful facility. Great programs of study with detailed curriculum. Great opportunities from foundation to finish. Wonderful school to grow up in.
COD is a good school to get started and it will save you a lot of money. Their Health department has been expanding and they are doing very well in seeing all their students succeed. Vast majority of the professors are dedicated in making sure the students are ready for the "Real world".
The school should be more responsible for people with learning disability and the professor are okay. But i love the comfort zone in this school and there are a lot of opportunities.
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