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I really enjoyed the open school environment with very good class schedules. Very affordable and was able to pay for tuition without need for loans. I would really like to see some professors do better to make their classes seem more important. Some teachers seemed unmotivated to be there which passed of to me as a student.
This college was unbelievably helpful throughout the entire process of obtaining my associates degree. The classes prepared me for further education, for the majority the teachers were enthusiastic, available, and helpful, and the campus was always clean. They offer a plethora of student services from counseling, tutoring, and extracurricular's. College of Dupage prepared me for life beyond community college and even helped me in transferring to another school. The counseling department set me up and told me exactly what classes I needed in order to get where I wanted to and from dealing with other schools, I can tell you that not all schools are this helpful.
College of DuPage is an excellent school for those looking to make college a more affordable experience. It's highly regarded in the state of Illinois allowing for easy transfer to other universities.
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This community college is very good when comparing it to the price. So far I've had very good professors in their fields. Most of mine had their doctorates
College of Dupage is a great community college. Is incredibly affordable for students. Also, they offer scholarship for incoming high school students. Professors care about their students. You can tell professors are very passionate and educated about their career. COD has a lot of programs that are offer to students who have trouble with any class. The campus is beautiful. As a full time student you would have more benefits in the college. If I could change something about COD would be to be the cafeteria. COD only have one large cafeteria in the main campus and they don’t have many food options. Other buildings don’t have any cafeteria they only have snack machines which is not “real”food. Students should have a small cafeteria with healthy food in each of the buildings. Students can eat healthy and study well.
great school and would graduate in the top 10 of year 2020 we all deserve the chance to feel expressed
It's an excellent college to get introduced to the college life. If you are undecided on your major then this is an excellent place to get started and learn about the different fields. Their website if very easy and lot of information is available on there to help you succeed. The counselors are extremely helpful and they will guide in the right path to transfer with the maximum credit. Another important factor is that you will save a lot of money in 2 years doing the General Education.
The teachers here are great and are enthusiastic about what they teach. The students are very friendly and are always willing to help!
I will be attending College Of Dupage in the fall of 2019. I will be enrolling in their Criminal Justice Program. I like College of Dupage because there aren't a lot of Community Colleges that offer an excellent Criminal Justice program.
College of Dupage is a fine place to go and get your degree as long as you are not looking forward to having fun while doing it. Not only are all the classes that I’ve taken here extremely difficult, but they also don't incorporate social aspects into it. Which means I haven't made a single friend my entire year and a half of studying here. The teachers here either do their job and give clear assignments or they give you bad grades for not being able to follow along with their own agenda. It is a 50/50 split and there is no inbetween. This school has a beautiful campus and the prices for classes can't be beat. So while this school will crush your will to live, it is probably the best way to get a cheap degree.
The times I have been at College of DuPage have been incredible, they are always very understanding and their professors are so professional.
College of DuPage is a large and diverse community college in the western suburbs of Chicagoland. It has a very large variety of classes to take, taught by great professors, and offers a wide variety of degree programs. It has places to help students take their learning further, such its own prairie for students in bio and environmental majors, as well as a hotel and restaurant for culinary and hospitality majors. It also has an expansive list of study abroad trips that go around the country and the world, and which cover many different subjects. It has many events throughout the year, where you can make new friends and win prizes on occasion.
Could not imagine a better community college. They have some of the highest quality professors and programs and you walk away having learned so much.
The campus is very large. I attended a local university before and it was quite small compared to CoD. In addition to being large, the campus is well maintained and clean providing a suitable educational environment.
Great College! Clean and Diverse Campus. Good Professors. Good resources available for assistance. Mostly safe campus. Nice student life.
Most of the teachers were great. A lot of the kids there aren't too smart. Great idea to save money. Go here 2 years and then transfer.
The teachers at COD are very well educated and kind people. Classes are at a reasonable price. The campus is quite large and its clean. The library is a great place to get homework done. Student life is a little lacking, and parking is terrible after 9:00 am.
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College of DuPage wants its students to succeed but it can be tough to get assistance from the office workers depending on the office you go to.
College of Dupage is a good school. The campus is huge, and beautiful! there are a lot of clubs and course offered. If you wanted to you wouldn't have any trouble getting involved in the school. Many students were in and out of their class, so not that many people came to make friends. They focus on their classes, then go home or to work. For the most part the professors are great. Out of being a student for two years at COD I had only three professors that weren't too caring or nice. overall COD is a nice school to do what you have to do, then continue on with yourself and your day.
My experience in College of DuPage was amazing. College of DuPage is pretty reasonably affordable and also the class is small.
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