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You should take part in COD's Student Life and its activities. The athletics, especially both the Men's and Women's Basketball teams, need to improve. The professors really help you if you need help, and the faculty and staff members are really friendly.
College of Dupge is an outstanding junior college. The professor are, for the most part, there to help students learn and succeed. There are so many faculty members who are dedicated to help students. College of Dupage has excellent recourses for students to utilized. I spent most of my time in the Math Assistance center with free tutors helping me with one on one help. The campus is incredibly nice. The people are all friendly and helpful. There is a huge variety of courses for everyone.
I've been at College of DuPage since Fall 2015 until now, Spring term 2018. Graduated with Associate in Science last semester, in December. This community college is 2 years and offers only Associate Degrees, however it is very affordable. In my opinion, it is the best community college to start your studies, and then, transfer to a 4 year university. Therefore, one can save money and get a highly valuable degree from a great faculty and safe college campus. What I really liked about the College of DuPage is the affordable price and the highly educated professors. You really have to study in order to get good grades. I was really honored to get Pell Grant the first year of my studies, therefore I paid out of pocket only for my second year at COD. I am also part of the Honor Program at College of DuPage adn member of the PHi Theta Kappa. Also, what I would like to change for COD is to become a 4 year college when one can get a Bachelor's Degree on this beautiful campus and near home.
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I like that I can go to college without paying much money and can complete general education courses and earn credits which can transfer. If I could make one change to this college, it would be to have student housing on campus.
I love the diversity and the different classes that are available both on and off campus. I would like to see improvements in their financial aid process and program process. A class was added on to my graduation requirements after I completed the program and I had to take the class in order to graduate.
For a community college, it really has an amazing campus. There are so many courses to choose from and it's very affordable. The financial aide office never seems to be keen on helping, they're usually rude whenever I've gone to seek help from them. Every professor I've had has been wonderful and the courses are challenging but interesting.
I was only here for 2 short years in the graphic design program. However, this program is absolutely fantastic and I’m proud to have gone to this school. Definixtely saved money. But don’t expect the college experience.
The professors here get to know you on a personal level. They are very kind and work to help you succeed thought the class. Unlike a few two years school I have looked at COD has a wide range of associate degrees you can go for. There is no on campus housing but the campus is very safe.
The college itself I feel is highly underrated. The price you pay for tuition and the amenities and programs you get in return certainly bring value to education. College of DuPage has close a relationship with several local universities as well to get you a bachelor's degree for a much more affordable price. The only reason I don't give it a 5 star is that sometimes the counseling office can unfortunately mislead you unintentionally. If you're in one of the programs that link with local universities, your best bet is to speak with someone in the counseling office who has direct connections with your selected university and a few select other people to cross check and make sure things go smoothly.
Community college is just like high school but you don't know anybody right? Well College of Dupage is a great place to meet people because they have many clubs and their professors make it clear that we should all be friends! It is a very welcoming environment and it has a new modern look to it. It was a pleasure going there for my Associates degree.
I feel the college offers many different classes for in school and online. I really enjoy my time here.
The College of Dupage is one of the best community colleges in the nation. They have a wide variety of majors, classes and are very flexible with class hours. However, I highly recommend using rate my professor to get the best teacher for your style of learning. What I would like to see changed is the teaching structure, I believe the teachers should have more freedom to choose their sources for learning instead of department norms. Overall very good school, especially if one is looking to transfer.
I enjoyed my time studying and taking classes here. Be prepared to spend a substantial amount of money on books and tuition. I spent over $25K and did not graduate. You really have to stay focused to finish. There's a lot of subjects to choose from, faculty are knowledgeable and approachable. I just wished there was more parking or a parking garage situated close by. You could spend 15 minutes sometimes driving back and forth, just to find a space.
I like most of the teachers and I feel like I am getting a decent education. I also like how much cheaper it is than some other schools. I don't like their financial aid department, they have given me many headaches over the years. Also, the counselors have misdirected me and I almost missed a class that was required to graduate.
Overall, I would say that the college of DuPage is a great school for those who are trying to save money. I felt that I got a great education for what I paid for. I got a scholarship this year so my books were actually more than my tuition this semester. The professors all have at least a master's degree and the class sizes are small so that's nice for class discussions. The only thing I don't like is that you don't get the "social" college experience. There isn't any Greek life and you can't live on campus so you don't really see your classmates outside of school. There also aren't a whole lot of clubs to choose from so I haven't gotten involved in the campus yet.
College of DuPage is the perfect university for someone that still hasn't decided what their next step is going to be. For a community college, College of DuPage provides excellent opportunities for growth. I think that without attending college at this two-year university first I would not have been able to figure out what to do next in my college career. I am so thankful for the peers I've met, the faculty, and the numerous opportunities College of DuPage has given me.
The college is a great place to start with when just starting with your general education courses. Its cheaper than any four year college so it will save you tons of money especially if you don't know what you want to go into.
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College of Dupage is an overall great school, it prepares you to transfer to a four year university, while saving money at the same time. While going to College of Dupage, I am able to be a full-time student and also have a part-time job. Class sizes are small, that way you get to know the other kids in your class and will also be able to have a personalized relationship with your professor.One thing I would like to change would be to expand College of Dupage from a 2 year school to a 4 year school. This school is capable of making that expansion and expanding it/ adding more programs will make this school more worth your while. Overall, this is a great school and I feel that more kids should give junior college a shot before going away.
College of DuPage has been an incredible place for opportunity and growth for me. Faculty and staff are great and there is always something to do on campus, whether that's going to a club event or a campus-facilitated event.
Excellent school that has great professors who care about their students. High selection in academic programs that are easy to personalize for each student needs. Beautiful facility and classrooms. Definitely recommend this school to everyone!
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