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I'm in my first year returning to college to study culinary arts. So far I'm excited to return at age 55. Navigation is easy and the faculty is experienced and very helpful in terms of guiding me through some career decisions.
I love the diversity within each class. Personally, meeting new people was a lot easier than imagined. All professors have their doctorate or masters in the subjects, making everyone comfortable with asking complex questions or reaching out for help. The campus is very modern and always have the resources students need.
College of Dupage has stellar facilities, kind and accommodating faculty, and great resources. Your experience here is truly what you make of it. The coursework isn't too strenuous but has wonderful, affordable programs that are open to all.
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College of Dupage is a very clean, safe, beautiful campus. The classroom sizes are small, making it easy to obtain extra one on one time with professors. Extra help is always available. However, the financial aid office is terrible to communicate with. It seems they hire anyone. Nobody can ever seem to point me in the right direction when speaking with the financial aid office.
I'm in my second year and the overall experience is positive. Instructors are willing to help you. There are additional resources for help with math and english. I'm involved in sports and that's been a positive because I got to know the campus before classes started and the coaches are supportive.
COD has opened a lot of doors for me not only as an academic student but also as an individual. The organizations and clubs in this community college are life-changers! My expectations were absolutely satisfied.
Although only a 2-year institution, COD's campus, facilities, and student resources make it truly seem like a 4-year university. The Professors are extremely helpful and knowledgable (many practicing in the field in which they teach). Overall, an excellent school especially for those looking to transition to a 4-yr university program.
It is a great way to save money and get a great education too! The college has lots of clubs and activities that can help you reach your career goals and network. You can meet people from all around the world due to the diversity at COD!
I like college of Dupage, I like how it has many clubs and organizations for student life. The counselors are always willing to help you in your future classes and transferring advise. There are also a lot of activities to do around the campus, athletics, classes and always volunteering with the community. I recommend this college, it is in a safe area and the staff are always welcoming.
I would go to College of Dupage after I graduate from Wheaton North High School, because I want to study as a physical education teacher, architecture drafting, and computer and science. I will still work at Jewel Osco on the weekends for part times.
College of DuPage is a great College! They hace many oppurtunites for a wide varieties of options for education. They are very helpful and want all students to succeed.
It's a very bright environment, the people are very relaxed, and the teachers are mostly good. There’s a building for every specific major, the arts building, culinary arts, physical education, health and sciences, etc. The buildings are all connected through tunnels one way or another which is very convenient when the weather is not cooperative. They have many resources, from the study rooms in the library to the gym. I love the arts building, it is such a bright environment and so colorful. Also, Einstein bagels in that building is very good. Overall, I rate the college a 10/10.
I'm new to the school but everything is going great so far. There are A LOT of resources to help you through college.
College of DuPage is a community college that allows you to explore your options in your career choice and you are welcomed to change your major at anytime.
Great college if you're on the budget. Everything is very organized. Campus is nice and clean. Professors are knowlegable.
I loved the ease of community college. The neighborhood feel to it really made it welcoming to go to class.
I really enjoyed my time at College of DuPage a lot of the professor are great and, are passionate about their jobs. The only issue I come across is counseling and, advising I won't speak for all for all the counselors there. From personal experience it feels the whole guiding exchange isn't there. I can remember an instance where it was my orientation and, I didn't know what class I wanted to pick they preceded to tell me "Pick whatever you want". It made me feel uneasy and, from that point I never went back to counseling and advising for any help to pick out my classes.
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I go to COD at 2014 and graduated in 2019 with Associates for Applied Science with High Honors. Graphic Design being my major of study.

Great school to start with especially on general education and choosing your major. The tuition is better on the prices as well. I always hangout at the student life lounge to play video games with my friends. The student life always have an event every month giving out free food. The professors will know you better treating you as a student not number. The area is drivable as well since I'm like 20 minutes driving distance away.

My only complaint is that it's only a 2-year school program. But there are some majors that has the 2+2 or 3+1 program where you can get a bachelor's in another school while attending in COD.
The best thing about College of Dupage is the amount of diversity it offers. There are plenty of stimulated general education classes for those, like myself, who is going to transfer out. The best thing about COD is its convenience. Very close to home, and relatively inexpensive. Its the best place come and complete prerequisites and general education courses.
College of DuPage is a great junior college. The academics there are amazing and most of the classes can be transferred over to a four year institution. I believe that you are definitely getting your moneys worth if you have no idea what you want to do as a career. For me I was apart of the honors society, but anything other than academics this college is decent. Nothing fancy. There are no dorm/ housing provided to students.
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