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How can these ratings be legitimate? People giving five-star reviews after knowing how much this worthless school is costing?
If you use student loans to pay for this place, you will be saddled with payments for a very long time, and with the drop-out rate here, it will be for nothing.
Court reporting has changed. Digital recording, voice reporters, and out-sourcing to other states have almost taken over stenographers.
If you still think this is what you want to do, get used books and steno equipment and teach yourself! It's all repetition and the other classes they insist on charging you for won't be needed.
They don't care about you. You will quickly find out how little they care once they have money from you.
The College of Court Reporting is one of the best schools I have ever attended. They are invested in their students and go above and beyond to help them every step of the way. They have developed their own software and I think it is the future of court reporting school. There should be no reason that a student cannot be successful at this school. I wish the tuition was a little more affordable, but you really do get what you pay for.
Learning stenography is extremely hard, but the teachers have provided the students with the tools to help us get through the program. There is not a moment where my time is wasted. Someone is always available to help me if I need something answered or to provide suggestions. The school is setup in a way that I can get information to help myself so I can continue to practice when a teacher is not around. I have more than enough material to help me along the way. I transferred into this school and this school is a million times better than my last. If I were to do it over again, I would have started with my current school from the beginning.
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As stated before the school will assist you in helping you locate a job after graduation.
The school is expensive as I have found out along with the equipment required for the school. However, upon graduation it will pay itself off because it is a specialty.
The classes are not very large, and is all completely online. If I have ever had any issues I know I can always contact the professor.
The school will assist in helping you find a job upon completion of the school.
I didn't have any issues getting my classes transferred over.
I have had the luxury of experiencing both. I however enjoy the online courses due to the demands of working a full time job.
This school is career oriented that strives in the excellences of their students.
This school requires a lot of outside work. Practice makes perfect and that is what you have to do to excel in this program.
The class registration process was very easy. They make the process easy for full-time workers.
everyone at the school has been really great working with me and explaining the whole process
great and interesting classes offered
The most important point is that we are from all over the United States. I have never interacted with a more diverse group of people. It's great to chat with people in different time zones, different weather patterns. We support each other in times of need like those who were affected by hurricane Sandy and other tragedies. Just a wonder diverse learning environment that this school is providing.
An online student has to be especially disciplined since it is so easy to become easy distracted in the home environment. Being a former classroom teacher for 15 years, I understand completely how much easier it is to be held accountable when you are face to face with an instructor. Uniquely though, CCR doesn't let less-disciplined students fall through the cracks. If an instructor reaches out to an online student and does not see progress, a mentor gets involved. All students creates and closely adheres to a personalized time management plan where they can log hours and have their instructors monitor their completion of tasks. Also, online students have multiple ways to interact with each other via forums, online chat rooms, video chat rooms etc.
Instructors return graded materials to us, but instead of just writing a grade on the documents, they give you live recorded voice feedback regarding your grade. So, the instructor is actually talking to you. Hearing voice feedback is so much more effective than just a note attached to the assignment or test. I can chat with any student who is online instantly via live chat or video chat. Administrators are always posting personalized messages on the school's facebook page.
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Since I am an online student, I am still included in all the activities that are on campus. There are always online activities like "send us a picture of yourself celebrating school spirit week" or "positive shout outs." The is also a monthly newsletter that connects all of us and has personalized articles about how well students are doing. Online students are invited to participate in live events happening on campus. A video camera is placed in the room and we can actually see campus students and chat with them.
After transferring from another online program for court report, I found CCR to second to none. I never have problems connecting the school's server. Any issues regarding updating software on my computer is quickly dealt with.
My school could have given me information on other grants and scholarships.
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