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I like how small the college is and how your professors teach at pace you can keep up with. The environment is nice and the people here are friendly and welcoming. The dorms are nice, but some dorms you have to share a room with another person. Overall the campus is safe and good size college for anyone who is looking for something small.
Beautiful campus located in the Golden Isles where the back yard can become your classroom. The dorms are very reasonable and clean.
College of Coastal Georgia is a great college. Coming from the city, where many colleges were too overcrowded or it was just hard to get to, Coastal has great, knowledgeable professors, a spacious and well kept campus, and keeps room for a larger learning capacity.
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CCGA is a very nice campus with great people to hang out with and helpful professors. There are many fun activities to do there, and it is always nice to be on campus. It is kept clean and offers great service in tutoring and food.
No problems and flexibility was great!
Uses blackboard and user friendly. Love it!
Graduates of Coastal have great things to report
Professors want you to be successful!
Great value! Everyone here has great things to say
Early childhood education is a great here!
Although I just started last month, it is wonderful
The College of Coastal Georgia is very convenient because it is nearby and the professor's office hours are incredibly open for tutoring or help on assignments.
Online classes with the College of Coastal Georgia are difficult, but also helps students problem solve and manage their time.
The students can talk to the on campus job councilors that will help students complete resumes along with getting them ready for interviews for their program of study.
The class sizes are smaller therefore students can benefit from the one on one interactions with the professors.
The college offers on campus jobs that will help students get experience and money while working around their school schedule.
The work load is challenging, but manageable with studying, and other efforts to learn the material.
Review College of Coastal Georgia
So far my experience with the College of Coastal Georgia has been smooth sailing. It's affordable. The classes are smaller, so it's easier to communicate with classmates and professors. Also the campus is beautiful.
So far I have not had any difficulties scheduling classes around my personal schedule.
Most of the professors actually care about you getting your degree, and will do their best to help you pass their class, as long as you show up and make an effort.
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