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College of Coastal Georgia is a great school. Most of the professors I have had really care about the students and want us to succeed. The Nursing school is extremely challenging but I believe that it will make me a fantastic nurse. I have learned so much being in it. Plus cost is reasonable with many scholarship opportunities.
Eagerness & better on tutoring because I feel college you feel alone really & like they can’t get no help
It is a small school so when you are in classes you're not just a number. Plus you are right by the beach.
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It's a small, well-structured college. Easy to get around. You will find very friendly people overall who will help you get familiar with the college and will make your transition from high school go smoothly.
The admissions staff is super helpful and encouraging, financial aid team works with you to ensure you don't borrow more than you need, and campus is clean.
Love love love everything about this school! Definetly going to be the best 4 years of my life! The professors really care about you, the food is amazing, the student to teacher ratio is perfect, and the overall atmosphere is perfect for me!
From the first moment I set foot on campus I felt welcomed. Students, faculty and staff are very open and honest about the day to day operations and college experiences. I knew I would be faced with a challenge but I also knew a variety of tutoring programs / professor's guidance would support me. "Go MARINERS"!
Very small college, so you get that "at home" feel. Not very diverse in culture of students or faculty/staff. If you want the COLLEGE LIFE experience, this is not it.
It's a great affordable college with super friendly staff. They answer all your questions super fast. They have multiple times that you can go and visit the campus as an incoming freshman. The tour was very informative and the staff they had talking with students and parents really were a joy.
I really enjoy the staff and the atmosphere of Coastal. Everyone is so friendly and caring of others.
The College of Coastal Georgia is great if you want the small college experience. They care about their students, and make sure every student has the best college experience inside and outside the class room.
The College Is A Very Nice Campus, Very clean I the food is great I get along with a lot of people here they are very understanding, caring, loving. The people here will make you feel loving, I'm from FL and its different up here then down there because at first I was scared to move because im so use to being home and being to myself, so for me to move to a different state it make me feel welcome here and also clear my mind away from home. this college have a a lot of things to do playing games, pool, and other fun things to do on your free time.
My 3rd campus tour and I feel in love with coastal. The campus is everything and more. I really like the classroom and how students are separated by cohorts. The free laundry and free visits to the island is great for college students.
This year was my first year in college straight out of high school. The college is a tight knit college that is very small but a good kinda small. You have more of a connection with your professor and the other students. The classes are not as crowded . They offer once in a lifetime opportunities, and make the you feel comfortable. This college may be small but feels like home and a great opportunity to be close to home for me.
At College of Coastal Georgia they have plenty of campus locations to fit your needs, including online also. They are very hands on as far as getting you enrolled and walking you thru your first time into college. The current campus I'm at has no party scene and its in a slow town. It's very affordable and really easy to get enrolled. They do offer the option at another campus close by to join frats and sororities. They only offer campus housing at the Brunswick location, which is difficult when you want it a little closer. Overall I would rate the college as a whole a 4 star out of 5 rating because only a few things would really need to be changed.
My experiences at the College of Coastal Georgia have been pretty good. Most of the professors help out a lot and there are a lot of tutors available on campus. This college has given me many opportunities to succeed in getting my degree.
The professors were always happy to answer any questions I had. The students were very friendly and helped my get around campus during my first week. The college cafeteria has delicous and diverse meals for students to choose from.
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The teachers are great. I would like to see how financial aid is handled differently. I have heard many people say things about financial aid and how things are not being handled on time or correctly. Have to get an adult in the office at the camden center to get things done.
College of Coastal Georgia is my home right now, and the staff and professors really make it seem that way. They're really caring and help a lot one-on-one so that I, and students around me, understand the material and what's going on around campus.
Class sizes are small. Everyone is friendly. More one on one help from the professor due to smaller class sizes. Professors are very helpful as far as meeting with you about trouble in the class or anything regarding the course.
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