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College of Coastal Georgia Reviews

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This college is an excellent college to go to because of the amount of professors and students that WANT you to succeed in your life goal. They stop at nothing to ensure that you are learning and engaging in the material.
The College of Coastal Georgia is a family orientated campus that is 15 to 20 minutes away from the beach. Since the population is small it makes it easy to contact and ask your professors questions. There are many activities provided by student life, diversity and inclusion, the student health center, and many more clubs and organizations. Your experiences at Coastal is what you make it. We learn where you vacation!
The College of Coastal Georgia has been my "home" since I started my college journey in the Fall of 2015. I really enjoy how welcoming the professors are. I also enjoy the smaller class size because it allows the professors to get to know students on a more personal level and give that one-on-one attention that larger universities may not offer. I also really love that the campus is so diverse because everywhere you look, there is cultural diversity, which I feel is an important aspect of a university.
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This is my second year attending this college & I absolutely love it. The teachers are helpful and nice. I can’t forget about my wonderful advisor!
All of the staff and students were very welcoming and friendly, she campus is small and so are the class rooms. The campus its self is beautiful and a very short drive to the ocean.
College of Coastal Georgia is constantly growing and updating its technology. I would love to see a more informed/ update part-time faculty. Most of the professors that are part-time tend to be lacking in knowlege of how to communicate the material to the students to help them learn the subject
I like how The College if growing, but for the college to really improve I believe the student life would need to be more influential. Due to the Colleges small town, I would see myself bored many times with nothing to do. Many other students agreed with me. Either Brunswick would need to get new venues that cater to students or CCGA would need to make some changes to the student life.
For the most part I love CCGa! I am in my second semester here as a freshman coming from Orlando Florida, the scene is much different but I enjoy it here as well as the people. I also work with Recreation and Wellness at Coastal which is with sports/intramurals, the gym/workout room and game room and love it!
Great college for beginners shows them how many other colleges will be like helps many learn how to study getbaround etc.
A small friendly college with more of a personal atmosphere
Teachers willing to assist in your success Small intimate classes
This college is pretty small, but if you are interested in really learning and getting a little more one on one time with professors, this is the school for you!!! Every teacher is willing to help students, and the school even offers several different tutoring programs! The campus is small but cozy, people are great! Only complaint, not too many courses offered.
Very poor school, WiFi is nonexistent, dorms small, and people are not as friendly as you think. Safety needs to be updated for an open campus.
The admissions and financial aid office staff are amazing! I have enjoyed each of my classes. The professors that I have come in contact with are invested in their jobs and care about their students. There are always activities and events going on for students to participate in.
I like College of Coastal Georgia due to the location. I love the beach and the atmosphere of the campus. The dorms are very nice and well put together. I love the fact of small classroom to allow the teachers to have more one on one conversations with the students. I too love my job that I have at the school. I work in the career services and academic advising building were i direct students to their right councilors and work with the students to direct them to their career of choice.
CCGA is a great college with a wide variety of different classes and professors. As far as the experience at Coastal and the lifestyle goes, this college is for someone looking for a small college to go to where professors can get to know you personally and you will be in several classes with the same students.
The college is a beautiful campus. The students and staff are nice and helpful. The food is not good on the weekends, but during the week there are many selections.
Over the past two years at Coastal it has been a great experience overall dealing with the classes, environment, activities, & the teachers. I would say the best thing about Coastal is staying on campus. They are very lenient when it comes to us students and gives us a grand amount of responsibility! There's not one thing I would change about this schoool because everything seems perfect here. Thank you Coastal !!
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The class sizes are just right and every professor I’ve had has been amazing! Everyone is super helpful and the campus is beautiful. Coastal is also very affordable if you are paying out-of-pocket.
The College overall is great. The best thing about it is the customer service. I can always know that my questions will be answered. The student Life is extremely involving. The food is great. I live in the dorms and they are very up to date and nice to live in. The Campus is beautiful and so is the community around it. I didn't particularly like my professors this semester, but hope for the best next semester. As I said in my opening, the college is overall a great school.
While the College of Coastal Georgia does have a nice location and has a smaller class sizes, the college itself is not that great in my opinion. CCGA does not provide many social events and does not provide many clubs or activities for students. The financial Aid office can be difficult to deal with as you will get several different answers to your questions. I would recommend this school to someone who is looking for a good place to start and then transfer to another college.
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