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No diversity but the city is beautiful and classes are small enough to maintain one-on-one connections to professors
This school sucked. I came here as a freshman from a great boarding school. My first roommate was a drug addicted sophomore who was on probation. He wound up getting kicked out less than 2 weeks later. I got another roommate who was a great guy and we decided to pledge together. A complete nightmare. Some of the brothers were abusive lunatics. A couple of my friends had their hands broken by having them slammed in doors. I personally was kicked by a number of brothers for 10 minutes because I had class and didn’t finish his laundry. The school was informed what was going on and not only outed the students who reported the hazing but did nothing to the frat. After dropping out after a couple of weeks the fraternity blackballed and bullied endlessly. They told my roommate he had to move out. I spent a miserable, lonely year at this pit. I am now at a great school and pledging a normal fraternity. CofC is a shithole.
College of Charleston is very unique. There is a wide range of things that are possible to you when attending this school. I’ve enjoyed that I have the ability to explore my passions here and have been motivated to get out of my comfort zone. I’ve had ups and downs with this school as do many college students wherever one goes, but throughout all the downs I’ve experienced, I’ve learned lessons so valuable that I attribute to being a student at the College of Charleston. Lastly, one thing that stood out to me the first year here was the friendliness that you experience with other students. Random people you don’t know will say hello to you or toss you a compliment just because and sincerely, there are so many great kids who go here.
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I like that I am receiving a well-rounded education with professors who actually care whether I am doing well or not. I think the College can improve on fun extracurriculars for students to be part of.
The college campus is in an excellent setting/location. The school has very friendly students and professors. Challenging courses keep you engaged.
College of Charleston has given me access to so many opportunities, including MUSC research, job experience, and volunteer services. Faculty and staff are generally nice and make an effort to assist students in all avenues of service they might need. There is always something to do on the campus and many great things to see around Charleston. The only suggestion for improvement I would make, is incorporating more diversity into everyday campus life, truthfully acknowledging ALL aspects of history that the college has, and remodeling most of the dorms. Other than that, it's a great school!
They lure you in and then drop you through the cracks. Terrible advisors. Very difficult to self advocate. The timing of crucial info is poor and lacks clarity. More concerned about brand and recruiting than taking care of students.
The facilities are state of the art. All of my professors are excited about the subjects that they teach and are more than willing to always help their students. The library is the best place to study and there are so many resources that they offer to ensure that you will be successful. I am so glad I ended up here!
AMAZING campus, tons of places to go around the city and off the peninsula! Everyone is super friendly and no matter who you are you will find your group of friends
The College of Charleston provides a unique experience for each student. Professors look to help you in every way possible, students are kind and caring, and the atmosphere of campus is unmatched. This school has always been my dream school, and it has been nothing short of it since I arrived.
This college is awesome! They have a wide variety of Asian culture-type things for me to pursue and advance in my studies on...On top of this, my advisor/mentor at the Honors'College is so incredibly helpful that she is allowing me to successfully double major in Computing in the Arts AND English Language Teaching...not to mention the fact that I will be able to continuously study Japanese and potentially Chinese throughout my years here. All in all, I know this college will help me achieve my dream of becoming an Anime voice actress in Japan :) Not to mention the fact that this college has consistently been rated one of the top ones in the nation for foreign I can go back soon! Or visit China, or Korea!
The area and professors I have met have been amazing, I love the area and love the lower student number, which allows me to work with the professors closer and get a better education
Great school! Love the atmosphere and staff is mostly good. I love the fact that the college is located in the middle of downtown Charleston. This makes the life for students very fun. I have had some great professors that I will never forget but I have also had some professors that were very bad.
I like the campus overall it is so beautiful. Despite being in the city I still feel at home. Academics are slightly difficult you just have to stay on top of your work and you will have no problem.
College of Charleston is a liberal arts college located in the heart of downtown Charleston. I was able to invest myself in an environment that exposed me to different cultures and ways of thinking.
Very fun area and the campus is beautiful. The teachers are all nice and care about your future. The advisers are very helpful and easy to talk to.
Loved it all! Easy to walk and navigate. Abundance of activities and in the beautiful historic city of Charleston South Carolina.
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It is a great school. The professors care about their students and do their jobs well. The college campus very beautiful and the students are very diverse.
It is a beautiful campus. There is always something to do! I would definitely recommend getting involved on campus it is a great way to get to know your peers and make some new friends!
The city of Charleston is like no other. It maintains the excitement of a big city, however somehow holds a small historic town vibe. The school has the most beautiful campus making students want to walk to class, and the professors want to be there teaching. It is so comforting to be around so many happy people.