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The College of Charleston is a wonderful experience. As I walk around campus I constantly find myself with a big grin on my face and a cloud 9 feeling. The teachers are wonderful people looking to have the student learn and not just obtain a good GPA. The Charleston community as well is so close and caring to all of those who come into their wonderful city.
I am in love with College of Charleston, and the beautiful city of Charleston. The institution is immersed in the heart of the wondrous city, and everyday is like a new adventure. Food, culture, entertainment, and recreation, come in abundance and variety with the college and the city. I wouldn't change anything except as a commuter I would love there to be more parking availability.
College of Charleston is a really fun place. There is a lot of historical buildings and the students are really friendly. In addition, College of Charleston is a place where people are free to express themselves and the cost is not that bad,
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I attend CofC and it is an awesome environment and has wonderful people. I believe they have a great academic and athletic program as well. The fact that everything is within walking distance isn't bad either. The overall college experience there is above average and somewhere I would highly recommend attending.
The user interface of the cofc website is insanely difficult to navigate. There's never anyone available to assist with any problems. No one tells/helps you through anything ahead of time but rather helps you through it when it's due after actively seeking out help.
College of Charleston has been the greatest experience for me. I have met my best friends, and open so many doors for my career. The school has great programs to get you set up with jobs and internships outside of the college. I recommend it to anyone who has ever wanted to experience city living.
I absolutely love this college! All the professors and staff are so helpful and welcoming. The campus atmosphere is great and courses are awesome!
It's a beautiful school and the professors are amazing. The tuition is reasonable but the fact that the school is in the middle of a city makes safety a concern. When it rains downtown, it floods which is another concern.
I love the campus so much. It's so beautiful and the people there are amazing. The diversity there is great, I have met so many new people here with great personalities. The campus is directly in the city so you can walk down the street to get a new outfit and some Starbucks, then walk to class with time to spear. Even though you can walk and buy food down the street, I wouldn't pass it up for the food there, the food on the campus is amazing! I wouldn't want to live on any other campus other than College of Charleston! It's fantastic down there! I wish I could have stayed there even longer.
Charleston is a beautiful location with a small, quirky, and historic campus. Classes are small and interactive, plenty of opportunities for on-campus and off-campus housing, very safe, lots to do.
The College of Charleston is located in a small, historic city near the Atlantic Ocean. The college offers numerous baccalaureate degrees with a diverse student population. Safety on campus at night has been an issue in the past.
great campus. especially if you want to live in a more city environment, but don't think you can handle a metropolitan area just yet. it does have a party night life, if you are into that sort of thing, but Charleston itself has a lot of options, so you're never bored.
I think your first couple of days at CofC will be the most exciting than anywhere else, why? Well take for example the rich history Charleston has to offer, with Fort Sumter right off the coast, the infamous Battery Park or rather take a haunting trip on a ghost walk. There is so much to do in Charleston, whether it is enjoying the night life, the people, the food, or rather living in now what is considered to be the largest city in the state (by 76 people), Charleston is the place for you!
I love the atmosphere and scenery of the College of Charleston, but overall I really love the professors. I have not encountered one professor who is annoyed or inconvenienced by office hours. They are more then willing to accommodate their students and will go out of their way to make sure you receive the help that you need. Professors are even willing to take time out of their day to assist students who are not in any of their classes. For example, I was working on an advocacy project for migrant students and two professors, which a friend suggested to me, were more then happy to talk with me about their experiences and knowledge of migrant students. However, I wish the food quality were consistent. It was good for the first few months and then went down hill from there. Overall, I am happy with college and the experiences I have had so far.
I love the one on one you can get with any professor if you want. The college is very good at getting information with tools to its students showing that they are providing as much help for every student as they can. You can tell that some of the staff do not enjoy their job as much as other and I wish there were a way to fix that.
Great city to live in!!! Several majors available and awesome professors who want to help as much as they can.
College of Charleston is a great place to study. Not only is the city beautiful there is always something to do. Pleany of clubs and club sports to join that you've never thought you would be interested in. I joined the rowing team with no experience and now travel all across the south east competing with people I love. The theatre program is top of the line and the teachers really care about their students.
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I will be attending The College next year and I could not be more excited. After attending their Accepted Students Weekend, it is easy to see the College of Charleston is all about giving the students the proper education in order to fulfill their goals in life.
The College of Charleston has strong academic programs with very good faculty. Diversity is very low on campus, there is only a few people that are minorities. The Athletics are good but not having a football team kind of sucks. The dorms are regular college dorms. Being a college town Charleston is not always the safest place to be at night.
One thing I love about the College of Charleston is the numerous opportunities offered in the city. I feel as if faculty of the school such as professors and those at the career do a very good job of connecting students here at The College to internships, job opportunities, and graduate programs. I also love how challenging the curriculum is because it is beneficial in preparation for a career after graduation. As a student interested in healthcare I found that my passion for the field has only been strengthened by being at the College of Charleston. One thing that I would change about the College of Charleston is the availability of housing because there are so many incoming students and prices have dramatically increased from my freshman year.
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