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I love the atmosphere and scenery of the College of Charleston, but overall I really love the professors. I have not encountered one professor who is annoyed or inconvenienced by office hours. They are more then willing to accommodate their students and will go out of their way to make sure you receive the help that you need. Professors are even willing to take time out of their day to assist students who are not in any of their classes. For example, I was working on an advocacy project for migrant students and two professors, which a friend suggested to me, were more then happy to talk with me about their experiences and knowledge of migrant students. However, I wish the food quality were consistent. It was good for the first few months and then went down hill from there. Overall, I am happy with college and the experiences I have had so far.
I love the one on one you can get with any professor if you want. The college is very good at getting information with tools to its students showing that they are providing as much help for every student as they can. You can tell that some of the staff do not enjoy their job as much as other and I wish there were a way to fix that.
Great city to live in!!! Several majors available and awesome professors who want to help as much as they can.
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College of Charleston is a great place to study. Not only is the city beautiful there is always something to do. Pleany of clubs and club sports to join that you've never thought you would be interested in. I joined the rowing team with no experience and now travel all across the south east competing with people I love. The theatre program is top of the line and the teachers really care about their students.
I will be attending The College next year and I could not be more excited. After attending their Accepted Students Weekend, it is easy to see the College of Charleston is all about giving the students the proper education in order to fulfill their goals in life.
The College of Charleston has strong academic programs with very good faculty. Diversity is very low on campus, there is only a few people that are minorities. The Athletics are good but not having a football team kind of sucks. The dorms are regular college dorms. Being a college town Charleston is not always the safest place to be at night.
One thing I love about the College of Charleston is the numerous opportunities offered in the city. I feel as if faculty of the school such as professors and those at the career do a very good job of connecting students here at The College to internships, job opportunities, and graduate programs. I also love how challenging the curriculum is because it is beneficial in preparation for a career after graduation. As a student interested in healthcare I found that my passion for the field has only been strengthened by being at the College of Charleston. One thing that I would change about the College of Charleston is the availability of housing because there are so many incoming students and prices have dramatically increased from my freshman year.
The College of Charleston has been rather a learning experience for me. It is not at all what I expected. Charleston is a beautiful place but this is definitely not a campus school and you spend way too much money down here. It is almost as if you take classes at the college but live in Charleston- its not College of Charleston. There is also a lifestyle you definitely have to live up to and everything is so exclusive, people here are not welcoming.
The beautiful campus of College of Charleston is sure to make an impression on any newcomer to the area!
Imma rate this 5 stars just so when yall only looking at the good reviews, you can still come across this and yall can know its still a shitty school. This school is terrible ya'll foreal DO NOT COME here. Its literally that bad. Like honestly the city is beautiful. I came for all the wrong reasons tbh. Just save yourself the time and money, and please go elsewhere. CofC just wants your money.
I love the College of Charleston! You are steps away from downtown King Street, blocks away from historic buildings, and miles away from the beach. Going to school in Charleston too?! Oh yes, I love it.
College of Charleston is a beautiful and historic school. Since it is located right in the middle of downtown there are plenty of activities to involve yourself in. I personally enjoy going to school here! The academic program is amazing. Love it !
I love the College of Charleston! Beautiful place and super nice people!There is so much diversity in the school and your close to the beach! There is so much to do in Charleston! You won't regret coming here.
The College of Charleston (CofC) is full of opportunity both for education and entertainment. Right in the heart of Downtown Charleston, CofC offers a stimulating environment full of unique restaurants and shops as well as well not commercialized stores and chains. CofC academics are strong, and as it is a liberal arts school, even the general education courses are a step above in difficulty and interest than in other like schools. CofC has wonderful professors who are passionate about their subject and who are supportive of each of their students. CofC is a safe, academically stimulating, vibrant, and overall top-notch educational institution.
I love CofC. It's so beautiful and there is something to always do. The people and professors are also great.
The college has students safety and truly cares about their education. The professors will go above and beyond if you need help.
CofC is a university of all diversities that come together even in devastation. I love how the students all work together to make college life great.
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College of Charleston is small school with a very diverse group of students from all over the United States. Most of my classes were stimulating and rigorous. My professors were engaged and the majority of them were willing to meet with you and discuss questions / topics that were important to me. The campus is a beautiful, historic campus with old oaks dripping with moss. College of Charleston is in downtown Charleston, SC. The city is a tourist oriented city and there are restaurants everywhere and fun events going on constantly. I loved this school and recommend this school to all. You'll get a great balance of academics, new friends from all over the U.S., teachers who care, and an overall great education. I honestly cannot think of any great change to recommend. Certainly, there are a few teachers who are not stellar, but I the majority of the staff is fantastic!
I love the atmosphere of College of Charleston. However the people are not as friendly as expected but over all it is a pretty decent liberal arts college.
I left last semester as a college freshmen. I can honestly say if you want to go to school to party this is the school for you but if not , DO NOT GO HERE. It was so hard to make friends being an out of state student and not joining a sorority. I hated my roommate and suit mates the dorms and food were incredibly overpriced and awful.My classes were easy but the teachers are pretentious and don't really want to help you, I can't say I learned much. I am back at a community college in MA and the academics are 100% better then at CofC and I feel like I will be able to transfer somewhere where I'll be make a successful salary when I graduate. I did not have that feeling at all with the lack of help at CofC.
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