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College of Charleston has a lot of great courses, especially in the history department. It's located in downtown Charleston, so you don't have to go far to find things to do when not in class and wanting to have fun. It's a big college, so be prepared for that.
The College of Charleston was named the number one most beautiful college campus in the US, according to Travel + Leisure. The historical surroundings are melded beautifully with the city, creating a unique atmosphere. There are so many organizations on campus; there's always something to do.
Being in the heart of Charleston, a beautiful campus, and an aura of what it means to find one‘self—all have helped me find my “calling”, so-to-speak.
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Great location, great professors that care about teaching, lots of things to do in Charleston. Beautiful campus!
I like the learning environment of College of Charleston. The campus is stunning. However, there is a bit of discomfort that arises when you are the only person of color in a class.
I am a first year student at College of Charleston this year and I have been given what i assume is an average amount of resources and help. I would like to see change in the fact that College of Charleston tries to get first year students involved too much. They require many seminars and classes which hinder students from getting credits that they need and they are too involved with their freshman.
The College of Charleston is a beautiful school with wonderful faculty, staff, and students. There is not a very big minority community here and I would just like to see the number of diversity increase.
This place is beautiful. You form so many bonds here with both your professors and your peers. You’ll fall head over heels for this campus!
College of Charleston is a great school. It is also very challenging, because many of the professors here tend to teach for someone to understand not for an exam. This means there is a lot of applied learning and many times very few exams. The teachers care about your future and about you as a person. All of the staff here cares about you.
College of Charleston is a great school with the ideal class size, atmosphere and amazing campus. The campus is located in a historic area, near Cooper Bridge, Harbor Walk and the shopping boutiques. I believe being here was the best choice I made in pursuing my career as a Doctor. I will not change anything about my College. It is a great fit for me and any student that is looking for small class room size, great friendly professors and a beautiful campus.
The campus itself is absolutely beautiful. The location is perfect and you rarely need a car, unless you take advantage of one of the awesome beaches. The class sizes are great, not too large, for personal interaction with the professors and other students. Proud to be a Cougar!
I most enjoy the atmosphere of the College. Being a student here makes me feel inspired to be the best woman I can be every day. The distinguished and hard working faculty pushes me to succeed in every way.
College of Charleston is amazing. It has a really big campus so it is very spacious. The professors make sure you understand everything and help anyone not keeping up with the class. It has an amazing scenery with downtown Charleston all around it. There is a lot of historic sites to visit and learn even more than just the classes offered at the college and tons of different restaurants with unique taste to each restaurant.
Beautiful campus, but parking is a joke. Unless you have the cash to drop on a parking pass, you will likely have to pay to park anywhere or take the bus. This is only my second semester (I transferred) but the cost to attend it ridiculous. After buying textbooks, supplies, paying tuition, labs fees etc, they still hit you with costs to pay for access to sites JUST TO SUBMIT/COMPLETE HOMEWORK. The teachers hardly accept assignments unless they are uploaded through sites that you have to pay to access, yet the teachers refuse to help students if they have difficulties with the site.
Attendance for most classes is pretty unreasonable for anyone even trying to work just part time. Most classes have has a policy where it is an automatic failure if you miss 2-3 classes, regardless of your test/assignment scores or cognitive ability. The teachers seem knowledgeable, but this school will nickle and dime you to no end.
The College of Charleston offers many diverse opportunities for students. There are so many things to do and see at the college. The faculty works their hardest to ensure students have many educational and diverse experiences.
College of Charleaton is a very good school. The academics are challenging but not impossible if you use your resources. There are many resources that are available to you and very easy to use. The diversity scene is a little scarce from what I can see but it seems like the college is working on it.
The college is a beautiful campus with a wonderful history. The only thing I would change is the professors. We need better professors at this school.
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As a computer science major most of my experience is in that department. The classrooms are good, the sources are mostly good, and the new hang out area is awesome. I had one teacher that wasn't completely prepared for the program we learned in the class, but other than that all my professors were knowledgeable. People are friendly and provide good sources for studying and working on projects. I wish we had more knowledgeable tutors, I shouldn't have homework that stumps them too. Other than that, I like this school.
A year ago, I was very nervous about choosing where to go to school. Every senior in high school experiences this, but I felt like I was still going through this late in the process. It was around March and I had heard back from everywhere I applied to, and I was incredibly lucky to be accepted to all 11 schools. However, it brought little comfort, as it seemed all of my classmates had found the perfect school for them. My mom took me to visit many schools and I felt like a dark cloud followed me around on every campus. We visited College of Charleston in March, and it was the first campus where I felt in the right place as I walked around. That meant a lot to me, as a kid who has been to two high schools and had trouble fitting in most of my life. My first semester at school was such a seamless transition and for that I am incredibly thankful. The professors, students,and staff are kind, approachable, and genuine people. It is a school that people feel happy to go to every day.
CofC is great! There are awesome people and nice amenities and resources available. The disabilities office is extremely helpful and most professors are as well and want to see students succeed, but there are also professors who want to see students fail to prove their class is the hardest. The library has a section in the back that is called the CSL where students can get tutoring for free by other students who are majoring in the particular subject they tutor in. There are also tons of spots to get away from the crowds to study other than the library. The dorms are fully furnished and secure with a public safety officer in the building at night.
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