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The College of Charleston provides a warm inviting experience for any college student new or old. In my experience every professor genuinely cares about every student and will work one on one with each student to ensure a quality education and learning experience. My favorite part of the College is its location. Living in Downtown Charleston is one of the most fun and interesting aspect of attending the College of Charleston. From the culture, to all of the fun parties and places t eat, living in the heart of the city is a wonderful experience that everyone should have.
I love the campus, the community within the honors college, the suite-style dorms, all the old traditions and so many things to do! (clubs, sports, etc)
The College of Charleston is located in the beautiful city of Charleston, South Carolina. The facility are know what they teach. They require you to take a foreign language. I took Latin. It was a tough four semesters but very rewarding.
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Cofc is amazing. To start the atmosphere of the school is beautiful. You are in a big city but you still feel the cozy small college feel. Being in the city allows so many opportunities to explore. Which plays a part in your academic studies. The campus is also beautiful. With tons of trees and grass areas, you almost don't feel like your in the city.
The city of Charleston is an absolutely amazing place to go to school. Charleston provides endless opportunities for its students.
It's in a great location and everyone is extraordinarily nice. The diversity among students is very wide. Greek life is a great way to get involved with other students and to meet new people. The sports teams are also amazing.
I love that College of Charleston is a smaller school. The campus is beautiful, and even though it is in the heart of the city it seems to be really safe. I attended "Accepted Students Weekend" in March and got to tour the dorms, some are extremely nice, but one was obviously a hotel/motel before they turned it into dorms.
This is typically disregarded as a "party school" in South Carolina, but make no mistake, this is a school that is known for its academics and many students find themselves not able to keep up with how rigorous it is. The diversity here does not really exist outside of the black and white binary, with a decent Asian student population--but outside of that, there is almost nothing.
The party life is real, but mostly exists through the bars downtown.
I do not suggest CofC to anyone who is serious about their education and is expecting a quality higher education experience. I am embarrassed to say my parents payed for me to go to CofC my freshman year. I went to an avg public SC high school and I didn't think I was receiving a fabulous education there. Here at CofC I make BETTER grades than I ever did in hs and I am taking more classes. This is a warning to those thinking about attending CofC. Look @ your options closely before choosing CofC & if you're choosing CofC bc of its close proximity to beaches, ability to shop on King St, & bc CofC was named "Americas most beautiful College Campus," than I kindly suggest to you to think again. All of those things are great, but getting a job after you graduate is even better, & I don't think a CofC degree will prepare you for any job worth having. I believe CofC was once a good school but it sure as hell isn't anymore. I hope this helps someone not make the same mistake I did.
I like the campus, and enjoy the scenery. I grew up in Summerville so it is nice to be close to home. The teachers are all wonderful, and the experience has been great so far.
College of Charleston has a lot of great courses, especially in the history department. It's located in downtown Charleston, so you don't have to go far to find things to do when not in class and wanting to have fun. It's a big college, so be prepared for that.
The College of Charleston was named the number one most beautiful college campus in the US, according to Travel + Leisure. The historical surroundings are melded beautifully with the city, creating a unique atmosphere. There are so many organizations on campus; there's always something to do.
Being in the heart of Charleston, a beautiful campus, and an aura of what it means to find one‘self—all have helped me find my “calling”, so-to-speak.
Great location, great professors that care about teaching, lots of things to do in Charleston. Beautiful campus!
I like the learning environment of College of Charleston. The campus is stunning. However, there is a bit of discomfort that arises when you are the only person of color in a class.
I am a first year student at College of Charleston this year and I have been given what i assume is an average amount of resources and help. I would like to see change in the fact that College of Charleston tries to get first year students involved too much. They require many seminars and classes which hinder students from getting credits that they need and they are too involved with their freshman.
The College of Charleston is a beautiful school with wonderful faculty, staff, and students. There is not a very big minority community here and I would just like to see the number of diversity increase.
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This place is beautiful. You form so many bonds here with both your professors and your peers. You’ll fall head over heels for this campus!
College of Charleston is a great school. It is also very challenging, because many of the professors here tend to teach for someone to understand not for an exam. This means there is a lot of applied learning and many times very few exams. The teachers care about your future and about you as a person. All of the staff here cares about you.
College of Charleston is a great school with the ideal class size, atmosphere and amazing campus. The campus is located in a historic area, near Cooper Bridge, Harbor Walk and the shopping boutiques. I believe being here was the best choice I made in pursuing my career as a Doctor. I will not change anything about my College. It is a great fit for me and any student that is looking for small class room size, great friendly professors and a beautiful campus.
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