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I love the atmosphere of College of Charleston. However the people are not as friendly as expected but over all it is a pretty decent liberal arts college.
I left last semester as a college freshmen. I can honestly say if you want to go to school to party this is the school for you but if not , DO NOT GO HERE. It was so hard to make friends being an out of state student and not joining a sorority. I hated my roommate and suit mates the dorms and food were incredibly overpriced and awful.My classes were easy but the teachers are pretentious and don't really want to help you, I can't say I learned much. I am back at a community college in MA and the academics are 100% better then at CofC and I feel like I will be able to transfer somewhere where I'll be make a successful salary when I graduate. I did not have that feeling at all with the lack of help at CofC.
Beautiful city, the campus isn't too big. There are a lot of housing and food options. Class size is small and the teachers are focused on your advancement.
College of Charleston is a wonderful school. Despite its party school reputation Cofc is very academically challenging. This college has every resource needed for a student but finding people to talk to about problems if they occur is a bit difficult.
College of Charleston has a great opportunity for the college experience every high school senior is looking for. The city is rich in history as well as activities. The college may not have a football team but that doesn't stop their other sports from succeeding. The college lacks scholarship opportunities for those who are academically gifted and focuses more on athletics but that is most colleges.
So everyone labels 'The College' as a party school. I will not even try to deny that because I stopped counting the amount of drunk college students I see in the street. What people don't tell you is that it is very easy to avoid if you want to. It is a liberal arts school so the views they take are different from the rest of SC but I am glad I went.
-College of Charleston Honors College student
I really loved the college of Charleston. When I visited it felt like I was at home. Hopefully I will get accepted there.
My experience so far has had its ups and downs. I like the fact that the college is about their academics. I also like the fact that there are plenty of help if you need it. What I dislike is the fact that I have to pay most of my tuition to dorms, yet my dorm sucks. I also don't like the fact that there are not enough food choices to choose from. Even though there are some things I dislike,my likes outweigh that.
Professional, friendly and truly prepared me for career pursuits. Lovely campus and great resources. Proud graduate of Cofc!
It's a beautiful campus that have very passionate professors. I am a transfer student from Minnesota and I think this was one of my best descisions.
It's been two months and I dread getting up everyday knowing I'm still here. I am a very outgoing fun person and have 0 friends. No one speaks here its so odd. It is a very clicky school, most kids are from South Carolina or you are a commuter so everyone already knows everyone. Also, something they don't tell you here is how revolting the food is. I have spent well over 1,000 dollars here just so I don't starve. I'd recommend the 300 dinning dollars package because then you can atleast get chick-fil-a (which doesn't have all the normal options and has yet to have milkshakes). If you go here you need to WANT to go here. If you are looking for an inclusive/community experience aka REAL COLLEGE/TRADITIONAL such as UT you will NOT find it here. Choose wisely. I cry everyday i'd never recommend CofC. I went home after 11 days here. I have a countdown until fall break which allows me to see how many days hours minutes and seconds are left until I am OUT of here.
It wasn't for me. Its not very welcoming for people who are not your typical Charlestonian. However, the campus is gorgeous and the city is full of culture and history.
I love the environment of College of Charleston, the location is amazing and there are always events going on. The professors are usually very helpful and want you to do well in your academic career. There are tons of clubs to join, and sports teams as well!
I love everything about my school. There is no where else I could see myself right now.
They hold major and career fairs multiple times throughout the year.
  • College Sophomore
  • 5 months ago
  • Value
The security on campus itself is great. However, Charleston is a dangerous city overall.
I had one of the worst dorms on campus and it still wasn't that bad. I enjoyed my freshman dorm experience very much.
  • College Sophomore
  • 5 months ago
  • Housing
Greek life isn't my thing, but no one in it treats me differently because I'm not. Everyone who does it here seems to really enjoy it.
We are a liberal arts school, we aren't supposed to have an awesome athletics program. We don't even have a football team.
I'm in love with the school, the city, the people, the culture.. all of it.
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