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Rated as the most beautiful school in the country and it's true with the beaches surrounding and palm trees stretching across the campus goes to show why we won the award for the best campus. Not only is our surroundings one of the best but our academics are even atop of the best in the country, with each professor striving to put each and every one of their students in the best position possible to succeed in the field of their choice.
A great college for gaining the "college experience" and living in the city. The classes aren't expansive nor flexible but the professors are friendly and very helpful if you don't understand a certain concept. A great college to transfer to from a two year.
Good overall school with professors who care. A lot of opportunities and connections can be made here.
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It's a beautiful campus and a wonderful community. Some professors are wonderful, some are less so, which of course can be said of all universities. I am a pre-med student hoping to attend MUSC
Being at the college of Charleston has been one of the best experiences I've ever had the teachers here are great and want you to succeed. i have made amazing friends here that i will have for a lifetime and have experienced so many new things.
DescriptionThe College of Charleston is a public sea-grant and space-grant university in Charleston, South Carolina. Founded in 1770 and chartered in 1785, it is the oldest college in South Carolina, the 13th oldest institution of higher learning in the United States, and the oldest municipal college in the country.
Cofc itself is a good school, it’s fun, everyone is nice to you and they have pretty good food. But the bridge program is terrribblleee, if that’s your option you better be willing to work impossibly hard. There are a million requirements and no time, I felt as though I had to work 10x harder than my roommate who had Normal admission. Don’t recommend, save your money just go to trident.
I really like College of Charleston, but I am a transfer student. I originally lived in Charleston, but I went to a college near Columbia, SC and then transferred to College of Charleston in my third year. Transferring was a little confusing since I went from a private, small college to College of Charleston. Although the school is great, if you are transferring, you often have to go on your own to figure out the workings of the school. They set you up to succeed, but anything that they don't tell you at orientation is left for you to discover on your own.
The campus is beautiful and the variety of clubs and organizations are amazing. I wish the Center for International Education was more helpful when I was applying to study abroad. However, the classes are great. We have a wide array of course and majors to choose from and most of the professors are helpful and really want to see you succeed.
Such a great school! Great location and so much to do. The educational opportunities are amazing and everyone wants to see you succeed. Very positive environment.
College of Charleston gives every student an equal opportunity, no matter what you want to study. I feel like it would be a good college for me, and anyone.
great school can't imagine any other school. better city vibe than anywhere else and the people are friendlier than anywhere else.
I have loved my time here. I loved getting a liberal arts education. I appreciate all the opportunities to get invovled, and all of the diversity on campus.
Sometimes, I wished that I could say that CofC was the only school for me and how I couldn't imagine myself to be anywhere else. Unfortunately, it wasn't the case. I went to CofC purely because of the merit scholarships that gave me, which in hindsight, was definitely not a coincidence.

CofC has a very poor reputation in the area which I found out not through the school but rather the Uber drivers I took around the city. The college is trying to overcome extreme heroin, hazing, and sexual assault issues. The partying is frankly out of control and downright dangerous. I wouldn't recommend the party scene to any woman out there.

The academics are severely lacking. I'm not challenged whatsoever in any of my classes, and because of this, I'm considering a transfer my junior year.
I could not see myself going anywhere else. From the moment I stepped foot on campus while touring it in high school, I knew I was going to attend the College. It felt like home and I am so happy with my decision to go there. From the history, to the beautiful campus, to the city, all the things to do, there is nowhere else I'd rather be.
I couldn't say enough great things about the staff at the college. The faculty at the business school would go above and beyond for their students, and you're really able to create lasting relationships with them. I have never once regretted attending College of Charleston.
Beautiful Campus and great community! I cannot wait to attend this school, just the tour of the campus was breath taking.
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Classes are easy and the campus is beautiful. It's easy to get involved with the school and there's no way you'll be bored in downtown Charleston, especially with King Street.
I believe that college of Charleston is the 20th best college in America. it has the bet location and Athletics. and education, and party is awesome so i think it shouldn't be where it is now
I absolutely loved the location and scenery. CofC has been named America's most beautiful campus, and for good reason. It's in one of the best locations possible, and every building is easy to get to. The professors are amazing, every class I've been in has been an excellent experience thanks to them. The dorms are great as well, giving me everything I essentially need. If I have any complaints, it's the cost of living, attending, and luxuries. Every store around CofC has prices that are jacked up, and when you're already struggling financially, it doesn't help that if you need to get more amenities from a store, the prices are more expensive. Also, several crimes have happened around or on campus, one near my own dorm, and barely anything seemed to be done about it. It would be nice to see more cameras set up in the dorms to keep the campus safer.