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I know the College of Central Florida lacks prestige, but it really is a great school. The professors make time for you. The administration makes time for you. This school is caring and professional. Discussion is encouraged a lot of times in classroom settings. Getting a degree is straightforward. I hope you will enjoy your time at CF as much as I have.
I love the atmosphere and the never ending learning environment. The college has one of the most supportive staff i've ever encountered. Every day they ask me what my struggles are and if they could better explain certain subjects I find difficult. Theres even unlimited resources to receive help from if I need it.
I like attending CF; I only attended internet classes and all the staff I spoke with our experienced in person were friendly and helpful. I hated trying to reach them by phone though, because the reception staff were however somewhat rude. Financial aid, of course, like all jc's was always packed.
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My experience at CF has been well worth the money. I've made a lot of new friends, my professors genuinely care about my well being and progress. They are really interested in seeing you succeed. The only thing I'd like to see change is some of the academic advising strategies. I feel like I don't get clear answers and my current advisor does not help me, he tells me to find the answers on the CF website and blatantly is not interested in my path.
I have completely fell in love with the College of Central Florida over the past year and a half. The one on one interaction is a tremendous benefit to all majors and learning styles. Many students have academic understanding and all tools provided to them with absolutely no excuse. As being in a 4 year major as an Early Childhood student I do not like the teaching programs very much. There are only three teachers and most classes are online. It is not tedious to get work done, but there are a lot of assignments that are not understood online and asking questions through email, you are not guaranteed a quick answer.
I absolutely love the small classrooms because it allows students to better communicate and spend one on one time with the professors.
I Dual Enrolled here and loved it! Much better than public school, as an official college student I have loved all my Professors!
I'm still in my first year of college here in Ocala. But from everything I've seen I think it's a very nice place. I had a teacher Mr.dupree my English teacher, I struggled so much with English and he was able to explain to me and help me understand how to properly write. I think this is a great college
They are the most affordable school in Florida yet with very high standards build great professionals!. (Their phone lines are not the most available)
While the school is one of the cheapest in the nation, well that's pretty much all it has going for it. There are a few good teachers, but everyone knows who they are and their classes fill up on the first day of registration. The bookstore is more overpriced than some universities and if it wasn't for things like Amazon Rentals or Chegg, I would have gone bankrupt just buying textbooks.
The College of Central Florida has giving me a great first semester don’t get me wrong. There were many communication errors, last minute class changes, and other small issues that accumulated over the course of my first semester that made me rate my school the way I did. It was a big hassle to get the first semester figured out with an advisor just to find out I should’ve been taking a prerequisite to another class from a different advisor at the end of this semester. My classes, once figured out, have been enjoyable and set my foundation as a freshman. I know what I need to achieve in the next semester and how to succeed in the following courses from the determination from the professors I had.
The school and clubs provide many opritunities to socialize and get involved with classes, students, and outside activities.
Overall the College of Central Florida gave me great professors, new friends, decent clubs, and mediocre advising.
I was a duel enrollment student attending Cf. Once I actually started going to classes on campus the summer of 2017, i absolutely enjoyed it. The professors are great and explain the material very well. The campus is always clean and always being cleaned. The students there are like no other. Coming from literally all over the world to better their education. They are super friendly and it's easy to make great friends here. Over all i would recommend attending Cf to anyone wating to continue or start working towards their future career.
I'm attending this college through dual enrollment and the teachers I've had have been really funny and nice. I enjoy the small classes because it allows you to get to know your teachers. The staff around the school are very friendly and helpful.
A good school to begin your education and propel you further in your career paths. Many majors to choose from. Professors are helpful and understanding. Many willing to offer tutoring if needed. Advisers, which I am very grateful for for each intended major and with knowledge of which classes would be best to fit your needs. Accessible testing centers, and book stores to get all the supplies you may need. Host many professional speakers throughout the year in order to give real world insight to students.
Nice college with small classes so the teaching is more personal. Most of the teachers are really approachable and understanding if you need extra help.
I would like to see more classes offered at the Citrus Campus, specifically language courses. The Ocala campus is such a long drive, and I would have liked to not waste so much gas.
Also, I would advise that no one take Professor Jaye, my friends and I have taken his classes, and we've learned so little that I don't even know what we were supposed to be learning.
My name is Elizabeth Ocasio and I am a sophomore at the College of Central Florida. I have enjoyed my experiences as a student at the College of Central Florida so fa, However, I feel like there can be improvements. The first improvement should be within our professors, I have had some professors that are very unorganized, this can make it hard to do well in a class that is not structured. The second improvement that I suggest is to have more places to study. Our Library only has 4 study rooms for groups and often times, they are all taken up. Other than those two issues, the school itself has a beautiful campus, the people are friendly. Overall, the school has a good vibe and is a lovely place to attend.
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I am a mature student and going back to college later in life was I thought. The admission staff were amazing and extremely helpful. The courses are versatile to ensure I was able to maintain my home, professional, and educational obligations.
College of Central Florida is a magnificent college! Starting my first day, I've met tons of new friends and my classes are awesome! The professors are always there if you need help with the course and resources for students are provided throughout the campus to ensure everyone succeeds.
The professor that this college are great and are always willing to go the extra step in helping their students. The staff that run this college do lack some communication and many documents get lost or misplaced, which causes things to run very slowly and unorderly. But with the advising staff that I have encountered, they are always very kind and really try to help you achieve your goals.
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