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I first attended College of Central Florida when I first graduated high school. The registration staff assisted me with enrolling in classes. My first day was nerve-wracking considering it was my first day of College. The classrooms are very clean. You have may opportunities to receive help from tutors.
- Very cheap college
- A few bachelors options available
- Good counselors
- Convenient location
- Clean, professional looking campus
- some school scholarships available
- Not Large
- No dorms
- bad financial aid office wait times
I have had a great experience at CF for the most part. I am now in the BA program and many of my professors throughout the years have been great. There are still a few staff who seem to not really care and are just there to be paid, but from my experience, if you do your research you can pick a good professor.
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The College Campus is a wonderful school. There are many student's who very nice and will help you when you need it. Also the professors are very understanding and organized. Campus life is the best, with activities and Events.
I don't have a full picture of the place since I took my classes online. Most of my classes went well though. One thing I can say about the campus is it isn't nearly as crowded as you would expect from the enrollment numbers they have. I was in their only dining facility at around noon on several occasions and I don't think there were ever more than 20 students in there. And no it's not because the food is terrible, lol..
College of Central Florida was a great college because it was a low cost college, near by home and excellent faculty. I started college in CF because I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life after high school and my advisor and some of my professors help me a lot in the process of becoming on something that i really wanted to be. I would recommend CF to anyone that does not know where to start from.
The college of central Florida is good local community college if you are looking forward to being close to home and saving money, because it is very affordable. The academics are good and there are many offers for both on campus and online courses, but I do believe the school should offer more on campus times for science course. Also, I believe they should give students more options for tutoring or help with studies.
I love this school! It has a small yet big feel too it. There are always fun little events going on in the plaza. The campus is very clean and nice.
College of Central Florida offers great programs and have well educated professors. The dual enrollment program helps a lot with kids that want to get a head start on college credits. They have 3 campuses that are located in 3 different counties that allow a variety of students to attend.
I attend the College of Central Flordia Citrus Campus located in Lecanto, Flordia. This campus is very down to earth and helpful in every aspect in order to see us student strive. The counslers really take the time to help and get to know you!
I am lucky enough to be a part of dual enrollment at my high school. West Port High school is partnered up with The College of Central Florida. I thoroughly enough being a part of both high school and college life. And i am so happy for this experience.
i did like the students and teachers at this school my math teacher especially gave me a lot of help with my class even though it was online he was willing to have 1 on 1 conversations with me to help me pass the class.
I love it! Very diverse and open to everyone! Accepted me very quickly ! Always just one call away if theres any problems.
The College of Central Florida is a great college that offers a variety of two and four year degrees. The professors care about how you are doing in your classes and they want for you to succeed.
I would like to see more student life and activities. I enjoy the professors and how much help that they offer you. The student tutors also offer a lot of help as well.
Central Florida community college is nice because the classroom sizes are smaller so you have more one on one time with teachers.
Overall I have had a highly pleasant experience at College of Central Florida! The teachers are professional and well trained. There are a wide range of degree options including some quality Bachelor programs. The campus is well-kept and promotes creativity. I enjoy learning here!
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College of Central Florida offers a feeling of togetherness that could be found at some of your bigger, or more funded, universities! Through the academics, athletics, and variety of clubs, Central Florida provides a really nice atmosphere for people looking to further their education. The school as a whole remains very helpful with any issues, or concerns, regarding different topics that could possibly hinder you academically. I
Terrible email system. Don't expect anyone to respond unless you're paying out of pocket. If you're a grant student, expect to get your financial aid screwed up in the middle of your semester so that you have no choice but to come up with money to pay $2,000 for classes, since it's past the deadline to drop.
Great professors. Terrible otherwise.
Better off attending Santa Fe or Rasmussen.
The College of Central Florida have some really amazing professors and the class sizes are great for learning. However, the school has the most unorganized counselors and administrative staff. Getting ahold of a counselor is almost impossible and can become very frustrating when in need of help.
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