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I am a mature student and going back to college later in life was I thought. The admission staff were amazing and extremely helpful. The courses are versatile to ensure I was able to maintain my home, professional, and educational obligations.
College of Central Florida is a magnificent college! Starting my first day, I've met tons of new friends and my classes are awesome! The professors are always there if you need help with the course and resources for students are provided throughout the campus to ensure everyone succeeds.
The professor that this college are great and are always willing to go the extra step in helping their students. The staff that run this college do lack some communication and many documents get lost or misplaced, which causes things to run very slowly and unorderly. But with the advising staff that I have encountered, they are always very kind and really try to help you achieve your goals.
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Admission offices are very helpful and kind with everybody. They take more than the necessary steps to insure that you're choosing the right study/career path for you.
It was a pretty great experience! The advisers were easy to talk to and get in touch with. Most of the professors were available during their given office ours. The school uses Canvas which is a great tool to help with organization and getting all your work in on time. The only drawback would be the availability of the courses you want to take. The school is small but is services a pretty large area of students so classes fill quickly.
College of Central Florida is a beautiful college with pleasant professors and numerous campus activities. I am a dual-enrolled student and I absolutely love everything at CF! Everyone is helpful and as a dual-enrolled student, I feel welcomed at the college. The professors are always willing to help you through difficult situations. The college's cafeteria has delicious food as well. My favorite place on campus is the library. So many students come to the learning resource center for tutoring and studying. College of Central Florida is one amazing college!
While attending the College of Central Florida, I learned many things about myself. I learned that I do better in a group setting when it comes to projects. I also love the wide range of different classes that are available. There are also a lot of online options which helped me so much to complete my degree.
The College of Central Florida is an ideal small scale school that is suitable for every type of student. It is very affordable and financial aid is hassle free from my personal experience others around me. The professors are fair in grading and sufficient with teaching the material. They are also very understanding when it comes to your daily life processes. I give this college an A+.
The faculty is what makes the experience at this college so nice. Students and peers are mostly very friendly and the courses are thorough yet efficient. A very great college to get your AA degree!
The College of Central Florida is one of the best colleges in the Unites States of America. There's nothing better than an ameliorating feeling of everyone wanting to do their part in making the world a better place. Students share their time together networking and the faculty reciprocate very well. The community is the best and you're able to focus as being a motivated student where you know you're in safe hands.
I like how they help & guide you where you need to be. Also the different majors they offer & the teachers are helpful.
There is always something going on on campus. Very approachable faculty and staff. The college offers a math, writing and computer lab where is easy to find help if you are struggling with any of the subjects.
Their credit hours are cheap. They have great teachers. I would like it if they had better communication.
College of Central is a good college. There are many opportunities for students to explore. The professors are understanding and they care about the students.
I have had a great experience at The College of Central Florida and continue to do so. I have made my mistakes when I was younger but at the time and since then the school and its staff have always been as helpful and accommodating as they could be. There are tutors onsite and online to help with any class in any program. Also it is a lovely campus that is well taken care of.
Overall, I really like it here. This is a great school to get started at and transfer to a later university. Most of the teachers are kind,welcoming, and flexible with students. However, there is some professors whose teaching tactics are a bit questionable.
I love this college. After going through a technical program 20 years ago , CF was able to accept my credits and put me on the path to my degree. I graduated with my AS degree in 2016 and I am now in a bachelors program currently. I appreciate everything they have done to help me go back to college after all these years.
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The experience that I had with this college was great. The administration will work with you on any questions you may have on classes you are interested in. Instructors over all was nice on helping with issue, but responding to you questions not so in a timely manner. Some instructors may give you their number to get in contact with them other not so good. So if you are trying to further your education College of Central Florida is the place.
Had difficulty starting the school year due to financial aid issues. I enjoy the online options, but I tend to have to rely on myself instead of the teachers.
So Far so good, I am a month into my classes and I feel like I am learning and retaining information. The Financial Aid dept. helped me with earning a scholarship that has been very helpful to my continuing to attend school. The academic advisor I have isn't my favorite- his name is Chad, he makes me feel uncomfortable and wasn't the most helpful with trying to figure out my schedule- I had to figure out a graduation plan for myself. I am going to look into talking with someone else in the future. They have a lot of great clubs and involvement opportunities, and a great transfer rate into UF.
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