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Overall the school is a good college however some of their programs, advisors and financial aid could use a little more organization.
Teachers were generally very nice. Academic advisors super easy to talk to and were very understanding.
I am recently just starting college here but I like it very much so far. All my teachers have been very helpful and admitting myself into the college was not too difficult. The staff was clear on giving me instructions.
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The college of central Florida is a very nice local campus located in the middle of town close to all amenities. The campus is very clean and easy to navigate. There is something for everyone here. Faculty is very friendly and helpful however sometimes communication is a little below par. all and all this school is very nice and i would recommend anyone to apply and try out this school!
I am in the distance learning program, which I enjoy. This allows you to participate in the college from any state, and since I am a military kid in the process of moving to Florida, it was great to have an option that I could start right away. Since I am off campus, I cannot speak to the facilities, but I will say getting enrolled in the program is difficult. I have run into a lot of little complications throughout the way trying to transfer old classes and schedule new ones, but my adviser and the school staff were very helpful. I think any transfer process is difficult, but make sure you speak up strongly for what you want!
I like most things about this school. The teachers offer help and are very willing to help when needed. Something that I would like to see change is to have more options when it comes to teachers when it comes to higher level classes and offer more classes for pre-reqs for students looking to transfer.
Easy Acceptance. Direct link to UCF or USF once you complete your Associates. Small Class size with easy to navigate online classes.
The staff at the College of Central Florida have been nothing but helpful. It's a great way to see what college/universities are like.
My overall experience at CF was good. As freshmen it was a little rough trying to find classes but once you learn the campus their not hard to find. Most of the professor is wonderful and willing to help you and give you the tools needed to pass their class. A few negatives are that you have to buy all your test necessities like scantrons, the writing test booklet and so on plus, say you apply for a certain program after graduating there's a waiting list you're put on and a point system that they use to accept students into that program.
I love the community and all of the academic opportunities they have there. I also love the flexibility the professors give you. Overall it is a fantastic school and I would recommend it to others.
The professors I have had are amazing. They love to see you succeed, I had Mrs. Floyd and Dr. Colleli they are both amazing professors.
I am a student at West Port High School and also a Dual Enrollment at College of Central Florida. I take classes at the school and I must say that the college is tremendous. I think personally it is one of the best community colleges in Florida, and it the environment is wonderful. It is very peaceful and the surroundings is kept clean. The professors, try their best to teach at the student's learning style and they are always open to give extra help. I am not really a party person but I heard their parties are great. I would say student life is a good 10/10.
This is a great college to get started in. The college offers dual enrollment for those in high school wanting to graduate with their AA. They also have many classes available that help fit your schedule and the professors are very understanding with time and helpfulness. Not only are the teachers understanding but the campus is beautiful and easy to navigate. The life outside of campus is not crazy or very fast. Its a calm moving scenery.
Low tuition, Great staff and student body! I needed help figuring out how to register for my classes, and the counselors take the time to sit with me one on one to figure out what works best for me.
I have only been here for one semester but it is amazing! The administration does everything they need in order to get you ready for the school year and life outside. The campus is beautiful. The professors are amazing and truly want to see you succeed and offer extra help if you fall behind.
The vast majority of the professors at CF are very knowledgeable in their fields, helpful, and make themselves available. The College of Central Florida is a small community college in a small city, there are both pros and cons to this. One of the pros is that classes are smaller, which makes them more personal and allows for room to have a closer relationship with both professors and students. One of the cons is that it lacks in the local area, "party scene", and student life areas.
The College of Central Florida is a decent college. It offered a dual enrollment program through the state that was beneficial when I was in high school. This was when it was still Central Florida Community College. The classes were fair, but the financial aid department was infamous for being a trainwreck at all times. Since they became the College of Central Florida, became a 2 year university, seceded from Marion Technical College, and I had returned for a Radiography program, I can honestly say it was not worth the arrogant university bravado they now project. A decent college if you need a few courses. But seek other colleges first.
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The College of Central Florida for some reason feels like it is okay to put a severe mark on struggling students credit scores by charging over 2 grand for failing a class.

Don't have a way to get the funds? Not only are you no longer able to pursue a higher learning, you now have a credit score slasher keeping you from bettering yourself by robbing you of any possible opportunities.

There are people who simply can't recover from such a hit. You are single handedly destroying these kids dreams and it breaks my heart to watch...
I loved the small classes and all of the professors are there to help you every step of the way. The only down side is that they don’t offer certain majors and programs.
I have applied and chosen to attend College of Central Florida because of it's good location and very inexpensive programs. It is in a good clean safe town that is a short drive for me. Large amounts of my social and work life happen near by. CF is also one of the cheapest community colleges in the state. They even claim to offer specific degrees for $10,000, which is a long shot from your averaging 100,000 four year bachelors degrees.
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