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College of Biblical Studies - Houston Reviews

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I am able to start learning my personal purpose. Day by day, I get to realize how important it is to have a goal and vision.
College of Biblical is a Christian learning environment, where you can grow spiritually. The professors are beyond compare there go far beyond limit to ensure each student reaches their full potential. Their always there to support and encourage. Your success is their goal. College of Biblical Studies is a tight knit community reaching and supporting one another. I am a senior. My time here had been very positive.
The professor not only teach with proficiency, they are concerned about each student and seek to help the students succeed and understand the subject matter being taught.
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College of Biblical Studies has changed the way I view the world. I have developed a Biblical worldview while also understanding what my faith in Christ is to me and understanding the truth of the Bible.
It is a very great school and it helps one to learn the values of God and the church. The environment of CBS is very unique because the more you learn the Bible, the more you are able to teach it. We see the word of God reveals to us when we want to show prove that the Bible is real and we ought to take it serious when presenting the Bible. CBS is known in the city of Houston because it shows every Christian university the fellowship of the saints of God.
Have an issue with the Registrar and Financial Aid every semester.
The College of Biblical Studies has a huge amount diversity.
Late at night there are several sandwiches to choose from in the book store plus all the vending machines we have are pretty good too
Our school really helps our students with the in tire process of aid. And our website lets us know of what if anything else we need to complete
All of us dress well even the ones that come to class from work there is not a dress code but we try to look professional
Our curriculum keeps us we'll prepared for what it is we will be studying
They are always there for us if we need they will even walk you to your car at night if needed
There is always someone to help you and fix some thing broke in a flash
This area is great for ant kind of shopping
Just your normal applications and a few trips to the office for completion
We have a good watchman for our school. With email up date on secriety
Open Enrollment – The programs are easy to get into and require very little effort to get through the enrollment process.
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There is a deli within walking distance but if you want any other type of dining its going to require a car. If you have a car there is a lot of places within a few miles.
It's in Houston, there is any type of Housing you want and can afford
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