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The counselors are not very helpful or inspiring. The teachers are alright. I have only encountered one or two fantastic teachers, but the rest are very subpar. The campus is lovely and the people are nice.
College of Alameda is a great place to go to take courses in order to transfer to a 4-year institution. It has many of the classes you need and teachers that care about you. The students there are also very nice and hardworking.
This community college has a small community that is kind and close knit. Teachers there really want their students to excel and achieve their college goal plans. They take time out of their day to help their students. Students in return get good grades and gain knowledge which they can use when they leave College of Alameda.
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Peralta colleges offer the best options. As mentioned Peralta system allow students to attend any class at any of the four campuses. I am a mother figure to two boys which means I need a flexible schedule. With all classes available on any four of the campuses it becomes really helpful when I can't make it to one class here but I can make to another.
I have not yet been enrolled in an online class.
I've worked with many people who work at big companies such as Google who have went through the Peralta system of transferring. If they can do why can't I. I have the best instructors, professors, staff and student support behind me.
I do not regret saying no to UC's and CSU's for this place.
I am a psychology major. I plan on transferring to a four year university in the near future. Some things that helped me along the way were the helpers at EOPS and the student center. I am the first in my family to go to college. I did not know a thing about apply, accepting and attending college. Then I came to College of Alameda. The staff and students were helpful and friendly. Appyling for EOPS was a breeze. Working w/ my councilor Mary Shugessy was even better. She guides my fluidly through class choices and academic advice. She evens phones me when I'm running late or when one of us is absent. My experience here was better than I could ever imagine. Most of my friends attend Laney College. They complain about terrible classes, long lines for help and terrible parking. I'm not knocking Laney College for being so packed but here at College of Alameda it's nice to be in a quiet intimate settings.
College of Alameda is equipped with some of the best instructors and professors I know. Last semester I took ART 4 w/ Drew Burgass, INTRO TO STATS w/ Vanson Win, PSYCH 12 Elham Chishty and ANTHRO 1A Dr. Nathan Strong. ART 4 covered modern art starting from neo-classicism to modern day minimalism. I never understood art and why certain art pieces were worth more than my tuition but after taking this class I understood that art is feeling and emotions. One does not pay for the piece but the feelings that come with it. And that is priceless. INTRO TO STATS was amazing. I'm not one to exceed at math so when Instructor Vanson lectured I was so surprised when I understood it all and passed with an A. PSYCH 12 was fun. I am a psychology major so I'm a sucker for a good psychology class; and I found a great one and passed with an A. Lastly, ANTHRO 1A was interesting. Many students claim that Dr. Strong is elderly and unexciting. I on the other hand appreciate his ripe-ness. Everyone see the old man who teaches boring things. No one quite see the older man who wakes up in bad conditions and teaches the youth although he is in bad conditions. I appreciate Dr. Strong and hopes he stays at College of Alameda. We need him.
I appreciate the options of campuses. As a Peralta student I have the option to attend four different community college campuses which means I have the option of learning from instructors and professors from four different locations. At first I was skeptical in how picking classes at four different campuses were going to work out. However in the end I figured my way through passport and was completely comfortable with all four campuses. My favorite campus is the College of Alameda. The atmosphere is very chill. College students who have to juggle social life and academic life need chill spaces to learn. And lastly, the staff at College of Alameda. My professors were honest and up to date with current life situations. I appreciate the little things that this college has to offer.
Work hard study hard will help
Love it great for me
Love the school and saff
The teachers are all very helpful and offer their free time to help students.
Compared to Laney, there's a lot less distractions. At Laney I always felt like I had to watch my back for enemies, but over here I haven't seen a single one. I can focus on my education, and the campus here is nice. It's right next to target & safeway so I can do grocery shopping before or after class.
The teachers are not the best. Every teacher except one has been rude and obnoxious in the middle of class. I was cussed out by a math teacher for correcting him even though he said that if he's wrong, we should correct him. Most teachers are late and don't care about the time they wasted.
They should offer better payment plans
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They merely exist. There is no one pushing them
Printing costs should be lowered.
I don't really know much about our student body, but I do hear of events here and there.
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