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I love this school, it has always been the school for me. I will be transferring to College for Creative studies in the Fall. I wish I was living in the dorms because they are so beautiful but I will be commuting. I cannot wait to start my artwork and learning so much. It will be a great experience. I am so excited to be transferring!
This is a private school that may be expensive, but it is worth it. Note that you get what you put in though. Coming from a community college, I saw a huge difference between CCS and the former. The classwork is rigorous and will take a toll on your mental health if you do not take advantage of the wellness center, RAs, etc. or if you get behind on your work. The experiences I have had here — surrounded by hundreds of other creative and diverse people — has been life changing. While there may not be Greek life or official sports teams, people who make it past freshmen year don’t have the time or interest in these anyway. The professors have all been amazing (save for some of the liberal arts teachers), and have been incredible connections for networking in the future.
The course load is intense, which is expected from art and design school. The staff and administration all know their stuff and is willing to help, support, and encourage growth. The more you put into the classes, the more you get out. However, a lot of the students on campus are snobbish, mean, and rude. Peers often look down upon each other and are cutthroat with each other, rather than being supportive and helpful-- but there are exceptions. Most students are from the local area and feel entitled to the school.
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Was honestly the most motivation of learning in life so far and never wanted to stop, especially learning a little from all programs. What I would change be to add outdoor work space on each building, especially the tinker toy building, in between the stair well and 24 hour lab. I believe too much time there is spent work inside. If they was a work right there, there'd still be over head for shade and rain. when a deck for sunshine. Building around Detroit have it. Why can't the design school have one to help enhance the creative mind.
So far the teachers have done what I expected them to do, not all of them though. Considering the amount i'm paying to go to this school i'd expect the food to be phenomenal but instead it isn't worth an arm and a leg.
College for Creative Studies has every art major you could imagine. The staff is incredibly helpful, respectful, and creative. I am beyond excited to attend in the Fall and grow as a young. The professors are not only amazing mentors but they are artists themselves which makes the experience way more realistic.
College for Creative Studies is a private school perfect for those who are invested in a future in the arts. Although the majority of students attending CCS will not walk out a celebrity, it guides students through the essential techniques, principles, life-lessons, and budgeting that artists must use in their field. By cultivating the students in their practice, and forcibly torturing them through grueling hours of laborious homework, it sets a foundation for the challenging practices ahead. As a Freshman in Entertainment Arts- a major based on three subdivisions: Game, Animation, and Film- I found my current experience to be wonderful; although the debt is not so wonderful. It is without a doubt one of the top schools for students who want a job in the entertainment industry. The students, alumni, and staff are upbeat about sharing their wisdom to better each other. This includes opening the door to potential jobs in the industry.
My experience at CCS has been a bit of a let down. However, changes in the past year have been making a good impact. At least in terms of my department, Entertainment Arts, I can see how much different incoming freshmen's experience will be to mine.
CCS has a lot of potential and I can see it blossoming into a noteworthy school for entertainment arts in the next few years.
This school lives up to its name of "the bootcamp of art school". Tuition is high and the work load is relentless. However, it allows me to learn a lot. Going through foundation classes allows you to be experienced in a variety of different trades while focusing on one major. Classes are small which allow for individualized learning. I am impressed with the resources the school offers as well. The school seems to do a pretty good job with directing students to internships and career opportunities, but I do see a large amount of alumni teaching courses here, so it probably could be better.
I just started January 17th, and I'm really learning alot. My Professors are very good at what they do. The work is rigorous and I am very excited to learn, new things everyday.
College for Creative Studies is devoted to art and design. Throughout my past two years, I have come to know the school well. Academics are rigorous. Most of the professors work part time in their fields, and are available to provide constructive criticism. Majors differ vastly, but my department, Fashion Accessories, is new to the school. There are positives, including the fact that there is a combination of making and design. However, the program is extremely disorganized. The head of the department has limited knowledge about how design works in the United States. In terms of campus life, there are a variety of activities offered. Students are mainly very passionate , however I have found it to be overwhelming, as conversation revolves around schoolwork, projects, and portfolios. It can be hard to take a mental break. Academic facilities are incredible. The school is not for everyone, but it has been a good fit for me as a student.
I love this school even though it can kind of be awful. The resources are fantastic, the technology, the wood shop, metal shop, foundry, ceramic studio, glass shop, just so many great things! It is a very challenging institution, particularly during the freshman year. It is a small school, so it is easy to form a bond with a lot of the students, especially since the students tend to be quite like-minded. The school can kind of stink depending on what major the student chooses. It is a great design school, fantastic for product designers, but the majors that are not so design based kind of get the short end of the stick. I have lived in the student housing for 4 years. They are improving it and renovating it, but unfortunately I have had to live in the construction. The campus is safe, the professors are great (usually), and it is a very inspiring place to be.
A degree from CCS is invaluable!
College for Creative Studies is amazing. It has a strong reputation and presence in the global Art and Design field. Innovators and futurists come out of that school, and it's ranked #3 for after-college job success in your field.
I only ever walk on campus alone and i always feel safe. I only feel a little concerned going to my night class at the Ford campus because the Kresge building's security is at the back and there are no ID checks when entering the building due to it's odd structure, however, that is worry about outside people.
My school experience has been pretty great, I like most of my teachers, the class sizes are perfect to me, the many classes we can take are nice, the teaching is effective and i am improving in my skills. That's all that is needed.
There are always companies/ businesses reaching out to our school for people interested in a job there and lots of the alumni have gone to do great and famous things. The employers and our career center seem to be of good quality.
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It's a good experience so far, workloads can sometimes get hard to manage but I feel like I am learning everything I need to know and more and the faculty I've interacted with are helpful or easy to talk to. What makes it unique is that it is on the smaller side therefore students can get more one-on-one attention.
The security on campus is pretty good. Other than normal college stuff I've never really heard about any other issues and I've always felt pretty safe here.
Overall I have greatly enjoyed attending the College for Creative Studies. I been going here for almost three years now and while here and there I find issues with either certain class or otherwise, they can be dealt with and my artistic mind and abilities have broadened, grown and have been challenged.