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I am a freshman for the Fall 2019 semester and I can already say that CCS is a wonderful school. The teacher's are great and make the content easy to grasp. The school also has a lot of fun clubs, organizations, and activities to take part in, so that really great too. The only problem thus far, and it's a BIG one, is that CCS is very expensive. This year alone is $52,000, and I currently have $15,000 left to pay off for this semester, and I'm required to have under $1,000 to register for my winter semester. As fun as CCS is, and as bad as I want to stay, I don't think I'll make it to graduate.
The application process was easy to understand and when I had any questions the faculty were quick to respond. The professors and staff on campus are the most down to earth and friendly people. They really want you to learn how to be successful as an artist.
Great overall art school, Faculty and administration are helpful and friendly. Professors engage you in group critiques an d discussions, the best part about this school is that everything that you learn in the class room, you can immediately apply it to work outside school. Great school to challenge growth artistically and mentally.
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They’re always professional and make sure they solve every problem I have. My coach have reached out to me to make sure I’m prepared for the the semester.
The campus feels entirely judge free, even in my dual enrollment classes, I may have came into those classes with a sense of urgency to be better with everyone, but once everyone got to know each other, we all learned something from each other and it was one of the best experiences I have ever had. Since I have taken those two semesters, I have already accumulated a 4.0 GPA with CCS. I have taken three tours at the campus in both buildings and I have been motivated by both visits. I cannot wait to start my college experience at this college.
I enjoyed the academics, and having an easy way to connect my professors when it was needed. There was easy access to the library, equipment for projects, the school store, and supplies that were needed for classes. My professors pushed me to do better and make amazing work. I believe I am getting prepared well for the Advertising world.
I love the connection of students to professors. Everyone here has an open mind and great knowledge! I would highly recommend this college for those looking to pursue a career in the arts. It is a lot of hard work, but the skills gained are above any expectations.
I am currently a senior at Canton High School in Michigan and I attended a walk-through at CCS, and absolutely fell in love with the school. This confirmed my decision to attend fall of 2019 as I was so nerves before my walk-through. The class rooms, living spaces, and college environment gave me a sense of peace of excitement! This scholarship will help me entire this stage of my life with less financial worries.
the campus is amazing and such a good place to truly make amazing art. With top of the line equipment and professers that you can see truely care about you and the art you make.
I love the school and professors although students create a very PC environment where its easy to offend others that to an extent makes creative expression difficult at times.
I am currently a sophomore majoring in Product Design. I really love living in the city and the wide variety of people you meet on campus. One thing that I would change is the fact that the workload can be extremely straining. I wish that they had more public places available to students to relax.
As someone who went here on a trip to visit for a couple of weeks this place is great. It is pretty expensive to get into though.
I have been to the Campus and it is very nice and clean. The art program is exactly what I am interested in going into. My sister goes here and I will be attending in fall. I am looking forward to starting my next journey in life ...
In order to succeed here, you just have to do good work and try. About half of the professors aren't great so it really depends on your own drive. If you push yourself, you'll find endless career opportunities, but you really have to try, some people seem to think that just by going here they're sure to get a good job-not true. Also the food here is horrible in every way.
What I really love about CCS is the way teachers and students interact with one another, the attention to the student's needs, and the major specific based curriculum I've always wanted to experience first hand. As an artist, you are always asking for constructive criticism and help with improving your artwork. Not only does CCS staff and teacher help you with that they build a relationship with their students. Students are able to thrive in a community where all artist big and small are welcome. The people at CCS are so helpful and invested in students work that at the end of each semester they talk to each individual student about their work personally to get that one on one feedback for their work. In the heart of downtown Detroit and the influence of the Detroit Institute of Arts, CCS is a match made in heaven for any artist
From what i've experienced so far at CCS, all I can say it was nothing that I expected, in every good way possible. If you're looking to pursue a major in the art field, this is the college for you. Being surrounded by others pursing the same major, you feel like you belong in the environment that you're in. Being surrounded by others in your major pushes you to become better and pushes you to want to exceed your peers. The staff and professors are experienced, helpful, and professional, and the school is equally professional.
Get ready to really chase your success here. Nothing will come at you; you have to go out and get valuable input and try very hard.
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This is my dream school and I have been researching it for years. I've done summer classes at the school for just as long. The campus is small with a lot of smokers but has a lot of heart and ingenuity.
I really like how they have people who’ve worked in the industries in the past or are currently involved with them. It’s a great way to connect students to real expertise and job opportunities. What could’ve been better is that they don’t have language classes. I know this is exclusively an art schools, but at some point we also take science and English classes. I think that adding foreign language classes would be really useful for us if we’re ever planning on working in another country.
I had as really good experience my first year attending the college for creative studies, i got the chance to meet some really amazing people. The faculty, the security guards, and the students were all amazing people. And i got to meet a lot of people that aren't originally from detroit, or michigan in general. I feel like the courses i took already really gave me some important information about the fine arts field.