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Colgate is the best place on earth. I am a second semester sophomore and already stressing about now having enough time left on this campus. The Colgate community is so real everyone genuinely wants to be friends with everyone regardless of grade, gender, etc.. Not to mention it is home to quite possibly the best people on earth, it is so encouraged for people to be themselves and embrace their quirks. I had no idea what I was doing applying to schools but I am so lucky I ended up here, especially comparing it to others peoples experiences, it is genuinely so happy here always :)
My four years at Colgate University were some of the best and most formative years of my life. The campus is small enough to feel intimate, but large enough that you are constantly meeting new people. The academic structure is designed to allow exploration in interesting subjects while also providing in-depth knowledge in your chosen field. The professors are passionate about both their subjects and students, and many students graduate having formed lasting relationships with their professors. There is a lot of school pride and alums really go out of their way to provide opportunities to students. It snows most of the school year so it is wise to invest in a good coat and snow boots, but with or without snow it is one of the most beautiful campuses in the country. Attending Colgate was one of the best decisions I have ever made.
Campus is beautiful. Academics are excellent since class size is small with professors being outstanding. I graduated when Colgate was all male which caused students to be focused on academics. Party weekends started on Thursday and ended Monday and there were a total of four during the school year. Football and track were excellent.
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Rigorous academics and plenty of resources to assist students. Comfortable facilities to learn, study, and exercise in as well. Beautiful campus with great elevated views. Overall, a wonderful place to call home for 4 years.
Colgate is isolated, though it makes up a wonderful community as a small liberal arts university. The campus is gorgeous, the services it provides are top notch and the academic experience is among the best in the world.
Colgate has changed my life. I grew up with a single parent who made minimum wage, so going to college was never a guarantee. Colgate helped me every step of the way. They aren't need blind, but they do meet full demonstrated need. I have traveled to over 15 countries, had three summer internships (fully funded by Colgate), and met with world leaders. Colgate is an incredible place, especially if you take advantage of it. Go to office hours. I went for advice on a paper and one of my professors made some calls to help me get me my dream job. Alumni will go out of their way to help you (seriously. I have a colgate sticker on my car and people will leave their business cards on my windshield in case I want to meet with them).
Obviously highly prestigious, but the students just seem like they’re going there because they’re trying to follow in their parents’ footsteps (who probably also went there). No one really seems passionate about what they’re doing; it simply seems forced.
Colgate is an excellent school, with good name recognition (particularly in the Northeast, and within certain industries). It is set in a beautiful area, although it is somewhat depressed once you venture far from campus. I have no complaints about the academic environment, and the professors were largely top notch. However, culturally, Colgate leaves a lot to be desired. Not coming from the most diverse of backgrounds myself, I was truly shocked by the lack of diversity and the preppy culture left to flourish by the administration. This is to be expected at a small, liberal arts school in the Northeast. But the isolated setting allowed all the worst elements of this culture to be magnified. Might be perfect for some, definitely is not for others -- but you should go in to the admissions process with militant objectivism (as with any school), and not let anyone gloss over the very real shortcomings of the school.
Colgate University is a major liberal arts university located in Hamilton, NY. It prides itself on giving its students an interdisciplinary education. On the whole, the professors at Colgate are fantastic and its resources are immense.
I enjoyed attending Colgate very much. The Alumni network is probably the largest investment return for the school. The reputation as a party school is changing with recent protests motivating safer and more conscientious greek life. The town is very small and rural with almost no resources, however, this makes road trips to cities quite fun. Similarly, the small town, harsh winters, challenging academics, and small class sizes makes the Colgate community very close.
Being a school on the smaller side has its pros and its cons. It means there is a large sense of community, and after just one semester you'll keep bumping into people you know no matter where you go. There is a bit of a party scene, but truth is that you can get whatever you want from the school if you find the right group of people to hang out with, regardless of your tastes.
I like way of teaching academic learning skills, and the place of where I actually wanted - a rural area. Colgate University had been called the most beautiful campus in America, this such environment make me feels that I am fulfill with energy everyday. I with no doubt that choosing this college is definitely right, because its has everything you want, and serving variety great opportunities to everyone. I love the dormitory, the scene outside the window, nevertheless - everything.
Going to Colgate was a fantastic experience. I still have many friends from there. Fortunately, I was able to receive a scholarship to attend. Otherwise it is quite pricey.
If you went to a wealthy, white, private high school, you’ll probably be very happy here. If you didn’t, there’s a pretty good chance you won’t be. DO NOT COME HERE if you want to be around people who are down-to-earth or have ever had to have a minimum wage job. The majority of students here are totally out of touch with reality. Greek life is extremely problematic. I like going to parties, but the classism is present all the time, everywhere. This might not even be the majority of the students at Colgate- it’s just the dominant culture. A girl in my class yesterday, verbatim: “well, part of the reason poor people have a lower graduation rate is because their family probably doesn’t value education or push them to succeed.” I’m not kidding. If I’d known what the dominant culture was, I wouldn’t have come here. Dorms are meh, there's no school spirit. Statistically low social mobility after graduation. The professors are fantastic.
Phenomenal school with something for everyone. Colgate has all of the intimate class sizes of a great liberal arts college with all of the vast resources of a major university - not only do you get a world class education, but there is literally no opportunity they won't throw money at you to do if you put your mind to it. Study abroad is also a stand-out due to a number of faculty-run semester programs, which give you the benefit of traveling with classmates and friends rather than strangers. Countless clubs and activities, which is where you'll meet most of your friends. The campus is gorgeous and still takes my breath away.
Country club/preppy, party school. Academics are quite good but the culture leaves much to be desired. If you are academic-minded and like diversity, there are more rigorous and prestigious schools with better atmospheres (and with bigger endowments, making your education much more affordable).

However, like everything in life, it's what you make of it. A degree from Colgate (in a marketable major, kids.... Times are changing--a history degree is just not the same as an economics or hard science degree anymore, unless from top tier schools) with good grades should open some doors, if you know how to network. And Colgate does have a good network, but students really need to learn how to take advantage of it. Otherwise, Colgate just doesn't have the cachet or household name status of the Ivy League.
I have had a great time at Colgate so far. I have met some amazing people and I am getting a world-class education. I am pursuing a degree in computer science as well and I just finished the hardest course that I have ever taken in my college career, which was algorithms. I'm really starting to enjoy computer science, especially because it's so rewarding when you finish a really challenging problem. In terms of the overall campus, there is still much to be desired. As an African-American man, I notice that there is a lack of other African-American male students and professors and I would love for there to be more diversity on campus. However, there is an atmosphere of comradery amongst many people of color across campus and it is a blessing to know that when I feel alone, I will always have someone on campus that will listen to me.
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Do NOT attend Colgate if you are an international student. HUGE lack of diversity and low presence of international folks. Community is not friendly/welcoming towards students of color. Racial issues exist and have upsetted many students big time. Majority is white, rich, preppy and party a lot. Very big party school and there is absolutely nothing to do unless you have a car or know someone who can drive you.
Colgate allows you to go to school with a lot of America's richest children. That connection to Corporate America is second to none.
Colgate has a great core curriculum program that encompasses a variety of courses and really gives you a good foundation for a liberal arts education. The distribution requirements seemed silly to me when I started, but I really appreciate the classes they have encouraged me to take. Overall, a good college in a pretty little town, emphasis on the little.
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