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Do NOT attend Colgate if you are an international student. HUGE lack of diversity and low presence of international folks. Community is not friendly/welcoming towards students of color. Racial issues exist and have upsetted many students big time. Majority is white, rich, preppy and party a lot. Very big party school and there is absolutely nothing to do unless you have a car or know someone who can drive you.
Colgate allows you to go to school with a lot of America's richest children. That connection to Corporate America is second to none.
Colgate has a great core curriculum program that encompasses a variety of courses and really gives you a good foundation for a liberal arts education. The distribution requirements seemed silly to me when I started, but I really appreciate the classes they have encouraged me to take. Overall, a good college in a pretty little town, emphasis on the little.
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The academics are great, however I've found that if you don't drink, there isn't much of a social life. Nonetheless, the longer I'm here, the more I love it.
Colgate is the place for me! As a sciences major being able to study at Colgate enabled me to have a much greater breadth of learning, which has benefited tremendously both culturally and financially in my life.
Academics are challenging but professors are very available. Diversity is still a challenge at Colgate, but there is a Cultural Center for socializing and activism. Very small town, very safe, but sometimes little much to do off campus, unless you have access to a vehicle. Syracuse is a 45 minute drive. Party scene is great if you know upper classmen, especially as a first year male. Campus is a short walk to town; well organized and one can walk 10 minutes to any part of campus. Food and housing are average but dining hall is open 24 hours; great for athletes and late night studying.
Best college ever! I love everything about Colgate from the small class sizes to the food to the atmosphere to the people. Although, Colgate isn't every well known it shouldn't be looked over! Courses are challenging but very rewarding.
I am currently a first year here at Colgate and I can tell you that it is the best school that I could have possibly picked. I am extremely challenged in the classroom, averaging 6-7 hours in the library daily, but then at night I am able to be social which is so necessary in such an academic environment.
Colgate is even better than I had hoped it would be. Torchlight, DanceFest, and all sporting events like football, m/w ice hockey, soccer, basketball...what a great Colgate experience. The campus is exquisite.
I believe the college takes this issue seriously.
It is a small campus with many housing choices.There are dorms , townhouses apartments and Greek life housing to chose from. Most students live on campus .
There is a balance of Greek life , athletics and academics
I am on the football team of a Division 1 AA program . Colgate has competative athletics in a close knit community. We have a great coaching staff and support academically .
Colgate University is a small liberal arts undergraduate college. It has a beautiful campus in upper state New York with roiling hills views of mountains and beautiful and unique brick buildings . Colgate has great acedemics and athletics with a diverse students from all walks of life.
Insane. Wouldn't trade it for any other school's party life. Besides the exclusivity of fraternity parties, there seems to always be someone getting down and having fun. Whether its meeting new people, bonding with friends, or just making amazing memories Colgate's party scene is a lot and a lot of fun.
Honestly the choices, rigor, and professors all make the entire college worth staying in. With all of its flaws and issues, Colgate's academics are phenomenal.
Not as bad as most.
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Career services will hound you and haunt you throughout your life at Colgate. Whether it is finding you opportunities or making sure your resume is flawless, career services is really looking out for its students and ensuring them that they find employment.
Honestly I love the professors and classes. Every single class I have taken I have loved and every single professor I have had, has been so incredibly different than what I was used to in high school. The courses are numerous and there are so many options in a prestigious liberal arts college like Colgate. I am blessed for the education I am receiving from this institution.
Rape is a real threat and especially at Colgate sexual assault is a clear and very present danger. Colgate has on average of 3% more sexual assault than the average college student. After our Campus Climate Survey which interviewed around 800 members of the student body( 75%ish being women) almost 13% of the responders listed some sort of sexual assault. This compared to the national average of 9%ish is very scary. There have been numerous movements and sitins in order to prompt the university into acting and changing the system, however, their voices have fallen upon deaf ears. Colgate will always experience abnormal amounts of sexual assault because of the Greek system and its many flaws.
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