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Colegio Universitario de San Juan Reviews

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My experience has been wonderful. Since I'm a first year student obviously I was nervous to come into this new world, but this university has made feel welcome. They have made my transition very comfortable. The professors are really nice and have taught me a lot in these past few weeks.
One chooses the schedules at their convenience, The university is small but cozy. The classes taken so far are good and has excellent teachers. Teachers help the student to be academically forming. If you have questions, you can go to the tutoring program they have. Nursing labs look like a hospital and is in good condition. They have very good security and parking. It is located in an accesible area. Studying in the Colegio Universitario of San Juan has been one of the best decisions.
The university is in good condition. They have several computer labs and a library that has all the necessary resources for one to be able to do the assignments. As for sports facilities is excellent, they have gym.
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The process is easy but takes time a confirmation from the university if they received the FASFA.
Quality of the Career – the students in nursing are people that develope a high quality education and manifest their knowledge in a proper way.
The Knowledge – this college offer a variety of programs that include Electricity, Criminal Justice, Nursing among others.It's provide a flexible schedule and weakend college program. The professors are very skillful and they know how to transmit the message.
Make the Tuittion – It's time to do something whit your life do'not let you drown in vices, build you a great future make the tuition, do'not procrastinate do it now.
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