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I visited the college, and loved it I plan to attend Colby in the fall this coming year because they have a really good program for the career path I chose. I plan to become a Veterinary Technician in the future and the program they have is a hands on program and I was really pleased with there teaching skills and I would like to get as many scholarships as I can because this path is expensive.
I liked their small class sizes. Colby is not a very big town so there is not much to do. I wish they had more athletics.
I went for a college visit and was so pleased! Very clean, nice staff, and I felt very welcomed. I knew that this was the college I would like to attend in the fall of 2019
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I attend the dental hygiene program and regret it everyday. I have never attend a program so uncaring and unhelpful. The instructors have no idea of the real world of hygiene or of what the teach. They defer all questions to the other school, Wassau, for answers....because they haven’t a clue. Well, actually question were not welcomed at all. They are unfriendly and have an elitist attitude. They couldn’t even tell the students how to apply for their license. I sincerely wish I had taken my education somewhere else. Oh, and the claim for 100% graduation rate is a lie. The class of 2017 alone has one student that did not pass the written boards twice and another student did not pass her clinical boards after 3 times...even with the help of the director. The class of 2019....two students were bullied out by the main director, she did not like them.

Would never recommend this school for any reason.

Ask for references from past students and learn the real truth!
So far my classes have been fine. I am able to learn on my own time and the advisers are amazing. I had my summer and fall schedule done within an hour.
I like that they offer the Vet Tech certification. Some of the teachers could be a little more responsive to their online students, I mean we are students too.
Friendly, small town. It's very easy to make new friends and connect with your teachers. All the teachers and staff are very understanding and willing to work with you. There is always coffee and movies at the library for everyone to use. Great job opportunities for all college kids on and off campus.
So far the people are very nice and the college looks very clean and very friendly haven't had any problems. I can't wait to start my first college experience there.
Colby a very small school and it makes you feel like you are wanted. You arnt just a number here, your teachers know you by name it's been a great experience
The teachers are great and they really work with you, they offer great tutoring service, the people in admissions are really great and any problem you have they will go out of there way to help you in any way they can
The staff is very helpful and tentative. Instructors do everything possible to help you when you have questions. The campus is smaller so it is easier to find the classrooms and meet people to make friends.
I was there on a sports scholarship. I really liked the campus as it was bigger than any Community College that I had visited. I met some amazing people there and I would recommend this school to anyone.
I'm about to end my Freshman year at this college and even though it's a 2-year community college, it's very affordable and good staff and instructors.
The education I received and am currently receiving through Colby Community College is fair. The teacher, Tina Schrick, that taught my LPN nursing year was one of the most inspirational, helpful, and admirable teachers and human beings I have ever met. She put so much of herself into the college and was interested in the students lives. The President, Seth Carter, also does a fantastic job communicating with the students and being active and participating in college events. The part of the college that I do not like is the financial aid department. They refuse to answer questions, return emails, or answer phone calls. They send out bills for things that have already been paid, try to make students pay money after financial aid has already been dispersed, and will not pay financial aid until late October or November. They have messed up multiple times on my personal account and are the reason I would not recommend any one who needs financial assistance to go to Colby.
I haven't done online courses.
As a new freshman student I think it would be nice and helpful.
Students are really hard working.
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My specific major is vet school and I'm definitely gonna be excited and nervous at the same time. Since working with animals is very challenging. I don't mind going through difficult time I'll make it through.
I would describe Colby community college a very excellent school because they are very helpful and answer anything you would like to know. Either it's about Major or something else they're always there for you.
The program I am in is very intense. The instructors do ask us for feedback on what we need help with and what we are thinking but there is just a lot of studying in a short amount of time. We have learned to be flexible with scheduling which does cause some frustration at times.
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