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When I reflect on my time at Colby, I am grateful for the small liberal arts experience; the feeling of community, small class sizes with professors who knew your name, and free printing. I am now pursuing post-graduate studies at a big University and the resources available to students, professor expertise, and quality of coursework is inferior to Colby in almost every way. Colby students are friendly, extremely intelligent, and well-rounded. Most of my friends volunteered, had an on-campus job or worked in a lab, and actively participated in campus clubs. The Colby bubble can become a little suffocating, as it is easy to not leave campus for weeks, but I am honestly sad I will never be in such a tight-knit community of similar-minded peers again. Colby is not perfect by all means, but it's a damn good school. If you choose to go to Colby, go in with an open mind, positive attitude, and readiness to introduce yourself to a million people.
At first, I thought Colby might be too far, or isolated, but Instead found the opposite. Many students are from the DC, Boston and NYC area and Waterville is right off i95. Catching a ride from classmates with cars driving to NYC is not too difficult. My classes are interesting and relevant. Davis Career Center is a great new resource for Internships and study abroad programs. Colby commitment comes from admin and students. Being outgoing, creative and positive pays off in opportunities. Colby College Museum of Art is largest in Maine and has been written about in NYTimes. Check it out.
Colby College has very strong academics and close ties between students and faculty. Good study abroad programs and funding. The biggest downside is the location, as Waterville has very little to offer in terms of life off campus and academic internships of job opportunities.
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I am in love with the school. As a first year student I feel like the students, the staff, and everyone on the campus is just very nice and welcoming. They have so many great opportunities for every student, even freshman. I wouldn't think of a better school to go to.
I am so happy that I chose Colby to be my college. Like every school, Colby has its flaws (i.e., diversity issues, and imperfect dorms), the friendships I have made, the education I have received, and the life experiences I had were absolutely amazing because of Colby. Calling myself an alum makes me proud and the Colby community persists long after your 4 years.

What made Colby so great for me were its talented professors, who would form friendships with students and bend over backwards to help you learn. Also, at Colby, you can make it what you want: Colby has many wonderful opportunities for students (accessibly study abroad, unique on-campus jobs, surrounding wildlife, research, etc.). The amazing education added onto the many unique experiences make Colby unique.
I really enjoyed the social environment at Colby. It is a small school so you can really build strong relationships with groups of friends and I truly found a family in the ultimate frisbee team. With campus up on Mayflower hill you have privacy from the town which is very nice yet it is right next to town if you ever wanted to escape campus real easily.
Colby College is a great liberal arts college. The professors are great and the academics are pretty rigorous but one can definitely thrive if they seek for help. My problems with Colby stems from their lack of diversity and the ways that they've gone about increasing that diversity. There's lack of economic support for low-income students and although they manage to get students on this campus, there is very little that is done to ensure that they survive on this campus. We need equity.
Colby College has provided me with a lot of opportunities that I would not have been able to experience elsewhere. It has been an incredibly transformative experience for me from my experiences with professors to the tight knit community that so many people have worked to create.
Exceptional college with a great community. Though in the middle of nowhere, Maine is absolutely beautiful and there are tons of things to do.
I am currently a freshman at Colby. I am a member of the Women's Soccer team and am currently pursuing a Biology/Pre-Health major with the aspiration of going to medical school. Colby has provided me so many great resources, not just academically, but also in terms of networking, and helping me create my future beyond Colby. The student body is incredibly diverse and everyone is super friendly. Colby is also a really active school. The Outing Club is super popular, there is so much local outdoor recreation. There's a college ski pass to Sugarloaf, Loon, and Sunday River for the winter. I am also a Colby Cares About Kids Mentor which is a really cool volunteering program a Colby. Colby students are matched with a student (usually low-income) in the local Waterville area school district. There are so many ways to get involved inside and outside of Colby. It really is a school that is what you make of it.
Welcome to the land of the rich, white kids from Boston area private schools. If you don't fit in with that crowd, then you best look elsewhere.
Colby College offers a unique place to study closely with your professors. Professors are readily accessible and even go out of their way to spend time with you.

While Colby is not located near a major city, for those that attend there that is actually one of the major drawing points. Colby is surrounded by beautiful lakes, mountains - and with a short drive - one can make it to the ocean as well. Ever been to Acadia National Park...? Colby is the perfect place for an outdoor enthusiast.

Important to note as well: Colby's name resonates well with employers, especially on the East Coast.
Colby College is simply amazing. Work hard play hard. Everyone wants do as good as possible in school, but nobody is competing. School is chilled and people are amazing. Student body is pretty diverse, even though it can be grater.
Courses and professors at this school are amazing. You will be challenged, but you will also learn a tremendous amount. Professors are highly qualified and are really passionate about their subjects. Class sizes are small and there are a variety of courses offered.
Alumni network is amazing. Career center is great. The value of a degree from here is priceless.
Campus is safe overall. Security is always around and easily accessible. Campus crime, such as stealing, is rare. People don't usually lock their dorm doors, and often leave they're backpacks around with no fear. I feel very safe on campus.
Living on campus is great. About 95% of the students live on campus. Dorms for the most part are really nice, clean and good to live in. Social atmosphere is definitely bigger in some dorms, but it varies from year to year depending usually on what teams live where. Although the senior apartments are always the hot spot on the weekends. Housing process could be a lot better, but it's not bad.
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Student involvement in varsity athletics is huge, with about a third of the school involved in them. As a whole, the campus is pretty fit and active.Team performance varies by team, but winning programs here are on the rise. The plans for an entirely new athletic center have been confirmed, and it will be completed in the next few years. The baseball and softball fields were just redone, boasted turf fields and heated dugouts - the best baseball/softball facilities in the NESCAC. Fan support could be better, but overall it's pretty good. School spirit is definitely high.
Although the school has its flaws (as does every other college), the pros are far more abundant than the cons. Beautiful campus with awesome people, faculty and professors. Social life is really fun and abundant. People here work hard, play hard, and love the outdoors.
The academics are fantastic. Professors are always willing to help you with any questions you have. You can always find help with class material at office hours, tutoring sessions and TA meetings.