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I chose Colby-Sawyer because of the small size and location being a 1 1/2 hour drive from my home. The campus is maintained very well. I was able to make it as a walk-on on the basketball team and I like their athletic facilities. The college is expensive but their financial aid office is very helpful and friendly. The things I would improve upon there would be having a better food service in the cafeteria and having more events and night life things to do on campus.
There is no social aspect to the school, no school spirit. Leaving campus isn't an option without a car, as there isn't anything for miles around. The school has a very small budget, cutting cable and a money that went to food, however they are building more expensive things that nobody uses, ie gates, statue, gift shop, and new building. As for the teachers, a majority are nice and go out of their way to help out students, however there isn't a grading standard which can be frustrating when you have a teacher who doesn't believe in giving A's while other people with a different professor are being given much better grades for the samework.
I do not hate the school, but if given the opportunity to go back and change my mind as to which school I was going to spend thousands of dollars at, I would reconsider.
The teachers, for the most part, are amazing and super helpful in all aspects. What I would like to see changed is to have better food and more vegetarian options.
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I have to say I have never in my life hated and regretted coming to a place more in my life. This school may seem all nice and cozy however you'll get here and realized you've done messed up bad. I will not lie the price is great but just pay the money and go to a bigger school so you won't hate your college experience as much as my self. I don't even know where to start between the ghetto faculties to the people who attend here I hoenstly would rather work at McDonald's full time. My professors are gifts of god besides the teachers this place might as well be a state prison. DONT NOT FALL FOR THE BIG SCHOLARSHIP
Sexual assault happens rarely, and I feel safe.
They're not old, but few are new.
I do not hear much about the Greek life.
Sports are not the biggest deal at this school.
I opened up to people last year, so it's great.
The New London police are very apt to arrest students or stop activities that are illegal. The campus safety officers aid student's by sending them to Hope if they feel the student is unsafe. I have never personally noticed drug activity, but as college campuses go, I am sure there is activity somewhere. There is absolutely no peer pressure into doing drugs or alcohol. You can hangout with friends doing other things on campus without a worry!
The courses are very diverse and the professors are friendly. The small classroom sizes allows students to connect with their peers and professors effectively.
Everything is valued and there are many people here who are willing to help students one on one with their job search and internships, etc. There are many offices around that are dedicated to these important aspects.
I personally feel very safe. They try their best to provide students with safety and other programs.
There are many sports at which a student can participate in and you do not even have to have previous experience to join a team, everyone is welcomed to join and train.
The liberal arts program at CSC are an amazing opportunity for all students to look into many different fields other than their own. The staff, students and community members are friendly and welcoming. There are many opportunities for students to go above and beyond and shine here!
Crime on campus is typically limited to a few acts of vandalism by immature and rowdy individuals, but I feel it doesn't go much past that. Parking violations or violations of housing contracts are other common rule breaks, but these are settled by our Council on campus. The New London Police station is right next door, and campus security has a very fast response time, so I usually feel very safe walking alone.
I've really enjoyed my experiences here at Colby-Sawyer. I've found it very easy to get involved both on campus and in the community. I've begun to create ties with several teachers by having the opportunity to connect with them one-on-one. It was really easy for me to find a few close friends that I can see a long future friendship with and I'm very happy that I decided to come here!
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Having at least one internship is required in order to graduate from Colby-Sawyer. There is a very big emphasis on real-world applications and how to get a career both with and without your degree. The Student Learning Collaborative and other programs on campus that are like it help ensure your success both in the classroom and in the real world by helping you become a well-rounded person that would be a strong candidate for any job or graduate school.
The housing on campus is pretty decent. I think the walls need to be repainted, as the paint is often chipping off or discolored, and the hard-wood floors need to be refinished because of countless years of wear and tear, but the dorms do their job and it's easy to personalize them. While our cleaning staff are understaffed, the dorms are often very clean, except for the kitchen in my dorm which is nine times out of ten the most disgusting place I've ever been in. But that is because of other students not understanding basic decency, which I'm sure is common at most colleges.
Most of our sports teams do very well and often continue into post-season. There are plenty of intramural sports and clubs that anyone can join and our athletic building is constantly holding classes in varying subjects from yoga to an intense boot camp for students who want to get active without joining a sport!
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