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It was alright. The cafe food almost killed me, the breakfast was alright. The lunch and dinner are usually just leftovers and that's kinda lame.
The one thing i liked about Coker College was the student interaction that I seen when i first visited the campus. The school gives students chances to express themselves in more ways the none. I loved the atmospehere when i first arrived on campus and took the tour. It was a beautiful campus with a lot to offer a student like me
I did all four years of under graduate at Coker. I graduated in 2016. The professors were very helpful and concerned about the students overall well being. The food in the cafeteria was not so good. The location was great. Lots of restaurants, stores, even a movie theater and a YMCA. I rate my college experience a 4 out of 5 at Coker.
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Coker College is a small campus. You will easily see the same person more than once rather that is walking to your next class or going to eat dinner. There is a lot of diversity, you'll see many people from different countries, mostly involved with athletics. The dorms are not the best, standard, nothing that stands out and it's not many options to choose from when finding a dorm. The only nice places to live are the villages which are extremely nice and apartment style but it is only upperclassmen, mainly seniors. If you like to feel comfortable in a small environment then you'll love coker but if you want parties and lots of new people then you'll definitely want to pick somewhere else
As a freshman pursuing a BFA at Coker College, something I enjoyed the most was how friendly everyone was. There was a sense of unity and excitement that I think is crucial to embracing the college experience. In just a short amount of time I have already excelled in academics and have taken several learning opportunities in and outside of the classroom. Coker is a great place to challenge yourself to fully explore your passions and expand your knowledge!
Coker has been overall an amazing experience! I love working and being around my fellow students. I have honestly never been so happy.
Coker is very biased with students and its administration is corrupt.

Some Coker College professors give grades based on their personal feelings towards an individual. Challenging a grade is useless because they are private so obviously they don't have any rules to play by.

The refunds I needed from my financial aid to buy Books online were held by the financial department until the end of semester. I think they hold it so students are forced to buy their books from the on campus book store

The food on many occasions has been too grotesque to consume. During my tenure at Coker there has been student protests concerning campus food!

Please save your time and money and stay away from Coker. If you don't listen to anyone, listen to an alum. I only graduated from Coker because many of Coker's classes are non-transferable. Please stay away from this corrupt institution. If I help one person avoid the mistake I made, then this post was worth it!
Coker's (science)professors are what make the classes so interesting and wants me to further my career in that field. I've made great relationships with them and they really do care whether or not you succeed, they want the best for you. It isn't just the science professors that are awesome, there are many others (PE, Sociology, Education...). But there are also teachers who are boring and doesn't create a captivating teaching experience. But out of all the teachers I have had, great and not-so-great, every single one is willing to stay over extra time in order to help.
I constantly receive emails and see posters of career fairs and services, and tables set up for internships and careers that happen on campus.
Of the years I have been at Coker, I haven't heard or seen any acts of sexual assault. We have campus security there, 24/7 and if they are needed, it is easy to get into contact with them.
Coker is an old and small school, but every year the freshman class gets bigger. My freshman dorm room was the best one so far, because it bigger than everyone else's room, had our own bathroom, and just a few feet from the laundry room. My roommate and I lucked out. But our sophomore room was way smaller and had the suit mate rooms (sharing a bathroom with another pair of roommates). We had maintenance problems, but were fixed by our school's maintenance crew. Our room lottery is simple, you're given a number based on your GPA and semester hours you've completed, and then you get to choose your room off of your ranking. Coker is a private school, so it's really expensive for me, but I've gotten a couple of scholarships and grants that help out some. I guess the dorm room life is average cost, but the dining/ food plan is NOT worth what it is,
We have no greek life on campus.
Coker's student body's majority is mainly all athletes. So sports are pretty important there, I myself don't play a sport there, I used to play volleyball in high school, but stopped due to injury. As for the sports on campus, we are alright performance-wise, but the school is supportive win or lose.
I am a junior this upcoming fall at Coker College. Of the past years there, I've made some good memories and friends. But, from my personal experiences I believe there is always room for improvement. I am an introverted person, so I've always had a more difficult time getting to know people, but Coker College is very welcoming and hospitable. Like I said before, I've met some great people, and made great relationships with most of my teachers. One thing I wish was so prominent, is the formation of so many cliques. That is one thing I have had trouble with, trying to get past that barrier. But overall I believe Coker College is a great little school.
Class sizes are relatively small. The professors encourage everyone to speak up in class to have better discussions. The professors are very respectable and helpful, and have no objections to meeting with students outside of the classroom. I love the faculty here.
We have someone on campus who refularly sends out emails regarding job openings in surrounding areas, as well as letting us know when business recruiters will be present on campus (business name, time, and location). Most large businesses around campus have been here at some point to recruit.
Most threats on campus come from people outside of campus who do not attend the school. Campus Sacety is always close by and very helpful in most cases, and they are very nice when spoken to. I feel safe on campus.
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RTC has some issues, but nothing that the maintenance guys can't fix. It would be nice if RTC had an elevator, because 4th floor is pitiful. Memorial Hall is good, considering the fact that you have to use community bathrooms (always clean) and there are not sinks in the rooms, which would be ridiculously useful. I enjoyed my time in Memorial.
Our athletes are very involved and know how to get everyone pumped up. School spirit is on a whole new level of awesome.
I absolutely love this school. It is a very community-based college. You really end up feeling like you're a part of one giant family on this campus.
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