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Has professors who know their stuff and have worked in the industry on shows you may know from your childhood and even now. The staff are kind and ready to help you whenever, the equipment is up to date with the latest computers, tablets, and programs like Photoshop and Maya. Only issue is the price of tuition, understandably high with professional artists on hand, but for the past four years the tuition has been slowly raised by at least 2% each year. They also will take at least six years, if you are not affording summer, to graduate.
Cogswell has a nice environment, people, and teachers. However, I feel there could be more of a connection and help to the students. There's an unbalance with the programs and classes they provide.
Teachers have an interesting turnover rate. They come and go. Most the leave are good teachers. The teachers aren't really appreciated by the students and the school itself. There are a handful of good teachers in there, but there are also those that aren't. Some professors are like Dave are instruction heavy and good. Some are belligerent and don't lecture at all. There are also great teachers that left due to what the school has been doing to them. Some, already on the verge of leaving. They also replace some teachers with teachers that aren't so qualified at times.

School is run by a hotel company that used to own Heald. It's called Palm Ventures.

Computers can't handle Maya at full capacity sometimes and we have to playblast to see our animation run smoothly. Some rental stylus pens also have a messed up pen pressure and the nib would go inside the pen if there's a little pressure put on it. Good equipment like Cintiq only seen in Animated Film Production studio, not in class.
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This school is a scam. Credits don't transfer, get dean's list every semester and still can't find work, and it's owned by a hotel company. Heald. Look it up. This place is going to rip you off.
My experience with Cogswell so far has been helpful in terms of my growrth among a community. The student size is very small so it's much easier to network and work together with fellow students outside of coursework. It is also much easier to communicate with the Professors due to the small class size. Most of the Professors are still in industry or have worked in it so when we get advice from them it's relevant to how it is now.
The professors are excellent at teaching the materials and are very willing to help. All the school work is manageable as long as you cut your day job down to four days maximum. You won't have time for both if you work five days or more.

The school is right by a landfill, so walking or driving to school with the windows down is a bit of a pain. Almost all of the people I've spoken to are indoors-type people and are hardcore into anime, games, and movies. You'll be left out of a conversation often if you're not in the loop.

The options for food are limited down to a food truck, vending machines, and a coffee machine. For this reason, people end up bringing their own cooked foods. There is a convenient refrigerator to store your goodies in so there aren't any worries. Food thieves don't exist in the school as far as I know.

The school's academics - Great! The campus and people - It's manageable...
First off, This school's great. But not for everyone.
If you're thinking about going here because you "just like games" or "just watch movies", then don't. To make it in the industries that this school is trying to prepare you for, you need to spend every spare moment of your time working or revising projects, and studying these skills on your own.

Otherwise you'll be like many of the other students that went to this school thinking that jobs would be handed to them on silver platters.
Just because you can get into a game-design/animation school doesn't mean your good enough for it. And this school will take anyone, regardless of their ability, so beware of that.

My advice, If you're straight out of high school, save your money, go to a CC first and evaluate yourself. This is a place where the return on investment is very much dependent on the type of student you are. If you're mature, dedicated and competent, you'll do fine.
Classes I needed were not available because of cost cutting. Dorm life was extremely stressful. And teachers were not available for extra time after classes. The work load was tremendous considering each project required thought and skill. Faculty and instructors would often pick favorites among the students. I found myself odd girl out, and was constantly criticised by both students and teachers, contributing to my lack of self esteem. I was allowed to graduate without a demo reel, but my tuition was paid in full to them even though I'm over burdened with student loan debt, and still working a retail job.
I love the smallness of Cogswell and how all students will help one another whether it is through student tutors or just being in the same class.

I also Appreciate that the Teachers are willing to help as well before, during,and after classes.

I am sad that they don't offer more in the Master Degree so I could continue my great learning experience and help others.
The professors here at Cogswell are very nice, and so are the students. Everyone at this school seem to get along great, so making friends here won't be a problem. It doesn't matter if you're a chatty cathy or if you're as quiet as a church mouse you'll definitely find some great friends here.
The school as a whole is great and spirited; however, some of the teachers were rude and didn't seem to care much about the success of their students. There were other teachers who seemed to put the needs of their students before their own and I applaud them for that. Piedmont Hills has taught me a lot and I am very glad I attended.
The walk to school from the housing is short and grants a breath of fresh air. I enjoy the topics I get to learn about, especially Digital Imaging Concepts, which is currently my favorite class.
Not much crime goes on at the school.
There aren't many recruiters but there is a career center to help search for jobs/internships.
There are small classes and the teachers are helpful if you ask for help.
If you get a close apartment, it's good, but some students still live a city away.
I would probably choose a different shool just because of the people.
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I feel no threat at school ever.
Courses related to my major are great because they actually relate to what I will be doing in the field, but I hate taking art classes that are unnecessary to my education as an engineer.
I don't have any experience with this yet.