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What I love about Coffeyville Community College is the classroom sizes, you are able to focus in more on professors who care about each individual and they will help you in succeeding if you put the same reciprocated effort.
Coffeyville is a terrible town and the professors do not genuinely care for the students. It is a college that you can easily get into and very easily make good grades in because they don't truly push the students nor do they teach. I have even experienced a few professors I can say I very strongly disliked.
I love this school because of the small hometown feel for it. here I am given the Opportunity to chase my dreams being the first ever Student Assistant basketball coach for mens basketball.
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While living in Coffeyville Kansas I attended Coffeyville Community College. I participated in the band, choir and show choir programs. I received my associate of arts degree from CCC taking 21 credit hours my first three semesters ,19 credit hours my forth semester and 2 full time summer semesters. Though I was very busy with school I was still able to find time for my wife and children thanks to my professors who were very patient and helpful. The sports program is top notch accepting students from schools such as the University of Arkansas for the first two years. This gives the students plenty of playing and conditioning time before returning to the university to continue their education. Some of my best memories are at CCC.
I liked that everybody can get along even though we're people from around the world. The staff are friendly with everyone they see and not just to the people they coach.
This is my hometown college. I received my Certified Medical Assisting degree from here, and hope to be accepted into the nursing program to continue and accomplish my dreams. I love the instructors, as they are helpful in wanting students to succeed. I love that it is close to home. I went to a small school, and it was nice when I did go off to college, that the class size was small as well. Everyone is super helpful. I look forward to continuing and accomplishing my dreams as I prepare to apply for nursing school.
Me experience at coffeyville was very interesting, everybody was nice and friendly and when I needed help to find my way around, everybody was helpful. Coffeyville itself is a small portion of Kansas, its a pretty well known college around the area. Every building and class is walking distance so you wont have to waste your gas unless you just want to drive then that works too.
I loved going to school there! Being on your own for the first time isn’t easy but they made the transition very easy! Students were friendly.
My experience at Coffeyville Community College (CCC) was much like any others who attended there. I made lots of new friends and had a great time with the faculty and the students. Also, I learned many new things and had new experiences that I didn't know I would have before. Finally, I entered a sculpture that I created in an honors scholarship competition and won second place in my division, ended the year with a big bang.
I really like going to CCC. They have worked with me to achieve my goal of finaly graduating. Both of my kids have attended this school also.
Coffeyville Community College is a good school for students that strictly care about academics. The college is in a very small town that has little to nothing to do, which can be a good thing for students that are serious about there classes. This also a good school to attend if you plan of going to a four year University afterwards. This school gets you ready and prepared.
Coffeyville Community college is a great small town college in which you can get a jump on university at less than half of the cost.
I have recently applied and been accepted to Coffeyville Community College, at this college I will be furthering my athletic and academic careers at this college. One reason I chose this school to began my education career is they are highly awarded in their academic field and graduation rate for college athletic is outstanding.
Some of the staff here are exceptional, however overall the college is geared towards athletics and there is no focus on academics. The classes are easy and biased so that athletes can pass the class. Many people are rude and don't care about the future of the students. I have never felt very safe attending college here and would not recommend it.
The teachers are willing to help you no matter the situation. The students are helpful and it's such a welcoming environment.
Nowhere is perfect, but it's perfect for me. It has always been a great place to make friendships that last, and the professors are so professional and attentive. Great staff, always willing to help!
It was a great school coming out of high school. I met a lot of friends I still have now. Its a small town school with not a lot to do but the bond built with the friends you make is forever. If your looking for a school that is smaller where you can get one on one time with your instructors and your more than just a number Coffeyville is the place for you. They are big on sports especially basketball and football, we have had several professional athletes make it from the small college in Coffeyville. This is an experience you will always want to look back on, "Once a Raven always a Raven".
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The Flexibility was great if you have a job or just a student that has many activities goin on. So they would work around that.
The alumni network is very strong and has a lot of school spirit.
Its good very diverse in knowing different athletes and making a lot of friends in that way.
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