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Coffeyville Community College is a good school for students that strictly care about academics. The college is in a very small town that has little to nothing to do, which can be a good thing for students that are serious about there classes. This also a good school to attend if you plan of going to a four year University afterwards. This school gets you ready and prepared.
Coffeyville Community college is a great small town college in which you can get a jump on university at less than half of the cost.
I have recently applied and been accepted to Coffeyville Community College, at this college I will be furthering my athletic and academic careers at this college. One reason I chose this school to began my education career is they are highly awarded in their academic field and graduation rate for college athletic is outstanding.
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Some of the staff here are exceptional, however overall the college is geared towards athletics and there is no focus on academics. The classes are easy and biased so that athletes can pass the class. Many people are rude and don't care about the future of the students. I have never felt very safe attending college here and would not recommend it.
The teachers are willing to help you no matter the situation. The students are helpful and it's such a welcoming environment.
Nowhere is perfect, but it's perfect for me. It has always been a great place to make friendships that last, and the professors are so professional and attentive. Great staff, always willing to help!
It was a great school coming out of high school. I met a lot of friends I still have now. Its a small town school with not a lot to do but the bond built with the friends you make is forever. If your looking for a school that is smaller where you can get one on one time with your instructors and your more than just a number Coffeyville is the place for you. They are big on sports especially basketball and football, we have had several professional athletes make it from the small college in Coffeyville. This is an experience you will always want to look back on, "Once a Raven always a Raven".
The Flexibility was great if you have a job or just a student that has many activities goin on. So they would work around that.
The alumni network is very strong and has a lot of school spirit.
Its good very diverse in knowing different athletes and making a lot of friends in that way.
Nothing much to see or do, but you will meet a lot new friends and have a great time.
Help a lot when needed
It was okay wasn't as much there
It's was okay not that much to do but it's still good experience and a lot of good people
Professors are very dedicated and will do anything for the students, very flexible schedules.
Not many religious out views but we do have a few clubs you may attend.
Given the amounts of financial aid you receive will really help you with the payments in the college.
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There are many options for classes at my school and with dedication and commitment you can have the best time with every course.
I have not specifically taken classes for my major yet, I am getting my general educational courses out of the way.
The school makes you feel comfortable with the classes and possible transfers from previous classes.
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