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Overall, professors care immensely about all of their students, and academics are a clear priority to the college. The only thing I would say negatively about Coe is that they need a facelift. Just to update and beautify the surroundings would make all students so much happier.
The thing i like about Coe how immensely diverse it is. The amount of culture there is eye opening. Something I would like to change about Coe is the tuition cost.
The campus at Coe is small and everything is easily accessed. The class sizes are smaller than the typical large campus classes. This allows for students questions to get answered in front of the whole class. The professors care for your education and have office hours that get used by students to further educate themselves and ask questions. The campus has a wide range of activities and organizations for all. The dorms are decent for being around for a while. The custodial staff work very hard to keep all the buildings in clean and working condition. There are many options for work study position if the student is eligible for it. Sports are a part of campus but participants are kept to being a student first. There is a new workout facility on campus that is nice and has something for all to do.
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Very friendly staff, you feel like you belong the minute you step on campus. All the professors do everything the can to help you. Sporting events are attended by a lot of people. The surrounding community is amazing, there is so much to do.
Since I've started school at Coe College, I have been challenged in so many way and it's crazy to think that this place exists in Iowa. The staff here is so educated on their subjects and how to adapt to different students' learning styles. They are all very approachable and easy to talk to. They know who you are and the seriously want you to succeed in their classes. There's no way for you to fail at Coe unless you are trying to fail.
Great experience. Professors were always approachable and genuinely wanted to see students succeed. Coe provides students with the opportunity to make their student life experience however they would like. Many opportunities to engage in events and organizations. My athletic experience was nothing short of amazing.
Coe has a beautiful campus. It's small enough that you're going to get one on one connections with everyone, but it's also large enough that you'll always have someone new to meet. The cost is a bit high, but it is well worth it.
Coe is a place where everyone feels welcome. They have so much to offer through academics, clubs, and sports. The professors care about you, know you by name, and are always there to help when you need. Overall, Coe is a happy place and has a wonderful learning environment.
I love the atmosphere at Coe, the feeling of being welcomed, no matter where you're from. In addition, the professors make college feel less overwhelming, whether we're talking about the new living arrangements or your class schedules for the next four years.
I had an amazing visit with this college, and I hope the rest of my years here go very well. However, after viewing the alumni and the other students at the college, I think that I will have an amazing experience here.
I love the atmosphere at Coe. If you try to find friends and get involved, this place really does end up being like a home away from home!
Coe has a great nursing program with 3 semesters of 1:1 preceptorship... not to mention all the professors at Coe care about you and you’re on a first name basis with 90% of them.
Fantastic education on par with the best universities in the country. The professors are truly there because they have a passion for teaching and mentoring students, something you may not find at larger institutions. That said, the price tag is rather steep vis-a-vis the amenities and services. The facilities, food, and athletic programs need a considerable amount of investment to make Coe a national and international destination. The endowment needs to be inflated and enrollment increased by at least a couple thousand.
Really fun campus with enough diversity for everyone to fit in! Small school, phenomenal professors and staff.
It's a welcoming environment from the start - engaging professors, kindness, inclusiveness, a myriad of fun activities that brought us together into community while each of us tended to our own educational pathways. ... a gentle place where the warmth never leaves you.
Coe College is an amazing school. The support from professors is outstanding. They always seem to go above and beyond for their students.
The professors care immensely. After attending for one year, one of my professors stayed in contact and has been encouraging me not only to continue my education but try for a PHD. The campus is beautiful, and people are friendly. The food could be better, but it is all you can eat.
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Coe College is very friendly to dietary, religious, and physical restrictions and has quite a few welcoming and helpful professors. Living spaces are decent. I wish the community was a bit more friendly in terms of sexuality, gender, race, and political views as things tend to get very tense and sometimes violent. This could be resolved with campus speeches as there are many support groups and events. There should be more talk about the importance of education, being respectful to others and their desire to learn, sexual consent, sexual safety, and sobriety (drugs and alcohol).
I absolutely love Coe! I wasn't sure what I wanted from a college and so I came (from out of state - more than 9 hours away) with the "You can alwaaaays transfer mindset"...... Well, here I am. It is so easy to get involved, to find faculty who care about you, and to take classes you are passionate about. I was very involved in high school, but leaving Coe my resume is going to be stacked - just because they provide you with THAT much opportunity (not saying resumes are the end all be all, but you do have to use them for grad schools or jobs so its something to think about).
Coe has taught me how to think analytically and independently, which, to me, is the ultimate "return on investment," if you will.
I love the people here. I've had some great professors. I would like to see the food improved however. There needs to be healthier and more diverse options.
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