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Fantastic education on par with the best universities in the country. The professors are truly there because they have a passion for teaching and mentoring students, something you may not find at larger institutions. That said, the price tag is rather steep vis-a-vis the amenities and services. The facilities, food, and athletic programs need a considerable amount of investment to make Coe a national and international destination. The endowment needs to be inflated and enrollment increased by at least a couple thousand.
Really fun campus with enough diversity for everyone to fit in! Small school, phenomenal professors and staff.
It's a welcoming environment from the start - engaging professors, kindness, inclusiveness, a myriad of fun activities that brought us together into community while each of us tended to our own educational pathways. ... a gentle place where the warmth never leaves you.
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Coe College is an amazing school. The support from professors is outstanding. They always seem to go above and beyond for their students.
The professors care immensely. After attending for one year, one of my professors stayed in contact and has been encouraging me not only to continue my education but try for a PHD. The campus is beautiful, and people are friendly. The food could be better, but it is all you can eat.
Coe College is very friendly to dietary, religious, and physical restrictions and has quite a few welcoming and helpful professors. Living spaces are decent. I wish the community was a bit more friendly in terms of sexuality, gender, race, and political views as things tend to get very tense and sometimes violent. This could be resolved with campus speeches as there are many support groups and events. There should be more talk about the importance of education, being respectful to others and their desire to learn, sexual consent, sexual safety, and sobriety (drugs and alcohol).
I absolutely love Coe! I wasn't sure what I wanted from a college and so I came (from out of state - more than 9 hours away) with the "You can alwaaaays transfer mindset"...... Well, here I am. It is so easy to get involved, to find faculty who care about you, and to take classes you are passionate about. I was very involved in high school, but leaving Coe my resume is going to be stacked - just because they provide you with THAT much opportunity (not saying resumes are the end all be all, but you do have to use them for grad schools or jobs so its something to think about).
Coe has taught me how to think analytically and independently, which, to me, is the ultimate "return on investment," if you will.
I love the people here. I've had some great professors. I would like to see the food improved however. There needs to be healthier and more diverse options.
Going to Coe College was my dream since I was 6, my mom went there so she'd been telling me stories about it for forever. When I arrived at Coe for orientation I wasn't dissappointed, but I was brought to reality.
The food could be a lot better, and so could the dorms and furniture. Parking is awful, and options for housing are slowly improving.
The campus is Beautiful, with dozens of squirrels living in the trees that eat from your hand, and geese that stop here in the fall and spring. Every winter they put lights around the trunks of the library quad that are solar powered and only light up at night.
There are a lot of options for partygoers, and the classes themselves are really good.
Everything is much more expensive than it has any right to be, and the professors are occasionally really problematic.
Most of the staff is really nice though, and they often actually work with students to help them out. The library is awesome.
The campus is very homey and being there makes you feel very comfortable. they have a lot of respect for the arts too.
The professors and staff are very hardworking and helpful. The students are welcoming. It has really good classroom sizes.
Coe has a very strong sense of community and the professors are always available. Even though it was my first semester, the upperclassmen are already giving me advice and helping me study. There is a variety of clubs and the food is customized. Coe has also already helped me compile my resume with conferences and experience in my field of study.
With a small campus, Coe College makes it possible to be at home while away. Class sizes are not big once you're far enough into your degree, letting you become friendly with professors and other people pursuing a similar career. Diversity is not very high on campus.
I got the degree I wanted and feel extremely prepared for the working world, but not without sacrifice. There was a lack of diversity and acceptance for anyone who was not neurotypical. Alough teachers were available for help, ther solution to poor test scores was always more reading, more assignments and more work, rather than more effecient readings, assignments, or work. Ultimately adding to student stress by and making nearly impossible to keep up with the additional work and not fall behind on other assignments.
I absolutely love Coe. I want my kids to go here.
This is a very strong part of Coe. We are steadily increasing ways to improve, however. It is a part of our 5 year strategic plan.
We are improving a great deal on sexual assault awareness and resources. I have personally taken up a more active role in providing tangible solutions to the issue.
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Meh. It's alright. If you live in a dorm, you have to have a meal plan. I think it's too costly for the food that is offered.
We were ranked in a national listing as one of the few schools that get Greek life right. There is a non-tolerant policy on hazing. We have slight drama among sororities, but its not as bad as media or movies portray.
We're a D3 school. Sports are taken seriously and athletes are revered just as they would at any school.
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