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Through my few interactions with Coconino Community College, I discovered that all the facility are extremely helpful and knowledgeable about their specific department and are willing to go beyond the box to accommodate your needs. I look forward to exploring the school's culture.
So far, I love Coconino Community College! The environment and people are so friendly. The fact that the campus is small allows you to interact more with the students around you. Almost like how it use to be in high school! It's not for everyone. I've gone to a university and I feel like it has a lot more distractions than a community college would.
I love Coconino community college! Everyone is very helpful including the teachers! The staff is very helpful. It has a lot of activities going on and office hours for students to go to to get help.
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I liked that all of the professors I had seemed to care about their students. Anytime I needed extra help I felt comfortable being able to ask my professors. The classes being smaller is also nice. From past experience, I did not do well in large lecture halls so having a smaller class size helped me keep focus.
It's a very cultured school. I love the environment a lot of the staff are helpful and respectful and accepting. I enjoy the education that I'm receiving.
I like that it has the CCC2NAU program. The parking is absolutely terrible and they are bad with snow removal.
CCC has been a fantastic experience for me. The staff, class sizes and individual attention have made this year a big success. This is allowing me to transfer to NAU with a great 1st year completed.
The teachers were very hands on when it came to a student struggling in a certain subject. It's a very peaceful environment to learn in with smaller classes to interact with classmates.
Of the four colleges I've attended, CCC was certainly the most difficult to keep up with. Not in the academic aspect, but with financial aid and enrollment. Every semester they have messed up something drastic. A few examples are miscalculating my cumulative GPA, misreading transfer transcripts, and missing their own deadlines to upload paperwork. If you babysit your profile through the whole process you will find this much easier to deal with. As for the instructors, I believe they employ a very driven and exceptional team and would not hesitate to attend on those grounds alone.
This past semester at Coconino Community College was my first semester of college. I found it to be a wonderful place to start my college career. I appreciated the smaller class sizes and the hands on approach I received from my professors. I never once felt like I was just a face in the classroom, I always felt a student who was being spoken to by a professional. Overall, I don't think I could have asked for a better first semester of college, and I think CCC played a very important roll in my feelings about my experience.
I am very glad that I chose to start my post high school education here at CCC. I was not prepared, nor interested in going to college directly after i graduated from high school. CCC was very welcoming and made the transition back into learning very nice and comfortable. There are some great teachers and great classes available for you to take advantage of. i hadn't taken a math class since my first semester of my sophomore year of high school, so it had been about 8 years without math, and my algebra teacher was by far the best teacher I have EVER had. Jeremy G. was his name and i highly recommend him. The atmosphere at CCC is super laid back and conducive to learning. The staff is helpful and easy to get in touch with. I also really liked having the opportunity to take classes like automotive and welding. Overall CCC is a great stepping stone to get you to where you want and need to be to further your education.
It's great! The school is great at teaching you exactly what you need to know and helps lean you towards what you want to major in. Either way Coconino Community College offers a foundation in building up your choices and combining them into one occupation. I'm excited to what the future has to offer me but I know this college has made it simple for me to prioritize everything that I want to incorporate in my life. Besides that fact Flagstaff Arizona is a wonderful place to have fun and become interest in learning new things because theirs so many activities that will surprise you.
I like Coconino Community College because it offers a branch in Page, AZ instead of traveling from Page to Flagstaff, az to take classes. The professor is also very helpful with the course and grades. As a student the Director of the College in Page updates the students of news the college has released. I would like to see more classes offered in person at the college. Right now as a student I am limited to what i have to take to have an Associates degree.
I don't really like doing courses online because I usually don't know how it works, I'd rather be in a class with the instructor there, I just learn much better with the instructor in the room.
They have a great program that helps students stay on track for graduating and getting the classes they need to graduate so really glad they have that for the students, very helpful
I like how the class sizes are small I learn more when the room is not crowded and so many people are asking questions. Less noise too, so that's good and I get to know my professor better.
I am in classes that don't really go along with my career, but it's my freshman year in college so I should be taking the classes I'm in right now that way I won't have to take them in the future.
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I love my classes, my professors are very helpful and are there when I need them for questions or help with homework.
Great class size, few unprepared professors but most of mine were very passionate about teaching their classes.
I have a job because of my school, but I don't plan on advancing my career until I transfer to a new college.
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