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Some of the instructors are incredible rude as are the people in the disability office. The campus is very nice and well maintained. In that regard, my only complaint if that there are very few trashcans.
Very good . i love cochise college they give me all the necessary for be a successful stutudent. Im a ESL English as a second language. And im very satisfied with the teachers and the staff all people in general. They help me to be a better person a good student and they prepare myself to be all successful.
Cochise college is small close knit friendly community. Small classes for easier learning. The profesor are really friendly and nice
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Cochise College is a great start school. It allows you to get a head start on your prerequisites, it also allows you to have a great transfer experience without all the stress. Cochise College has great teachers, and awesome hands on classes.
I am an International student and this was my first semester in a U.S. college. I can certainly say that Cochise College has great instructors, friendly staff and great facilities adapted for every student. Overall, my experience was enriching; I feel welcomed and ready to continue my education without discrimination from classmates or Instructors.
I liked how it's a small college and you can get more involved in your classes. It's easier to communicate with your instructors than in many other colleges. I highly recommend cochise college! Great people and great opportunities.
I really loved the outside campus. The wildlife is amazing. The classrooms are small but very diverse. I'd like my school to improve their food.
They are very helpful with everything you need to know and have all resources that you could need to help you. I would definitely choose them again.
I have had the best exerpience here.
The classes kinda fall when I need them too
I haven't taken any online classes
There is computers available to me and everything is just easy access because everyone helps you
I don't work at the campus but what from what I hear Cochise is a great school.
  • 9 months ago
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They work great around my schedule!
I love it simply because its like 3 minutes away from home, its affordable and the staff is great!
My professors are reliable anytime with questions and help actually 24 hours
It really helps us students to the real world.
  • 9 months ago
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My specific major at school is Business major.
Is I reliable and the costs of the school is affordable to anybody.
Some things could be eaiser.
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