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I have had an amazing experience with the EMS programs here. I completed EMT and am currently in paramedic. I highly reccomend this facility.
This is a very caring school and an affordable option for those wishing to just get an associates degree or be able to transfer to a 4 year college like U of A. Just stop by and speak with any employee or student to find out for yourself. I highly recommend it for a quality education.
I did a certificate many years ago at this college. It was great instruction and was on the military base at the time i went . I just had to get permission to get on and after that there was no issues.
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Cochise College has amazing staff, my teachers all love the material they teach. The aditional staff (councelors and administration) are always very helpful. They always go above and beyond to verify understanding.
I am a freshman but I can say Cochise college has a very friendly community and overall a safe environment. Classes are small and you have the opportunity to have more face-to-face time with instructors.
It is a great college! There are a bookstore, where you can find any scholarly book required. There is a great cafetiere. Also, there are some clubs where you can develop your skills and get a lot of community service hours. In addition, there is a Club call Trio that help students in advising and counseling.
The online degree program is a great program for adults. Criteriared for people who haven't been in school for awhile. I would like to see the financial department upgrade their staff and have better communication with the students.
The campus is very beautiful and not too large so you won’t get large. Unlike big universities, Cochise college professors are focused on each individual and their success. Cochise college is a great school, affordable and caring!
The staff is always ready to help when you need it! The teachers are always friendly and approachable. The teachers also make class enjoyable to learn.
I really like how there aren't a lot of students in one class like there is in universities. One thing i would change are some of the professors. whether they are either too old or just seem like they don't know what they are doing.
This is a great school! The professors are straight to the point and teach you everything you need to know. They give you a great sense of discipline. The campus is beautiful and the atmosphere is nice and free.
The experience I am currently having in this college is great! It has amazing teachers and their cafeteria service is great. I am a full time student and my classes are interesting and teachers are well prepared. I don’t live in the dorms but they are very good equipped.
My experience in this college was great. Everyone was so nice with my and the advisors are really helpful.
The college here has been really fun. There are always activities planned, and professors/students are often friendly. The dorms are also comfortable and not very crowded. From time to time it can be a really nice place to relax, epically, when there is shade during the afternoon. The food here is good, they always try to make a variety of choices, and their nice to ask if there is anything specific we have in mind. Overall, I give this college four stars, because I barely started going to this college, and I don't want to overrate them due to my less experince in this campus.
I love Cochise College. It is visually appealing and it feels safe. My professors have been extremely kind and helpful.
They have great programs. Its a small school so you get the most out of your education. Its very beautiful and very
I am a Student Nurse at Cochise College. My experience has been nothing short of amazing. The Nirsing staff genuinely care and go the extra mile to help all students succeed. The nursing program is not without its demands as it is challenging. The achievement lies in the dedication of its instructors and the students willingness to learn through their weaknesses using their strengths.
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This is a great institution that truly cares about their students. In addition, you learn alot from the great professors. I truly recommend this college. It may be a small college unknown to many people but it the best!
The campus is very clean, and the security is very good. The staff and faculty are very nice and helpful. I do love the school, and the Sierra vista campus as well. But I also wish they had more degrees to choose. I really wish they had a physical therapy assistant program or more medical programs to choose from.
They were really nice when they did the tour. Making the trip fun, and letting us choose what we wanted to attend. It gave a fresh welcome than prior tours I went to.