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Excellent school, small class sizes and amazing professors. I love how easily it is to find classes and be able to register. The staff truly cares for you and want to see you succeed.
Coastline College was a great college to attend. My only frustration was they did not provide me with an accurate plan and I took way too many classes. I was able to finish my degree however I wish I had gone straight for a Bachelor's. It would have been more worth it.
Coastline is a great choice. They offer 70 degrees online which is why I choose them. The process to apply and register for classes has been smooth.
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Coastline Community College is a small college. It is not your typical large community college. It is more of a lowkey school with the same focus as others colleges.
This college is great. I loved how I was able to receive my associates degree in such a small period of time. I am about to graduate and transfer to a Cal State University. The professors here are very helpful and they have many tutor
Coastline Community College has some of the best degree programs to offer. A lot of their degree programs they offer one hundred percent online. Which some may look at as extremely beneficial.
I cannot vouch for quality of life, athletics, or party scene as I attended the online military courses. The military department and the Professors have been great (aside from one) and I highly recommend a two year for any military if it will be transferrable. Coastline does have agreements with a good amount of schools that will allow for transferability.
Coastline Community College provides an amazing opportunity for Military members to obtain degrees pertaining to their skills obtained through their military training. The customer service is great and I have never had to wait to speak with a representative. I refer all of my coworkers to enroll with Coastline Community College.
I have attended five community colleges, one university, and law school. Coastline's bookstore manager, Martha, is thee rudest and unprofessional employee I have ever encountered at any school I have attended.
I ordered two textbooks to be sent to my friend located in another city--who's correct shipping address was inputted. I then input my billing address. Yet, somehow, this bookstore screwed it all up and got the shipping wrong--and they want to charge me for another $9.99 for S&H.
What a joke. I attended a few online classes with Coastline years ago and frequently recommended them as a great online option for those wanting to further their education. Never again will anyone get such a recommendation from me.
I've completed several classes at this school, and I have no real grievances. It's accommodating and convenient if you need to take online classes (which are not easier than physical campus classes, by the way). Yeah, if you're looking for a community college, even if you don't live nearby, check this one out.
Ever professor I've had from Coastline Community College has been all so passionate about their subjects and exciting to work with. I couldn't ask for better teachers than those from Coastline. They made their courses intriguing and gave their classes the best learning experience.
There are many good professors in science and medical field The coastline community college have organized and good systems for their students
What I love about coastline community college is definitely the class ratio that they maintain in order to provide a better learning experience for everyone who attends. You get a lot more one on one time with the teachers and that just really makes it easier.
I take online classes because I am active duty military. The school is very accommodating to military members. Registering for classes is pretty easy and straight forward. The only thing I would change about the college is some of the courses they do not accept a CLEP for.
Coastline Community College is a wonderful college, especially for military students. They're easy to work with and offer a wide variety of classes.
I am a military spouse who recently enrolled back in college to finally obtain a degree in accounting or human resources management. You can say that it is finally my turn. I was worried at first that after so many years of being out of the classroom that I would feel uncomfortable attending classes with all the younger students. But Coastline Community College offers online courses that make it easy for me to take classes and still be the active mom for my children. So far my experience with Coastline has been amazing. The professors have been very helpful and even though I am taking online classes, I feel very connected with my classmates and professors. The websites are user friendly and very quick response time from my professors whenever I have questions or need additional feedback via email. That helps a lot especially if your time is valuable and have a full schedule with your children's school activities and still keeping up with the household.
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. Coastline Community College was much like my high school: it's small and intimate. The student to teacher ratios for classes are really great since students per class are usually around 30 to 40. This allows students to get the attention they need from their teachers and do better in class. Teachers are very helpful and know there stuff (thankfully) and want to make sure that whatever you're supposed to be learning that you learn it. The school has multiple sites spread around Orange County which is extremely helpful if transportation is an issue or if you just don't want to go very far. Heck, if you don't want to leave home, online and cable classes are an option too. That's what this school has: options. As a student here, I can honestly say I appreciate the efforts this school puts to helping their students and making community college a pleasant experience.
I have had one of the best experiences with Coastline and I will be continuing to take classes with hem over the summer and fall. I would only say "Thank you, Coastline Community College for offering online advanced Math classes!" Very few other community colleges in CA do it and for those who travel with their jobs it's so necessary to have that option and get a chance at a better life because of that option precisely in the end.
I had no hassle with transferring credits or getting cleared to register. I had no frustrations whatsoever,
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