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1,643 reviews
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I love the campus its gorgeous to look at and it isnt completely automobile driven theyre are different ways to get to class rather than using your vehicle i feel i picked the perfect place to call home the social atmosphere is great
Great campus! Wonderful staff and students! Everything is spaced out so it is a bit confusing and hard to get about the campus and difficult to find parking but other than that it is a wonderful school!
I love it at Coastal. The professors are always willing to help you and present new opportunities constantly for you to take advantage of. There are plenty of ways to get involved from academic clubs, social clubs, Greek Life, and so on.
I love the atmosphere of the campus. The classes are just right in size, if you are looking for a chance to be one-on-one with your professor in class. Also there are some many opportunities and ways to get involved on campus, it's amazing.
I started at Coastal and was very excited to go, but once I got there I quickly learned it was very inclusive and no one wanted to do anything with people outside of their social circle.
I am a dual-degree honors program graduate of Coastal Carolina University and it was an amazing experience. The professors I had changed my life.
This school is sub-par in regards to its atmosphere and in regards to the way it's run. The public safety is actually insane and very very rude, the school hires staff that have poor attitudes towards the student and never adresss any issues, the school blocks websites such as Netflix due to unknown reasons, there are little to no healthy good choices on campus unless you're into eating a salad every day you're here or eating off campus, some professors are spectacular but then others are atrocious, every aspect of this school is a money trap. There is also minimal parking no matter if you live on campus or if you're a commuter as they spend money on pointless renovations and annoying speed bumps instead of spending their money on a parking garage for their "expanding campus". All in all this school, the food and primarily the staff are mere jokes. Go elsewhere.
I am currently attending Coastal Carolina and I love every day spent here. I am majoring in Special Education and love the opportunities they have provided for me.
It is a beautiful campus with well trained renowned faculty who deeply care about the student's success. They need to improve upon their emergency protocols, general logistics, Student health center, and parking situation. They give off the feel that they are attempting to grow too large too fast. None the less it is a great school for it's specific majors, the food is good, and there are ample resources. if you are an undecided major this school is not for you, it's too expensive for that.
I'm currently in my second year at CCU and completely love the University. There is so much to do at CCU to include clubs, volunteerism and others...but academically, they push for excellence. I look forward to graduating from CCU in under three years.
My experience the first semester at Coastal Carolina. Was awesome the staff was very friendly. Everything that you made need to get through it practical there. Transportation, food,jobs,etc. I'm excited about what this semester may bring at Coastal.
I loved Coastal Carolina University because the professors were so dedicated to helping their student learn.
I loved CCU, the environment, professors and students are very friendly and nice for the most part. Classes are fairly easy and aren't over crowded. I wouldn't change anything about Coastal.
When I visited the University of Coastal Carolina I loved the atmosphere as a whole. The class sizes are small enough to actually have one on one learning if necessary and the campus feels very family like.
I have only been at Coastal for a few months, and have already realized the atmosphere is contagious. The professors are kind, and willing to work with students to get good grades and understand the material. Any extracurricular activity imaginable is here, and if it isn't you are open to create it. I have enjoyed every second here and they have a diverse well-adapt culture.
My experience so far at Coastal Carolina is great. Its a beautiful campus, and it has a great number of dining cafes to choose from. The dorms are very nice and highly maintenance . Professors are very welcome and most are laid back and chill.
Coastal Carolina is an amazing college. The campus is absolutely beautiful and the people and staff here are so nice. Coastal has become my second home and it was also an easy choice to come here because of how quickly I fell in love with this campus.
Coastal Carolina University has a fantastic Sport Management program with professors who will do their very best to make sure you are on the right track in your field of study. The school itself is set in a wonderful location and has a beautiful campus with many amenities for students and faculty to take advantage of. I personally had a better GPA in my first two years of college at Coastal than I ever had in high school.
Coastal is a great school. Campus is big and a chill vibe. There's plenty to do on campus and in the cities near by. It's also affordable. I would recommend anyone to come here. I wish there were more historically African American Fraternity/Sorority's.
Coastal Carolina all around is a wonderful school. It offers a large variety of majors and opportunities.
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