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When visiting CCU i had an amazing time touring and learning about the school.Seeing students on campus gave me a preview of what student life is really like. What i would like to see change is some of the old on campus housing. What i really love is their investments into more educational buildings.
I love the atmosphere of the school. It is amazing. The campus is beautiful. The school is very diverse and the student life is very good. The food is delicious and has many choices. The professors are great and are always there to help you. The rooms are very spacious and you are able to get a roommate they will be best for you.
I took a tour there and i plan on going as soon as my application gets accepted! The campus is beautiful and the people there are sweet.
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Being out-of-state, I knew to expect a pricy bill, but I didn't think one year would leave me almost $40,000 in debt. I was taking many unnecessary classes and was paying way to much for them. I transferred to a two year college after experiencing Coastal. it is a great school just wasn't a match for me.
Almost all of the professors are poor at teaching and the housing staff is very disorganized. Most of the people are generally nice and the food is 50/50. Don't take your car to campus because you will be looking for a spot for at least half an hour on average.
I love how open and welcoming everyone seems to be on and around campus! The professors are helping when they are asked, but you have to start by building that connection with them right off the bat otherwise you might have a hard time to make that connection. It is important to get involved and a majority of the campus is into serving/giving back to the community.
Professors genuinely want you to succeed. They are willing to work with you whether it be outside of class of coming int office hours they want to help.
I have only been at Coastal Carolina for a short while, but everyone is very friendly, and the campus is superb!
Warning to other parents. CCU runs a scam called the CEaL program where they recruit students with less than stellar academic performance who they have no intention of admitting to the school. They give these kids false hope about being able to attend (stating that 93% of kids are successful when in actuality it is about 10%), bilk their parents out of $5K or more for a 4-week session and then fail them out. After being asked to leave due to low GPA they refuse to return the housing deposit, will charge you a $400 fee for leaving and will keep any money you put on the student's commissary fund. If you don't pay they threaten to ruin your credit. Under NO circumstances should you send your child here.
This university is in a great location in the sense that it is near the beach and has generally warm weather year round. The town it is actually in, Conway, is not the safest town and a bit sketchy and run down. The students are mostly from the North-east states. You need to join an organization of some sort to make friends at this school. It is a big party school, more focused on this than education.
The school offered many extra curricular activities. The school had a great culture among the students and the staff. The campus is beautiful and constantly growing!
Coastal Carolina university is a great school for learning and people are all involved in things to do. Teachers are very good.
The environment is the perfect breeding grounds for success. My school presents every single person with opportunity to mold themselves. The only thing that could be negatively said is their lack of communication throughout departments. By this I mean when one group of authority says one thing and another group says something else.
This place has been a scam from the moment I walked in. The people are incredibly unhelpful in every department and the academics are awful. Their graduation rate is so low, and it clear why. I transferred out my first semester, this is just an awful place to go and if you're looking to get away from your parents, look at schools with a better reputation.
I've had an awesome experience here at CCU. Although my decision to come here was partly driven by the proximity to the beach (just like everyone else), its been so much more than that. Professors all really care about you and are actually available to help you outside of class. The campus is beautiful and the sense of school pride is awesome too, so you really feel proud to go here.
Coastal Carolina University is a pub of excitement with professors as pumped for the lesson as the students. Speaking of professors there are several that have won awards including a poet laureate. So that you know as a student you are receiving the best education. The school recently built new dorms that are quite spacious making the move from home a bit easier on their students. Many clubs also give a student opportunity to make friends and focus more on their interest. Coastal Carolina is truly a warm and inviting place.
Coastal Carolina is a really good school to study at. If you are only coming to party, you might have to rethink going to college. Majoring in science seems like a big thing for Coastal students. There are many majors but the top two people go to Coastal for is Marine and Exercise science. The food is great, just depends on what your taste buds like.
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Coastal Carolina University is a great institution if the particular student is looking for a cross between a huge university and a smaller college. The student involvement is amazing but it is hard to to keep up with changes. Its a great place to meet new people and get good advice. It is a smaller campus and easy to figure out.
Coastal Carolina University has multiple opportunities for their students to become active on campus and succeed in school work and more.
It is an excellent environment. Some things could be improved department wise. Professors are very hands on, and many are willing to help you succeed however they can.
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