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Coastal Carolina University is a great institution if the particular student is looking for a cross between a huge university and a smaller college. The student involvement is amazing but it is hard to to keep up with changes. Its a great place to meet new people and get good advice. It is a smaller campus and easy to figure out.
Coastal Carolina University has multiple opportunities for their students to become active on campus and succeed in school work and more.
It is an excellent environment. Some things could be improved department wise. Professors are very hands on, and many are willing to help you succeed however they can.
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I love this school. This school is soo beautiful and have amazing professors. If you don’t succeed in their class it’s because you didn’t try and use your recourses. All of my professors helped me and provided me with the tools to pass it was on me to use it and I thank them I couldn’t have found any better professors.
I am a transferring student to Coastal Carolina. Overall on my visit the school campus looks very nice and the professors are nice. The sports fields look very interesting. Im ready to see what this year has to offer.
Academics/professors were great but my degree got me no where and ended up having to go back to school to get a masters. The party scene is fun but it usually involves traveling and spending money at bars. Tailgates are very fun but no one attends athletic events.
CCU has been an amazing learning experience to date. Getting ready to start my second year and I can't wait to get back to Conway!! GO Chants!!!!!
The environment of CCU is so welcoming! It is a place where people are always comfortable to be themselves with so many outlets that allow people to be themselves. Professors here truly care about how what they teach inside their classroom will be valuable outside of the classroom.
The people are all really friendly and the professors really want to help you learn. Lots of opportunities for marine science majors too
Absolutely beautiful campus and great efforts in making students transitions into college as smooth as possible. I do not for a minute regret deciding to come to Coastal, however, I do wish they would do a better job at selecting professors for subjects that are usually more difficult than others (i.e. math and/or science courses).
I loved Coastal's campus and student life. I would like to see their offers and scholarships for out of state students change.
Coastal has been an amazing experience. The advisors do well with assisting students plan their future and campus life is fulfilling. There are always people to meet and people can bond from just eating or meeting in clubs. Activities on campus are amazing and allows students to develop social skills for future environments.
Here at Coastal, there are so many opportunities for you to become a leader and find something to do. Everything one is so welcoming and very nice.
Coastal Carolina is a beautiful school with a lot of diversity. The only thing I would fix, but have seen getting better, is organization. Sometimes they send you all over the place with a question you need answered, only to leave more confused than ever. It is getting better, but I do believe it is something they should continue to work at
I loved Coastal Carolina University, the environment was just great to be around. The Staff there makes you feel welcome and makes you feel like you never left home.
I went to Coastal Carolina University from 2012-2016. I grew up around Myrtle Beach and was so excited when I got the chance to go to school there. I graduated with a degree in Early Childhood Education and was a part of Greek Life during my 4 years. I love everything about this school.
I would like to see an improvement in the campus food. It has gotten better over the years, but they could do a lot better in regards to number of choices and overall quality.
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The professors are great, the campus is beautiful, and I've made really awesome friends! The school is great at getting you connected to professionals in your major and making sure you're successful after graduation.
I like the experience of meeting new people and having fun learning about my major. I just wish the food court were better, need more food options.
I love Coastal Carolina University! The location, my dorm last year, my friends, professors, all of it! I am a Physical Education major, and the Education program at CCU is ridiculously acceptable. As a freshman this past year, I had already gotten experience within an actual classroom, and from here on out, I only have more coming for me.
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