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Coastal Carolina is a great school to attend and I recommend it to anyone who have a interest in going, you will definitely not regret it !
The only way you really stay after freshman year is greek life or athletics. The party side of the school was very talked up before coming, and after experiencing it I was very let down. All the house parties get shut down, and no boys that are not apart of fraternities can get into the house parties. All bars are 21+. The campus is so secluded, and you see the same people constantly. The food options are very limited and repetitive. Parking is awful. The list goes on... I will be transferring after next semester to a larger more open campus.
Do not come to this school if you want to party. If your high school was fun and you are looking for an even better party expierience do NOT come here. Greek life is the only source of parties and they are extremely terribele. My high school threw parties twice as good. Trust this advice and go to big schools like Arizona or West Virginia if you want to turn up.
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Coastal is one of the most beautiful campuses I have ever been on. It is also a newer school so the buildings are very nice and still original from when they were first erected. All of the staff is extremely nice as well. They help everyone as best they can.
i toured the campus a few weeks ago and i liked that fact that there were students that talked to us about CCU, not just the professors. They were honest about the likes and dislikes on the campus, classes and overall student life. I was taken to an actual dorm (not jut a mock dorm) by a freshman and sophmore. I was able to see 1st hand how the new and old dorms looked. I was granted a tour of the entire campus. It is a beautiful place, and the atmosphere is lovely.
My overall experience at coastal is currently average. The student body of the campus is very lovely, everyone is friendly. What I would suggest Coastal to work on is more student housing and better parking for students . They have unnecessary lab fees that do not cover required lab supplies.
The campus is beautiful - very well maintained, clean, and they firmly believe in "out with the old, in with the new" in terms of buildings. There are only a few buildings on campus that are original to the creation of the school in 1952. This is because they believe in having an exceptional space in which students can focus on learning, and have the appropriate technology to do so. I do not live in the on-campus housing so I cannot attest to that, but from what I know a lot of the buildings on that side of campus are relatively new as well. In terms of athletics, If you are looking for a school that does well in football, this is not it. However, if you are into baseball, we got you. Most recently we were the Sun Belt Conference Champions in 2016 and 2017, and have a long track record of excelling in baseball.
I love everything about Coastal Caroline University. I love the small class ratio, there are good professors with good classes, the campus is beautiful and the perfect size, you're able to walk every where, the people on campus are very polite, and an added bonus is the perfect weather. Coastal Carolina in my opinion is one of the best universities on the east coast.
As my first year hear at CCU, I’ve had nothing but great experiences. You can look anywhere on campus and find the most welcoming people you’ve ever met. I have yet to come across someone who isn’t happy to be there. Ever major is PROUD to be there and they all support one another in the endeavors as people and departments.
I loved the classes at Coastal but never really felt safe or involved here. My RA never said 2 words to me, parties are not fun but rather scary as many bad things usually happen in the off campus houses. Professors are usually kind but not always flexible with office hours
I really liked the layout of the school. It made sense that if you majored in "XZ" then most of your classes would be in a certain building. I also was very impressed with how clean the campus was. I could tell that they took great pride in the maintenance of the campus.
I am in senior year at Coastal Carolina University. It was the school that I always wanted to attend. After visiting the campus, I knew I made a great choice. The staff is great in helping meet your college goals. The campus is beautiful. Compared to other colleges. It is affordable. I suggest anyone looking for a college, look at Coastal Carolina University. You will not be disappointed.
So far, I have loved attending Coastal Carolina. The campus is absolutely beautiful. I hope that the Academic Common Market will allow me to have in-state tuition second semester which will help immensely with the ROI.
Coastal Carolina University is a very fresh experience for a University. It has smaller class sizes for a more personal experince with your professor and classmates, while offering in depth learning opportunities. It has endless events to help student find employment, internships, clubs, and groups. Overall im enjoying my experience so far.
Coastal Carolina is a great place to go to college. It is diverse and a fun environment. The food isn't the best but they make up for it in fun football games. The basketball games are a great time too!
I like the atmosphere at Coastal. It is very diverse and there are endless opportunities to join clubs that spark your interest. There is always an event going on that everyone is able to take part in. I also really appreciate all of the extra help available when classes get tough.
The band program and directors were amazing. Great first year. Made lots of friends through their campus events.
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When I can to coastal, I was shocked st how much the student body interacted with each other. Coastal had some kind of special feeling that you couldn't explain when you walked through the campus. If I could change anything about coastal, it would be the harsh reputation that people throw on our school.
Orientation was wonderful. Helpful students and advisors.
Meals at school are great, and the outdoor open campus is lovely.
Turtle bridge is my favorite place. I love how inclusive the school is with its "All gender" Bathrooms. Tuition is a bit too pricey.
This will be my first year there. I took a visit and fell in love with the school. I am looking forward to the future.
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