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I love Coastal Carolina University. I have always wanted to attend here since I was a kid. I love the student involvement and just how beautiful campus in general. These are the reasons why CCU is my college. I would love to have more washers and dryers on campus. Other than that I wouldn't change a thing.
I loved being a college student at Coastal Carolina University. I received a quality education and am still involved with them as a mentor for students completing their internships in Physical Education.
I loved Coastal Carolina University. I was pleasantly surprised with everything about the school. They have a perfect 5-year program for me and the campus is beautiful.
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I liked the campus and all of the workers and the students around me. The areas are very safe and the dorms and housing are very nice and pretty.
From the people to the food there is no place like Coastal. The food here is amazing and is rotated frequently. The people here are nice and willing to help you with whatever you need. Although one of the best things about Coastal would be the campus. It is beautiful and well taken care of. One thing that I would like to see changed would be how things are advertised. An example of this would be theater productions. I always hear about how good the show was but I never hear when it is scheduled.
This is my first year a CCU and the campus is amazing. All if my professors are great and so are the dorms. There is alot to do on and off campus since it is located near a vacation destination.
I enjoy the classes at coastal and find them challenging and engaging. I'd like to see them offer more classes, more sections of classes and also more majors.
I love the school size and how each student is treated. The maximum amount of students I have had in a class is around 30. They make it so every instructor knows each students name. What is most important to me is that coming into a school where you live all on your own and in my case I was far from home I had the most amazing advisor. I only saw her a few times just getting my schedule all set up but even when I would show up unannounced she would call me by my first name and make me feel so welcomed like she had known me forever.
Coastal has a great sense of community, the food is great, and there is so much help available to students.
Truly a poorly designed college. Campus is structured to intentionally drive out commuter students even though only about 43% of students live on campus and benefit stidents paying more to live in campus housing. If you do not live in a dorm and are local for example (mind you this is Conway, SC not at all a big city), you will have to budget between 8-10 hrs per wk for shuttling. There is almost 0 parking for students and the shuttles are on 30 minutes loops (unheard of). If shuttle is full which often happns, add 10-15 min. This is really amazing because this college takes in a ton of gov funding, yet operates in sole purpose to increase money and drive out students who either can't afford or choose to live off campus. Universities shouldn't have agendas outside of education. It is like a warzone in their campus parking lots and why they have so many buildings without parking I could never tell you.
The Admission Office, VA Services, Financial Aid Office, and any other behind the since faculty, are absolutely amazing. The teachers are a bit younger and more inexperience; however, they make up for that in their enthusiasm and willingness to work with students. Coastal would also do better with a more set transportation system, as currently their app for shuttles can prove faulty and unreliable. Overall, an amazing college and campus all around.
I have been pleased with how fast the staff responds to my emails and addresses my needs. The professors are very understanding. I like Chauncey's Choice a lot because of the fresh food. Hicks has served me extremely pink sausage that made me sick, so I really did not like that.
I love the atmosphere here! Everyone is so nice and helpful! Also, the campus is very beautiful and clean.
This school is willing to help students who want it. Every professor I have had so far like feedback so that they can always grow and improve. This is important to me because it shows that they care about their students.
My experience at CCU so far has been pleasant. My parents and I have had some difficulties with the Financial Aid and Residency office but those were the only troubles. Orientation was very thorough and gave plenty of information about student life, clubs, Greek life, safety and building your academic schedule. All of the people who worked during orientation were very friendly and it was obvious that we’re happy to be there.
What I love about Coastal is that they have a wide variety of opportunities. No one should ever feel left out or anyone because everyone there is super supportive.
Coastal is a wonderful school once you find your niche. As an artist, their theatre program really pushed me into my own.
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My experience so far hasnt been much but i have done some things like CINO Quest with the university which was an amazing weekend that allow you to interact with others and get to know the campus more. I loved the layout of the campus and the friendly nature of the staff and students there, i also loved the food because it is made fresh every day. I honestly wouldnt change a thing about the school and its environment because everything seems perfect to me and theres so much to do on the campus.
The campus is beautiful and the staff and students are very friendly and welcoming. I have chosen a major that I am very excited about and is more unique to the school.
I love that Coastal Carolina has a smaller more personal feel while still maintaining a lot of amenities that you would find at a bigger university.
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