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The school is alright. Definitely not what it used to be, safety is number one priority and that means no fun. The professors can be good or bad. Student life is great though, great diversity of organizations, good Greek life, this is a very close-knit and average size school which is good because a large school can be overwhelming
I liked the small classroom sizes and the additional help that is provided at the school. The school also offers many programs to study which gives a good variety for students to choose from.
When I first got to Coastal in July, I fell in love with the school. The campus is very nice and the dorms are like heaven. Everything is within close distance to you. The beach is 11 miles away.
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Go anywhere else. When I first toured and first got to Coastal I was so excited but the shock of being in a very racist area of South Carolina is too much. When the tourists leave myrtle you are left with a lot of confederate flags and homophobes. No place to learn with an open and healthy discussion. South Carolina is an awful state. If you must go to Coastal, there are many good professors, either young and graduates of amazing schools or old and retiring in myrtle with impressive careers. Just, the people at Coastal have no goals or care to do well in school and south carolinians are ridiculous. Lastly, the school has a huge rape culture and does not deal with it at all. oh and the parties aren't like the videos. maybe youll have one good pool party but thats it.
The best thing about Coastal Carolina is that they are always improving their resources and adding additional support options for their students. It's not just academics, it's also food, socializing, and fun-safe student activities.
I fell in love with Coastal Carolina when I came here on a visit my senior year of high school. I was here with my softball team for a tournament. The professors are very personable. The campus is flawless. Class sizes are small even being a medium sized university. I recommend this school to everyone I know.
The campus is beautiful and covered in school colors. Teal. Chauncey, our mascot, is always walking around surprising the students. The athletics here are awesome as we have a great baseball team and other sports such as basketball, softball and soccer exceed as well!
Things I enjoy about Coastal Carolina University is the environment, meaning the humid warm weather, mixed with warm loving student population, and the overall size of the campus (Not too big Not too small)
What I like about Coastal Carolina university is the ability to implement diversity throughout, even when the students don't realize their need for it.
Coastal Carolina University provides a unique opportunity to connect with your peers and professors. Not only is the learning atmosphere amazing, but the entire school environment is perfect. The campus is absolutly gorgeous!!
this college I enjoy greatly. It's only two hours away from my house so its far enough to be myself but close enough if i get homesick. The campus is a good size not big enough where i need a car to get around but its not to small where i feel cramped. The sports are good and thecampus is excited for every game there is. It feel like a little slice of home here. I've made some good friends in my short time here.
Coastal Carolina is a beautiful campus. As soon as you step foot into their campus you feel right at home and welcomed. The process of things are so organized and you are never feeling lost.
Coastal Carolina is a great school in a great location. The professors are awesome, campus is clean (and right by the beach!), and everyone is friendly.
Coastal Carolina University is a really amazing college. Their campus is really beautiful and clean, everyone is really friendly, and the atmosphere around the school is unlike any other. Coastal's size is not too big or not too small, it's just perfect for any new incoming college student. I would recommend anyone to attend Coastal Carolina University.
Coastal is a university on the rise and I loved being apart of it! Besides being 20 mintues or so from the beach, the campus is very pretty and the proffesers are nice and understanding! The sports at Coastal is crazy we have a teal turf and a teal track!
Coastal Carolina is a great school to attend and I recommend it to anyone who have a interest in going, you will definitely not regret it !
The only way you really stay after freshman year is greek life or athletics. The party side of the school was very talked up before coming, and after experiencing it I was very let down. All the house parties get shut down, and no boys that are not apart of fraternities can get into the house parties. All bars are 21+. The campus is so secluded, and you see the same people constantly. The food options are very limited and repetitive. Parking is awful. The list goes on... I will be transferring after next semester to a larger more open campus.
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Do not come to this school if you want to party. If your high school was fun and you are looking for an even better party expierience do NOT come here. Greek life is the only source of parties and they are extremely terribele. My high school threw parties twice as good. Trust this advice and go to big schools like Arizona or West Virginia if you want to turn up.
Coastal is one of the most beautiful campuses I have ever been on. It is also a newer school so the buildings are very nice and still original from when they were first erected. All of the staff is extremely nice as well. They help everyone as best they can.
i toured the campus a few weeks ago and i liked that fact that there were students that talked to us about CCU, not just the professors. They were honest about the likes and dislikes on the campus, classes and overall student life. I was taken to an actual dorm (not jut a mock dorm) by a freshman and sophmore. I was able to see 1st hand how the new and old dorms looked. I was granted a tour of the entire campus. It is a beautiful place, and the atmosphere is lovely.
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