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. Overall for a first year experience it was very vivid. I started with a summer program named Ceal , which prepares you for the college life and also allows to to get a bit ahead of other incoming freshman. My first year was kind of difficult ,for the simple fact I was still trying to adjust from being in highschool and having my mother help me with my issue I was pretty much on my own. I fell into a mental depression not going out with my peers and shutting my closest friends out because I was scared of the transition. the work load and on top of that trying to have a social life was not possible to me and eventually i had a mental breakdown. Fast forwarding to Spring 2018 it was a lot better the the first semester for the simple fact i had gotten the hang of this "college life."
I thoroughly enjoyed my freshman year here. The only thing that I did not like was that some professors did not post their grades.
I couldn't imagine myself attending any other college. The professors, faculty and staff really care for students, offer many events on campus, employers work well with your schedule, and the family atmosphere of this school just amazes me every day.
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I love this school so much and look forward to attending there this summer as a freshman! I fell in love with them campus and the town. The people there are very nice as well. I love the colors teal and gold, so that made it an easier decision too.
Coastal Carolina is a very open and diverse campus. It is very welcoming and makes you feel at home. Coastal has made me a better person and introduced me into many new aspects of life. COASTAL ROCKS!
I love Coastal Carolina University! Classes are small and teachers are very easy to talk too! Teachers are very prompt and classes are very informative and you feel like you are actually learning and not doing busy work. The campus is beautiful and close to the beach, in case you need to get away for a little while to clear your head! Tuition isn't bad, southerners are very friendly, and living conditions are ideal!
Coastal Carolina University in which one's experience there depends entirely by one's major and expectations. I came into this school as a local English major and I honestly disappointed with what I have encountered. I have found that the spirit and drive here is very low, and the environment, from classes to attitude, does not feel like an actual college. I have noticed that this is different for those involved in Marine Science, Business, or Intel Majors, but besides these, I have felt that Coastal has lacked significantly with taking their other majors seriously. So for anyone looking into Coastal, please consider what your focus for the next four years will be.
Great staff, always willing to help. There are many programs to get involved in the community. I personally like the school colors, teal and bronze.
The student to teacher ratio is great at Coastal! All my professors know my name and are actively involved in my development. They all wish for me to succeed and are doing all they can to help my, assuming I am putting forth the same effort. The campus is also a walking campus, and they provide transportation to and from their student housing that is a little farther away which is nice. It saves me a lot of money on gas.
Coastal Carolina is a very beautiful school. Even though its location is not in the middle of much, it is 9 miles away from Myrtle Beach. The school has great academics and teachers know you by name. The food is not the best but no college has very good food. Overall Coastal Carolina is a great school.
I like the landscaping and the environment as well as the smaller class rooms so you are more involved.
The school is alright. Definitely not what it used to be, safety is number one priority and that means no fun. The professors can be good or bad. Student life is great though, great diversity of organizations, good Greek life, this is a very close-knit and average size school which is good because a large school can be overwhelming
I liked the small classroom sizes and the additional help that is provided at the school. The school also offers many programs to study which gives a good variety for students to choose from.
When I first got to Coastal in July, I fell in love with the school. The campus is very nice and the dorms are like heaven. Everything is within close distance to you. The beach is 11 miles away.
Go anywhere else. When I first toured and first got to Coastal I was so excited but the shock of being in a very racist area of South Carolina is too much. When the tourists leave myrtle you are left with a lot of confederate flags and homophobes. No place to learn with an open and healthy discussion. South Carolina is an awful state. If you must go to Coastal, there are many good professors, either young and graduates of amazing schools or old and retiring in myrtle with impressive careers. Just, the people at Coastal have no goals or care to do well in school and south carolinians are ridiculous. Lastly, the school has a huge rape culture and does not deal with it at all. oh and the parties aren't like the videos. maybe youll have one good pool party but thats it.
The best thing about Coastal Carolina is that they are always improving their resources and adding additional support options for their students. It's not just academics, it's also food, socializing, and fun-safe student activities.
I fell in love with Coastal Carolina when I came here on a visit my senior year of high school. I was here with my softball team for a tournament. The professors are very personable. The campus is flawless. Class sizes are small even being a medium sized university. I recommend this school to everyone I know.
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The campus is beautiful and covered in school colors. Teal. Chauncey, our mascot, is always walking around surprising the students. The athletics here are awesome as we have a great baseball team and other sports such as basketball, softball and soccer exceed as well!
Things I enjoy about Coastal Carolina University is the environment, meaning the humid warm weather, mixed with warm loving student population, and the overall size of the campus (Not too big Not too small)
What I like about Coastal Carolina university is the ability to implement diversity throughout, even when the students don't realize their need for it.
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