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My experience at Coastal Carolina University was very challenging in a good way. Concerning the teachers based on my major, they have taught me to leave my comfort zone of just using pen and pencil and explore into different media.
One change within the school centers around teachers interacting more with the students in order to obtain their interest (ex. more hands-on approach for every class subject rather than only written assignments).
Finished up my freshmen year at Coastal and am proud to say I made the right choice to spend my college years at. Professors are nice and know you by name and will help, make themselves available upon request. Campus is right size, can walk anywhere on campus is 5-10 mins. Course work is challenging but not to the point where you pull out hairs and stress out all night. Not too far from Myrtle Beach obviously so after a hard week of work that is always a great place to relax. Only knock I have on the school is the dining hall food which after long enough tastes the same and makes you get fat.
It was a good school but the students lacked school spirit. Students didn't participate in campus activities unless they would receive credits or points.
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It was so easy to get involved here. I love how they have so many ways for students to engage on campus. I made many new friends, made bonds with teachers, and got on the executive board for a club. I also love the view on the campus. It's always neat and clean.
What I love about Coastal Carolina University is that every staff member is friendly. What I would like to change is how they are horrible at answering their phones.
The school is very clean and big. The distance between buildings was pretty far. I can be a long walk or a nice bike ride.
Coastal Carolina university is a very outstanding university. Academics are highly valued. Professors take the time to make sure you understand. There are countless resources for tutoring in almost every major. The atmosphere of caring for others is contagious. We have many places to eat on campus, my favorite is chic fil a. Its a great school.
My overall experience at Coastal Carolina University has been amazing. The professor make a point to see everyone as individuals and no just a number. They are there to make sure you get the help you need and provide plenty of opportunities to advance in your major and experience for your future career.
I had a great freshman year. Even though I was an out of state student I still felt very connected and accepted by the surrounding community of the campus. I loved being able to get involved and have closer connections with some of the professors and there were lots of opportunities to help other students on campus and lots of clubs and organizations for anyone to join. I couldn't have asked for a better college for me.
I like how coastal is close t the beach it's a very fun. I like how all freshmen stay on the main campus of the school. It's very easy to classes and around the campus as freshmen being that you live on the main campus. Upperclassmen stay off of the main but still stay in university housing. Coastal Carolina has shuttles that take to different places like to the science center, main campus, and to the store. I dislike how Coastal isn't really that diverse and that it is mandatory that you stay in the university housing for 2 years
Very exciting experience. Diverse atmosphere. Campus life is very exciting. Lots of activities to get involved in.
As someone from NJ that moved to CCU, I had to make some initial adjustments. The school publicly denies its party label, but that is CCU's biggest pull. Not everyone at CCU parties though and the academics here are great, but the other factors made me transfer. You can get caught up in the party lifestyle as those who come in immature could have problems in controlling responsibilities. The school isn't worth it for those up North. The price of $17,000 a semester is steep. CCU isn't even close to Myrtle Beach as its a 35 minute drive to get there and unless you have a car, you can't go farther than Walmart. It is also sleazy around the area of Conway as gangs and drugs run high. Overall, if you're mature enough, love the heat, solid academics, and meeting good people, CCU is a solid place to go. It's not for everybody and I warn caring parents, PLEASE DO DUE DILIGENCE, CCU isn't how advertisements portray it
I just finished my freshman year at Coastal Carolina University. I am a Public Health major and a biology minor. My experience at Coastal has been sensational. I am getting a terrific education in a pleasant setting. I am looking forward to working hard and graduating from this super institution in May 2020.
To the uninitated, Coastal Carolina University (CCU) seems like a party school on the surface, but beneath it lies resources for success. The student themselves must put in the work. Just this year, we had our first study Fulbright awardee.
I am very much satisfied being a student at Coastal Carolina University. I am looking forward to my senior year in college. I am striving to graduate in three years. This is a wonderful University. I would highly recommend this place to an aspiring student seeking to further their education.
The campus at Coastal is incredible. There is always something going on at Prince Lawn, and as a student that is really nice to see. I also really enjoy the small classroom setting and having a close relationship with your professors. It has helped me tremendously by knowing my professors and having them know me. While athletics here are awesome, the school spirit here is lacking and that is a shame.
This school is great if you want to major in marine science. Also, if you want to be involved in various clubs and organizations, this is the school for you.
Review Coastal Carolina University
It's a beautiful school with great and friendly teachers that care if you pass or fail. They have a great baseball team and lots of school spirit. Always wear teal on Tuesdays.
My experience at Coastal Carolina University is amazing. It's a small beautiful campus that is a few miles away from the beach. The upper class dorms are one of the best things about the school. Its apartment style living and the layouts of the suites are capable of accommodating 2-5 residents. The professors at the college are very good at their jobs. They will also add some info about their field of study and how it relates to the course material. With the addition of night ride, students can now request a ride to their dorm late at night instead of walking home. The sports facilities are one of a kind here. The football field is teal color. The stadium is currently under construction to make it bigger by next football season.
Overall my experience at coastal has been pretty good. Professors are great. As a AA, there is bit of diversity (20% AA ).
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