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Absolutely excellent college. The math and science departments are outstanding and help set students up to transfer to a university. Dedicated and knowledgeable instructors who go out of their way to help you, if you seek it. Unfortunately, the town absolutely sucks. If you like fighting, drinking and chewing on rocks, jacksonville is the place to be.
While I only attended Coastal Carolina Community College for one semester, I was very pleased with the experience. My attendance was through my high school's dual enrollment program. This allowed me to continue my required courses at my local high school, participate in an early release scheduled, travel across town to the Community College, and take the college level course. Through this, I earned both high school credit and college credit.

Coastal Carolina Community College provides an excellent academic experience with small class sizes and caring professors and support staff. The campus is clean, safe, and modern.
I am currently a sophomore at Coastal and I have loved every moment of it. The campus is nice and very clean. The students and professors are friendly. You can tell that the students and professors want to be there. The professors are always willing to answer questions and help students as much as they can.
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Coastal Carolina is a very diverse college with opportunity for growth in every direction. The atmosphere is very comfortable, and they offer a great variety of programs.
I love the easy accessible campus, however, looking for parking is rough and I have to leave my home nearly an hour before my class starts, even though I live less than ten minutes away.
I love how it is a small local community college that I can stay at home while studying. The classes are small, which allows teachers to have a one-to-one learning experience with their students. They have the opportunity to get to know you throughout the semester. The diversity of students allows a good variety people coming and going due to being near a military base.
Its been pretty great here so far and the teachers I have had so far really try for you to have the tools to succeed. They are all very helpful and not rude. I would like to see more of a music program and sports at this school.
I honestly was not a huge fan, I feel that although the classrooms are smaller because it is a military town, most of the professors focus more on the older crowd of people that are attending rather than the younger crowds. Makes learning much slower for a lot of people. They try to "relate" but again not to everyone just all the exmarines or military wives which if you are not, you are kind of just sitting there confused.
Here at Coastal there are nothing but happy people. The faculty and staff are always inviting and are willing to help at any time. There are a handful of faculty and staff who drive over an hour and a half to go work here at Coastal everyday who show their love and dedication to this school. Because this college is in a military town, the students are very diverse not only in race but also age. It's not just high school graduates who attend classes but also veterans and single parents as well. Coastal breaks from the norm of just traditional college student, creating a more comfortable environment. At every campus and academic environment you go to, its how much you make of it and Coastal is the same way. There are always plenty of events hosted here on campus, volunteer opportunities, tutoring labs, and student services that aren't offered at other community colleges.
Coastal Carolina Community College is a good college for anyone looking to receive a two-year degree or prepare to transfer into a four year university. They have a study hall with tutors available Monday-Friday. The tutors are all well versed in their academic field and will spend time with you one on one for free. The campus is fairly nice for the size and location but does lack in sports and extracurricular activities. It is a very good place to learn though and above average for a community college.
Coastal Carolina Community College is one of the best community colleges out there. The convenience of where its located, the facility, its teachers and more have made it overall a positive experience for me. Being a high school senior in their dual enrollment program, I feel like CCCC has given me a head start on life and has given me a taste of what college is like. I will always be grateful for that. I am interested in finishing the 2 years here because it has been such a great experience overall.
If I could give zero starts I would. Coastal was my first college and I would not reccomend ANYONE going there. They do not treat you like college students they treat you like your in elementary because even high schools treat you better than that. Most of the professors don’t even know much about the subject they are teaching. They do not care about students all they care about is your money. They don’t try to help students at all. Worst first college experience ever!!!!!! DO NOT GO TO COASTAL!!!! They will take your money leave you dry and in the end you will leave empty handed. You will regret going here God knows I did.
Coastal Carolina CC has amazing services within the school that make it stand out as an amazing community college. With the amazing teachers that the school has, these services help a student reach whatever goal their looking to reach, which usually ends up very successful.
Nice campus. There are nice teachers and professors. Very helpful with making sure you succeed and go far.
CCCC is an average community college. Has the potential to have a great impact on the community, but for some reason the faculty and professors are unhelpful, close-minded and unwilling to think out of the box.
Save your money, don't blow it all going straight to a university. It's a solid school, and better than I expected upon heading to community college. Most of the teachers care, and the people are relatively kind.
I love the atmosphere of the school and how with smaller class sizes i can focus more in class and get More one on one time.
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They don’t keep track of what should be done for new students or make sure they know what needs to be done when first arriving . I thought I was in the correct degree program I’m almost done and just found out it isn’t transferable
Small community college, friendly teachers and a good environment to start the transition from high school to college.
The campus is great and easy to find you way around. The staff and teachers are all friendly and willing to help with any issues/questions. The parking isn’t the greatest due to the amount of students during the rush in the morning. But besides that the college is a outstanding choice.
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