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If I could give zero starts I would. Coastal was my first college and I would not reccomend ANYONE going there. They do not treat you like college students they treat you like your in elementary because even high schools treat you better than that. Most of the professors don’t even know much about the subject they are teaching. They do not care about students all they care about is your money. They don’t try to help students at all. Worst first college experience ever!!!!!! DO NOT GO TO COASTAL!!!! They will take your money leave you dry and in the end you will leave empty handed. You will regret going here God knows I did.
Coastal Carolina CC has amazing services within the school that make it stand out as an amazing community college. With the amazing teachers that the school has, these services help a student reach whatever goal their looking to reach, which usually ends up very successful.
Nice campus. There are nice teachers and professors. Very helpful with making sure you succeed and go far.
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CCCC is an average community college. Has the potential to have a great impact on the community, but for some reason the faculty and professors are unhelpful, close-minded and unwilling to think out of the box.
Save your money, don't blow it all going straight to a university. It's a solid school, and better than I expected upon heading to community college. Most of the teachers care, and the people are relatively kind.
I love the atmosphere of the school and how with smaller class sizes i can focus more in class and get More one on one time.
They don’t keep track of what should be done for new students or make sure they know what needs to be done when first arriving . I thought I was in the correct degree program I’m almost done and just found out it isn’t transferable
Small community college, friendly teachers and a good environment to start the transition from high school to college.
The campus is great and easy to find you way around. The staff and teachers are all friendly and willing to help with any issues/questions. The parking isn’t the greatest due to the amount of students during the rush in the morning. But besides that the college is a outstanding choice.
I had a goo experience at coastal, it wasn't a very long experience though. i took a semester in the summer and a semester in the fall. Ally my teachers were very nice and helpful.
I enjoyed my classes overall, just a few bad seeds can ruin an experience however. The club involvement is pretty minimal as well, I was surprised by how little the clubs interacted with the student body.
Coastal is the kind of school that made for anybody and everyone to go to. Whether you are someone who just graduated high school, a parent wanting to go back to school, someone in the service, or anyone wanting to get a high education. Coastal Carolina Community College is the place for you.
I'm new but a good experience thus far. No complaints but nothing stands out as excellent either. Very affordable in-state tuition.
Coastal is a great starter school with knowledgeable and helpful teachers and staff. They have a multitude of resources available to students and you can access anything you might need to succeed.
Before my visit there, I was unsure of what exactly I wanted to study. They asked questions about my interest and provided further insight on the benefits of each field of study. They also pointed me in the direction to get student aid and scholarships to assist with my tuition. After taking to them I was sure of what I wanted to study. Especially because the class schedule would not interfere with work.
I liked the new student orientation and how it was set up; everything was easy to understand, and the people working it were extremely helpful and nice. I was a tad bit stressed when I attended "group scheduling." I didn't really like how I had to do everything on my own -- I had no idea what I even needed to be taking. But I got it figured out, and I was able to register later with a lovely academic counselor!
Coastal Carolina Community College was AMAZING! Because of the flexible class schedules, teachers, and counselors I was able to accomplish my goal of getting an associates degree within a year of graduating from High School! My experience was outstanding!
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Great college. The teachers really give a thorough breakdown of courses. They are always eager to help.
This is a great school located in the middle of town. The teachers are fantastic and the classes are always enriching. There is nothing better than a community college with a university feel.
Coastal Carolina Community College is an amazing school! I have had some wonderful professors since I have been attending!
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