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Great college. The teachers really give a thorough breakdown of courses. They are always eager to help.
This is a great school located in the middle of town. The teachers are fantastic and the classes are always enriching. There is nothing better than a community college with a university feel.
Coastal Carolina Community College is an amazing school! I have had some wonderful professors since I have been attending!
Review Coastal Carolina Community College
I am currently attending Coastal Carolina Community College. I find the campus safe, the staff effective and friendly, and finding everything is very simple. About every 100 feet there are security phones that contact the security office. The security guards are always out on their golf carts riding around, looking for cars violating any road rues (double parking, in a student or employee spot without a parking permit, etc..). The student center has friendly staff, that make sure you know exactly where to find what you're looking for. For my degree, which is a college to career program, I was required to take the college success course. The course told me all about time management, goals, and all about the resources available around campus. So far, my experience has been great, and i look forward to the rest of my college career.
Don't waste your first two years of your education at a university when you get more bang for your buck at this community college. They have many resources for tutoring such as a writing lab, math lab, and professors that have an open door policy. Library staff is very helpful and professional. Wi-fi is great and there are ample computers and printers around campus in the math lab, computer lab, and library. The registration and VA offices are very helpful and professional. Counselors and faculty advisors were helpful and professional. Professors are professional for the most part and keep their politics to theirselves. The disabilities coordinator, Emily Ellis, is awesome and goes out of her way to help those disabilities get the accommodations they need. If a student puts inthe time and effort into their studies at this college there is no reason why they should not graduate with honors.
Overall the school is a great college to attend if your trying to pursue a certification(continuing education) or your associates . The campus is a fairly decent size but i wish they had other programs to offer. I'm going on my second year and teachers that I have had the pleasure to learn from at this campus actually have a since of trying to give their students guidance and genuinely care.
As of right now, I am a college freshman. I have yet to receive the great experience like my fellow peers who have been attending for many years. The campus is very clean. The faculty, who I have encountered thus far, is very respectful. They respond to issues and questions very quickly. I am looking forward to spending my next few years at Coastal Carolina Community College and will be so glad I made the choice to earn my degree there.
I am so pleased with this college! As a new college kid, I would have been lost without the help of the awesome career counselors, Student advisors and transition officers. I have no complaints about any of my seven classes. The teachers truly care about your future and are very willing to help. There are fun free events and classes throughout the year, and clubs to be involved with. I'll miss it when I'm gone!
I have learned so much and continue to get surprised every much way I turn.
online classes are okay but i prefer in class and to have an instructor
nothing bad to say. absolutely love my school
cooking is something ive always loved and wanted to do and i am hoping to become a well known chef.
i love my school they are very willing to teach and i really like the teachers and the school are there to help you to succeed.
I have never been frustrated by any experiences at the school
The traditional classroom experience is the best around. The dental program is well run.
The career center helps you create a professional resume and then helps you find jobs.
Best professors around. They really make sure you are taken care of and can succeed.
Review Coastal Carolina Community College
I know there are military requirements readily available. My program has many internships available too.
Student centered teaching, extremely hard workload, perfect curriculum
I love this school. The professors care about each student
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