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I am attending coastal Bend College I am going for my LVN at first I was going to Career Point College then that school closed down and I was lost looking foe a new school to finish my schooling and I found the they help me with everything I need to get started and I can still call them day or not and they will still help me I love this school
Coastal bend college is a really good school, People are very friendly and are always there to help. I don't think they need to change anything.
The professors are wonderful, they make sure you are getting a good understanding on what we're learning. The college has a lot of activities as a community so everyone can come together and have some fun . I live in a dorm over there and the man in charge of them Is super awesome he doesn't hesitate to help and fix a problem
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I like the Coastal Bend College. They make everything easy to understand and ask the student what it is that they can do to make things run smoothly for them. They take the students' time into consideration. When registering, they do everything as a group that way no student gets lost or confused about the process.
I love going for pre pharmacy!
I love my online courses.
Love all my professors. They're patient with me.
My basics are going good.
It's ok except for the fact that some teachers assign group projects which can be hard on some students. It's hard enough to finish a group project with traditional classes when you know the people in your group before hand. Not knowing who your partner is and the possibility of them not responding to any of you emails makes it hard on students who are willing to work finish an assignment such as a group one.
Great in having law enforcement agencies come and talk to classes to recruit them for their agency when we graduate.
Professors at this school are very helpful and willing to get toget her with students to help out 1 on 1. This is rare in colleges whether it be a university or a community college so this is sometjing I cherish at my school.
Get great training in your major that you can't get anywhere else for someone who is looking for a career in law enforcement. Does an excellent job in preparing students for the academy in the future.
Amazing school for law enforcement majors
Takes some getting used to and you have to be good at deadlines but overall it is very user friendly and the template is clean
It is a great start especially if you are going to transfer overall the college is great the only thing I don't like is they aren't too helpful when it comes to financial aid they just kind of brush you off. The courses available seem to be great variety and the cost is also good
They were great about helping me figure out which classes I can take to transfer.
The teachers are very helpful and great but the admission and financial aid could be more pleasant
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So far all the teachers I have encountered were willing to assist me in all aspects to make my dream become a reality
Everyone at the CBC campus make it so easy and stress free. I love the class times and all the help CBC has to offer. Everything has been so beneficial at my time their.
Usually online classes are a pain, but at CBC they make it so easy to understand and the teachers are always willing to help and answer question with a fast response.
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