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I like that the teachers are very interactive and they really care about the students. They go out of their way to make power points and due dates more memorable.
Some Teachers are better than others, but over all they do some what care about their students. The finical aid office needs a lot work they are super slow at doing their job.
The staff there is amazing. They always try to help you in any way they can. You never feel defeated. They always find a way.
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This college is very understanding, and will help guide you to the career path of your choice. Offers many programs and is not very expensive.
I have enjoyed my time overall at Coastal Bend, although there has been many problems with the school as have not treated the international students right, causing over 50 international students to leave within my 2 years at the college.
I am a Early College High School student at Coastal Bend College but have been on campus numerous times for several reasons. I look forward to going every time I plan to make a visit, the students are friendly and the staff is helpful. I enjoy all my classes and have always received the help I need from the teachers.
Coastal Bend College is an amazing college to start with. They offer great dual credit classes for high school students and offer many other things. They also have an outstanding TRIO program.
Coastal Bend College has very friendly instructors who are willing to take the time to teach their students. During my first semester I was scared of failing but also happy to see my final grade of a 4.0 average.
At Coastal Bend College I have had a wonderful experience, and I have really enjoyed my time there. The professors work very well with students, and show continuous support!
good professors are very helpful. the student are nice. overall good school wish other campus’s would expand
The teaching staff really do show you they actually care. They are willing to meet, speak, and aid the students.
Coastal Bend College is all about helping students succeed and pursue the major they intend to study.
What I like about coastal bend college is that everyone is friendly and helpful, but the one thing that I'd to change is to be informed ahead of time.
I love this community college because, it is so small. Most classes will transfer to a university. All the staff was extremely helpful. I recommend it to anyone looking yo knock out basics/pre requisites.
I love that the class rooms are small. Students are able to ask the professors questions directly. The staff is very friendly.
Coastal bend is a very small school, but the classes are designed to be focused on each and every student. It is very good for people getting the best education possible and, it provides a very caring enviroment.
Coastal Bend college is a great place to begin your college career. While it is not where I plan to stay I am grateful for the time I have spent there and what I have learned.
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Coastal Bend College is a great starter school however, its opportunities are extremely limited. I enjoyed my time here at Coastal Bend College. Although, I prefer a larger university that can offer a more diverse experience. Majority of my courses were done online therefore, my time spent within the Coastal Bend community was very limited. I highly recommend taking your dual credit courses through this program.
I currently attend the coastal bend college Alice campus and the campus is great but it lacks activities , sometimes I just sit there all day and wait for my classes I'd like something to keep me busy
This college allowed me to get my associate's degree before graduating high school. It was an amazing opportunity. Most of my classes were taken online.
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