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Coastal Alabama Community College is a great school and has very good instructors. The teachers really care, and help you when you fall behind. The campus is beautiful, and everyone there is very welcoming. This campus really takes pride in keeping the students first in mind. That is what I love most about Coastal Alabama, it's such an inviting place to attend.
By far one of the best decisions I have made by going here. The professors are great and the classes are small.
Good place to come and get your basics. Classes are cheap and easy to get. Do not go into the nursing program there. It is not what everyone says it is. They have a 70-80 percent drop out rate since they have changed their curriculum and the teachers are not helpful or aware of this idea. Get you nursing basics here and transfer to a 4 year. It is very easy to get involved on campus.
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All the directors are very helpful. The environment feels like you are right at home. Clean. Safe. Very good graduate rates. Teachers are awesone
I have enjoyed my freshman year and look forward to this coming year. The baseball program is great. The coaches are some of the best I have ever had.
It's a very nice community college with a smaller campus. Makes it very easy to navigate. It offers early morning and evening classes for what ever your needs might be.
So far my college experience has been wonderful. I would love to see improvement with the food. THe financial aid office on the bay minette campus is really rude.
I recently graduated earlier this month and I loved the school!
The professors provided an excellent and professional learning environment.
I would highly recommend the college for anyone who wishes to complete community college before going to a 4 year!
Faulkner helped me learn responsibility and time management. Since Faulkner is the first collage I went to, it helped me develop skills that will help me in a 4-year college. I have opportunities to learn responsibility in my dorm room to the classroom. I have manage to plan out how much time I would spent on studying, sleeping, and going to class. I thank Faulkner for the experience and skills that would are now embedded in me to accomplish my goals.
The benefits of kicking off your college career at a community college are numerous -- from lower COA (cost of attendance), to closer interaction between faculty members and the student body. From the start of my first semester at Coastal Alabama Community College (formerly Faulkner State CC), I can absolutely say that the choice to start college at this two-year institution was one of the best decisions of my life.
I love Faulkner (It's called Coastal Alabama Community College now) because of how they provide easier ways of acceptance to be honest. I'm a Dual Enrollment student with the local high school. Meaning I get college credit for free while I'm in high school, so I'm already accepted into the college through dual enrollment. Plus they have the lowest tuition in the state, so that's a plus. The one thing I would see changed is the diversity, it's mostly white people and there is many people who come across as judgemental. I have a friend (Who is a person of color) who was doing a interview for a scholarship and he said that they didn't seem to take him seriously and would snicker/giggle when he would answer their questions.
I love how beautiful the campus was and how friendly the other students are. Some of the teachers at the school are really good and they actually care about the students. But not all of the teachers are good. Some of the teachers are rude and do not care about their students. One time, one of my math teachers was yelling at the whole class during a final exam. She asked us "why are we here" and told us we are wasting our time and parent's money. Also, this semester my English teacher was M.I.A for 4 months. She sent out an announcement to every student in February (a month after school has started. When it was too late to drop her class) that she was in baby mode and she would not be able to put in grades fast and she would not answer any emails. She has not put any grades in the book for 4 months. She just started putting in grades in April and the semester ends in May.
I’ve been to multiple schools but I feel my best instructors thus far have been with Faulkner! I am currently in their nursing program and we are known for our 100% pass rate of the NCLEX after graduation. We also have the toughest program in the area and other students from other programs will agree!
My overall experience at Faulkner State Community College is one that I can only describe as transformative. I began my academic journey here completely unsure of myself. But the tremendous relationships that I have forged while at this school, and opportunities that have been presented, have resulted in me growing in ways I never thought possible upon entering. I truly would not take back the time I have spent at Faulkner State for anything. It definitely earns a well deserved 5 star rating from me.
I have enjoyed being at Coastal Alabama Community College, formally known as Faulkner State Community College. I have made many friends, and have enjoyed learning new things.
At Faulkner state you will have time to focus on work get a lot of help academically and financially and you will also make new friends. what i would like to see done at Faulkner is more programs added to the campus.
It has been a very welcoming experience . It has helped me make a very well transition from being at home to being on my own it has defiantly shown me what moving of to college feels like . They defiantly make you feel at home . Proud to be apart of Faulkner state
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Everyone in Administration is always happy to help and work with you, in regards to financially planning for each semester. My professors never mind staying after to help me, and my classmates and I genuinely work together to make sure everyone is understanding the material and doing well in the course.
Enjoyed the classes, but the drive to the campus was far for non dorm living. Took night classes. The Fairhope campus was beautiful and close to amazing restaurants, the Bay Minette campus was in the middle of no where.
Such a good school if you enjoy smaller classes with more interaction between classmates and teachers!
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