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I enjoyed hearing the amazing opportunities at this college from previous students that are attending their 2nd year. I enjoyed the staff and professors and the campus life .
I love the atmosphere. Great beginner college for someone who is not quite sure what they are wanting to study in life. Also, the professors are there to help you in every way they can. The classes are pretty easy just show up and you will do just fine. overall I had a great experience there it is just time for me to move on and transfer off to a university.
i love the campus and the classes offered. the campus is beautiful and amazing. the student body is not to small and not too big. the professors are great and are very understanding. the classes i take are valuable and can be used in my major massively.
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Coastal Alabama has very safe and clean campus. The professors are always friendly and happy to helming students in any way that they can, even if its with other classes or work.
This is a great place if you are a little nervous about a big university. You get the college experience without being overwhelmed at a big university.
When I went for a tour of the campus everyone there was nice and helpful with any questions that anyone had. The campus itself was absolutely breathtaking and I am very excited that I will be attending the college next Fall.
I am a resident of Fairhope, Alabama, and am enrolled at the Fairhope location of Coastal Alabama Community College. I like the fact that it takes me less that ten minutes to drive to class everyday. I also like the fact that the classes are not huge, but they are not too small either. Based on past and present professors, I have had some great ones but I have also had some very disorganized ones. One thing I would like to change is the professors' organizational skills.
I like how comfortable it is and the environment. It's very laid back and very secured from outside violence. The teachers are great and the learning process is understandable.
My experience here is amazing, everyone knows each other and are willing to help in any way as possible. There are also many tutor groups to help if you’re having problems in class. The teachers also take their time to help as much as they can. They care about you and the decisions you’ll make for your transfer college
During tour was not very helpful as the person supposed to give it wasn’t even there. The guy wasn’t very informative and not able to answer everything and no one on campus was available or there to answer our questions.
Coastal Alabama Community College is very average and in my opinion, very minimal in every aspect. I go to the Fairhope Campus and much the building are clearly old, yet well-kept to a certain standard. The main campus, Bay Minette, is also pretty mediocre, but better than Fairhope for sure. The instructors are half and half; some are really good at teaching and genuinely want everyone to learn while others just put notes up on the slides and assign due dates and test dates. I would recommend this school to someone who wants just wants a quick degree, but if you want a real education, you’ll have to teach yourself.
Coastal Alabama Community College is a great community school. It has smaller classes allowing for more one on one with student and teacher contact. The student number keeps rising which allows for more clubs, sports, and events to grow as well.
The teachers are great and the college campus is small. The students are diverse and are very friendly. If you need help with anything there are plenty ways going about it. You can join a study group, get a tutor and the teachers are always happy to answer your questions.
Coastal Alabama Community College is a great school and has very good instructors. The teachers really care, and help you when you fall behind. The campus is beautiful, and everyone there is very welcoming. This campus really takes pride in keeping the students first in mind. That is what I love most about Coastal Alabama, it's such an inviting place to attend.
By far one of the best decisions I have made by going here. The professors are great and the classes are small.
Good place to come and get your basics. Classes are cheap and easy to get. Do not go into the nursing program there. It is not what everyone says it is. They have a 70-80 percent drop out rate since they have changed their curriculum and the teachers are not helpful or aware of this idea. Get you nursing basics here and transfer to a 4 year. It is very easy to get involved on campus.
All the directors are very helpful. The environment feels like you are right at home. Clean. Safe. Very good graduate rates. Teachers are awesone
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I have enjoyed my freshman year and look forward to this coming year. The baseball program is great. The coaches are some of the best I have ever had.
It's a very nice community college with a smaller campus. Makes it very easy to navigate. It offers early morning and evening classes for what ever your needs might be.
So far my college experience has been wonderful. I would love to see improvement with the food. THe financial aid office on the bay minette campus is really rude.
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