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Coastal Alabama community college is overall the best college by far because it's not just a place to learn but to grown. For example it's incredible dorms on campus makes you feel like you never left home and the safety of the campus is always good! In addition to it's home feel the courses are challenging but overall fun because you can ask questions and really get one on one time instructers take time to make sure you really understand the material before moving on and that feeling makes you feel like you belong. Therefore overall coastal Alabama community college is by far the best college is ever category!
The teachers are great and you learn very well in the classes and on online classes. One of my favorite teachers is Mrs. Pace. She teaches the history classes and she makes class very interesting. History is my favorite subject and she is great. Speech class is a fun class as well with Mrs. Albaugh. Talking in front of people is very nerve wracking but she makes it fun to do. The campus is very nice and it is near my house so it is not far away for me to drive everyday. The online classes are very good as well. They are almost like going to class when learning from them. I have another history class but online and it is good as well. The campus also has a security team or a police force for the college.
Small town setting with big town education. Professors and staff really care about their students. The convenience to other towns such as Pensacola, Mobile and Montgomery allow you to secure an education at a reasonable price and then transfer to 4 year college for your remaining education.
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The things that I like about Jefferson Davis is that the people here are friendly, they are always available to help students, and they try their best to make sure everyone is okay. The school could us a few more activities, there isn't really much to do around here besides going to the sports games, it would be nice if there were a different activity to do every weekend so that the students are able to enjoy things outside of class.
JDCC is a great small community college. It's small enough to where you can get to your classes on time, and the teachers are all very friendly and willing to help you if you have problems.
This was my first time enrolling and they had everything marked and had everyone at each station to help you along the way. They we eager to help and greeted you with the true southern smile. It was an amazing experience compared to what I have been accustomed to in the past.
So far all of my experiences have been great. I will start classes in August and am very excited.
To this date all my experiences have been great. Everyone has been very helpful and friendly. I can't wait to start school in August.
There have been a couple of times when i wanted to take a class and couldn't because it was only offered on a certain day.
The online classes were great because you could always submit early to leave more time for the physical classes.
The classes are small and all of the teachers I have had are great.
It's a small community college in a small town. It's really just a place to get you ready to go to University.
They teach what you need to know and then some.
JDCC is a great school to learn all the basics.
Gulfport High gives you the opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and express your own talent as an individual. They have prepared every student on how to get ready for the "real world." As an example, we have a few institutes that give students a better look at what they might want to be in the future. Teachers have gone beyond their limit to help students by setting us up with real doctors, business men, lawyers, you name it. We have also had seminars once a month to give us some pointers in real life situations such as, changing a tire, knowing how to set up and use a savings and checking account, showing up what to expect what will come sooner or later. It's been a great experience all four years for me, if I could do it all over again I most definitely would. Some people look down on you when you say you're from Gulfport high. What people don't know is that Gulfport high is more than just a school, it's just a big family and every year we have more members to add to it. I will always be proud of where I've come from. Once an admiral always an admiral.
cant interact with real people on the outside,different when you are alone verses a classroom of people.
Everyone here are very nice and helpful. All of the people that work here will help who ever needs any assistance. People here are good to get along with and they are very friendly towards everyone that is here.
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The students here are very nice to everyone they meet. They are always trying to help others if they see that the other students need help with anything. The students here are easy to get along with and can always trust them.
I get to talk and interact with people who have similar major/interest as me! It's fun learning from them!
My school has a variety of courses to offer!
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