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I think Coahoma Community College is a great place to start off on your educational journey outside of high school. The only thing I would like to see change is the dorms, I think we should add another dorm, in order to gain more freshman that are trying to go to school here.
Great Allied Health programs. Different programs to help with funding. Small campus big spirit. Helpful staff.
I love Coahoma . The teachers are very helpful . Everyone is friendly and I love the atmosphere while I was there . I am a proud alumni
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I have had a good experience at Coahoma. I have learned a lot and the professors are very helpful when I’m need of help.
I love Coahoma. It’s small be everyone on campus feels like family. My overall experience was great and I hope things stay that way. One thing that needs to change is the food but some days the food is okay. Most times the food isn’t so good.
I haven't fully attended Coahoma Community College yet but I have taken courses there for Dual Enrollment. Thanks to Coahoma Community College, I only have to attend a community college for 6 months at the most. Coahoma Community College is the best community college in the Clarksdale, Coahoma County Area. The campus is 100 percent safe and the campus officers are always active.
My experience was average, it's a great transition from high school to college. The food is great, not like your typical cafeteria food. The people on the campus are very friendly and helpful. Also, the professors are helpful and they open up roads to new ways of learning.
Coahoma Community College is a great school. The professors will try to help you anyway possible especially if they see you are trying to help yourself. A major change at Coahoma would be to make the campus smoke free.
My first-semester taking online classes was excellent. Since I liked it my first semester, I decide to do it again for the summer classes.Which I didn't enjoy as much. I never had time for anything else.
The classes are excellent; the professors are very knowledgeable in their field. The class size is decent. The teaching style vary by class.
Not much to say about this part of college experience.
The academics at Coahoma are excellent. The work can sometimes be challenging, but you can always help when need.
There been some ups and downs but it an okay school.
What make aggie high school unique.. I am on the high school basketball and football team. and our team made it to the state, my coach is a very great coach he pushes the team to the fullest and he tell us to be good at what you do. And also our football team made it to district that's what is so unique about Aggie High School.
Never late with things like this
There are great people at this school to help you.
Great people to help you with your process
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Give you time to ask questions you need to pass.
It's very outgoing and interesting
It's very user friendly

They make sure that you understand what's going on

The professor are the best
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