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My experience was average, it's a great transition from high school to college. The food is great, not like your typical cafeteria food. The people on the campus are very friendly and helpful. Also, the professors are helpful and they open up roads to new ways of learning.
Coahoma Community College is a great school. The professors will try to help you anyway possible especially if they see you are trying to help yourself. A major change at Coahoma would be to make the campus smoke free.
My first-semester taking online classes was excellent. Since I liked it my first semester, I decide to do it again for the summer classes.Which I didn't enjoy as much. I never had time for anything else.
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The classes are excellent; the professors are very knowledgeable in their field. The class size is decent. The teaching style vary by class.
Not much to say about this part of college experience.
The academics at Coahoma are excellent. The work can sometimes be challenging, but you can always help when need.
There been some ups and downs but it an okay school.
What make aggie high school unique.. I am on the high school basketball and football team. and our team made it to the state, my coach is a very great coach he pushes the team to the fullest and he tell us to be good at what you do. And also our football team made it to district that's what is so unique about Aggie High School.
Never late with things like this
There are great people at this school to help you.
Great people to help you with your process
Give you time to ask questions you need to pass.
It's very outgoing and interesting
It's very user friendly

They make sure that you understand what's going on

The professor are the best
The school am works around you as much as they can they make unsure that you are comfortable and stable at the school and I love it
Going to next level so that I can be a proud alumni if this school
The teachers are the best they work with you 24/7 they push you hard and make sure you successful in everything you do I love the size big to crowded and I love how the teacher want to help the student
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The workload is pretty cool it's not as heavy as I thought it would be and I appreciate it. The program is great is new to the school and they really work with you to make sure that you first want to be on the program and two that everything in the program is helpful to you
I would chose this school because I had the best experience there the people are great and they made you feel like you were at home
average school with average students
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