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I absolutely love this school. Also it has the best prices around. And that is a must when you have a family.
Online experience at first was a challenge because of new school b once I achieved that, it became extremely easy from there on.
The teachers are very helpful online and will help you whenever you are struggling. When I email my professors, they usually get back to me within a day or two.
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The campus is very clean and is very easy to get around and find your classes. If you get lost, the campus staff will help you out and are very nice. The teachers are very good and are very nice.
I personally like taking classes online through Community College rather than in person mainly due to the advantage of doing work and taking tests on my free time, while I was allowed to focus on working as well. I attended school in the academic year 2018 - 2019 and I did not really like attending the classes because I am more of a self-taught learner. Transitioning to online made it a lot better for my motivation, my grades, and scheduling my priorities.
I personally really liked the online class that I had taken over summer because it allowed me to get the work done on my free time while I worked two part-time jobs. I also really liked how the Zoom lectures were posted, visible to see whenever I had the chance. The automatic grades after tests and assignments was really neat, as well as the Q&A board in which allowed students to answer other students questions, so that we do not have to wait for the professor's response.
My online learning experience was great, classes were done through ProctorU so we can have a real classroom experience during an exam. I don't feel like my learning experience was diminished at all by not being a physical building.
Amazing experience, I was able to learn just as well online as I did in a physical classroom. The professors were helpful and always available. I highly recommend this college to anyone. Fantastic time.
It is easy to start college here, I am happy I started here because it has been so easy as an online student.
I liked that it wa small so you get better one on one time with your teachers. They offer man things for the students to help them in the classroom. They have nice people working and offor jobs for the students as well. I like how they are able to work with you with payments and jobs. The teachers seem understanding and the admin seems the same way. The class rooms are smaller but the college is easy to navigate through. I don't have a problem with the place its nice
I like Clovis Community College because it is solely focused on the students. Each staff members goal is to equip their students by giving them the necessities they need to pass their classes. Also, the students that attend this college are focused on attaining their degrees and helping others do the same.
The administration is very cold, and not understanding, they wouldn't help me to figure out how to take my finals even though I was in the ER.
The student to instructor ratio is phenomenal! Class sizes are small so teaching is more individualized and involved. I am really drawn to the college because of the affordability- classes starting at $44 per credit hour! They offer an array of online programs such as accounting, business administration, nursing, liberal arts, computer information systems and so much more.
I just graduated with my ADN from CCC. Overall, the staff is super helpful and will help you succeed if you work hard.
So far throughout my 2 semesters at Clovis CC I've enjoyed my experience. However, to improve professors education methods, I suggest they do more lectures for online students.
I really like all the advisers they are very nice and helpful. The classes that are offered online are great but I wish they offered a few more online half semester classes.
Clovis Community College is a very good school, the campus is clean and there's a large variety of services to help students get their work done.
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Clovis community college was an excellent option because of its cost efficiency. The professors are very good and most challenge their students to think for themselves rather than study and memorize material.
I am a present non-traditional student taking courses here to pursue another degree for the purposes of a mid-life career change. I was very pleased to discover the variety and quality of programs that the college had to offer; and, to note how affordable they were. Textbooks, however, were another matter, and I have to utilize Amazon.Com to purchase earlier editions to save myself money from the pricey costs that the Barnes & Noble Bookstore on campus was ask
It is an Amazing environment with lots of help options to ensure your success not only with your academics but also in your career choice they do offer day care options and with the help of financial aid it is affordable to go to school and make your dreams come true
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