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Clovis Community College is a very good school, the campus is clean and there's a large variety of services to help students get their work done.
Clovis community college was an excellent option because of its cost efficiency. The professors are very good and most challenge their students to think for themselves rather than study and memorize material.
I am a present non-traditional student taking courses here to pursue another degree for the purposes of a mid-life career change. I was very pleased to discover the variety and quality of programs that the college had to offer; and, to note how affordable they were. Textbooks, however, were another matter, and I have to utilize Amazon.Com to purchase earlier editions to save myself money from the pricey costs that the Barnes & Noble Bookstore on campus was ask
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It is an Amazing environment with lots of help options to ensure your success not only with your academics but also in your career choice they do offer day care options and with the help of financial aid it is affordable to go to school and make your dreams come true
Good college for the cost and area. There are only a few of degree programs. I guess that makes sense for the population. There options for times are also limited. The place is clean and you can tell they definitely care.
My review is for the admissions office. I've encountered many in the main building and all have been helpful and greeted me with a smile and willingness to serve amazes me.

I was able to get my son's classes set up for fall on the website. I'm not familiar with the website platform. So, I called and spoke with a young woman in admissions who talked me through step by step and showed great patience with me during the process. As I said, I'm not familiar with the platform and needed someone to hold my hand through it all. She did so with great success! When my son and I went in to finalize everything and make sure nothing else was needed, she was there and remembered our phone conversation in detail. So, the service was quick and easy for my new college student.

Thank you for being so approachable! This will make my son's first year of college so much less painful for him!

I've hit the golden buzzer of customer appreciation for CCC!
I have taken courses here before, and overall I loved that chance to struggle. Now, my first mathematics instructor was not "amazing", but as my parents warned me, life and education only gets more difficult. Life is growth, and how we develop is all up to us. My father had brain surgery followed by a severe stroke during the end of 2018, this did not give me a chance to finish my classes at CCC. I struggled focusing on those courses, having me wake up giving me a hunger coming for these next few years, coming from who I have always been, a great student. He is doing great now, and now I will do what has to be done, prepare for my future.
The professors at Clovis Community are all very dedicated to educating the students and helping them succeed in their educational path. There are no on-campus dorms, but the general area is very nice and offers a lot for college students.
I have had an overall amazing experience here! The faculty is always so nice and helpful. If I ever needed help, there is always someone willing to help. I work here as a help desk associate. I enjoy helping other students as well.
My experience with Clovis community College is very good. I will actually be attending the fall semester of 2019 and majoring in engineering. I live in the Clovis area and I have heard a lot of super cool things about the school. I've got friend who actually attends the school and swims competitively for them. Also my girlfriends sister actually attends this school and really likes the environment that the classes provide and the fact that you are able to transfer almost anywhere from this college. One thing I think I am most looking forward to my major because I have heard that electrical engineering is a very good lab with advanced technology.
The Clovis Community College in California is a great place to study. Safe and welcoming environment. Helpful teachers and faculty offer great financial aid opportunities.
This college is an excellent place to launch your academic career. The environment is friendly and the teachers are always willing to help you with a smile on their faces. I have only had one bad experience with one teacher out of the entire faculty.
I started at Clovis Community college in 2018. So far, my experience here has been positive. The teachers that I have are always happy to help, and they try their best to be available for students who need help or have questions. The campus also has great food and events from time to time that students can attend.
I like the programs and classes they require for you to apply to programs. The environment and campus seem safe. Classes seem to be smooth and teachers make it easy to learn the assignments.
Clovis Community has a beautiful, well kept campus, in a nice area. The campus feels super safe as there is a high police presence.
Diversity is terrible here, in terms of student body and staff. The administration building is a very unorganized and untimely. A really depressing and unmotivated student body unless youre in the honors program. Not a good college environment. Classes were decent at best.
I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Clovis. The teachers work very well with the students and we're always readily available. The cost of tuition was very reasonable.
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From the very beginning the staff has been helpful. I did so much by phone before actually attending and I love the online programs. Makes attending much easier. For the area, the campus is very nice and they offer quite a bit for the students here (not like big cities), but they take care of you.
So far this college is very nice. The teachers know the ciruclium that they are teaching very well. All of the staff is very friendly and the teachers are very helpful. They have a lot of services open to the students to get help with tutoring or whatever they need and they also have on campus working.
The school is very affordable and the professors are very understanding.
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