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From the very beginning the staff has been helpful. I did so much by phone before actually attending and I love the online programs. Makes attending much easier. For the area, the campus is very nice and they offer quite a bit for the students here (not like big cities), but they take care of you.
So far this college is very nice. The teachers know the ciruclium that they are teaching very well. All of the staff is very friendly and the teachers are very helpful. They have a lot of services open to the students to get help with tutoring or whatever they need and they also have on campus working.
The school is very affordable and the professors are very understanding.
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The staff and students are friendly and helpful. The professors are nice and are good at what they teach. Students are wise and they are really into learning not just partying.
Clovis Community College is a affordable and a fulfilling college.
This school is really good for students who want to focus on school.
The size of the school is great because Professors learn your name.
The application was very easy.
The teachers really know how to teach different types styles so kids could effectively learn.
West Park Charter Academy is so great for students who want to learn in their own paste. Teachers are absolutely helpful and understanding.
My specific major is Nursing. I love care taking and helping those in need around me. Coming from a home where sickness never leaves pointed me in the direction of becoming a health care provider. I plan to continue at Clovis Community College and in hope of being accepted into the Nursing program.
Clovis Community College should've been my first choice of school, I love the community, my peers and my teachers.
The school that I transferred to made it easy and painless for me. I got all of my official transcripts from Bakersfield College and took them to the counselor's office at Clovis Community College, and it was done efficiently. I had sessions with my counselor to guide me to finish my last minute courses, and now I am transferring to UCSB with no worries.
I have not visited the career center at the community college that I am currently attending right now. However, the services at Bakersfield College was great.
The class sizes are good, I am able to interact with each of my professors and discuss how I am doing in the class.
There's nothing special about being a Psychology major at any of the community colleges that I attended. That will all change hopefully when I transfer to UCSB in the fall.
I didn't attend the school long enough to get a great review about it; however, the instructors that I had were great.
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Well not all of my experiences have been great, and what you get can't always be expected. Especially when it comes to character in teachers. Since teachers are just people sometimes personalities clash. Although sometimes you will get a teacher that won't evolve or expand on the idea that everybody learns different. Trying to fit student into a box instead of creating an environment where everyone can learn. The best part is when you get a teacher that is very flexible to other ways of teaching and can help you grow. The quality of the class depends on the teacher. Clovis Community has a ratio of about 35% great teachers and 65% average teachers. There might be 1 or 2 teachers that suck at their job but all school have those.
It's not always convenient it's a small school. They don't offer enough classes of the same kind so you can pick which works with your schedule. Although you can easily take a course without redoing an application with other community colleges in the area. There is still a hassle involved because you could be driving to a different school for a class, and not everybody has transportation.
I took an online course so I could complete the course around my schedule. They have meeting times when everyone logs on to engage in conversation/ or listen to lecture. Those times where often clashing with other things I was doing. For example, one time the professor scheduled a lecture during one of my other classes. I missed so many lectures I failed the class.
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