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The experience at Clover Park Technical College is more than rewarding. One thing that I find very useful is the tutoring center since they often have tutors that understand how to help you. I would like to see more food in the cafeteria though.
I am currently enrolled at Clover Park Technical College and have been going for three quarters and I really enjoy it. It has a beautiful campus with amenities that will help you be a successful college student. The professors that I have encountered have all been wonderful and always willing to help you achieve your goals.
I have always received all the help I need and I have been given opportunities to improve and I always feel taken care of.
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The school its self is nice. I can not speak for other programs, but the nursing program has been a bit unorganized. Some of the teachers have acted crazy, never to be seen again.
Great school for students who would like to go to college but not one of the bigger university . The professors are truly wonderful and work well with all of the students on campus
I am a current student at Clover park technical college, and I have actually been going to this school since 2010. I am currently in the medical assisting program, It is an AA degree, and I cant wait to get in the field, and finish. In the past years, I was in school for massage therapy, I came back 3-4 years later to start this medical assisting program. I had taken a break from school, due to work, and I am back to finish what I started 4/5 years ago. I love this school. I couldn't see me going to another technical college. It just feels "like home".
I love the school i attend .. staff and students are very very helpful in wanting to see you successed at earning your Degree or certificate . The events are very knowledgeable and easy for the students to relax and learn and relieve
The staff is so helpful, being there makes me feel welcomed. I myself tried attending two different colleges and none of them were able to help me as much as Clover Park Technical College, because of the staff, the scenery and the environment i now have a college i can call my own.
Clover Park is awesome!! They have an amazing VA office and everyone is very friendly and helpful. I am going through the Professional Pilot program and it is top notch.
The experience has been astounding, the staff are quite respectful and responsible, the students are quite dependable and really intelligent on aspects on things i was confused on at first, and everything else is a fun experience overall i love this school and everything in it!
Advisors are helpful. Programs are straight to the point. They have many options, if you wanna take an online class you can.
It is a campus that is constantly growing to meet student needs and goes beyond to make sure to accomplish that.
As a Clover Park Technical College student, my experience here has been enlightening, as a Chicago native, I have been opened to a whole new diversified culture at this college. The teachers are engaging and seem to really enjoy what they do which as a college student is an important part of the learning experience. The curriculum that I am taking will no doubt help me achieve the goals I have set forth to myself.
clover park is a great school. Can be a bit crazy at times to find buildings and such but he people are very nice.
I'm currently applying for Clover Park and will soon be registering for my classes. From what I've seen and heard, the professors are great, and the academics are some of the nation's best. I live near the area of the campus, and I know that there is good food and activities nearby as well. This college would be a good investment.
Clover Park Technical College is a very good school to go to for any programs! I’m in the Automotive Program, and it’s been an amazing 1 and half year. The teachers were sooo helpful and you can learn from them easily. I got a part time job going into my second quarter of the program.
I love the variety of courses CPTC offers. It's the only school in the area that had the program I was looking for and the professors teaching it are passionate about their industry. The hours are consistent and the staff wants you to succeed.
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Iam from Uganda
iam deaf
im male
i have not yet starting school because i have still process apply them but i will tell let you know when i here
Overall, Clover Park is a good school. Like anything, there are bad sides and good sides. Most of the teachers seem genuinely engaged with their students, and love working to improve lives. The campus is clean, well lit, patrolled by security, lots of parking, has on site daycare for parents, and lots of student involvement events happening every week. Really, the only negative I've personally dealt with is the Financial Aid office. You have to be able to navigate it mostly on your own, unless you get one of the few helpful people in that department. You have to ask the questions, and make the appointments. You will not be notified if you are missing paperwork, so you have to watch the portal like a hawk, every day.
At the South Hill Campus it seems like we are less important then the main campus and we are the last to get stuff and upgrades. Instructors over here are very experienced though and its a laid back campus. Only Vending machines on campus
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