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Very friendly staff and students. A great place to start the college process by experiencing what college life is like, but in a smaller atmosphere. The small population makes it perfect to get used to how colleges operate, and what to expect before transferring to a larger university.
I love the class sizes, ability to connect with the professors, quality of education and many other things.
Cloud is a wonderful community college. Professors are kind, caring, and well versed in their subjects. Staff are generally very helpful. Housing is pretty nice as well.
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Helpful teachers and overall good learning environment. Students need to be wary of getting into the wrong social groups.
Good College for the money. Most of the teachers are willing to help if needed and the class size is small so learning and teaching is very characterized to the students needs.
Teachers are very friendly and always try to help you as they can. The college is pretty small and does not have too much to offer and the town is really small too. I liked their dorms. I had good two year experience. The college is worth its price.
I definitely enjoy online classes through CCCC. The programs are easy to navigate and the professors get back to you in a timely manner with any questions needing answered.
Cloud County Community College is a warm and welcoming place. When I did a tour of the school, all of the staff were genuinely excited to meet a possible new student as myself. My counselor had a folder ready for me and took the time to thoroughly walk me through each step I would need to take to attend college. I left that day feeling uplifted, encouraged, and welcomed. I am excited to start attending in the fall!
I enjoyed attending Cloud County because it is a small school and the teachers are willing to help you succeed. I also believe that it is easier to receive more one on one help due to the size. I have met many new people and the staff are extremely friendly. I am really going to miss this place once I graduate.
I recently enrolled this past semester at Cloud County Community College and I major Wind Energy. The campus has a great environment, and the classes are small. Everything is fairly close to one another and easy to find. Everybody is friendly and campus life in the dorms are comfortable. The Cafeteria has great food and the teachers are easy to understand. The Wind Energy program at Cloud County Community College is also really cool. There are many things to do to keep yourself occupied in Concordia from bowling to disc golf. There are also several great restaurants to eat at in town.
a good small junior college that is very good for starting your dream job but is also good for trying to see what you want to do if your not sure of what you want to do
I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to come to CCCC it is such a family environment and everyone smiles and welcomes new people. I’m on my second year here and I love it! Getting involved is easy and is welcomed. Now that we’ve added two sports we could use some more housing but other than that I love it and recommend it to anyone who wants a small home environment and affordable college.
This college experience has been wonderful. The staff here care, and are extremely helpful. There are multiple opportunities to get that one on one help if needed.
I attend Cloud Community in Geary County. Cloud make you feel like a family. It is amazing how supportive the faculty is. I am to get help when I need it ass soon as I need it. I definitely recommend people attending Cloud at any time. Students will be taken care of in getting their education.
My high school teachers always told me that when you get to college your professors don't care about you. But at cloud they do, sometimes they even go out of their way to meet you and get to know you. At cloud they are a family and they always make sure that they know their students. Though the cafe (food) isn't always the best there is almost always something going on in there during dinner from games to singing. But other then the cafe everything else is great! I'm glad I decided to continue my academic career here.
Very helpful staff and advisors who always help make sure you have what you need to succeed. Plently of resources.
The staff help you to achieve your goals. It is a very welcoming one on one experience that will only every help you.
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The classes are small the people are nice. Cloud community college is just as it is named, a community. Everybody works together to get where we are going in life,
The teachers and staff are very understanding they know that life is messy and if they can see your work ethic they will try and help you.
As I said earlier, everybody their is invested in your success. They make a point to help you find your end goals and how to achieve them.
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