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I'm Ryan Wilson, a current student at Clinton college. what I can say I like about Clinton college the most is the positive ,motivating, family-like spirit that runs through out the campus.
The freshman tour I took couple months back and the recently one I took a few weeks ago thought me a little about the place. I like that's it's small classroom its easier for the teacher to get there one on ones with every student. I also like how the campus is not too much look very calm and relax. But what I don't like I think we need a little more add on like more dorm rooms, a weight room more classrooms and classes I think they need a football team they got a a lot of space over there that they can build a field house with a lot of stuff in there. They have the basketball locker room and football locker room and if enough space left build something for the girls. Then a football Stadium that can hold bout 3000 people and add more people to the job I think the more the better and it will build Clinton College up to new labs and we need place that we can talk about grades we can update that and that's all.
I think they over charge
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printing is free and it's some what a good network
My school don't really do much or get involved.
not much of a campus life. better dorms would probably help.
decent computers. not really much to complain about
New testament Mr. Wilson it's a bible class and it help me understand some things different
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