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DO NOT, DO NOT become a Chiropractor. The economics is no longer there. You're sitting there thinking, "Im going to be a doctor and help my community and make a lot of money". Yes you will be a doctor who helps people, but you will NOT make a lot of money. You should ask 5-10 Chiros about the ECONOMICS of being a Chiropractor. Most will not tell you because they are embarassed at all the school work, over head, insurance BS and the lack of the public wanting better health, just to make 75K a year. Im coming up on 20 years as a Chiropractor and have little to show for it. DO NOT DO IT. The only ones making money is the Chiropractic marketing gurus because Chiropractors are so desperate to try to make money that they get suckered into joining these groups for like 30K. DON"T do it.
It's a very expensive program and the administration does not care about their students at all, they REGULARLY make policy changes that make life worse without considering how it impacts students and there is a strict attendance policy.
It's in a good location, nice facility, amazing cafeteria and an OK gym for students.
The education includes little business classes which is discouraging because many students plan to own their own business.
Small school so it feels like high school. They do host fun events thru student council frequently.
Overall I really liked attending Cleveland Chiropractic College. However, I think they need to focus on the business side of chiropractic and be more invested in the FUTURE success of the students. Great school and staff. Tight knit community. Met lifelong friends there as well.
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The atmosphere is very friendly, but the undergraduate program is small so there is less of a feeling of community which can be discouraging at times.
I love this school. I am loving every minute, faculty and staff are helpful and invested in your success. Classes are small so getting to know professors and fellow students is easier.
large selection of food, hot cooked and also quick take sandwiches with open salad bar as well. Most are healthy choices.
Lots to do at night- power and lights district, lots of culture, and seasonal things to do including haunted houses in the west bottoms. (which have been listed as the best in the nation)
Properties around school are nice. I live minutes from campus and enjoy suburban life with my family.
received small scholarship from school and thought that was awesome.
There is always plenty of parking
Lots to do. I came from CA and have found that cost of living here in Kansas, Overland Park is better. The ability to live life, have a life, is wonderful. There is no "rat race" here. Just enjoying life, able to see sporting events, or shop, or see museum and culture. All attractions are a matter of minutes- very centrally located.
I love being a part of the undergrad class. My class is small and getting to know one another is easy. I am building life long relationships. Workload is heavy as classes are accelerated. However it gives one no time to procrastinate and fall behind- so you hit the ground running.
Getting into the program is challenging as it should be. Heavy background in Science is needed and a grade point average needs to be maintained.
Centrally located close to town, shops etc.
It is the only Chiropractic University around- it rates very high. Everyone is very supportive and invested in our success.
Fantastic campus, everything is easy to navigate. Parking is never a problem everything is in one building and this is especially nice in inclement weather.
The University creates an environment for success in every way. There is nothing that you could want that they cannot provide whether it be tutors, recommendations, and advise. The faculty and staff are helpful and nurturing at all times. Very supportive- it is MY place where I can succeed and meet my end goal.
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All girls and guys are serious, focused and all there for same objective to obtain degree in biology and/or pursue a doctorate in chiropractic
At Cleveland University they always accommodate based on the weather. It snows here and they always make sure walk ways are safe and clear.
All the classes are contained in one building that is very up-to-date. Very large lawn with a great sledding hill at the front of the building. Also lots and lots of trees.
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