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Cleveland State University is in a very urban setting. So expect as much. The campus can be very pact and feel claustrophobic at times, but it is not as bad as other urban schools. Personally I am not a huge inner city person, but the downtown Cleveland is very nice and offers a lot to do when you are not in classes. Academics are fairly average among colleges, but there are some very good professors there. As this goes with many schools you might have to search for them however. The dorms are nice depending on which one you are in.
I love the atmosphere of the campus! It is located in downtown Cleveland, which is very different from my previous schools. The student body is very diverse and is from various cities in and out of Ohio.
I like the small classroom setting and how most classes are in the same building, i would add more outlets to the large lecture halls because if a computer dies then the student is missing out.
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Cleveland State has been a new experience for me as someone who never grew up in a big city, it was terrifying at first but I soon found comfort within the campus! Everyone’s kind of doing their own thing and figuring things out, so theres little to no discrimination because they get that you’re just like them.
Overall, this is a really good school with nice and helpful professors. My first year has been good so far. It is very diverse and it's a place where one can feel safe.
My first year at Cleveland State University like many other freshmen, I was scared and nervous about what this school will bring. That quickly went away when when i meet some friends and gained connections with the teachers. The first day of school I will never forget, they were handing out muffins and donuts to all the students. When i first started school I was afraid that I would not fit in, I would be too stressed and I would not have time to have fun and focus on my mental health, that quickly changed when I saw how open and friendly this campus is, as well as how caring and passionate the teachers are for everyone to succeed. My experience at on campus shaped me to become the best person I am, I love Cleveland State University.
Cleveland State University has an excellent campus, one feature is the inner link system which is extremely convenient and helpful. This university has great professors, incredible diversity and provides you with a great engaged educational experience!
The university staff and faculty are all very friendly, great food and public transport systems around campus. The interlink that connects all the buildings together is very convenient. A huge amount of resources like free tutoring and academic success plans and advising.
My experience with CSU has been average. Tuition is is about $4500 a semester full-time (local). I am an adult learner and the only reason I chose to attend this university is because it's local. It affords the average student the "college experience" most of them are looking for. Professors are more so in-line with students who are full-time students and not adult learners.
It’s in the middle of the downtown Cleveland so the energy is great! Cleveland is a very diverse and active city so there is always something to get into
I love it overall just not as live as I would like. I like the opportunities I have from being at cleveland state. I feel like it will help me as a further my educational carreer!
Cleveland State University has given me the guidance and confidence I have always needed to push myself though schooling. I enjoy the professors, guidance, and overall staff at CSU.
One of the best decisions I ever made in my life was to go to college and I am equally as happy that I went to Cleveland State. To me, this college helped to expand my mind and develop my viewpoints of not just education, but also how I saw the world around me and myself at the time. I had the opportunity to live on campus at the now gone (but never forgotten) Viking Hall, I remember when Main Classroom did not have the updated computer lab, and I remember spending my nights eating Rascal House pizza while studying through the noise of Peabody's nightclub. CSU will always have a place of positivity, growth and opportunity in my heart. Go Vikings!
CSU isn't too bad! Tuition is manageable, especially if you've received any GPA related scholarships (easy to get, but watch maintaining them). Living downtown is ok, I'd recommend an apartment over the dorms available (prices are about the same). It's for sure a commuter school, so take advantage of the events to connect with other students. Professors/ academics are average. You'll have to put a lot into it to get a lot out of it.
I've been attending Cleveland State for 2 years, The professor's are good and they offer large amount of programs and activities. I feel like they need more focus on sports teams to bring more student involvement. The city is our campus and there are plenty of food places surrounding the campus and inside the main campus building. The University is good overall and has a good atmosphere.
CSU is decent place to study but i have more disappointed by the MBA program.I am an international student,they have mislead everyone who have applied for the healthcare MBA from other countries.On the I-20(Acceptance letter),they have mentioned 33 credits to complete the program.
After coming to USA ,they have made us to do 54-60 credits to complete the program.It was a mental torture in terms of prerequisites to get next level courses.Unfortunately,some courses only offer only in fall semester.If you miss the enrollment for some reasons,have to wait one year to finish the program.I have paid $60,000 to get my MBA.Only good thing is some of the professor understand the student perspective and the collection time they provide to collect the fees.Only thankful to treasury services for that.Other programs might be good.
Cleveland State is an amazing university. Some majors have better opportunities compared to other universities. There is such a diverse community at Cleveland State. Plus, it is affordable.
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Very friendly college. Lots of opportunities to get ahead. Supportive professors are ready to help you succeed. Would recommend other students to go there.
I have met so many new friends here at Cleveland state University. I got into their Nursing program, so I am very excited to start my Nursing classes.
Cleveland State University is overall a good college to attend. Cleveland State University is downtown, the academics is good and they have good classes to take. I am a business major student. At first, once you take your first business course, it will be seem pretty hard and you are going to make mistakes, but eventually you will find the light and classes may get easier, it all depends on you. The people, the classmates are pretty nice and nonjudgmental from my perspective. Some professors can be mean, but there are some really great professors at CSU. The business major students are overall friendly, easy to chat with ( at least 70%). I finished my 2nd year and the fourth semester is the toughest semester to conquer. The college experience is awesome because in a sense you feel free and on your own and its diverse which is a great thing , seeing different people. There are people that are there for you if it gets stressful.