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I really enjoy the professors at CSU, especially the ones that teach my major courses. They all seem to have a way of explaining the material that makes sense to me. The culture at CSU is much different than at my last university. I enjoy getting to interact with people that view the world differently than I do.
I really enjoy Cleveland State University, I feel comfortable with my professors and the way they're shaping my future. The only change I would highly recommend is opening a way to the dorms through the innerlink.
I hate Cleveland State University. It is basically a commuter school so the weekends are so boring. The academics and professors are okay, but nothing great by any means. There is no football team and there really isn't any reason to be excited about their athletic programs as none of the teams are very good. The worst part about it all? The parking. Purchase a $300 parking pass but good luck actually finding a spot. It's a joke!
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I'm so happy to have chosen CSU for my undergrad experience. The commute is nice and easy. The professors, for the most part, are wonderful and very willing to help. The friends and connections I have made at CSU are unforgettable. I've met some of my very best friends here and I couldn't be happier.
It is my first year at Cleveland State University and I already love it. I was super nervous about starting out but everyone here is friendly and helpful to ensure you have a good start to your college experience. Also, I am a film major and the fact that we have our own film school in playhouse square is amazing. We get so many extra opportunities to work on sets and get involved in the film industry early on, which is experience not many can get. I definitely recommend CSU to anyone looking for a nice campus, good academics, and just an overall great college experience.
Cleveland State made me feel welcome even before I set foot on campus. They connected with me through email, letters and personal texts to make sure I was ready to start my education at CSU. All of my professors so far have take the time to check in and are very helpful. CSU also has several mentors and advisors to help freshmen navigate everything from classes to dorms to where to find meals. They have been very helpful as I started at CSU
I love the environment, and the professors are amazing. The campus is extremely safe and you feel protected with in the campus.
For me, Cleveland state offers a inexpensive and close to home education. It is not the most exciting option available however many improvements are being made to enhance the student experience. There are several recently constructed Departmental and Recreational buildings. The Library a great place to study, however it is rather dated both aesthetically and in terms of Content and Resources. Cleveland State offers many Co-Op programs that I believe should be taken advantage of. I am Very Disappointed in the lack of Online Gen ED classes. I have never felt in danger on campus. The Gym is state of the art and offers many athletic and recreational activities as well as programs to participate in. For those who are concerned with experience and campus life I would suggest your experience is what you make of it rather than dictated by the campus. If you are seeking value in you education Cleveland State can be a great choice.
Cleveland State is amazing college if you are looking for diversity in all aspects. It is located close to the center of downtown Cleveland, where it only takes one trolley ride to get to the Playhouse theatre, Progressive Field, and Public Square! If there was something I would like to see change around Cleveland State, it would be to add more study areas/seating around campus. It’s common for us students to sit on the stairs or lay out in the grass, but once summer is over and the snow begins to fall, we start to run out of seating inside. While looking for a place to sit to eat or study, we run out of time and have to continue on to our next class.
The safety needs to be better because the school is downtown, which can be scary with all the people who do not attend this college and they can just walk in and do anything they want.
Cleveland state is in a great location, easy to get to and a lot going on in the area. The students are very friendly and staff is helpful. This is a great place to further your education!
Haven't taken any class yet at Cleveland State University, but I believe in the University so much that I am willing to commute 45 minutes to the school to achieve my dreams as a cinematographer or videographer. I will rate the school by customer service. The All-in-one team and the phone operators who are supposed to help with questions are horrible. They seem like they don't want to work there and give vague answers. It annoys me so much. I didn't get the answers I needed so I had to go to the school in person. Their customer service need to be redone.
Great place to go to college! Met many people who turned into great friends. If you love the city scene (or even the city of Cleveland itself), this is THE place to BE!
There is a lot of crime on campus and the surrounding area constantly has safety alerts. Not much opportunity for activity.
Cleveland State has much more opportunity than I initially expected. Once I arrived I was pleasantly surprised by the level of internships, job opportunities, and student involvement opportunities I saw on campus. Within two weeks of being on campus, I had joined the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity and I feel like the fraternity was a turning point in my life that put me on the success path for life. However, Cleveland State could do a better job of getting more people involved in student life as much of the school commutes and rarely gets involved despite the opportunity it provides. Overall, I am glad I choose Cleveland State and will be staying all 4 years of my undergradute.
In my experience as a first year student all of my teachers were great and teaching and very helpful towards the students. Cleveland State provides many free tutoring opportunities outside of class that have helped many students to receive better grades.
Cleveland State has many resources and is a very friendly place. The classes are very good and the extra curricular activities are very entertaining.
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It was a long few years, mostly because I double majored, but overall the experience was enlightening, I grew more both intellectually and as a person.
Cleveland State is an up and coming university which has been slowly growing over the past 7-10 years. There are constant improvements to the campus and resources for students. The school treats students like people, not numbers, like other big universities do. Students are also subject to many real-life career experiences in class and opportunities around campus with career fairs/career building activities.
The atmosphere and staff are excellent! They made me feel welcome and at home. I am going into the nursing program and they helped me plan for my future. They told me how the application process worked in order for me to succeed.
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