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Love the convenient, diverse campus downtown. There is always something to do and the professors care a lot about student success
Cleveland State has allowed me to gain the knowledge that is necessary for my future career while also teaching me how to be a fully engaged learner. The professors are proficient in their area of teaching, the classes are small and geared toward one on one learning, and the campus life keeps you on your toes with a full calendar of activities.
What I like most about Cleveland State University is its location nearby downtown Cleveland. Being within a city has given me access to resources and experiences that come with a non-traditional, urban campus environment. This is even more helpful for me as a Civil Engineering major, where I am closer to the many engineering and construction firms that are based in the Northeast Ohio region.
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The location of Cleveland State University is amazing. All the professors and faculty are amazing. The only thing I would say the college needs to work on is security.
Cleveland State University is a beautiful campus located right in Downtown Cleveland. Living in the city can be hard, but I believe it makes any person grow up fast. There's more than just college to navigate, there's a whole city as well. CSU makes a University Life course mandatory for all incoming students as a way to acclimate to city life. The police department works very hard to make sure the campus is safe, despite the crime from the city trickling onto campus. There's a multitude of clubs and activities to get involved in. With the right class choices, classes and professors can be fun but still have you actually learn something valuable. Overall, CSU is clean, safe, diverse, and academically challenging.
I am going to be a freshman at Cleveland State University in the fall of 2018. I have been on several visits to the campus and each time I go back I love it even more. The staff on campus are nice and always make me feel very welcomed. If I have any questions, there is always someone that is able to answer them and I never leave the campus confused. I do not think anything needs to be changed about the campus. I feel like it is very easy to be able to get involved at the University. There are several resources that you are able to use on campus to help with your academics. Cleveland State University is an amazing school and I cant wait to attend in the fall of 2018.
The campus is beautiful, the professors are great and actually care about student success, the food and dorms are great
One of the things that I liked about Cleveland State University is the attention that you can get from the professors. If one took the time to go to office hours they will always be their to lend a helping hand.
When I went for a college visit I felt great, that I'm going to this big college which is excellent for student and it's the best choice I've ever made.
It's a commuter college, so don't expect any crazy social scene. Most of the students here are concerned with getting home so they can get back to their lives. It's kind of hard to make new friends, but the students are generally very nice. Just most people are not involved. I can't blame people though, because the student organizations are pretty lame for the most part. The academics and classes here are great, and most of the professors are good at relating difficult material. My main complaint is that my classmates don't take their studies as seriously, and make the school look worse as a result. I also don't like how there's like one section for a class that you absolutely need to graduate, so scheduling sucks.
I like that it is so close; I am a commuter so I can stay home and save money. I also like that it isn't that expensive compared to other places. I like the atmosphere of the school and the tutors. I wouldn't change much at this point.
Cleveland State University was a very great campus! The people were extremely nice and open. It is a very engaged learning opportunity for whom ever is interested.
My experience at Cleveland State has been good. The teachers are very knowledgeable, but most qualify academically not as a teacher. A lot of resources to help you succeed in any career you choose to go into.
Cleveland State is a really good school for locals to acquire a college degree. CSU does have student housing but most of the students commute. I am working on my second Master's degree from Cleveland State and the campus has grown and has many updates since my first degree.
Cost efficient. Classes were almost always challenging + rewarding. Found the level of attention, care, understanding, and effort that most professors were willing to give to their students to be highly beneficial. A wealth of excellent resources on campus--whether physical, mental, or otherwise. Getting involved with something you find important or fascinating is easy to do with all that's available. Downtown location is great.
I’m currently a transfer student and so far my experience has been worth the bucks.
The advisors are honest and try to help you no matter what the circumstances are.
I’ve heard the professors are incredibly dedicated to providing students with all the knowledge they will need once they leave the university.
Their nursing major is really good but learning the system to sign up for classes is hard. Since CSU is at the center of downtown, the whole city is the campus. Studying for a medical degree is excellent at Cleveland State University is excellent because they invested so much for their medical classes and students. If struggling for a class, CSU is always willing to help and can give you the help that you need. There is not much party scene in CSU unless you a person dorms as they are usually within the dorms.
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Currently I am in my second semester of my freshman year at Cleveland State University. I do enjoy the campus and the classes. The campus gives you a wide range of opportunity and the classes are comfortable to be in and make a healthy learning environment. If I could make a change to this university I would try to make it more social and engaging.
I'm finishing up my first year at Cleveland State University and I love it! Cleveland offers a great campus area with plenty of places nearby. As a university with a high commuter volume, CSU is very accommodating when it comes to "hangout" areas, but they can definitely improve on the parking situation, as there should be more garages.
Cleveland State University is a good place to study and find resources, although some aspects of the buildings themselves and administrative organization sometimes lacks. Overall, it is a good university for those searching a different sort of college experience.
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