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I feel welcome in all of my classes at CSU. The campus is very nice. Everyone I have met is very nice. I love it at CSU. I can not wait for the next 3 years to fly by here.
Cleveland State has a middle-of-the-road program for graduate students in psychology. I wouldn't say there was anything special about being in the program. I don't feel as if it prepared me for life in the real-world in terms of learning the skills, but there were some opportunities to do research while in school which was valuable.
Cleveland State University is an affordable option for undergraduate studies with fantastic business connections in the NEO area.
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The first time my daughter attended CSU, the experience was good and she received her first degree. The second time, unfortunately, the experience was horrible. There is a website detailing the entire unbelievable story -
I am in the current stages of applying to Cleveland State and so far my experience has been rather well. They are organized and get responses back to me quicker than any other school I have visited.
What I like about Cleveland State University is the variety of Programs of Study, as well as the variety of extracurricular activities one can choose from. What could be improved is the amount of assistance they can provide when students need help. Not only financially but also educational and social assistance. This way students can truly fully enjoy the full range of what the university offers.
My time at CSU has been filler with many ups and downs, but I would not change it for the world. The Arabic Program is amazing! Hard, but Amazing!
My time at Cleveland State has been exceptional. I am a Post-Bac student and truly wish I had attended school here, to begin with. The advising staff, teaching staff, and pretty much all staff on campus have been upbeat, accommodating, and very helpful. The school wants to see you do well and succeed instead of just getting you through as slow as possible to get more money from you.
I had a 50/50 experience here. Some of the professors are great, some are crap. Didn't feel like the administration actually cared about student success. High acceptance rate, low graduation rate.
Literally every where you go on campus there's help! There's always someone there to help you with personal problems, financial problems, class advising and tutoring opportunities! Teachers create office hours just for us to come in with any questions we have. The staff is very flexible and will help anyone of and race or color without hesitation and the atmosphere there is like family! It's a bery welcoming college and makes everyone feel at home and no one is ever left to struggle on their own in that school!
Everyone is friendly at CSU. I would like CSU financial aid to make an effort to help students find ways to pay for there classes.
At Cleveland State University, I liked the quantity and variety of art classes available.
One thing I would change at Cleveland State University would be the requirement of purchasing a meal card if living on campus.
Great faculty and dedicated staff. The new engineering college has bought in new equipment and state of the art machinery
I love the campus because it's in the city. You're in the middle of everything, so it's extremely easy to find things to do for fun. The school is extremely diverse, it's easy to meet new people and learn amazing things from their experiences.
What's great about Cleveland state is the area is located in downtown which people can go off campus and view the city and get food plus in the winter student don't have to walk outside in the cold where they can use the innerlink. Things that can improve is having more professor teaching and more flexibility with courses in a students major.
An amazing atmosphere and staff. Incredible students and every easy to make new friends and make your college exprienance more comfortable and fun. Although the food in the cafe is not very good there are many restaurants just in case you want to go out.
I love Cleveland State because it is great for my commuter student status. It offers me a chance to attend a university and also save money due to the fact I didn't have to pay to move out of the city. Has a great urban feel to it as well.
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I like that during freshman orientation i received a lot of help and information on being a college freshman. I also appreciate CSU's push to keep their students safe ans comfortable through emergency alerts. CSU is also good at trying to keep you involved on campus; as a commuter i imagine that can be hard.
Commuter friendly campus!
On and off campus food selection.
Approachable staff, and professors.
A diverse and engaged student body.
Cleveland State is a great school for those who like the downtown area. If you are interested in affiliating with different cultures, this school is right for you. Cleveland State is very much an academic anchor within the city and countless people from all walks of life have obtained a quality education from this facility. That being said, I wish there was more engagement in regards to individual student needs. The financial aid office in particular is subpar at best and has a few rude and unhelpful staff.
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