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I like that Cleveland State has an excellent Speech and Hearing program, the professor in the program are so nice and want you to successful. The only thing I would like is for the campus to be a safer environment.
Cleveland State is an excellent university that offers connections with the community and a broad range of academics. The campus life is inclusive and always adapting to new standards.
great school if you are a commuter or live on campus. its all about what you make of it! Great location, perfect size campus
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I like going to Cleveland state but campus life could be a bit better in getting students o interact and improving dorm living situations.
What I liked about Cleveland State University is that the professors are very invested in how their students are doing not only on an academic level but a personal level as well. This school also offers a lot of benefits to the students such as, a gym that is always available to the students, it is a tobacco free college, and that this an overly isn't expensive school.
I am a freshman at Cleveland State. My first semester has been such a delight. The Student life is awesome, there is always something fun to do on campus. The professors are truly amazing, and the sport pretty cool.
Cleveland State is a phenomenal university, especially for the price. CSU has committed students, excellent professors, and overall a great city atmosphere.
As a freshman, I've encountered helpful students, staff, and professors who give their expertise to things such as directions or even Skyping to help tutor you. CSU is the school to be at. Its safe, diverse, and welcoming to all individuals from all walks of life.
A lot of people do not give Cleveland State enough credit for how good of a School it really is. This school is always making improvements and is expanding on their buildings and education everyday. I am a sophomore at Cleveland State right now and I enjoy the classes that I am taking and I think the professors do a fine job at teaching they’re students. They are also always open to meet with students and help them excel in their academic careers.
The professors are very attentive and willing to help. There are many student organizations to get involved in and there is a great diverse student body.
Cleveland State University offers bountiful opportunities for free tutoring and success coaching in every degree map. CSU successfully creates an environment for aided and accelerated learning for those who are serious enough to engage with the resources available. Their motto, "Engaged Learning" is very efficient because it puts the student in charge of interacting with all of the resources on campus. This tactic, enacted all throughout campus, truly strengthens a student's subject knowledge in a very exciting way.
Cleveland State has a beautiful campus! I love the activities in the Cleveland area such as Playhouse Square!
I like how the campus is downtown and the professors are extremely helpful. The only thing I would change is the surrounding area. I know it cannot be fixed but sometimes the campus can be dangerous at night. Also the parking situation can be fixed but other than that it is a great school.
I originally was enrolled in 2015 and enjoyed my time there, the campus is huge and so amazing. Everyone is so willing to help, they truly want you to succeed.
I love the class sizes because you're able to build more personal relationships with your professors and get one on one attention if needed. The professors actually care about their jobs and their students. Cleveland State is located in downtown Cleveland so there are many different attractions including restaurants, stores , museums, bars , parks you name it! Another thing I really love about CSU is the advisory services as a first generation freshman I felt very supported as far as preparation as well as financial help. The party scene is not really great but otherwise all around great school .
Cleveland State is a great University for students in health and medicine, because there's a brand new medical building, NEOMED partnership, and Cle is full of healthcare companies (Cleveland Clinic, University Hospitals, etc.). Also for engineers, the engineering building is brand new as of Spring 2018. The dorms are a decent size. Cle does not have much of a party scene, which is good if you don't want many distractions from your academics.
Being a transfer student, you have to adopt to a new environment. its hard at first but,as the semester moves on you. You'll get us to it. And make sure all your transfer credits. Transfer to the new university that you are intending too,make sure you view or go on a tour of the school, get used to your surroundings. its big change from a community college. From the class rooms to cafeteria .however, I love Cleveland state university .The gyms, to the social atmosphere. Cleveland state over is good university.
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Could be better regarding how the university is ran. Most of people who work for the university need better training when it's comes to dealing with student issues guarding financial and grading questions.
Graduated from RN to BSN program last year. Loved this online program. I had a great support from my professors.
The professors, in my experience, are very adept at helping one to understand. The campus is great, and I love Cleveland in general.
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