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Cleveland State is a great school that you can get a quality education at. It does not give you the typical campus feel since it is just outside of downtown Cleveland, so if you are looking for that, this isn't the place for you. The class sizes are relatively small, so there is more 1 on 1 opportunities to get to know your professors. The food is okay, there are not many places to eat on campus. There is one dining hall that is okay. If you are looking for a city feel, this is the place for you.
I had my bachelor's of science in health science degree from Cleveland State University. I had some great memories and great experiences while at CSU. The professors were super kind and supportive and my guidance counselor was extremely helpful as well.
Cleveland state caters to all students, high school graduates, adult students returning, even senior citizens. The faculty professors are some of the best professors in Ohio. I love Cleveland State because of all the opportunity the college gives to students throughout the Cleveland area.
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I have so far had a good experience with cleveland state. The professors seem very knowledgeable and are always willing to help. There is also alot of tutoring and extra supplemental sessions for the classes that I am taking. There is also an online tutoring which I have taken advantage of through
It's a little small -- only a few city blocks worth of campus -- but a short walk/bus ride to downtown Cleveland. It's a great school if you just want an affordable degree and like a really urban feel. With the urban campus, however, there are definitely safety concerns and I do not feel comfortable walking across campus at night.

From my experience, the professors are mostly average. This is not a research school, the lab facilities on campus are very limited. With the addition of the new engineering building, the school gained many large corporate sponsors, which (I assume) will translate to nice jobs for graduating engineers.

Terrible party scene (nowhere to party), people go down to Kent to party. Nearly everyone commutes or lives off campus.
I enjoyed my time at Cleveland State University. I will say that the school I was in was not up-to-date on social media courses which is already a pretty major part of the industry. They do have those courses now but I wish they had them while I was still a student.

Other than that the experience as a whole at Cleveland State was very positive inside and outside of the classroom. There are many ways for students to gain teamwork and leadership experience due to the number of student organizations on campus.
Cleveland State is located in down town Cleveland where you have access to everything. Not only, is a beautiful scenery but the school itself is extremely helpful! I have yet to experience a bad professor, advisor or staff ,member in general.
My mother went to Cleveland State University for a little before we moved, she loved it. It gave her a flexible schedule because she was a single mother with a job and four children to take care of. She loved it because she met great people who helped her persevere and got her work, motherly duties, and school work done at a reasonable rate/time.
Im really excited to start my college journey there in 2019 & the staff has been great helping answer any questions I have had along the way.
I like the proximity to downtown, the dorm life, and how caring my professors are. The one issue that is a day to day hassle is the lack of parking, and the expense of it.
I really enjoyed my time here. I was in greek life and lived in the dorms for 3 years. My nursing classes were for the most part really good and I don't remember any major complaints about my prerequisites and general education requirements. The campus had an innerlink which allowed you to stay indoors when traveling to different buildings around campus which I think is a huge plus. The dorms are probably above average for most of the college campuses that I visited particularly Euclid Commons and the Langston.
Hi my name is Kishma Monea Adams. I'm 25 years old and, I'm a student at Cleveland State University therefore, I am majoring in spanish and, I am doing Arabic as a minor. My favorite color is pink and, enjoy writing poetry. Everyday other day I buy index cards because, I enjoy writing my notes on them. What I love about Cleveland State University is I am happy that the college gives people the opportunity to complete a college degree. So that, they can use the knowledge that they learned to inspire other people accomplish their goals. What I want to see change is people getting together to raise money for various programs to help students with learning disabilities, to have the confidence to complete a college education.
I really enjoy the professors at CSU, especially the ones that teach my major courses. They all seem to have a way of explaining the material that makes sense to me. The culture at CSU is much different than at my last university. I enjoy getting to interact with people that view the world differently than I do.
I really enjoy Cleveland State University, I feel comfortable with my professors and the way they're shaping my future. The only change I would highly recommend is opening a way to the dorms through the innerlink.
I hate Cleveland State University. It is basically a commuter school so the weekends are so boring. The academics and professors are okay, but nothing great by any means. There is no football team and there really isn't any reason to be excited about their athletic programs as none of the teams are very good. The worst part about it all? The parking. Purchase a $300 parking pass but good luck actually finding a spot. It's a joke!
I'm so happy to have chosen CSU for my undergrad experience. The commute is nice and easy. The professors, for the most part, are wonderful and very willing to help. The friends and connections I have made at CSU are unforgettable. I've met some of my very best friends here and I couldn't be happier.
It is my first year at Cleveland State University and I already love it. I was super nervous about starting out but everyone here is friendly and helpful to ensure you have a good start to your college experience. Also, I am a film major and the fact that we have our own film school in playhouse square is amazing. We get so many extra opportunities to work on sets and get involved in the film industry early on, which is experience not many can get. I definitely recommend CSU to anyone looking for a nice campus, good academics, and just an overall great college experience.
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Cleveland State made me feel welcome even before I set foot on campus. They connected with me through email, letters and personal texts to make sure I was ready to start my education at CSU. All of my professors so far have take the time to check in and are very helpful. CSU also has several mentors and advisors to help freshmen navigate everything from classes to dorms to where to find meals. They have been very helpful as I started at CSU
I love the environment, and the professors are amazing. The campus is extremely safe and you feel protected with in the campus.
For me, Cleveland state offers a inexpensive and close to home education. It is not the most exciting option available however many improvements are being made to enhance the student experience. There are several recently constructed Departmental and Recreational buildings. The Library a great place to study, however it is rather dated both aesthetically and in terms of Content and Resources. Cleveland State offers many Co-Op programs that I believe should be taken advantage of. I am Very Disappointed in the lack of Online Gen ED classes. I have never felt in danger on campus. The Gym is state of the art and offers many athletic and recreational activities as well as programs to participate in. For those who are concerned with experience and campus life I would suggest your experience is what you make of it rather than dictated by the campus. If you are seeking value in you education Cleveland State can be a great choice.