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Cleveland state is a small campus with a family like feel to it. The classes are small so it gives us an opportunity to have a closer relationship with our instructors. The campus is in a great location and the campus size allows easy access to all department buildings. There are student activities going on all the time at Cleveland State. Athletic departments are also supporting other sports by going to games and also working. They have a great orientation day for parents and students. We were taken on a tour of the campus and had the opportunity to ask any questions that we might have. It was great to get familiarized with the campus before classes actually started. I felt a lot more confident after taking the tour.
Cleveland State is a great college. Most of the staff and professors care about the students at the college and are always willing to help. The Cafe on campus is amazing as well so definitely check it out!
So far the process has been seamless, and the professors have been understanding of my difficult situation.
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I actually enjoyed going there. Everyone I came across was so nice both staff and students. The teachers were willing to help me with my studies any way they possibly could. The campus is rather small but I liked that because everyone got to know eachother better that way. Highly recommend.
The professors are friendly and easy to work within my experience. It's a great college for those who have to work and/or have other obligations.
Most of the teachers (about 95%) took a personal interest in their students. They and the staff worked side by side with students on different school projects. The staff went above and beyond what was expected for service to students.
I am thankful I was able to attend community college for free with the help of TN Promise. If it wasn't for that program, I wouldn't have attended college. Through CSCC, I was able to join clubs on campus where I met so many amazing friends that share my goal of a successful and driven future. I enjoy the library consistently, including book clubs and the Late Night Against Procrastination. where it stays open late before finals. They also bring in stress dogs! Although it's not perfect, I couldn't be happier about choosing to attend Cleveland State.
Being a dual enrollment student at Cleveland State has been an awesome experience. The professors who work there are very helpful and I have spent a lot of time on their amazing campus.
I really enjoy Cleveland State Community College. I'm currently in the Medical Assisting program and I love what I'm learning. Cleveland State has excellent programs. The teachers teach very well. It is a lot of fun in this college.
No school is perfect but what I have really liked from this college is how interested the professors are in actually helping you out. As long as you show a true interest in what you’re doing, they go beyond in order to help you. Staff in general is very caring, and even if things are not in their specific department, they do what they can to help you.
I've enjoyed my time at Cleveland State immensely I feel that the excellent faculty and staff have done phenomenal work preparing me to continue my education at a 4 year institution. I would recommend this college to any and every person wishing to obtain degrees or certificates.
My favorite thing about Cleveland State Community College is how close knit it is. It's amazing to know so many people who support your education.
Great community, Honors Program, Facilities, and Staff. There are so much to do on campus. There are book clubs, cultural enrichment events, programs, and much more to be a part of. There is so much to be involved in I am even one of the heads of 2 clubs, a member of a book club, and Honors Program student. Cleveland State Community College is in my eyes the best Community College in Tennessee.
What made my experience at Cleveland state community college great one was because I had everything I needed; assistance with school work, important information, someone to talk to when I was struggling and just overall an amazing family right at my fingertips. CSCC made my education much easier and more enjoyable to accomplish and I'm forever grateful to them.
It is a very tight knot community college. The faculty is all about you succeeding in achieving your goals and pursuing your education. You are definitely more than a number to them.
Good school to get class credits for cheap. Some professors are not helpful and some classes are useless.
My experience at CSCC was average, the classes were set up okay but financial aide offices and other "helpful resources" definitely need some work. Most of the professors I had were good but the others were very bad and unhelpful.
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This college has some fairly good teachers who care about you. I had a hard time with my first advisor not wanting to meet with me and go over any school information with me.
Good experience as far as education and professors. Not so fond of the facilities. The buildings are old and not very homey. It is not a place I like to stay and study. There are not many closed off areas for study purposes. I do not like that you cannot brink drinks and food into the library as that is the only place I like to study a little. The professors are friendly and helpful. The courses are not easy, but as long as a student works hard and does the work assigned, an A is almost guaranteed.
Cleveland State Community College has one of the, if not the, most family-like environments I have ever seen in an educational setting. The professors genuinely care about their students and are willing to go above and beyond to assist when needed.
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