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The only reason I keep going to CIM is because their donut days are so amazing. I get to talk to the student government association, drink coffee, and eat donuts all on a Monday morning. How much better can this music school get?
the environment is very supportive. The world class teachers are great. The city is not very safe. The people are very friendly. It is close to the world famous CLeveland orchestra. The school is very beautiful. Students can also take classes at the case western reserve university
Cleveland is honestly not the safest place on earth. But the community at CIM is all very high-class, well educated, and has good values. If there is any problem, there are people who you could talk to and get help from.
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I think most of the required courses are all important and very helpful to the students. The professors know what they're teaching, and because the classes aren't big, it is very involved. I love being surrounded by everything music related, yet still get connected to the 'real world' through the gen-ed requirements and classes that we have to take at CWRU
The music world is a small world. There are some Donut Days where alumni come and visit, and the atmosphere is very friendly: we can go up to anyone and strike up a conversation. If you need any help or are looking for more information on jobs, classes, etc, the information is all very accessible.
Lived in the dorm for 2 years, it is pretty nice. Very close to the CIM building, reasonable proximity to other classes as well. It is a very social environment, super easy to make friends. Only about 30% of the students at CIM live in the dorm, everyone else lives off campus, which is also easy to find.
The only Greek life we have as music students are Mu Phi Epsilon. It is a co-ed fraternity that music students join to create connections and opportunities. Many students who aren't part of the Greek life are indifferent to it. Again, if we wanted to join any Greek life at CWRU, we are able to.
CIM has our own basketball team. Otherwise since we are very close to the Case Western Reserve University, we are able to use their gyms, which almost all the CIM students take advantage of. We are also able to join any sports teams at CWRU.
It's an amazing experience: being surrounded by other high-achieving musicians, getting very interactive lessons and masterclasses from the world's finest professors. CIM is unique because the school doesn't hire TAs, all lessons are given by the professors themselves. If underclassmen have any questions, the masters/doctor students are very open to help you anytime. From the faculty to the security guards to the students, everyone is warm and inviting.

The students are all very focused and aspiring. The school doesn't need requirements to attend each others' recitals, because the students are interested and supportive anyway.

I love the school, and definitely I will consider staying at CIM for my graduate degree as well.
No peer pressure to do drugs, however it is an artistic school so you will find many who do use them on their own accord. Not a lot of pushing of drugs and never came across serious drugs (meth, cocaine, heroin). Alcohol is not necessarily abundant but certainly the most prevalent, it is what you'd expect from any other college. There isn't much pushing of those useless drug programs from the school which is nice. However if you are having a drug problem there is support and medical attention/care, what is expected from colleges.
Quite a few bars our there for those of age but in UC things tend to close early for the younger kids with exception to bars with valid ID of course.
There are parties out there if you find theme or into that kinda of thing. Not many "ragers" and definitely not state school winning a football game parties. CIM nor CWRU are party schools, however it is still college and you can find stuff to do on Friday/Saturday nights.
Learn from the older students who are the best teachers and who are the worst. When taking classes from the those better teachers, the education is second to none and they really care about you. Not all teachers are great unfortunately, and if CIM would ever listen to its students, they would not even be there. That being said I have had a lot of stellar professors. Class work is pretty heavy however, sometimes it can be overwhelming and feel that you are there more academically than artistically. The general eds that you have to take at CWRU will be the source of most of your frustrations or not at all if you like doing paper work.
Stay on campus during the daylight with a group of friends. Night is a little more tricky but safe overall, outside of campus be very aware of surroundings, it's east cleveland. The CIM campus sits on the edge of university circle, but there are constant patrol cars going through the area with cleveland police, CWRU police, and UC police. The university is very aware of its' location and does its' best to provide safety. That being said there are a lot of muggings (CWRU doesn't always report them but they happen) because of location in east cleveland.
S*** for the price they charge you, I expect much more. Rat infestation, bugs, and did not respond to maintenance issues in timely manner. Dorms were built in the 60s and feels like they haven't been touched since.
Educationally it is both challenging and sometimes excess/bs work. You learn from some of the best teachers this country can offer. What hurts this school is financial and the administration. Currently the school as been put on notice by accreditators for those very reasons. Orchestra program is either too demanding or not demanding enough (depends on your instrument). Some facilities are nice, like the recital hall and studios/classrooms, but the practice rooms are in need of major overhaul. I wound not come back to this school if I could do it over again, despite studying under cleveland orchestra members, the price (scholarship is ok to poor) and administration cause enough headaches that there are better schools with equally great teachers out there, ie Julliard, Curtis, Rice, Colburn, etc.

Yes, we get free access to TCO concerts and perform in severance hall multiple times. Cleveland is still a recovering city from pretty much every major economic crash. It has gotten a lot better since 2008-9 but nowhere near the level of say this countries biggest cities (NY, LA, Chicago, Houston, Philly...). The area,University Circle, is nice and access to museums is mostly free. Outside of UC is hell, aka East Cleveland. The westside is much nicer as is downtown. The weather is well what you'd expect from an northern easterly coasty city. CIM has a partnership with CWRU which is really nice if you like to do other academics or horrible if your main focus is just music. If you like university life/all that other stuff they have it, all is there. If you want to be a recluse and practice all day you can do that too, so the appeal I suppose would be that there is opportunity to escape the conservatory life &dive into another activity. What I liked about the relationship between the 2 institutions was the recreation/workout facility and the early music program is STELLAR. All in all, ok-good school that has a price tag that does not equate to the quality it should and needs.
The atmosphere and environment is so warm and supportive. As a music major and as a student who is seriously thinking about becoming a musician, CIM is a wonderful place to be. Focusing solely on music (with a couple gen ed classes for requirements) is really what I've been looking for. The professors, staff, and peers are always supportive in whatever you do.
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The tuition is very expensive, and it is going up even higher next year (by $2000), but the fund is very limited. My work-study has been lowered and even if I appeal, I do not get much more scholarship.
Because the Case Western Reserve University offers an excellent health care program, we do not have to worry about making appointments or going to the emergency room. However, I do feel unsafe walking around the campus alone at night. Some of my friends actually got robbed or got hit by strangers.
The school enforces very strict rules on the plagiarism. Students immediately fail the course when the school catch them plagiarizing.
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