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So far in the academic side of it, the school provides lots of resources and gives you challenging assignments every week. I recommend this school if you have a real drive for your art and love to challenge yourself. Be prepared to go out of your comfort zone and work a lot with others. I really like my school, by the way I'm still a freshmen.
My experience in the Cleveland Institute of Art has been a wild roller coaster of a journey. The school has taught me reality is tough as it presents harder and harder challenges from me to overcome. I am happy for the friends I have made at the school as they not only helped me survive the rigorous trials given to us,but they made the experience a whole lot smoother, Overall the school is good if you want to pursue a career in artist and if you are willing to open yourself of to a realistic approach on the workforce in the art world. If also you want is more connections to bigger names or just to make friends who all share a common interest in art than this school is for you.
As of right now I have been accepted into The Cleveland Institute of Art as an incoming freshman. I don’t feel as if anything needs to change at this point if we’re speaking about “educationally”. Everything seems to be just as good as they showed they were. When I go I’m expected to have a really great time and expand my mindset of art. On top of that they are a private institution so that sort of counts as a bonus.
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Cleveland Imstitute of Art is an awesome place to pursue a career in the field of art. It has many majors from which to choose. The staff is very kind and eager to help. My professors take have always taken the time to help me through problems with my work and projects because the teacher to student ratio is excellent. Plenty of resources in the school help you to achieve your artistic vision such as a tool workshop, equipment rental, 3D printing, digital output center and much more. The school is very liberal which can be a little off putting for some. Also, the tuition is high and is intimidating if you are funding your own education. However, CIA is worth it and is an excellent school at which to attain your goals as a working artist.
The Cleveland Institute of Art is a community that I'm truly honored to be a part of. Our community lives a healthy balance when it comes to school and real-world experiences. As a student in Design me and my colleagues pushing one another to strive and hold each other to high expectations in the studios. This department is truly a community and a family.
The Cleveland Institute of Art is an incredible school that promotes creativity and community. In the single academic year I've attended so far I have grown so much in my own abilities and academics.
This school is phenomenal. All the professors work with you one on one to make sure you understand the task that is being put in front of you. I have very fun experiences here & learn so much quickly & effectively .
I love the campus size. The amount of resources available to students and location in city cultural art center.
I love the diversity and opportunity provided by CIA. They partnered with CWRU and truly believe in helping their students excel and achieve beyond their wildest dreams!
Am currently finishing my first year. Staff do a great job to try to understand and accommodate many students. They encourage everyone to have a voice in this school even if people disagree as long as it doesn't spread hate.
I haven't even been there yet so idk what I'm suppose to say, but from my visits it seems like an awesome place to learn and do what I love.
I just finished my sophomore year as a Graphic Design student at CIA and I love it. It is hard, no doubt, but its worth it. The school just moved into their new building last year and it is great. Parking kinda blows but its also Cleveland. The instructors care about their students and really work with them and their interests and strengths. In all of my life, I have never felt this good about being at school. Being here has changed my life dramatically and I love it. If you are interested in art, come to our school and talk to us. We're weird and crazy and friendly.
CIA is awesome! I just finished my sophomore year in Animation and I'm still loving it. The professors are amazing and I feel like I've learned so much at the end of each semester. I can't speak for any other programs, but the Animation program is awesome. I only wish we could cover more subjects. There's not enough time in a year honestly. I wish we were able to take Illustration classes without having to submit a portfolio and get accepted into a second major. Because, for example, we don't get to take classes like Character Design (since it's technically an Illustration class). Overall though, it's a great program with great people. Heads up for freshmen/prospective freshmen, Animation is one of the most competitive majors to get into at this school. It's definitely worth it, but you should know that going in.
The Cleveland Institute of Art has such and an amazing understanding of what it takes to make it as an artist.
Cia has some great professors! But over all they are cutting every thing to save money. (This includes closing the now one building to have party's to make money) it feels like a rats nest because everyone is in one area that is not big enough. This is really bad when you have 3-4 classes happening at once. They are taking away computer labs and turning it in to a art zoo were ppl can come look at the artist and take pictures for a fee.
One year from TheCleveland Insitute of Art is more than enough for a promising future!
A wonderful experience, but they have an issue with space and reasoning when it comes to complex situations.
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Free visits to the Cleveland Clinic by The Cleveland Insitue of Art, the campus is surrounded by friendly police guards.
I registered to live on campus, but the dorms were filled. I had to live in a apartment owned by Case Western Reserve named The Noble, which is MUCH more cozier than the dorms, which looks like a empty, white, art studio with four beds and two bathrooms. The dorms dies have a personal gym, laundromat, and student ID access doors, but were infested with flies when I moved in from the noble. The noble is my favorite, very cozy, has ovens, and quainter, despite the mice!
The Cleveland Insitute of Art is a very observant school. Nearly everyone is observive, quiet, and judge mental. Nearly every class was occasionally supplemented by the encouragement to say how you feel about an art piece. Expression was encouraged in every moment, even personally. Though it is average for new students to be on the quiet side, the silent spirit was not thick since day one.