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I transferred to Cleveland for the nursing program they have a better over all rate of success for students. All the personnel has been exceptionally outstanding, they go above and beyond to help students. The college is very clean and well organized for each and everyone. I have found that I fit in and feel very comfortable. Since this is my first semester I don't see anything that I would change so far.
I plan to attend CCC next year. My sister is there now and loves it. I plan to get an associate in Pre Education and transfer to Gardner Webb University.
Thiss is my second year going to Cleveland Community College. So far I have had a really good experience. I have met many new friends and had experiences I never would have had without CCC.
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You could find all kinds of classes at different times of the week.
I've only had hybrid courses so far and they've been nowhere near as difficult as I thought they'd be.
The teacher/student ratio is pretty good. The teachers take time to know and encourage their students.
I haven't made it far enough in the academic process to know that much but I'm more than certain a degree here means just as much as any degree from a community college.
  • 8 months ago
  • Value
The art programs are great. The teachers are very helpful when it comes to learning new techniques.
I know I didn't make the best grades in the past but it wasn't because of the classes. The teachers offer tutoring sessions, answer questions, and treat students like the adults they are.
Cleveland Community College is the #2 school for practical nursing in the state of NC. The instructors are hard, but caring and want to see you do well. The workload is just what you would expect for a nursing program, a lot of work but it is normal. We will be dealing daily with human lives, we can never know too much. Our facilities are great, labs are wonderful. We have a 100% state exam certification pass rate, that speaks for itself! Being accepted into such a respected program is a blessing, I hope to continue my education on to be an RN there with help from grants and scholarships.
Once i finally found the career i wanted to do i buckled down in college and earned a 3.6 overall GPA. I got accepted into the nursing program and am looking for help paying for it. Having the opportunity to go to the #2 school for nursing in NC is amazing. The teachers are helpful and really make sure you understand the material. They want me to succeed just as much as i do.
The staff are excellent and helpful.
I love Cleveland State because it gives everyone a chance to earn the degrees they need to get the career they want and it's an all around friendly school.
It's all just people of all ages who just want to better people in life and their careers
Whenever I went to school I went to my town's facility for Cleveland State. It's okay but the actual campus is much better of course.
  • Apr 2 2014
  • Campus
The school is very low cost and offers a lot of financial aid help
  • Apr 2 2014
  • Value
There are a lot of different classes that would help certain people with their goals of their certain jobs they want to succeed in.
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I love animals and I'm looking forward to learning more about them, but my past year at college was just for general classes.
Math classes online are very easy to learn cause I can continue to try and learn until I get what I need from the class
I can schedule night time classes and day time classes and it's easier to have jobs around the classes
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