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Clemson is a really nice school to meet new people and find new interests with the many activities that they hold.
My home state does not have a good college for Engineering; so I had to go father afield. Clemson was not my first choice, and it is far from home. However, I do not think I could have chosen a better home away from home. The professors, in Engineering at least, are excellent and care about their students. The Rise program is highly recommended, and even though the accommodations are not top notch, they give you an appreciation for other things in life. Good friends and a strong work ethic are required to succeed at this school.
I love Clemson a whole lot. I play football there so I get many opportunities to really see a lot of our campus because of how much we all are involved in. I have not been there long so if I have not seen to many issues. I mostly love where the campus itself sits. There are amazing places all around that are quiet and peaceful that I love to visit and hangout around. Also there are three incredible lakes within 10 miles of the University. One thing I would love to see happen is for their to be improvement on parking throughout campus.
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Most of the professors care about your learning experience. The ones who truly care offer many office hours for you to come and speak with them about what you are struggling with. The campus is fairly small and gorgeous. Football season is the best time to be at Clemson, the campus truly comes alive with spirit. Win or lose the whole campus comes together as one to support our Tigers!
I love the campus. The academics are challenging but keep the students involved. The housing on campus is fair, but new housing opportunities are becoming available.
Clemson University is a breeding ground for learning and growth. Professors and staff make it easy for students to succeed and push them to their full potential. The atmosphere is warm and inviting, allowing for students and visitors to fall in love with the University. I have made the best decision of my life by attending this school. Go Tigers!
Academically challenging, Diverse, great student disability services, many internship and work study opportunities, most professors are more than willing to help students learn the material. lots of international and social activities to participate in
Clemson is very academically challenging, but the teachers and courses are very good. There is a lot to get involved in on campus. The campus is clean and beautiful and the football and sports are fun to attend. Students are all very friendly.
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Going to Clemson was an amazing experience, I would highly recommend applying here! The students were extremely welcoming and I made so many life long friends. Additionally, the athletics here are great! As an avid college football fan, there is no better place than Clemson on a game day. Finally, my academic experience here was also unrivaled. As a graduate of the dietetics program, my curriculum fully prepared me for a dietetic internship and a future career as a Registered Dietitian. The research component in the curriculum really set me apart from other internship applicants. Five star school!
There is no other pride like Tiger Pride. Clemson University is known nationally for its great academics and winning the 2016 Nation Football Championship. However, the school has also been featured in the news because of racial issues. These racial issues have impacted me personally and have negatively affected my college experience.
On-campus housing is less than desirable, but otherwise a great experience both academically and socially.
Clemson is the home of the Tigers, where the Blue Ridge yawns its greatness. Home of the 2016 college football national champions.
i love my school. there is a sense of family no matter where you go. everyone is always so willing to help. though it is a large school, class sizes are relatively small. GO TIGERS
Clemson's gorgeous campus is welcoming and everyone in the town is extremely friendly and ready to answer any questions one might have. There are a number of activities happening at all times and new ways available to meet a diverse and loving community. One feels safe walking around campus and through the local area as well as feeling involved with all that is taking place. Clemson is one big happy family.
My experience at Clemson so far has been a blast. I love it there as well as all of the people, events, classes, faculty and staff. The food is great and we have a ton of places to choose from to eat at as well. I enjoy everything about the school and how each and every student pushes each other to do great things and be great people. I would not change anything about the school or my experiences there. Clemson is overall a high rank school and a great school and I love being there and if anyone tells you differently then it is their fault why they do not love it there or why they did not enjoy their time being there.
I loved my first year at Clemson. Everyone was so welcoming and helpful. My classes were difficult but still doable. I made so many friends and I can't wait to return for my sophomore year.
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Clemson University is a wonderful school for boys to become gentlemen and for girls to become ladies. The southern culture allows college students to mature exponentially, preparing them for the working world. Clemson has wondering academic programs as well as a wide variety of organizations that profit student involvement. The organizations bring students together and build dynamic relationships with the students and faculty. The town of Clemson is a huge hangout stop for students and is also kid/family friendly! Saturday game days are a great way for everyone in Clemson to gather in the town and rally before watching the Tigers play. Clemson is safe and has several modes of transportation to keep students safe at all hours of the night. I recommend visiting Clemson University and adding it the list of schools to apply to. Go Tigers!
This is a great college with a great community. Teachers are hit or miss whether they contribute to you succeeding or just there to be a tape recorder. It has a beautiful campus, but it can get very crowded in study halls and library's. The school is a very accredited school with the national championship winning football team. If football is what drives you every weekend, then this is the school to come. The only downside is the school seems segregated my the students. Each race/ethnicity seem to stick to their own. That's not the school's fault of course. Also there really isn't much diversity.
The university is really quite amazing. It feels great to go to a college that is a National Championship winner! I love the professors and the classes and I love my major, as well! The only thing I would change is the office of financial aid. They are really slow at getting things complete and taken care of, and when I do not receive any financial aid and have no money out of pocket to pay, they seem to care less! That's why I am trying to apply for scholarships to help pay my way through school!
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