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Grew up nearby and always wanted to attend. It has begun to grow a good bit, hope it will not lose its small town feel. There are a lot of things to do around the campus and even more within a half hour drive.
I absolutely love Clemson. I had a really hard time deciding what college to choose, but I would not change my decision for anything. There is a ton of school spirit and such a sense of community. The classes are challenging, but the professors are always willing to help and students are collaborative and supportive of others.
I have been groomed to be a Clemson fan and attend Clemson my entire life. I absolutely love the game day atmosphere as well as the day-to-day life. My grandparents, parents, and cousins have all attended Clemson, and I can't wait to go there myself. I highly recommend Clemson to anyone. Go Tigers!
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Clemson's overall atmosphere is wonderful! The athletic programs are the reason though. The classes are rigorous and the people are friendly.
I love Clemson University!
If you're looking for a school with school spirit, a family atmosphere, and good education look no further. Clemson's welcoming you home!
I’ve had a great experience at Clemson. The classes are challenging and the professors are competent. There are also a lot of resources outside of the classroom. The career center is amazing in posting jobs, holding interviews, and holding mock interviews and resume workshops.
Clemson is a nice school, but I believe on my visits I was misled that since Clemson had sports communications the tourist staff thought they had sports broadcast. This is not accurate, and those are 2 completely different things. Clemson definitely looks nice, has great off campus student housing. Black people for the most part hang out with blacks and white people hang out with whites. Their is some mixing however so it isn't divided.
I liked the campus set up a lot and how everything was planned to be within close distance to each other like a bullseye. very convienient
I am a rising junior Mechanical Engineering student at Clemson University. The professors and faculty in the ME program are tough but fair. They expect a lot out of their students as far as critical thinking. Open ended problems allow us to exercise the theory we learn in class. The campus is well outfitted with places to eat and get groceries. Resources accessible to students are wonderful. Non-engineering students have access to tools such as 3D printers. This allows students to become more well rounded in their studies and on how things work.
Clemson is great if your entire family has gone there. Personally I wish I had looked at more places and looked past the exclamations of "We're a Clemson family." While sort of true, it is not true for everyone and it was not the place for me. It doesn't even feel like I'm in college. Professors are also sub par with a few exceptions.
The atmosphere is great, just wish there was either more cooperation between the engineering departments to get a more hands on/rounded experience or more realistic applications of material and less theoretical
My Freshman experience has been phenomenal! My professors have been available to me every step of my journey. I also rushed a sorority! I have constantly been surrounded by other students which share my passion for academic perfection. My dorm has been an awesome experience as well. I feel very safe on campus and all resources are available to all students. My Academic Advisor is always available and eager to help me pace my college career. It is a great time to be a Clemson Tiger!
Clemson is a great place to go to school. I have grown to love it just in my first semester. The engineering program is great and I am excited to continue in it. The student life is amazing, there is always something to do if you look. The athletics are great and exciting. Clemson is a fantastic college that I recommend.
I have loved every second of attending Clemson University. The professors are passionate, the campus is safe, and the environment is eclectic. Football games are like no other (seriously, they're unexplainable) and I would give anything to be able to stay longer!
Love the atmosphere of Clemson University. I do wish the college did more to accommodate Bridge to Clemson students and made them feel more like Clemson students.
Overall Clemson University is a great school! People both care a lot about academics and social life and there is definitely a good balance of both. From the football, to the campus, to the academics, and the overall experience, Clemson is definitely a great choice. You really feel that you are apart of the “Clemson family” and want to show off that you went/go here. The only negatives of the school is that if you are not part of an organization or greek life, social life can be hard to find and hard to meet people. Also, for the most part, on campus housing is not too great besides a few places. Overall tremendous school though!
Great people and activities. Greek life is awesome and downtown is very fun. Athletics and academics are great too.
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My sister goes to Clemson University, I have visited her multiple times throughout high school, the school has great school spirit and overall it is a very comforting, fun environment.
Engineering professors are great and very laid back. They are always willing to help and generally give good feedback. The material is very fast paced.
I love the professors here at Clemson University. They are here for their students to learn and go above and beyond their duties. I would like to see an improvement in their orientation, and I wished they focused on other aspects of the school as much as they do for football.
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