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Clemson is a great place if you want to be involved in a lot of social change at the moment. However, it is easy to feel like a number at such a large school with such a focus on athletics. Overall, I do feel as if the education is great . Also there isn't that much to do since Clemson is in the middle of nowhere.
It was a town based around a college not a college based around a town. The spirit of the Clemson was truly noticeable around the whole Clemson area whether it be restaurants supporting the tigers or flags on cars, it truly was a special experience getting to spend time in this environment.
Clemson is a home away from home. Every person you meet is kind, welcoming, and genuinely interested in helping you or getting to know you. The academics are rigorous, but you constantly are challenged for the better and learning everyday. In every sense of the term Clemson will be the best decision you make for a 4 year University.
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Clemson University is an excellent school. They have all of the resources you need readily available, plus way more. The environment is great and the staff members and students are very nice and helpful. I have not met a rude person on campus, nor have I had a rude professor. Everyone wants you to succeed!
what i have experienced about clemson was that there campus was really big and they have a really good nursing classes. so i encourage anyone that wants to be a nurse to go to clemson university
Clemson lives up to all the hype!! I went here for 4.5 years and I was extremely impressed with the advanced academic programs and the sheer number of clubs to join! Everyone can find a place at Clemson!
I love the academics at Clemson. The teachers stay focused on actually teach really well. The campus is very nice too.
I have really enjoyed the college overall. It has been an amazing experience, and I know that a lot I have learned in my classes I will use in the workforce. Clemson's co-op and internship help programs are phenomenal, however not enough students take advantage of what they offer. I worked at a company for a year during my sophomore year, and I learned so much from Clemson that I was able to apply in my job. To me, that's enough said in regards to whether Clemson prepares you enough. They offer a lot of activities for students, as well. It is in the middle of nowhere, though it's been growing recently.
Great culture and community. Teachers are great and extracurricular activities are abundant. Overall a great school that I love.
Clemson was my last choice for college of all the schools that I sent off applications to. Between Clemson and Boston College I chose to go in-state and do not regret my decision at all. I've loved being a tiger and tapping into the network of successful alumnus that come with it.
Clemson is such an incredible school. Incredible people, incredible location, incredible sports, incredible academics. There really is something in these hills and i never want to leave.
I love the feel of the campus. It is beautiful and everyone is nice, but it is sometimes difficult to get things done with certain offices on campus because of the size of the student body.
It has been amazing but I would change parking. The education there has been great and the professors are there to help you succeed. There are different cultures and many different people from all kinds of backgrounds. The library is also open 24 hrs which really helps me since I am a nursing major. The downtown area is great for student and it has been a place to relax with my friends and family when they come to visit.
My first year at Clemson University went by very smoothly. Everyone on campus was super friendly and always helpful. I met a lot of great people from living in the dorms, going to class, eating at dining halls, and attending various social events. The environment of the school was very welcoming which made it easy to maneuver. There isn't anything I would change about my school.
Clemson has changed my life. As a woman wanting to go into the sports broadcasting field, being at Clemson has opened up doors that would have previously only been opened to men.
When I first arrived to the school all I saw was a preppy, snobby, conservative school in the middle of nowhere. Sadly, I found most of this to be true, but I guess I’ve gotten adjusted to things now. Im more of a big city guy, but I do like being able to walk to pretty much anywhere on campus any time of day. The school is also extremely prideful. Everything is all about Dabo and Clemson Pride. Clemson is a pretty prestigious school too. The cons are still there though. For one, because of the school's lack of diversity, I feel like the students are kind of "cliquey". Not just by race and nationality but by social class too. Also the location. As I said before, I've gotten used to the idea of being in a small town (for now), but I still prefer the city and the closest decent sized city is Greenville which is 40 minutes away. All that being said, I feel like Clemson is just one of those places you either love or hate. Honestly, I like the experience more than the school itself.
So far it has been wonderful. I have met many great people whether they were classmates or even faculty and staff! Most of the professors are outstanding. You can really tell that they enjoy what they are doing and are really here to help the students succeed.
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All of my professors have been really good and in the year I've attended I feel I've learned a lot. The campus can be a little confusing to navigate at first, but there are apps that have a map of the campus that are really helpful.
Clemson is an awesome place to attend college. I really enjoyed my Freshman year and I am looking forward to attending again in the fall. I am so glad I made the decision to attend there. The people are friendly and they have so many great activities planned for the students, you will never be bored. I loved attending the football games!
What I like about Clemson is there are numerous opportunities for professional development. What I would like to see change is for more minorities to enroll to diversify the school.
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