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During COVID-19 i’ve known many students have had a struggle with shifting to online learning. However at Clemson the shift to online learning was administered very well. All of my professors thus far have been very forgiving and easy to reach out to during this tumultuous and scary time.
Student body is very large so general education classes have a very bad ratio of student to teacher. However the larger student body makes the college experience much easier to ease into!
The campus is beautiful as well as the surrounding area, and everyone is overall very welcoming. I struggled a lot to make friends my first year despite living on campus, but most people are friendly overall. There are adequate study spaces, the dining hall aren't terrible, and I've loved most of my professors and advisors! I would not want to go anywhere else!
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The majority of the professors have been very understanding during this time with online learning. Some have given a much higher workload however, under the assumption that students magically have more time. When signing up for classes, we have been allowed to pick between synchronous and asynchronous.
Locked in my room all day with difficult online classes. To make it worse my room has no window and used to be a bathroom.
All I did was schoolwork this semester. I had to watch around 6 hours worth of lectures a day from my dorm room. I've made no friends and experienced more anxiety than ever before.
It is my first semester here. Transitioning to this college during a pandemic was difficult, however my advisors and orientation guides were very helpful to make sure I was comfortable. Everyone here is friendly, and the teachers want to help you succeed in their classes.
I am currently taking most classes online. Some of my professors do not know how to troubleshoot on Zoom and it takes a couple minutes for them to start on the lecture. Everything else runs pretty smoothly.
I love Clemson. The atmosphere around campus is warm, welcoming, and spirited. The football games are one of the best parts about Clemson; the student section is buzzing, the stadium is packed, and everyone is ecstatically cheering on the team. All of my professors have been amazing -- you can tell they truly care about each and every one of their students and do everything and anything to help them succeed.
Online learning was troubling at first, however the second semester of online learning/hybrid learning has been much easier. Professors have their online content down pat. Accessibility to professors has never been easier, just being able to reach out to them and set up a zoom call whenever is very easy.
I'm currently attending Clemson University and so far its been a good experience. The campus life is very fun (of course prior to the currently situation with the pandemic) and they have many opportunities to participate in different activities they host. Being that I am an African American female student, I did have some reservations on how campus life would be for me but thankfully I haven't experienced anything bad. I was able to make friends pretty easily and have enjoyed the student life.
Because of the sudden pandemic, we did have to move all of our classes online. Honestly, it was an interesting transition. We were both prepared and unprepared (depending on the major and the professors). My major is heavily based in lab work and we gain most of our knowledge by working hands on so moving online was a tough transition. Some days where easier to follow along than others but I believe that the new semester will be better on handling online classes. I give my professors some slack because this was new for them also and I think they did a good job given the time. Overall, online classes were okay but I believe the new semester will be better
Clemson is a great college in South Carolina # Let's go tigers this college is the awesome college ever because of the athletics and their quarterback Trevor Lawrence.
online learning helps your mind get sharper you can have more time the online experience helps the professor and the students study more and talk less.
There has definitely been a steep learning curve but the professors have done their best to work with the students and the president has made an effort to send helpful updates to students and try to remain positive.
I love the Clemson family. It was not my first choice but I do not regret my decision to go there. The campus is well maintained, the staff is a pleasure to work with and there are many things to do on and around campus.
I came to Clemson for my freshman year of 2020 having to deal with COVID. I am so unimpressed with everything I experienced. I got COVID within two weeks of being there just like nearly every other person in my dorm the shoeboxes are comparable to a petri dish. I was moved to the Best Western where there were no windows to the outdoors because all of the rooms were inward-facing. Whenever I had questions I was unable to get a hold of anyone over the weekend and nevermind game day no one will be available. Even throughout the semester when I had questions about academics I was often transferred to two or three different people because no one knows what is going on. I spent the majority of my time in my dorm room and if you did not like the people in your dorm you would not have a social life. Clemson made no effort to integrate freshmen at all and as a person who came from a big friend group at home, I felt really alone school wise and socially. I absolutely dread going back.
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For the first semester, I opted to be in person on campus, however, I was not in a single in person class. To say that it was difficult to do everything in one room all the time would be an understatement. Although that is not completely true because you were able to make an appointment to go to the library or gym, I felt suffocated waking up and not having anywhere to go to do my classes or study or do homework. Although this changes for people who are different living communities, I was in the shoeboxes and there was only a single sad room with concrete walls and two chairs that was labeled as the study room. Hopefully, next semester is better.
I did take classes online and professors were for the most part considerate of the challenges that followed this.
I love the happy atmosphere and dedicated environment to academics it eminates. Where I arrive at 4 stars is the lack of diversity present within the campus, which is dominated by a primarily white demographic.
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