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I love almost everything about Clemson! Through sunshine and rain I am proud to call Clemson my home! Football games are so much fun, and there is always a cozy place to study in Cooper Library. All of University staff are welcoming and very helpful!
Academics, sports, and general life are all very good, but without involvement in Greek life, it is hard for me to find social opportunities and make new friends, especially because I am very shy in the classroom.
The campus is really beautiful and I cannot wait to go there next fall. They also have really good sports teams and a good student life.
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It felt like I was home with my family. Everyone is so nice and the community reminds me of a family, everyone is so supportive and kind and very fun!
I have had a wonderful experience at Clemson my Freshman and Sophomore years... honestly not sure I would change anything! It’s just that awesome.
Clemson provides a lot of opportunities post-graduation. Social life can be limited if you aren't the typical southern student.
I love Clemson University! It is a challenging university, but graduating with a degree from here will put you in high demand for work. The student body is very friendly and very supportive of athletics. We bleed orange around here. The only change I would like to see here is more diversity in ethnicity.
A fantastic value for the dollar, Clemson is a top public university in the US and is only climbing in rank. The only challenge would be decreasing familiarity with the school the further from the southeast you get.
I love being a student at Clemson University. It is a great learning environment and a great place to be yourself. It feels like home.
Clemson is a great university, working on diversification and many great initiatives. Very glad I chose this university, and now work here temporarily
Clemson is such an amazing little fun. They have their own ice creamery, the people are amazing, and the location is secluded
I plan to attend Clemson this fall, I've visited multiple times and I'm already in love with the campus. The students are nice and friendly and because Clemson is one the top business schools in the country, I believe I can do I can do more than great things while attending.
From college football to studying abroad opportunities. Clemson is the best university in South Carolina and I am proud to be a member of this university.
Clemson is a wonderful school with excellent academics, faculty, and students. It is close to the mountains, Greenville, and sits right on a lake. Within my three and half years at Clemson there has been a lot of innovation within the academic and recreation buildings. I would not have wanted to go to any other school!
Although Clemson is an amazing school for academics they lack diversity and need to do a better job with making the campus more diverse.
Clemson University has an upbeat and energetic small community vibe, regardless of being a school 20,000+ students. It also offers the unique combination of both a heavily academic and athletic focused university. There are around 500 organizations on campus for students to join, so everyone has something to be a part of.
As a transfer student, I was nervous about my upcoming experience at Clemson. I began to wonder from my previous year of college whether or not college was for me. However, within hours of starting Clemson I began to realize that college here was going to be great. My professors have embedded within me a love to read, and I have read more books that were not required by my classes, within my two years here, than I had in all of middle school and high school. Even though I did not focus on the social life at Clemson when I first started, I quickly was able to find friends from all backgrounds, some being from various clubs and fraternities, to those on the football team. College game day at Clemson is quite possibly the most exciting sports venue in the United States! Clemson has given me the ability to grow as a person, both academically and socially, and I see myself as being a better man since coming Clemson than I was two years ago before I enrolled here!
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I love Clemson and have always been proud to say that I am a student at this incredible university. I have been given some of the greatest opportunities and have learned so much during my time here. I have had some incredible professors, and a few that I felt I didn't learn as much from. Clemson provides countless opportunities through the various clubs and organizations. I have loved being able to support Clemson Athletics success over the past few years. My least favorite part about Clemson is how much expansion they are doing, as I feel it is taking away from what makes Clemson so special.
The campus life is decent, there are so many clubs and organizations to keep up with it can at times be overwhelming. However, if you are not involved in Greek life, you might have a harder time finding things to do on campus. That is why it is great to get involved with other things on campus. The food is okay, I wish there were better dining options at times but I cannot complain. The location of the campus is not ideal, there is not to do much around here unless you drive to nearby cities. That's why if you do not have a car a lot of times you can feel stuck here but it also hard to find on-campus parking if you live on campus. Overall the school is okay, just like I said before make sure you try to get involved to have that on-campus experience.
I was honestly afraid to attend Clemson because of how big of a school it is. It is the best decision I ever made! You just feel at home. Even though there is so many students, the professors and advisors make it personable and you always have an opportunity to be one on one. The athletics are amazing so you'll get in the spirit pretty quick and its fun cheering our tigers on and tailgating with friends. There are so many food options on campus as well. Choose Clemson, you won't be let down!
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