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Clemson's campus is beautiful and the atmosphere here is so great. Everyone is friendly and respectful.
Clemson is a growing school with endless opportunities. It is small enough to make relations with professors, get to know your classmates, and join extra curricular activities without just being a number while being large enough where you will never know everyone.
Great school, great town! So many opportunities and excellent academics. Sports, activities and communities on campus are diverse and lots of fun.
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I love Clemson University! I participated in a research program this past summer in which I interned with the bioengineering college. My overall experience was very pleasant. The people were nice and the food was always great!
It is a really cool school! I would really suggest Clemson to anyone who thinks about going there. It is expensive but it is totally worth it!
Love Clemson so much! The professors are caring and really want you to succeed. The enviroment is empowering and relaxing . I would reccomend this school to anyone.
Clemson is very open-hearted shows much diligence and hard work towards all students on and off-campus. Clemson is a much stable environment which it also compared similarly to Clark Atlanta University.
I enjoy the campus and have had amazing professors so far. They helped me when I was looking to change my major and I am incredibly happy in my new major. I also enjoy working on the newspaper, although I would love if the student media had more funding.
Clemson has a beautiful and safe campus and wonderful sports and student participation. Games are always fun and the campus life gives students lots to participate in. Although dorms aren't the biggest, the community makes up for the lack of space.
My teachers are very good and there are a lot of resources to help you succeed here; however, the culture can be very overwhelming at times.
Clemson is an absolutely incredible school with tons of opportunities, campus traditions, and innovative technology to make learning useful and engaging. I have never seen a school that compares to what I can get there. I would be so excited if I had the opportunity to go to Clemson.
The campus is gorgeous and when I toured there the people there were so kind. Also, they have many resources available for students. The food was very good in the cafeteria and I am excited to apply here.
My first semester at Clemson University has been so great! I have really enjoyed the classes and the people are extremely friendly. It is sometimes hard to get around campus, but you can either take the bus, walk, or bike pretty much anywhere. Of course, football is a big deal so the games are extremely fun and its always great to get into the school spirit throughout the week. My advisor has been really helpful and there's so many resources like tutoring, career workshops and organizational clubs to help you be as successful as you can be.I love Clemson so much!
Clemson University is a great place to be a student. There is such a positive attitude on campus toward student success, with lots of resources for students who need more academic help. The school spirit on campus is booming, and you will not see a frowning face anywhere on campus!
It makes you feel very inspired being here. They have this saying "There's something in these hills..." and I always kind of thought it was just something they made up and wasn't serious. However, after being here for a very short time, I have started to understand it more and it has made me extremely motivated to do my best here.
I enjoyed campus life things like core, teachers were all pretty good except 8 am classes and calculus. Football games are always a good time. Walking around campus can be pretty exhausting
As someone from Montgomery County, Maryland, it was a bit of a shock at first moving down south. Over time, I applied myself making friends with classmates and professors and began to establish a new home. Football games are an absolute blast even for those like me who never watched a game before. Everyone is proud to wear their orange and purple and the good vibes don't end, even when stressful exams rear their ugly heads. Like any place, you have to put in the work in both the classroom and in socializing if you want to have a good and successful time.
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Clemson is a wonderful place to go to school. The campus is beautiful and is located in a really nice area. All the academic programs at Clemson are well worth the time and money and prepare you well for whatever field you are pursuing. The professors overall want you to succeed and are usually very approachable and reasonable. Students and alum have a lot of pride for their school and it is definitely well deserved.
The facilities, especially in the newer buildings, is on-par or better than some ivy league schools that I've toured. The school has a strong engineering/applied research base, and a good showing of basic research, too. The campus itself is beautiful, for the most part. And the weather is nice.
Clemson is a great school! I am a Wildlife and Fisheries Biology major, and the program is incredible. The professors actually care about their students and take time to help you succeed!
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