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Engineering professors are great and very laid back. They are always willing to help and generally give good feedback. The material is very fast paced.
I love the professors here at Clemson University. They are here for their students to learn and go above and beyond their duties. I would like to see an improvement in their orientation, and I wished they focused on other aspects of the school as much as they do for football.
My overall experience at Clemson University has been the best I have ever had. It is truly a blessing to be here studying for my dream degree and having opportunities thrown at me left and right. The only thing bad I would have to say about Clemson is that the student parking is horrible. If they made more spots for the students that would give my rating of a 99.9 to a 100.
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Most of the classes have a large amount of students which isn't good if you prefer a more close knit class.
Great School! I enjoy my classes and the atmosphere. The professors are also good and I enjoy studying in the library.
So far I think Clemson is an excellent choice academically but they could use more diversity. I also believe that they should offer more money opportunities to minority students because they aren't the cheapest college you could attend.
If you have a food allergy, don’t attend Clemson University. After 20 years, I was hospitalized for the first time due to improper labelling of food in the dining hall and almost died. For months the staff at Clemson has been attempting to isolate me and I was told today that my only option was to withdraw from my meal plan. There is one dining hall section that is "allergy free" but it is located far away and there is rarely food there. Clemson has and will continue to isolate students from their friends.
I love Clemson University. The atmosphere is wonderful. I feel like I am at home when I visit Clemson. The professors have all been very nice. Admission was smooth and the Admissions Office was very helpful through the process.
I was extremely disappointed by Clemson. The school focus is extremely centered on football, the dorms are atrocious, the food is mediocre at best, and the area around the campus is extremely boring. I expected so much more because of all the hype Clemson gets, but really I don't think it's worth it. I've hated being here since I got here.
I have enjoyed my experience thus far but I think Clemson could improve on contact after you get accepted. The summer before starting was quite stressful because I didn't get a full picture about everything I had to do.
I am Angeleki Zecopoulos a freshman pre-pharmacy major at Clemson University. Clemson thus far has been an amazing school. It is truly amazing to have people look at you in awe when you tell them you attend Clemson. The academics, athletics, and student life really have lived up to my expectations. The school is challenging and not your typical college experience however. Professors know what you’re capable of and push you to get the very best out of you. This is a bonus and fault in its respective ways. I love that this school is challenging and impressive, but it can be a lot to handle. I assume with time all of the strife will pay off. Overall Clemson is for smart, talented, well rounded people and it reflects that in its overall appearance and the experience it provides. A great school with great kids. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.
Although this school was not my first choice, I fell in love with it. It is a beautiful campus and the academics were challenging and enriching.
Clemson was my dream school and i am living my dream as a sophomore. The school offers a great variety of academics and activities. I have learned alot over the last year and clemson is helping me pursue my dream career.
This is the most amazing place ever! I am in love with the campus and everyone on it! I always feel safe and I know I am getting a quality education! I wouldn't be happy anywhere else but Clemson.
Clemson University has the most welcoming atmosphere I have ever experienced. The hospitality of the students and faculty is amazing, and being a tiger is priceless!
Overall, my experience was a good one! I felt like I could go to my professors if I needed help. The campus is beautiful, and there are many opportunities that the University provides to get everyone involved - whether that is through clubs or other activities. Everyone on campus gets along, and football games bring everyone together on the weekends. I'm happy with the Undergraduate education I received from Clemson.
At most colleges professors see only numbers. They have seven classes a week of two hundred students each. But at Clemson it is different. The small class sizes of fifteen to twenty students enable professors to truly care about their students. At Clemson , professors see a face, a name, and a whole person; not just a number.
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My father went to this University, and he is making 6 figures now! Without Clemson, he would have never reached this point!
My family and I got to visit the Clemson campus during the 2017 Solar eclipse. The campus was beautiful, well maintained and very active.
I love going to clemson, it is such an amazing school to go to and we won the national championship!!
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