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Clemson University provides challenging academics with professors that care. Clemson works hard to ensure that there are safe options to get students involved in student life.
My cousin went to Clemson and I often visited! I always felt welcomed!!! Every time I went, I had a fabulous experience.
Clemson is a great mid-sized university that is perfect for sports enthusiasts. It has a strong small-town southern feel, but not being from South Carolina or another southern state does not leave you feeling excluded. The campus is a perfect size as you can walk to any spot on campus with plenty of time to get to all of your classes. The campus is big enough to constantly be meeting new people, but small enough that you will always see a familiar face. Class sizes vary, and professors want to see their students do their best. Clemson is a small town with underwhelming food and store varieties, but anything you need is a short drive away.
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Clemson overall is an amazing university with an environment of family. When you become a Clemson Tiger, you become part of a family. One thing that needs to be changed however, is how helpful some of our main offices are. For example the financial aid off, if students go to them with unique situations they tend to just "read off a script" for the most part they cannot really help any students without making them jump through hoops. If that could change the university would be great.Oh, and be prepared for some awful parking, and waiting around on the bus.
I love going to Clemson. I love the small town feel and how close everything on campus is. The student attitude and atmosphere is great and upbeat.
I find the overall experience at Clemson to be above average. The biggest concern is the financial aspect. I actually transferred from a Technical College. There was definitely an adjustment changing to a four year university. However, Clemson's level of academics is top notch.
This is my second year at Clemson and I still love it as much as I did last year. Classes are challenging but every one of my professors wanted to see me to succeed, extending office hours and answering any questions I had. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved with the school from Greek life to intramural sports. Clemson is an amazing school and is definitely worth the tuition.
As soon as you step onto the campus, it feels like home. The landscape is beautiful and the people are so friendly. One thing that really keeps me there are the teachers. They really work with you to help you succeed.
Clemson has both good and bad qualities especially for a commuter. The good things that the university provides are the different organizations that students can join. Another good thing about Clemson university is that the students that attend the university are like family. A couple of negative things that I’ve experienced at clemson is that the engineering department is using old equipment and run down buildings whereas the athletics department and business department gets new buildings and equipment. Another negative thing about the university is the commuter busses. The university offers commuter services to Greenville and its nice but it’s not what it use to be. The busses run late, the buses break down, most of the drivers are rude (some make you wait outside in really cold or wet weather till 2 mins till departure), and the scheduling is no longer a bus leaving at every hour.
Everyone is pretty cool, I've had some great professors and a few not so good ones. There are clubs for everyone and there's is nearly always something to do on campus. Not much to do off campus though. Parking is also a problem on campus.
I wish the campus was a bit more diverse, but overall being there is very enjoyable. I have made good friends, had great experiences, and made great memories in my year and a half of being there.
This was easily the best decision I've ever made. Great people, academics, and football. I already have job offers as a junior engineer.
Clemson has an excellent football team, beautiful campus and generally has competent teachers. However, the bureaucracy is atrocious. Dealing with anything related to financial aid is a massive headache and tuition is pretty high for a public university. Registering for classes is also very frustrating as classes always seem to be full.
The atmosphere is great, the library is huge, there are numerous resources, and extracurricular activities. While the school has a diverse set of students, the clubs and activities outside of class aren't diverse. If you enjoy sports, then you'll fit in fine here.
Clemson is such a family. Once you have been to Clemson you are apart of the family. The atmosphere is electric here. Teachers and resources are great. Everyone bonds over sports on the weekend and I love that the college is right next to downtown. I do wish that there was more to do outside of the college in Clemson instead of having to drive to the neighboring towns.
I have been to many games and multiple people in my family have attended this university, I have grown to love this place and incourage anyone to attend this college.
During my time at Clemson i was able to gain valuable internship and work experience that has allowed me to excel in my field.
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It is a very challenging school and it makes everybody want to push themselves to want to stay at the school.
Clemson is a very good school with a nice and quit environment. I would like for there to be more parking spots.
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