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My experience at Clemson University has completely shattered all of my expectations, which were already high. I love Clemson with all my heart, you know what they say, "Theres something in these hills".
Friendly atmosphere and unparalleled instructors who truly want you to succeed. The university will not let you fall without a fight! There are so many tutoring options available for free, college department scholarships, and professors who have office hours for needed one on one instruction.
Clemson is so electrifying. Football games. Tailgates. Academics. It is as well-rounded as its students. You would think that where a school excels in one area it would fall flat in another, but Clemson manages to uphold a high caliber in athletics as well academics.
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I truly enjoy being a student at Clemson University. The atmosphere here is great, I'm truly happy, I have amazing friends, a great football team, and it truly feels like home. But just like home, there are always things to fix. For starters, the dining hall food, definitely needs to be reconsidered. While it is good at times, there are times throughout the semester when it seems as if they are simply running out of food to give to the students, and these times always come when one needs it the most, specifically exam weeks and finals week. Another thing to be considered is the upkeep of the communal bathrooms in some of the dorms. This can definitely use an upgrade. Other than those big problems, the atmosphere at Clemson really makes up for it and they cancel each other out.
Overall, coming to Clemson University has been one of the greatest experiences of my life. I came from out of state and did not know many people attending this school so it was very different from what I was used to. The administration and students are all very welcoming which makes Clemson have a family atmosphere. There are also tons of activities and clubs that I can participate in and be involved in which helped make the transition from out of state even better.
When people say college will be the best four years of your life they were talking about Clemson University. Clemson is a well rounded school that has elite athletic programs and top notch academic opportunities. Clemson has a studious day life, and an active night life. I enjoy everything that Clemson has to offer.
I've been here for my first year. There really isn't a whole lot to do around here. Most of the parties are with frat or sororities.
Clemson University is a popular school, so don't expect to get in if you haven't academically challenged yourself in high school. Overall, Clemson University isn't a bad college. Even though there is a lack of diversity, most of the student body are really nice people. The classes here are really challenging, but as long as you keep up with the workload and make use of the DOZENS of student acadamic help programs, then your time at Clemson University will not be stressful.
Clemson University is a great school with great academics and sports' reputation. The campus is beautiful, and the community is welcoming. Diversity is embraced at Clemson University, and I am proud to call it my school.
Nice place. Super green. Great exercise facility. You are walking distance to everything. Its great. If you don't want to walk they have buses that run throughout campus. Finding parking is tricky though.
I thoroughly enjoyed touring Clemson University located the heart of Clemson, South Carolina. The campus is all together, yet spread out (a 15-minute walk from one end to the next). As a visitor, I realized that the students that I saw were very happy, positive, and excited to be there. The downtown is very close to campus which is nice for students and locals alike. The only downside to Clemson, from what I saw, was the poor landscape. It seemed to not have been kept up well. Other than that, Clemson is a medium-sized, happy, close-knit school to attend from what I experienced.
The school is sleazy and terrible. The school's IPTAY program which was made to improve the school academically for athletes spent 55 million dollars of scholarship money on a building for 30 highly powered people to watch movies and eat food. Terrible school. I hate it here.
Clemson is one of the greatest schools there are. It just has a special feeling when you're on campus. Anytime you're surrounded by Clemson students you are sure to feel a great school spirit. Plus who doesn't want to go to a school of champions am I right?
Clemson is by far the best college town school in the nation. Nothing compares to the spirit of the students and the campus. Everyone is so proud to call themselves a tiger, and that pride continues into the classroom and into the work ethic of the students. The surrounding town is adorable, and even though there isn't much to do in Clemson itself, the mountains and shopping are only a short drive away.
Clemson is a great school with great professors, academics, student life and athletics! For a medium-large university, it has that small campus feel. The town of Clemson is also amazing, there is always something going on downtown.
Clemson University far surpassed my expectations of college. As a freshman, I immediately was surrounded by other students who became life long friends, teachers who were willing to help and support me in my learning, and athletics that brought the whole Clemson community together to cheer for the Tigers! It is challenging to NOT become involved through all the on-campus and off-campus organizations. It is true what they say about Clemson being the happiest school, everyone is so friendly and support each other through thick and thin. The surrounding lakes and mountains as well as the beautiful and historical buildings and monuments throughout Clemson makes its environment beautiful and peaceful. "There is something in these hills..."
Clemson University is a place like no other. This college has been the best place for me and so many others. The football team is great, the teachers are great, and the campus is perfect. Who could ever turn down the orange and purple sunsets every night? There really is something in these hills.
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There's always something to do on or off campus and the classes you take can be very interesting and challenging. There are always opportunities to meet future employers or to join a new club or sport.
Clemson is an amazing school. The campus is beautiful and there's always something to do. It's a great school if you like a small town feel, but it's also not far from downtown Greenville so you can get both. As a southern school, however, it isn't especially diverse, so if you like diversity in the classroom it might not be the school for you.
Amazing school. Perfect college town. There's almost always a party. Millions of beautiful outdoor places to enjoy (hiking, mtn biking, Lake Hartwell, Blue Ridge mtns). Wonderful outdoor program (C.O.R.E.) Good for Greek Life but not necessary to have fun, but there's definitely a popularity for it.
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