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Academically, Clemson is a great school. Socially however, it depends on your type. Fraternities are a pretty big scene on campus, and if you are not in one, you are either trying to go to a fraternity party, or go downtown. Social pressures to drink and do drugs are pretty high, and the "cool thing to do" is to get drunk all day on weekends, especially GameDay I lived this life for my first two years and got tired of it. As soon as I turned 21 I started going downtown, and that got old after half a semester. If drinking and southern culture isn't your thing it gets extremely boring around here as the local area has little to offer, with the closet true town unaffiliated with the school being Anderson, which still kind of sucks coming from metro Atlanta. I got tired of trying to fit in and gave up the drinking culture and have found it extremely hard to find other activities to do.
Clemson was exciting while also nurturing to my academic experience! I was able to gain a great education while also making lifetime friends.
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When i toured clemson, i loved how everyone was so excepting and had a smile on their face. Everyone helped everyone else and it felt like a home away from home.
Great academics, atheletics, and social life! By far the best school in South Carolina. Beautiful, hilly campus especially in the fall when the leave change.
Clemson is an open arms community. It feel like home and there really is a family feeling when you come to Clemson. Watching the Tigers at Death Valley was one of the greatest experiences I have had. The teachers that I have had are for the most part warm and welcome, and all of them really know that they are talking about.
My overall college experience at Clemson University has been amazing. I have learned so much more about engineering than I think I could have at any other engineering school in South Carolina. By starting off in General Engineering, I was able to learn more about specific types of engineering, and the one I decided to pursue a career in is Material Science and Engineering. I'm very happy with my decision, and I enjoy what I'm learning. Along with the academics, the social scene at Clemson is great. I've made many friends that are in my major, as well as other friends that are in complete opposite majors, but we all have fun together cheering at the football games, supporting this outstanding school.
Clemson is a wonderful place! It's a fantastic school, place to be, it's very beautiful! I highly recommend attending this school.
The academics are really good, the football is exciting, and the people are really nice. The food overall isn't bad, and I've had a really good experience here so far.
I have not attended yet but plan to attend in the fall. Just doing this for a scholarship :) But I have heard great things about Clemson
Im currently a sophomore at Clemson and am trying to transfer. This school doesn't live up to the hype at all. The football team is excellent but the atmosphere isn't that great because students leave at halftime for almost every game and often show up late to the start. Academics are incredible boring as most of your classes will be with 40+ students usually in a lecture hall. As for the social life if you aren't in a fraternity or sorority you won't have one. I wish I had decided to go to USC or Wofford instead, but made a stupid decision. As for the facilities the 3 dining halls on campus are awful and serve the same food every day. There is also almost no diversity here and racism is strong. The downtown is more of a street than an actual town and besides the university there is nothing. The dorms are also awful, but a good point is that Clemson is a very safe area.
I would like there to be more diversity on campus, and more support for women in STEM majors. Many professors are very kind and care about helping you succeed, but some class sizes are very large and it is hard to form a connection with your professors. It is a bit hard to fit in if you don't fit the traditional southern mold.
This was the best decision I ever made coming here, especially being out-of-state from Philadelphia. The atmosphere on campus, in class, and especially at games is outstanding. Everyone is super friendly and welcoming and the academics are challenging and promising. There are a million and one clubs, activities, sports, and opportunities to get involved in. Clemson is really well recognized by companies as well and they want our students. I have also never felt unsafe on or off campus no matter what time of night it is.
I love Clemson University! I am a junior majoring in Marketing and Spanish. Clemson places a lot of emphasis on academics. Great school spirit, fun sports, and beautiful weather.
Clemson is beautiful! Everything about the college is amazing. The campus is gorgeous, the sports are crazy and the friends meet will last a lifetime!!
Clemson is a great place if you want to be involved in a lot of social change at the moment. However, it is easy to feel like a number at such a large school with such a focus on athletics. Overall, I do feel as if the education is great . Also there isn't that much to do since Clemson is in the middle of nowhere.
It was a town based around a college not a college based around a town. The spirit of the Clemson was truly noticeable around the whole Clemson area whether it be restaurants supporting the tigers or flags on cars, it truly was a special experience getting to spend time in this environment.
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Clemson is a home away from home. Every person you meet is kind, welcoming, and genuinely interested in helping you or getting to know you. The academics are rigorous, but you constantly are challenged for the better and learning everyday. In every sense of the term Clemson will be the best decision you make for a 4 year University.
Clemson University is an excellent school. They have all of the resources you need readily available, plus way more. The environment is great and the staff members and students are very nice and helpful. I have not met a rude person on campus, nor have I had a rude professor. Everyone wants you to succeed!
what i have experienced about clemson was that there campus was really big and they have a really good nursing classes. so i encourage anyone that wants to be a nurse to go to clemson university
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