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I took online classes during the summer. Due to this pandemic, online classes was normal because my high school classes were also online. I adapted very well and finished my classes with excellent grades.
I'm a freshman and so far I love Cleary. I received an athletic scholarship for track. I look forward to fulfilling my dreams of getting a college degree and also running track at a collegiate level.
I chose the accelerated classes which are 8 weeks. One teacher started responding 6 weeks in and didn't like anyone's submissions since her instructions made 0 sense and wanted us all to redo everything. NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOU OR YOUR SUCCESS HERE.
Counselors, admin, teachers do not care, you cant reach em or get help from them.
please dont waste your life energy here.
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Oh lord, I started going to this university when I was a P.O only because it was 50% off for law enforcement officers. Huge Mistake
This is the absolute worst school, worst experience, worst website, slowest response times. Good luck trying to get help from Financial aid office or anyone.
The have one counselor who responds and seems like she cares. One teacher Mr.heyes? who is a great teacher. the rest of this organization will drag you down, waste your time and money.
If i could go back, i would rather pay tripple or 4x more to go anywhere else.
Every interaction I've had with staff has been amazing. The make each step to achieving your educational goals as dimples as possible.
I did not take any online classes, but it's available for everyone and you can do a mix of in person and online classes too for those who still want to meet their professors in person.
Very small business focused school ! Dorms are relatively new and very spacious compared to other dorm rooms. New athletic fields and growing sports programs. Class sizes are small 11-1 ratio
My experience at Cleary so far has been nothing but good. The administration is very kind and understanding for student needs. For example, they will answer any questions or concerns you have. The students here are very accepting and kind. I don’t think I’ve met one mean person yet. Another good thing is the housing. Housing here is great. In the dorms there’s plenty of room for students and there’s something to do on every floor for students.
Cleary University is a small university with small class sizes. You are able to get to know your professors and are able to work with your professors. They are increasing in their athletics, being an athlete in college really help you stay active.
As I have just completed my first full year at Cleary University as a transfer student I find that this school has a unique environment that I do enjoy. Cleary has small class sizes on a very small and intimate campus, I find this to be more helpful for me as I feel I am receiving a more customized and personal learning experience. Cleary also places a large focus on giving you opportunities outside of our schooling by offering career and internship services to help match you up to a position you may be interested in, as well as hosting employers at the school to speak to you face to face about open positions. Cleary University seems to have the students best interests in mind.
Very diverse, small university with very good athletics and very small, interactive classes. the campus life is very nice as the dorms are very nice and big, there are a lot of student activities and opportunities for student employment on campus. the food is very good and they serve fresh breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily. the campus is small so there is a lot to do and you don't have to go far to see anything going on, like sport games, two full basketball courts, and a full gym.
The professors are highly knowledgeable in their fields and give lots of personal examples that is beneficial in actually understanding the topics. Although it lacks a lot of extra curricular groups beside athletics.
As a new student, I like this smaller campus because it is very personable. The dorms are new and the athletic fields are new as well. The surround area is very nice and safe to go explore.
I like Cleary because it is small and intamite. You receive a genuine education and a connection with all of your professors.
Cleary University is a college whose first priority is always their students. All of the teachers at this school are committed to helping students work towards their full potential. They all want you to succeed and will do anything and everything to make that happen.
I like that the classes are small (student:teacher ratio). I like the diversity and the sports program. I don't like the lack of communication and organization at Cleary. I wish there were more opportunities for scholarships or lower tuition. I had to take out a $12,000 student loan for the first year and the remaining years will be close to $20,000
we have not had any issues
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prepare for interviews and success
The dorms are brand new to the campus this year.
From personal experience, the cross country coaches are great and keep good communication among their athletes. The staff are supportive of the sports, as well. However, the school is growing and the fitness center is still in the process of developing.
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