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The professors are highly knowledgeable in their fields and give lots of personal examples that is beneficial in actually understanding the topics. Although it lacks a lot of extra curricular groups beside athletics.
As a new student, I like this smaller campus because it is very personable. The dorms are new and the athletic fields are new as well. The surround area is very nice and safe to go explore.
I like Cleary because it is small and intamite. You receive a genuine education and a connection with all of your professors.
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Cleary University is a college whose first priority is always their students. All of the teachers at this school are committed to helping students work towards their full potential. They all want you to succeed and will do anything and everything to make that happen.
I like that the classes are small (student:teacher ratio). I like the diversity and the sports program. I don't like the lack of communication and organization at Cleary. I wish there were more opportunities for scholarships or lower tuition. I had to take out a $12,000 student loan for the first year and the remaining years will be close to $20,000
we have not had any issues
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The dorms are brand new to the campus this year.
From personal experience, the cross country coaches are great and keep good communication among their athletes. The staff are supportive of the sports, as well. However, the school is growing and the fitness center is still in the process of developing.
The professors are willing to help the students understand and the staff take the time to know everyone.
The majority of the traditional student population is made up of athletic students. There are no 'home fields' and the sports are played at off campus locations, so not many people attend.
Typical apartments. Between $600 and $900 is average for 2 to 3 bedrooms. Most places are 2 bedrooms. The apartments with 3 bedrooms have a lot of family's with small kids running around.
Same old - Applebee's, McDonalds, Qdoba.. if you go downtown (a few miles into Howell) there are some non-chain options for burgers and Thai. It is not within walking distance. Several breweries have opened in Howell this year (2015) and there is now a Jimmy John's within delivery distance.
It's a small town. Unless you are an athlete or friends with an athletic student, there is no party scene on/near campus. Parties are in the student apartments off campus.
With the right GPA, there are quite a few endowed scholarship available.
The food is provided by the on-site catering company. There are one or two choices per day, served banquet style. The food is not very good. There are a few tables, not many students hang around. They basically converted two classrooms into a cafeteria.
I rented off campus in downtown Howell. I now own my own home in howell and the drive is fine.
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I'm a vegetarian... hard to go someplace and order anything further than cheese sticks or a salad.
I love Cleary and I feel like overall they've done a great job of making students feel welcome.
The financial aid office is super helpful and have already gone above & beyond my expectations.
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