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Clayton State University main campus is in a very bad area. I am always getting notifications of robberies and crimes happening on campus. Luckily I take most classes online and at the peachtree city campus.
Good College with a beautiful campus. Many people are caring and want to see you succeed. It is currently my first semester there but I really like it. They make planning for you future really easy they encourage you to get things done. The sooner you start things the sooner you finish.
I spent the weekend at Clayton state and i enjoyed it a lot there were plenty of things to do like go to the student activity center or go to the library.
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Professors are very kind and helpful. Classes are very easy if you try. Students are very friendly. Stores have a lot of options to choose from and are cheap.
It’s a nice university with classes that are challenging, yet manageable. I’ve not had a bad professor yet. The parking situation isn’t great and the school itself isn’t beautiful, but everyone is helpful and wants you to do well and learn.
What I like about Clayton states is the beautiful lakes and how the whole school was built. I love how some of the buildings were build
Clayton state is a good school. The teachers and staff are do nice and helpful . They take their jobs serious. I like cksyyon state because it's in a good location and it's accessible to everything . The student are from all over the country , which makes Clayton State a very versatile school.
My experience at Clayton State University was unforgettable. My freshman year was the most challenging year that I have ever experienced, and that is why I give it a 4 star rating. The professors make sure you work hard and earn the grade you deserve. The classes are reasonably sized, with 40-50 students being my largest class so far. In that way, I didn't feel like a number. Instead, my professors knew who I was and I was easier to build relationships with them.
It is a beautiful campus filled with staff that makes move on when ready/ dual enrollment students comfortable form day one.
I enjoy the open experience with nature and wildlife. The campus is accessible and locally convenient.
I am currently a junior at Clayton State university. Although this is my first year here I already love the atmosphere and people. I can get in contact with any office as needed and the administrators are genuinely here to assist.
The things that made me interested in this school is the dental program. We even get to work with real patients. I think this will help me with a hands on experience with my major. I also like this school because it have a lot of activities around campus. It is also a safe environment and gives me a lot of tips so I can have a great school year.
I would have to say that Clayton State is a great school because you will feel challenged and will have the support from the professors. This is a well represented school
I am planning to attend Clayton in the fall. What has impressed me with this college is it's academic reviews as well as it's ratings as being one of the top 20 in the country. I planned to be the best in my field of work and I want to be taught and trained by the best. I will be transferring from Grand Rapids Community College and I have already gotten my acceptance letter from Clayton.
Clayton State University is an excellent choice for a college any student can make for secondary education. The campus is still expanding over time and making renovations, and while renovations may leave some difficulty with traversing around the campus, the campus is exceptionally lively. The dorm rooms are exquisite. They serve as the perfect little nest outside of your home to make your temporary residency as you continue your education. The food is also great, and I always look forward to dining with my favorite meals. The professors who teach the classes always make your day, and while some students may find some instructors a bit taxing, they're all diamonds in the rough. There's a lot of variety and versatility in academic and athletic ventures. Experiences here at Clayton State University will last a lifetime.
This school is strictly a school for learning. There's not a lot of partying on campus which is good because it gives you more time to focus on school work. The only thing i didn't like its there's not a lot of campus involvement there needs to be more educational activities around campus
My experience at Clayton State has been good overall. The campus is nice and the professors are helpful. The tutoring services are excellent as well. However, there is literally duck excrement on the sidewalks daily, because the ducks roam around randomly. Also, I don't really know about the area outside of campus, but there has been a few incidents that occurred.
Review Clayton State University
Clayton State University was a great school I attended. The professors were very helpful and taught their students well. They did whatever it took for the students to pass, no matter how frustrating it was. The staff members of the different services were friendly and provided instructions on certain situations you needed help with. Dining services was kind of friendly because their were a certain number of workers who were respectful to the students. The only thing I say they could change is to have better employees who are more respectful towards people.
This campus is beautiful. I am so glad i have the opportunity to attend this college. As long as this campus continues to keep me safe, I will continue to love it.
The experience at Clayton State is one of a kind. The school is small but the environment makes it feel so vast and diverse. The professors are very helpful and always to share knowledge. The programs are well organized and then environment is challenging enough to keep anyone fully engaged. I made the best decision selecting Clayton state and I am glad they accepted me.
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