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My experience at Clayton State has been good overall. The campus is nice and the professors are helpful. The tutoring services are excellent as well. However, there is literally duck excrement on the sidewalks daily, because the ducks roam around randomly. Also, I don't really know about the area outside of campus, but there has been a few incidents that occurred.
Clayton State University was a great school I attended. The professors were very helpful and taught their students well. They did whatever it took for the students to pass, no matter how frustrating it was. The staff members of the different services were friendly and provided instructions on certain situations you needed help with. Dining services was kind of friendly because their were a certain number of workers who were respectful to the students. The only thing I say they could change is to have better employees who are more respectful towards people.
This campus is beautiful. I am so glad i have the opportunity to attend this college. As long as this campus continues to keep me safe, I will continue to love it.
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The experience at Clayton State is one of a kind. The school is small but the environment makes it feel so vast and diverse. The professors are very helpful and always to share knowledge. The programs are well organized and then environment is challenging enough to keep anyone fully engaged. I made the best decision selecting Clayton state and I am glad they accepted me.
Clayton State is a very beautiful and very encapsulating campus with more than enough amenities to keep the idle mind busy. The campus advertises a serene environment fit for studying, learning, and growing all in the same place and will help any student blossom far beyond their wildest dreams. Clayton State University is not short on opportunities to learn and experience new majors, and is close to the city of dreams, Atlanta. Being this close allows for students to network and advertise themselves accordingly to become the future of tomorrow in the working world. Clayton State has been more than adequate in shaping my dreams and ambitions, and this is coming from someone who had neither when enrolling. Are you the right person for CSU, because we need you.
I am an online student and senior at Clayton State also a former graduate of theirs with a Certificate of Applied Science in Office Assisting. I will be graduating in the fall with an Associates degree in Integrative Studies and a Bachelor's degree in Administrative Management. The school has lots of degrees to choose from in which some programs are online and the professors really teach you well. I have been employed with great corporations due to the education I have received from this school which is why I returned back after 2004. The school has won numerous awards which being one of the top institutions in GA to attend and the most economical as well. The students and faculty are quite friendly and the campus is quiet and convenient. The food is good when I'm there and they have won numerous awards for the athleticism. I'm grateful to be here again.
I began my education at Clayton State University Fall 2014 as a Dual- Enrollment Student. Clayton State University was always an extremely friendly environment. The professors here really want their students to succeed. Overall, Clayton State is a great place for getting your education and the community will encourage you to strive for your dreams.
Despite the lack of enthusiasm from many of the students, I do appreciate those and the university for creating events to excite everyone and make the most of college life. A major issue that concerns me is the lack of motivation in the academics. As a MOWR student, I often feel like I am back at my high school with the work I am given, the work ethic of the students, and the structure of the professors. Aside from that, the library is is pretty nice and has many areas to relax. The campus setting is also cool with many places to sit and do some work.
Clayton State was a great college full of fun things to do. The classes weren't extremely difficult but some teachers require you to work for your grade! I would like to see more security on campus.
The Information Technology department at Clayton State University is very negative towards their students. A former CSU IT instructor informed me that most students don’t complete their IT bachelor’s degree at this college because the department likes to hold their students back. Professor Ken Nguyen is an IT instructor at this college who likes to discriminate and belittle minority students. He lectures only to his white students and ignores his minority students like they don’t exist. I find it very disappointing that a large amount of students have to withdraw from his classes every semester because he doesn't want to teach them. He only wants to bolster his ego by showing how little the students know and how much he knows instead of trying to make sure the students learn the material. He doesn't give the student's any hope of success in his classes. He is part of the reason why this department is not doing well at the moment.
I've had a wonderful experience at CSU! I am transfer student who has attended one other university before CSU. My admissions experience was great. I had no problems with admissions and advisement. The mandatory advisement each semester is great help and I know that this is a measure taken to make sure I take the required courses for graduation. My major is in Marketing which has proven to be the best choice for me. I am almost junior now and looking forward to graduate from CSU. I love being a CSU Laker! Go Lakers!
I graduated with a degree from CSU some years back, and have recently returned for another degree. I love my alma mater! The school has undergone multiple renovations, and has not only expanded the physical campus, but their course offerings and degree programs as well. It is well worth it to study at CSU, and it is a really nice place to learn too!
While the campus is small, it is intimate. Student Life is very active and veteran resources are available.
I like the atmosphere and the academic at Clayton State. People are easy going and campus is nice and calm.
Clayton State University is a great school. It is in a great location and the campus is very peaceful. I love Clayton state because the people are nice and it's a small school so you can get more attention from your professors. I'd recommend this college to anyone.
This is my second year of attending Clayton State University. My first year was great, I opened up as person and began to discover the type of life I wanted to live. I'm also an athlete for the school, the athletic family of Clayton State is supportive to all athletes and academically rich with dynamic individuals with drive. Living arrangements are different as freshman compared to upperclassmen, however its a learning curve for how to handle roommate situations and have compromise for others around you. Overall, I enjoy Clayton State I treat this school like my official home away from home.
Overall, Clayton State is good school especially for students who want to mainly focus on education. The campus itself is small, has nice scenery and can be walked around rather then driving everywhere. The cost of the college is not as expensive as most colleges. One of the best features of the campus is the housing, in both freshman and upper class housing everyone has their own individual bedroom rather then having multiple roommates in one bedroom. If you are looking to have the true "college fun" then you are better off at one of the huge populated schools unless you can make your own fun.
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The safety on this campus is the best. There is security officers as well as police oficers riding around on campus every hour.
The value of receiving a degree from this school is valuable. The quality of theis school can get you to a successful future and career. The internships are highly recommended at this school.
The cost of living of students is affordable compared to other schools. I live off campus. I hear from other students that the dorms are very clean and spacious for students.
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