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Clayton State University is the best college I've ever been to. The campus is very beautiful and big. The local area is very nice. The school is near a mall and many shopping areas.
I love Clayton State. It is a great college and I recommend it to anyone looking to start college. I have made some wonderful friends and enjoyed almost all of my teachers.
Clayton state has a diverse university. Their campus is really nice including a lake and a peaceful surrounding.
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Great place to learn and grow. Friendly staff and great student population. I enjoy attending here, I am much older that most of my classmates but it is easy to fit in. They offer great extracurricular activities on campus. The activity center keeps student active and involved.
The teachers and staff at Clayton are very helpful.They are very kind and very efficient with guiding you. The campus is so beautiful and clean. Clayton is also very diverse and welcoming.
I'm not a fan of their online program at all! Unless you're close to the school, the teachers allow online students to sit in on class. The classes are setup in a way that you probably won't make it out in the year as advertised. You may want to bring your own financial aid to save at least one headache.
A good college for those not looking to get too far away from school. Overall, professors are nice and want to see you succeed. Not my style of college; I plan on transferring.
Clayton state is a quiet and great school for academics. It is not a big party school and you don’t get much of a real college experience as far as Greek life and partying goes, but if you want to get in and get out and focus strictly on academics, this is a great school.
Clayton State isn't a bad school, but it's definitely a smaller one. They won't necessarily have as much diversity in terms of types of people compared to other universities, but it is very diverse in terms of race. By that, I mean even though the people attending this University may come from a variety of different cultural backgrounds, many of them are the same type of student: Go to class, work, and home. That's it. Socially speaking, the school isn't very active. It is not a "traditional college". It's more so for people who may be single parents or getting a degree later in life. A lot of kids go here, but they don't make up that large a portion of the student body compared to places like GSU or KSU. Not bad if you're just focused on that degree though.
Overall enjoyed my freshman year experience I will be a sophomore in the spring of 2019. Clayton State is a good college however some things on campus could change such as Safety and Housing rules.
I love that Clayton State University is a diverse school. There are plenty of opportunities to excel here at this school. There are a few campus crimes during the year, but the new gates around the community has made it safer. I also love that this university is very affordable with an amazing education to match.
I really enjoy this campus as a full time dual enrolment students. There is a variety of classes I have never heard of. There was also a black girl magic class which is honestly so empowering and inspiring.
What I liked about Clayton State were the campus and the people. The campus is very open and the student body diverse, which I love. The professors are nice and understanding. They don't pile on too much homework. I also like that there are a lot of organizations and clubs to get involved in on campus.
The beauty of the nature trails and lakes. Did not like how difficult finiacial aid is and how bad parking is.
I like how this school is secluded but once u go down the road a bit, you've basically got everything you need. You've got grocery stores such as Walmart and Kroger, restaurants including, Wendy's, and Cookout, and the South lake mall is in the are also. There aren't too many distractions and that's a good thing for me. I enjoy the fact that the school is small, which means you will see people more than once which allows you to make more friends.
Clayton State is a small but connected University. Their film program is very good considering they only have of few of them. I would like for them to create a film building but overall this is an amazing school and I am glad I attend here.
Campus is easy to navigate and the advisors are extremely helpful and patient with any questions I have!
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Very beautiful campus! I would like to see more student parties and imvolvent. The curriculum is pretty bareable. The classroom sizes are pretty descent.
My first college experience being over 40 was better than I imagine it would be. Definitely recommended for older adults going back to school. The student support that you get is very good.
My experience at Clayton State University has been amazing so far. I just completed my first year there, and I love it. I have been able to keep my 4.0 GPA, work on campus, and join some organizations. I am in a dual-degree program that will allow me to transfer and finish with 2 degree in 4 years. The price of the school is very affordable, and the professors really care and help you learn the material. The campus is nice, and there are lots of places to go and enjoy while you're there. It is also one of the most diverse universities in the state of Georgia, so you'll be able to meet people from all walks of life.
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