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My experience at Clayton State University has been very good. I am currently a sophomore pursuing an associate's degree in Information Technology and the program is very interesting. The faculty is very kind and helpful. The professors I have had so far have been very resourceful and they do their best in helping their students understand the curriculum in order to do well in the course work.
I was hesitant about attending Clayton State initially. It is a very small school that is known by many outside of the area it is located in. From the outside looking in it would seem that there isn't much going on; and not a place i would desire to spend my college years. Although after spending a few semester at that institution I have completely changed my tune. I have realized that while it may not be the biggest institution with the most resources/opportunities, it is still sufficient for a young adult seeking higher education. In fact for the cost, it is more than sufficient, this University excels at providing students everything they need to be successful during and after their time attending Clayton State University.
I like this school because the faculty and all the employees are very friendly and helpful. You feel safe on campus because you see the police patrol everywhere you go. I will recommend this school.
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My experiences at Clayton State University overall has been extremely rewarding from the dedicated professors and staff in providing a thriving academic environment to the safety provided by the Campus police!
I have had the best experience with this school. I am recently returning to college to elevate my career and this institution has been great at getting me on track. The professors are open and easy to talk to, the counseling staff is expedient with information and offers great advice. I would recommend this school to anyone looking for to further their education.
Clayton State University is an excellent school for learning. The Professors and staff at the university are helpful. There are several resources for students wanting help on academics. The campus is filled with trees and lakes, to provide a peaceful atmosphere. The housing at the university is amazing, because it allows the students to have privacy but also freedom. If i could change one thing at clayton state it would be to have more events to bring the students together.
I am duel enrollment student so I found that CSU helped me with learning how to write and it helped to prepare me to go into actual college.
Clayton State is a beautiful university with professors and staff who always make sure you are doing your best!
You feel at home on campus. And you always feel safe no matter the time of day or night your classes are.
This school is a waste of money and it is so dry and boring. It is based in the hood, the teachers here don't really care if you pass or fail. Its hard to get a job getting out of this school.
Professors at CSU really care about teaching their students. I have been here for a while and I do feel comfortable with the academics. There are also many tutoring and writing services there for students. The only problems are finding parking during peak hours & the service provided by the admissions, public safety, etc. offices. It feels like they are too busy to adequately help their students.
Clayton State University main campus is in a very bad area. I am always getting notifications of robberies and crimes happening on campus. Luckily I take most classes online and at the peachtree city campus.
Good College with a beautiful campus. Many people are caring and want to see you succeed. It is currently my first semester there but I really like it. They make planning for you future really easy they encourage you to get things done. The sooner you start things the sooner you finish.
I spent the weekend at Clayton state and i enjoyed it a lot there were plenty of things to do like go to the student activity center or go to the library.
Professors are very kind and helpful. Classes are very easy if you try. Students are very friendly. Stores have a lot of options to choose from and are cheap.
It’s a nice university with classes that are challenging, yet manageable. I’ve not had a bad professor yet. The parking situation isn’t great and the school itself isn’t beautiful, but everyone is helpful and wants you to do well and learn.
What I like about Clayton states is the beautiful lakes and how the whole school was built. I love how some of the buildings were build
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Clayton state is a good school. The teachers and staff are do nice and helpful . They take their jobs serious. I like cksyyon state because it's in a good location and it's accessible to everything . The student are from all over the country , which makes Clayton State a very versatile school.
My experience at Clayton State University was unforgettable. My freshman year was the most challenging year that I have ever experienced, and that is why I give it a 4 star rating. The professors make sure you work hard and earn the grade you deserve. The classes are reasonably sized, with 40-50 students being my largest class so far. In that way, I didn't feel like a number. Instead, my professors knew who I was and I was easier to build relationships with them.
It is a beautiful campus filled with staff that makes move on when ready/ dual enrollment students comfortable form day one.
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