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Clatsop Community College Reviews

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I really love how small and well-planned out the campus is. However, I wish there were more conservative instructors and professors at the college.
Clatsop Community College is a great college. I really enjoyed my time there, and I feel like it was good preparation for later in life. Additionally, the teachers are almost all excellent.
Friendly staff. They are currently remodeling one of their buildings and updating technology. I am so glad I decided to make the commute instead of attending my local college. Clatsop Community College is definitely the best College in the area.
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The teacher to student ratio is great. Lots of help around campus for writing etc. All teachers are eager to help and want you to succeed. Great college to attend!
I love the teachers. They all care about their students and want to help them in any way possible. The school has a tough yet fantastic nursing program and many other programs. It is also affordable and easy on the wallet.
my fire science program is fantastic. the training is as good as any fire dept academy
the fact that such a small college had a fire science program is wonderful.
my school is unique because of the rather small size of it which allows you the chance to get to know your professors and other students better
my credits from other community colleges I have attended were easily transferred
our school is very small for your average community college but has a beautiful campus overlooking the columbia river in Astoria.
the online courses are easily accessed and easy to understand and use
I did not find the financial aid office to be very helpful when i had issues in receiving my FAFSA money
The typical student at my school are your typical small town folk trying to get ahead in the limited job field with an education
the computer network at my school is easily used and accessed on my campus
The resources at my college are fantastic and easily used.
For my fire science program I feel that the job prospects are limited but the training and education I receive will help increase my chances.
I'm a engineering/physics major, I have had problems communicating with my adviser, however, overall, the experience has been great!
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Community Colleges are very high in Oregon compared to California, however, the staff have been very helpful in assisting me with my financial aid.
My school consists of a combination, young and older students. Many preparing for transfer, others who have started later in their careers and wish to go to the nursing program.
The college tuition is doable, and the financial aid will contact you if something is added or taken away from your financial aid.
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