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I picked Clary Sage College, because everyone is so nice. The instructors are always there for you. They WANT you to succeed! Unlike other schools, Clary Sage is there EVERY SINGLE step of the way! I love the positive atmosphere!
Clary sage is awesome, although they are a little bit expensive it's well worth it. When you enroll in clary you join a family, everyone is so helpful and puts your education first. If they offered bachelor degrees at clary I would go back after I'm done with my associates. I recommend clary to anyone that wants to enroll in school.
As I am just now starting classes, my experience so far has been excellent. The admissions and financial aid advisors have been very helpful at each step of my journey. They have all be open to any questions or concerns that I may have. The advisors are knowledgeable about their subjects and are more than prepared to assist imcoming students.
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I feel like I fit in
fun and friendly admissions reps
im taking online classes so i dont get the full class experience
I start my program at Clary Sage this month, but every time I have gone up there the staff is awesome! Everyone is extremely helpful and is constantly keeping in touch to make sure you are up to date with everything. I chose this program at this school because ive heard nothing but good things about it.
It is very convenient that the school provides morning and evening classes. Also everything needed to excel in school is all online which makes homework and taking tests very easy. I have yet to experience any hassles or frustrations with this school.
The field I picked was massage therapy and because it is a hands on field, one must attend class to learn the techniques and practice on students. No online courses are available for this field.
Post-grad services include staff that will help find a job for students. They typically start the search as the student is almost finished with school so that when they graduate they easily transition in the field.
When seeking which school to attend I called spas around the city to see where they hire there massage therapist. Five out five spas said Clary Sage college. Students in my class are 3 weeks from graduating and they are already receiving interview and some are already hired. The school has great staff that helps students receive a job after graduation. They provide meetings to go over interview tips and help create a resume.
My experience with the instructors and with staff has been fantastic. They have an open door policy where anytime a student has a concern they are welcome to come in and speak with their professor or counselor. The atmosphere of the school is the reason why I decided to go there. The classes are small so that students have more one on one time with the instructor. The techniques taught is very helpful. A lot of people feel overwhelmed when going back to school. Clary Sage made it so easy. I have never experienced such a great staff.
I am in the massage therapy program and absolutely love it! My interest in this field has turned into a real passion because of the way the school presents the material. As students we practice on each other for the first part of the day and the other half of the day we have lecture. I really enjoy how there program is setup. The other amazing benefit about Clary Sage is that I will be certified in nine months. Starting a new career in less than a year is fantastic!
The staff was very helpful and quick to respond to my emails. They provided me with all the information needed to start school. The school is invested in there students and it clearly shows with their actions. I have never been to such an amazing school. It is the best decision I have ever made!
My teacher is AWESOME! Class is easygoing. A bit of a small class at the moment.
The program I'm in is very hands on. Homework is fair l'd say.
Amazing school, amazing instructors, wonderful inviting environment, everyone genuinely cares about you and your goal for your future career.
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Classes does not start for another month or so but just enrolling and having all the help I can get from the advisors already changed my perspective of the school and is making me love it even more than before. I am excited to start my college/career path and I am glad I am starting it at Clary Sage.
Registering for a class was really easy and the school followed up with me quickly and made sure to talk to me and find out if I was choosing something that was important to me and I could handle. They offer night and day classes and provide you with an iPad Mini when you begin so you can do a lot of your work on that.
As I stated before, I am currently taking a Career Development Learning Class. This class is required at the beginning of any program for my school. I will soon be moving on to Makeup Artistry at Clary Sage and I have heard great things! The workload so far has been very fair and I look forward to receiving my first score. I really look forward to being able to do something that I love, can excel at and be paid for so that I can take care of myself, my future and my family.
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