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I enjoyed being a member of a sorority on campus. I was involved in a SPEED team while on campus that one regionally and went on to compete nationally. As a recent alum, I enjoy coming back to visit and staying connected to the campus. The alumni community is a great resource both while a student as well as post grad. I picked Clarkson because of the family atmosphere and I couldn't be happier to have attended school here.
I spent the best 4 years of my life at Clarkson. The campus is full of wonderful people who are genuinely concerned about student success and well-being. The academic rigor is top notch and every student graduates fully prepared for a demanding career. I cannot recommend Clarkson enough and I credit my time and connections with the institution to much of the success I have achieved since graduating.
Clarkson University is a great STEM school. Its an academic rigorous college so just be ready for the amount of work and stress you'll be in. Campus food could be better. Diversity is rare on campus.
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My time at Clarkson was definitely memorable. I left my alma mater with an education that I feel is marketable in quality. Clarkson is a tight knit family. There is a social group for everyone there.
I like how I go here for free because of ROTC. I would recommend finding a way to make college cheaper since it is so expensive. The people here are really nice and so are the teachers and advisers. I like how easy it is to contact people when you need help also.
I've had a very good experience at Clarkson so far. I've been challenged academically and definitely feel like it's the right fit for me. One thing I love about Clarkson is the return on your investment and how you're essentially guaranteed a job paying over $60,000 when you graduate. One thing that could be improved is the food because the options are rather limited.
The academics is what you come here for, Clarkson has great connections and can lead you to companies. The career fair is a great place to connect to employers. I am not picky, so the food doesn't bother me but I know a lot of students do not like it. The professors range just as in any college, from being really good to terrible. The campus layout involves walking through parking lots, and in the winter the snow removal is not super quick. It is stunning here weather wise in the fall, but in the second semester its is cold and snowy.
I transferred to Clarkson into the Mechanical Engineering program from a two-year SUNY community college. I was very pleased to find that I was prepared for Clarkson, and was able to find success at such a highly regarded engineering school. The career fairs and career center have helped me find summer internships and will hopefully soon find me a full- time position after graduation. When considering the cost of tuition, I would fully recommend transferring in later on. So far, this is the only downside I have seen of this school.
Clarkson is by far the best. The best professors, learning environment, life outside of the classroom, and activities than any other college i went to. Clarkson makes me feel at home and couldn't make me happier.
I love Clarkson and all the opportunities that it offers students. Traveling is very important for me, so the wide variety of places to go with service clubs and study aboard are great. Also, their career fair is the best.
There have been some pretty terrible professors but also some great professors. There are plenty of clubs on campus but not much to do off campus. You can only cook your own meals once you are in an apartment. There are no community kitchens.
Clarkson University has a close knit community feel. However, the campus is not the nicest, nor is the food provided. Sometimes the maintenance upkeep falls behind and goes without doing. If I could change anything, it would be the way the school goes about spending their money and enforcing their maintenance. I have gone this whole semester without my thermostat working in my on campus apartment and this is something that I am not allowed to fix on my own.
As a first year student, I quickly started feeling that I want to continue to finish my university journey there. Also, most professors are nice and ready to help and a lot of research opportunities.
Its a fantastic school, academics are very good and in general they do a good job educating and getting jobs for their students. However, there is almost nothing you can do around the college without a car and it can get very boring if you aren't a part of any clubs, so I would recommend joining as many as you can so you can have things to do.
Clarkson is a great school but it's not for everyone. It is extremely challenging but I have never had a professor that was not willing to help you. My last 2 years at school all of my professors knew my name. My professor also cared deeply about my education and many of them helped me find internships, CO-OPs, and Full-Time jobs. The biggest selling point of Clarkson is the community, everybody helps everyone. This has proven to be successful based on job placement rates and success of alumni.
Academically and Socially, Clarkson is a great school. It is located in a small town with three other colleges close nearby. Food options are not the best (try to get in a fraternity house, townhouse, or Woodstock so you can cook for yourself). Facilities employees tend to be lazy and don't complete work orders on time (it has been seven weeks since we put in a work order to fix our house's washing machine). But that is only minor details, as I still love attending this school.
Going Greek is the only reason I stayed at this school. You have to be involved to like the school, there are many ways you can become involved they do offer a lot of clubs here but it is in the middle of no where so a lot of times you have to like the outdoors and that's not something I've always particularly liked
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I love the Clarkson university because of the opportunities that it offers to its student. Here at Clarkson we receive a very good education. We are academically challenged everyday and there are many resources on campus to help every student seeking help. I will highly recommend this University to anyone seeking a very good education.
Small school, cute campus, friendly staff, ease you into college life well, help you with your career path early on, comfortable, safe, fairly close to town, greater variety of food than was expected
My experience at Clarkson is much better than I could've imagined. The small campus size and little amount of stuff to do for fun around campus make it seem like the school is not as competitive as a choice as others, however Clarkson excels at so many things. The teachers for all freshman classes show a huge amount of care and passion for their teaching subjects and everything is set up for you to learn and pass. From what I've seen, these professors are some of the best in helping their students. Outside of professors, the resources here are very easy to get your hands on and if you're in the mindset of setting yourself up for a successful and hardworking career, then Clarkson will not slow you down. If you're dead set on mechanical engineering, you're looking in the right place. The speed teams and shop equipment can prepare you for the industry you have in mind from the beginning of freshman year, which is the difference Clarkson has from other schools.