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I love the community at Clarkson. The whole college feels like a family. It’s always so welcoming and warm to new students and current students. Clarkson also has an amazing career center which allowed for its really high job placement percentage.
I loved the culture here but I would like there to be more opportunities for involvement. There is also a lot of room for improvement in the housing areas and in the athletics facilities. It WOUKD ge great of we could have more activities going on on campus.
I love Clarkson's small community feel. You walk class to class, seeing plenty of familiar faces and everyone is happy to help with anything you need. The teachers are committed and there are plenty of academic support systems if you find yourself struggling. Overall I love the school, however I believe their housing and food could be upgraded.
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Clarkson has so many clubs and organizations that utilize the outdoors. If you join the ski club, you have access to free ski and boot rentals, and you can purchase ski passes from nearby ski mountains at a discounted price.
Clarkson is a challenging university but offers so many resources and clubs for students to enjoy their time in school. The only downside is the cold winter but that isn't really their fault.
Clarkson offers a diverse way of approaching each subject that meet the criteria of Ivy League schools such as Dartmouth. The staff if extremely knowledgeable and able to help in almost every scenario. The winters are brutal, sometimes reaching a shivering -48°F. The food is less than appetizing but that is the popular opinion and Clarkson understood this problem and signed contracts with a new food provider showing that they are listening to student outreach and are allocating funds efficiently and humbly. I feel as though Clarkson offers severe readiness as far as employment and academics. The architecture has flaws but changes are also steadily happening to improve the quality of the campus as well.
I loved my first year at Clarkson University. The professors were great and were always there to support you through the way. The small campus gives you a very home like feel that is unmatched.
Classes are hard to come by for graduate students. There aren't many offered, every year the only consistent class is biochem 2. Other than that you will end up taking quite a few irrelevant classes to fill requirements.
I love that Clarkson University has great research facilities, competent and well experienced faculty who care about the students' well-being and are willing to help them fulfill their goals.
Clarkson is a relatively small University, but as a result it is a close-knit community. The majority of the faculty and students here are friendly and helpful, truly wanting to see you succeed. Students are encouraged to help each other and work together as if they were in the real world. Clarkson does a very good job preparing its students for life after attending the university.
I’m a 3rd year PhD international student; I have been amazed how the community is friendly both on & off-campus. My research adviser is a member of the $ million club, and not only able to get good funding, but also available, competitive, ambitious, and inspiring. Travelling to conferences is very often, so far I have participated in 10 of off-campus ones. Both RA &TA stipend are enough to cover expenses. From my personal experience, Clarkson atmosphere is very supportive. You bring your ideas (academic or even social) and for sure you will find someone to support (President, Faculty, and Administrative staff) e.g IGNITE. Transportation is challenging, but once you get a car it’s perfect. Interestingly, you can drive to a different country and enjoy the city life e.g Ottawa. Outdoor activities are great in summer e.g canoeing. I would recommend building a lot of connections, engaging with fellows and getting involved in GSA and D&I. Hope to have memorable times here.
The best thing about Clarkson in my opinion is the academic atmosphere. Everyone is there to help others as well as themselves to learn and to succeed. Some colleges (especially larger universities) seem to care less about their students' success, the mentality being that there are so many students going through only some of them need success stories, but Clarkson is determined to make every student a success story. This is more common in small liberal arts colleges but for a very engineering and science driven university this seems uncommon.
I recently join Clarkson as a graduate student and found it excellent choice for my Ph.D studies. the environment here is highly professional and one can have alot of opportunities to grow up in their field of studies.
Clarkson is located in a beautiful, safe little town. The athletic program is great and my overall experience has been positive.
I went to Clarkson for its top tier academics with incredible job placement services. I graduated May 2019 and had a job lined up upon graduation in November 2018. Everything that the school does is to help you prepare for the future. The community at the school was like a family, filled with friendly, outgoing people. The investment in a degree from Clarkson University will be returned tenfold. Best decision I could have made.
The small class are both positives and negatives for me personally. If you understand a topic fairly well and have to listen to every classmate ask their questions it can become quite tedious and consume a lot of unnecessary time. On the other hand it is nice to be able to be part of such a small community and make great connections.
Clarkson University has an aptitude for the education of students. An aspect that allows Clarkson this aptitude is the student to teacher ratio. In most classes (disregarding core classes i.e. Physics and Chemistry), there are around 20-60 students to 1 teacher. I've found this ratio to be a tremendous advantage in the growth of my knowledge.
Furthermore, there are numerous clubs and Greek organizations on campus with many opportunities to develop technical skills, soft skills and be a resume builder.
I've taken an active role in clubs and a Greek organization on campus which has allowed me to grow immensely as an individual. Clarkson fosters all of these experiences and offers a decent bang for the buck. Especially, with having a 97% job placement on graduation.
One downside is the food, at first, it seems good. After 2 years, the food provided by Aramark gets repetitive and doesn't seem that good.
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My first year experience at Clarkson University is warm-welcoming and family-like environment in every school level of administration. Promoting diversity and enjoyable atmosphere around the campus all the time. The Clarkson University academic is extremely focusing on a high standard and expectation of each student success in his or her career or goal . Providing several valuable resources to support an assistance in any physical, mental, and academic difficulties.
However, the public transportation is limited around the area unless a student owns a personal vehicle. Therefore, a parking spot sometimes is difficult to find. Campus food does have variety food options throughout the campus but quality does not meet many student expectations.
Great school for business and engineering, and mixing the two up. A huge innovation, and research school. Tons of amazing professors around campus, and you have a really high chance of graduating with a job which makes it great for the return on investment.
If you can handle the workload and the freezing cold, Clarkson is definitely a good place to study, especially for the price and when compared to schools such as RPI or WPI it’s a deal. The campus is not very beautiful but it’s functional. If you like to watch D1 hockey and study engineering I cannot think of a better school.