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Such a cold climate, but everyone here is friendly. Plenty of opportunity for scholarships and financial aid. Clarkson is very renowned for its quality engineering education. A degree here will get you a job anywhere you want.
I studied mechanical engineering at Clarkson University, where with the help my my peers and professors I excelled at learning the curriculum. I loved my time at Clarkson, but balancing a social life and school work was a challenge. Overall I really enjoyed my time there and I am contemplating going back for a masters!
Amazing and challenging school academically with lovely nature filled campus. Perfect for anyone looking for a small school in a small town near the Adirondacks. Would like to see better housing and food options.
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Clarkson has only a little over 3,000 kids. It's a rather small school which I enjoy because it provides a tight knit community. Everyday on my walk to class I will see faces I know. The facilities however are not aesthetically the best. For instance, the dorms have been rated on the top five "Nations worst dorms". But in a way it gives the students something to bond over.
I love Clarkson University. The Professors are always willing to meet during office hours and Clarkson offers tutoring sessions for those who need it. It is located in a small village so there is less to do than there would be in a city, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy it. I would recommend the Bagelry or Between the Buns for a good place to eat
Clarkson University is good to challenge yourself, but there is not a lot of diversity on campus. It is predominantly male campus.
Clarkson University is a great academic college riddled with minor problems some may see past more easily than others. The main academic building is hideous and poorly designed, with broken chairs and cold temperatures inside. However, nearly each professor I have encountered is very pleasant and willing to help if the student makes an effort to receive it.
So far I love my experience at Clarkson. Something that I have really grown to appreciate is the support on campus. Everyone there really wants you to succeed.
Overall have had a great experience at Clarkson so far. Great academics, friendly people, and a decent campus.
Clarkson students are a different breed and employers know that it takes alot to make it here but its worth it in the end. the biggest problem with Clarkson is IT IS COLD, like seriously this place gets cold be warned. also the guy to girl ratio here really sucks but thats to be expected in any engineering school.
The academics are great and there are so many resources to succeed in your classes. The class sizes are small so the learning environment is personalized. There are so many opportunities to get involved in something you love or even create a new club of your own, like I did. One thing that could improve is the food, as there are limited options.
The town here in incredibly boring. There's nothing to do unless you're an outdoors kind of person. It's quiet and there are parties practically every weekend. The campus food is greasy. However, dorms are really spacious and generally really nice. It gets windy up here so don't come if you don't think you can take the cold. Some professors have an extremely thick accent that make it difficult to understand. The people here are really friendly and administration is relatively helpful. However, if you're looking for a cheap school, they give a lot of financial aid out. Hockey team is pretty good. It's also extremely safe. There's literally no one here... at all..
As a sophomore I have enjoyed all of my time at Clarkson. While the food isn't great and some of the dorms need updates, Clarkson is constantly trying to improve these aspects of student life and is very open to suggestions. The academics are great overall, and the career fairs here are very helpful for acquiring internships, co-ops, and post-graduation careers. I couldn't imagine going to school anywhere else.
When I came to Clarkson, I was a science major and then switched into Communications. It's been one of the best experiences of my life and I've had supportive professors all four years. The campus is small and personable. Also, if you're big into sports, especially hockey, the atmosphere at our D1 hockey school is unlike any I've ever seen.
Clarkson University is great school in a small community. It is well known for its engineering program and has a 90% job placement rate. There is a great student to faculty ratio which allows students the ability to interact with the professors on a one to one basis.
Clarkson understands that college students are stressed out and they provide many services that attempt to make the students' journey as stress-free as possible. The Clarkson School program provides a way for advanced high-school students to start college early and gives them an authentic college experience. The downside to this University is there is little in the way of transportation around the area.
I am mostly going here for the career prospects after college, it better be good.
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Classes are rough, I'm sick right now, it's not cheap to go here, but I feel confident that I will be well prepared to succeed later on in life.
Campus security is very effective in responding to emergent situations.
Living in a single in Hamlin sucks. I have a broom closet for a room that is about as far away on campus I can get from the academic buildings.
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