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They get you with the huge discounts on tuition. Acceptance rate is 76% or more and it shows! I’m in a class where it is obvious some of my classmates do not belong in college. They bring the level down and the few of us who are not that dumb are bored to death because the professor tries to pass everyone. I’m a biology major but I’ll switch majors or if I can I’ll transfer. I want to go to medical school but the pre meds tell me Clarkson sucks in gett8ng them ready for the MCAT. Because very few can get accepted to medical school, Clarkson pushes the alternatives like PA or PT, which they also run. You’ll be better off going to SUNY!
The academic program is excellent for want to be engineers, like myself. Though at times the work load is a little over the top, most weeks you have plenty of freetime. Plus the hockeys games are some of the best in the nation.
Clarkson wants your money and it isn’t run like a business. If you want a job at GE or PG or other companies affiliated with it, then it may worth the investment. If you want to go to medical or professional schools, then you are probably making a huge mistake matriculating at CU. Some professors are good, most of them are terrible and you end up forgetting everything by the next semester because most teach for the test. It’s high school all over again. Not academically rigorous, but some professors will bring donuts the day you are asked to fill the he evaluations for their courses. They offered me a substantial discount on tuition and that was the selling point. I am realizing that you should not go to the equivalent of a dollar store for your education. Sooner or later it will show.
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Aggressive and false advertising. Not diverse. Courses are easy, exams are like the homework. Do yourself a favor and, all things been equal, go to SUNY Buffalo! You’ll pay less and get a better education. Not good for premeds. Clarkson students can’t pass the MCAT because they we’re never encouraged to think, just to memorize stuff. Dorms are horrible and cold, unless you’re in the hockey team, then they’ll treat you better. Not worth the money. You’re better off at a community college.
Overpriced community college. Ok If you want a degree and work at GE or P&G but terrible choice if you want to get into
MD school or a good PhD program. Shop around and beware of their marketing strategies. Grade booster courses are plenty and it’s easy to get a perfect GPA. I scored below average in the MCAT.
Clarkson University has been amazing so far! I have been able to create many enjoyable memories and I have been able to take advantage of many opportunities that I wouldn't have found anywhere else.
Clarkson University is a great school with a challenging curriculum. However, it is small and isolated. Therefore, there are not as many resources available to students. Teachers, while often excellent scholars in their respective fields, are not always effective in the teaching capacity. However, if you are interested in research and/or engineering this is a great school for you.
Clarkson University is a great university in my opinion, the financial aid package is pretty great compared to other schools of the same caliber, the only downside would be the location of the university, it is in the small village of Potsdam it really is the definition of remote location... But I guess that makes it easier to focus on studies.
If you want to do anything in the STEM field, Clarkson can make it happen. Getting involved in clubs and activities isn't a burden and is fun and professors have generous office hours, if you need help you need only ask
Definitely a school for engineers. Although they do offer majors in other disciplines, the school is focused on the success and opportunities for the engineers.
Clarkson's campus is small and inviting! It offers students an excellent educational experience as well as a comfortable social situation.
There are some great resources and professors. However everything is run down besides the academic equipment and the food is horrible except for the dining locations in Cheel which are only open during the weekdays. You must help yourself when it comes to campus resources, they won't voluntarily help you and they accept loads of people in the expectation of failing a lot of them. The town is great though so if you want a great job and are not socially inept this place is great.
it is a great school that has great people and is a very welcoming area, the people are friendly, it has a nice size campus and everything is easily accessible.
I have loved attending Clarkson so far. The teaching staff is helpful, there is a wide array of resources available to help students academically, with their health and with job and internship applications.
This is a great school filled with opportunity, I mean look at the job placement rating. It is in a small town and there is not much to do, it does get really cold however it helps keep u focused on your academics.
Most instructors offer a challenging view on academics to prepare students for furthered education or entrance to the workforce. Plenty of opportunities for research, teaching, and project showcases present ways to build a resume.
Clarkson University is located in a super small town. It has an adorable small town feeling, you feel like you're in a different world. The weather is great if you love freezing temperatures and winter activities! There's lots to do on campus, and you can start a club for anything you want. The professors I have had are all beyond amazing, very intelligent and happy to help you with anything. I would highly recommened coming here.
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They teach you well in most classes but note that some professors care and others could care less. Freshman dorms are not that great and the food is terrible. It's pretty boring in Potsdam and it's overall just not for everyone.
Such a cold climate, but everyone here is friendly. Plenty of opportunity for scholarships and financial aid. Clarkson is very renowned for its quality engineering education. A degree here will get you a job anywhere you want.
I studied mechanical engineering at Clarkson University, where with the help my my peers and professors I excelled at learning the curriculum. I loved my time at Clarkson, but balancing a social life and school work was a challenge. Overall I really enjoyed my time there and I am contemplating going back for a masters!
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