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Clarkson University Graduate School - Capital Region Campus Reviews

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The financial aid process is easy, but I have not found many scholarships for this school.
Overall the campus is very protected. At night it is very well lit. I would not recommend venturing alone by yourself at night.
The school is not very challenging in terms of difficulty of classes.
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Not too crazy.. the key is to get to know people and look outside the area as well.
Its pretty diverse when compared to other schools outside of New York.
There are some places in Schenectady but many in the Albany area.
The town is no very nice.
Schenectady is not the best place to live, but the campus is very nice and safe.
There are many social events and in general people are very friendly.
Opinion in Progress – I've only been at Union for two months. Parking is sometimes difficult but I like it so far. We shall see what the coming months will do.
Antique Town – I do like schenectady very much. The old buildings are beautiful to see, there are multiple live theatre venues, great restaurants and a river view. I would have liked more museums, you have to go to Albany for that but its a quick drive. I don't live on campus so I can't rate much of the night life. I work with some of the theatres and I definitely recommend them.
Financial Accounting – 3 tests, 3 grades. 2 classes per week for 3.5 hours at a time over 5 weeks.
Presentations and Papers. Group presentations were all A's. Papers were graded more strictly.
Bar scene is ok, club scene non existent unless you go to albany, parties are good but can be boring after a while
Union has many computer labs available. Reliability and speed are solid. Printing is a bit of a hassle during midterms or finals as expected.
The local atmosphere is ok in Schenectady, NY. Schenectady is a typical college town, so while school is in session it is good and there's a lot to do, but when school is not in town it is not as entertaining. The locals are also a bit sketchy.
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