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Friendly staff that seem to genuinely care about you. It is a tough school, but it is worth the hard work and effort. Plus there are many opportunities for extra help through free tutoring and student led supplemental instruction.
I like that Clarkson College is a small private school. The professors know you by name and are very helpful! I’ve made great relationships with my professors enough that they said I can use them as a reference.
The staff and teachers are very involved with learning. They take your learning seriously and personally. I've had teachers meet one-on-one and follow up in regards to tests/class lessons/etc. They really want you to succeed and they do a great job helping you with the tools that can get you there.
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Everyone has been so helpful! They have answered all my questions or pointed in me in the right direction. I cant wait to start my journey with Clarkson college.
The teachers at Clarkson College are the best. They are very understanding and only want you to be the best. I also love that we have energized labs and learn everything we need to know before we go to a clinical site. I would strongly recommend this college to anyone that wants to pursue a career in health care. If I could do it all over again I would still choose this school because they push me to be the best I can be and I know I am not in this journey alone.
They offer work study positions
Instructors are nice and welcoming. Classes are easy to choose from. Small - medium class sizes
Not much to say about it
It's a nursing school therefore there is no athletics. They offer volleyball for fun but otherwise there isn't anything sport wise. Which is understandable.
Very student friendly. Small classes so there's more one on one time with the instructors
I am an online student
I have learned so much since I entered Clarkson.
It is actually a five circle "greatest experience"
I love the help and support we receive from our professors. Each class is pushing you to be able to achieve success in the medical field. I really enjoy the small class sizes.
Clarkson College does a great job in getting students a job after graduation. Each student seems confident and finds a job fairly easily after graduating.
The safety and security on campus is good. You have to have your student ID to get into school buildings during after hours.
So far after two years, my experience at Clarkson College has been great. The professors are there to help out and push you towards reaching your goals. I enjoy the small campus and the feeling that everyone around you wants you to succeed.
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They are very helpful in transitioning from being in high and going into college. They have been very helpful and opened minded about my medical issues and started in May with helping start to find the best ways to deal with them in college. I was nervous every to go to college because of my medical issues but now feel very comfortable and can not wait to move into the dorms next month!
So far the staff is very supportive the provide clear, concise information in a short period of time
Everyone has been kind and helpful so far
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