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Overall, CSU is an excellent school. The professors are close to the students, and the overall God-centered atmosphere is amazing. CSU's online classes are challenging yet not over-loading. If you are somebody who is looking for a God-centered, small Christian school, Clarks Summit University is the right choice for you!
The school has great personalities and takes pride in their faith. The facilities are lacking (other than the obnoxious rec-center).
The college seemed good when i first enrolled. But since then it just seems like a place full of closed minded people. I am regularly afraid to be myself and to question authority for fear of being expelled (specifically because of my sexuality - i am in the closet for this reason). However, I do not have enough money to afford anywhere else at the moment and I want to graduate as soon as possible.
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Great college! The community of the students is my favorite part about CSU. It helps to build life-long friendships that are supportive in every way. The professors care about the students more than just "students" and are very real people that will meet and talk with you about topics outside of academics.
Solid education founded on biblical principles. The small community helps keep the class sizes less. The professors are interested in long term investments with the students.
It is a disgrace of a college. I would not recommend this school to my worst enemy. It is not only a terrible school but a terrible representation of religion.
Clarks Summit is a very good small school. I choose it because I am from a small town and do not want to go to a school that feels like it is a large city. The professors care for each and every pupil, and the admissions office is overall really great.
I love that its is a small school, where you be come very close to the professors. most of my classes have either 8 or 10 students. this makes me be able to work with the teachers more closely. I enjoy the campus, the pond area is very nice and it has a path around the outside that you can walk. I enjoy being on SLC. this gives me a way that I can put in my opinion. I believe that the food could be much better. there are no partys on campus which helps with my study.
I had a great experience in regard to the people, the professors, and the classes. There is no doubt that you can receive a great education here. The downside is that there are a lot of rules, which is to be expected at a Christian college. I don't mind rules, but it is frustrating when those who don't do wrong are punished for the sake of trying to prevent others from doing wrong, even though they will find a way to do it regardless. The food is not terrible, but also not amazing. It is typical college food. I personally feel that the kitchen staff is very friendly and does an amazing job based on what they are given and what they are likely paid. I have made great relationships here and absolutely love all of my professors. This is a great school for Christian people that are seeking a community of strong believers.
This is an intention campus, that is looking to really invest in the lives of students. The professors are extremely knowledgeable and so willing to help and give resources. Post-graduation, the school has wonderful career tools, to help sort out internship and job opportunities.
Clarks Summit University is a great place to live in community with other believer, learn more about the Bible, and put that knowledge into action in ministry.
This school can be great depending on what it is you are looking for in a school. It does not offer many degrees like other universities and it is in a not so well known area,very small environment, and it may be boring for some. It is not the best or cheapest school to go to especially if you are interested in fields such as business or health sciences, the options are very limited. However if you are looking for a good Christian education and learning more about the a Bible and pursuing ministry it is a great place to learn with many qualified experienced professors who are passionate about teaching.
I love the professors and how everyone on campus is looking to invest in my life. That gives the me the freedom to live how god calls me to live, he wants me to love him and love others. When the people around me are setting that example it is so easy for me to join in.
The best part of my time at CSU (then BBC) were the friendships and experiences that I had in the dorms. That combined with caring and involved faculty prepared me with the soft skills needed to navigate multiple careers. All schools have problems, but I wouldn't trade my time as a CSU student for anything!
Clarks Summit is a great school. If you like a small environment where you can get to know people well and enjoy small classes with a Christian view, then consider coming to CSU.
This college has been so nice from the moment I applied. I have people contacting me from the school wanting to get to know me and answer questions. My admissions counselor is even paying for my bedding and necessities until I get my stuff shipped to the college from the college I went to last year! This college wants to help you get the best education possible for the lowest cost! This college is amazing!
I have been attending CSU for 3 years now, 2 of which were on campus. I have had nothing but a great experience whilst being here. The faculty and staff have a great care for the students, and love to create mentor-like relationships with them. The classes offered, are geared towards anyone wanting to focus on Christ in their field. Great Bible University.
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I am a current Sophomore at Clarks Summit University. I honestly love it here. The professors are genuinely invested in your life and care about more than simply just getting your money, they want to see you in class every day and ask how you are doing. Even in my courses that have 80-90 students, the professor knows the name of all of the students by the third or fourth class. The dorms are inviting and everyone is friendly, it is easy to fit in and your dorm mates are immediately invested in your life and try to get to know you as much as you allow them to. It is an amazing place to go and grow in the Lord, there are many great spiritual men and women on campus that want to step into your life and help you follow Christ.
Its peaceful, no drama. Teacher to student ratio is low. Professors know your name. Get closer with God, a overall calm place to be.
housing is good some dorms are better than others
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