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I am a current Sophomore at Clarks Summit University. I honestly love it here. The professors are genuinely invested in your life and care about more than simply just getting your money, they want to see you in class every day and ask how you are doing. Even in my courses that have 80-90 students, the professor knows the name of all of the students by the third or fourth class. The dorms are inviting and everyone is friendly, it is easy to fit in and your dorm mates are immediately invested in your life and try to get to know you as much as you allow them to. It is an amazing place to go and grow in the Lord, there are many great spiritual men and women on campus that want to step into your life and help you follow Christ.
Its peaceful, no drama. Teacher to student ratio is low. Professors know your name. Get closer with God, a overall calm place to be.
housing is good some dorms are better than others
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Because it is a Christian College people tend to be judgemental if you don't believe exactly like them. Great classes and professors though. No doubt I am getting a great education.
There is 24/7 security on campus. They circle the campus all hours of the day or night. There are security locks on all the doors. I feel very safe at all times.
I have loved my interaction with my professors. They help me in any way they can. They don't only help me, but everyone.
For my specific career I am aiming for I have had positive responses.
It is a very exciting experience. There are many ways to make friends and activities to spend time with them.
To me I believe the athletic program is fantastic. We play a variety of schools on the east coast. Our facilities are fairly new and accommodate many sports at one time.
I have greatly enjoyed college thus far. I am excited to see what else is in store for me at Baptist Bible College
the trainer and nurses are always here and ready to help
Students that graduate from here usually get pretty good jobs with their degrees
Overall the teachers really help with getting you interested into what they're teaching
It is a great community and gets you close with a lot of other people
Athletics are not the number one priority here
Other than the cost. So far so good.
I enjoy the community aspect of my school- the dorm life is wonderful and I absolutely love it. The academics are somewhat mediocre when it comes to my major (physical therapy) because the program is new and not very developed. I view the academics as a set back but would not trade the community experience for anything.
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I dont know much about off campus living. I just know living on campus.
there are many different places to go out to eat in a matter of 5 minutes driving.
We have dorm parties and a christmas party for the student body.
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