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Im planning to go there as we speak. I will be a freshman after this year. I am currently a high school student. I attend Thornridge High School and I am a senior.
It's not a huge school and that's what i like about it because you can get to know everybody there. Also, you aren't a number to a teacher because of the small school size you get very familiarized with the teachers.
I like the community feel at Clarke. The smaller campus size helps you to know everyone, including professors and faculty. You get the one on one attention you need from professors and are provided great opportunities.
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I loved my freshmen year at Clarke. I had quite a great experience with professors besides a couple which this is typically true at every university. I play sports and i made some of my best friends and my coach is excellent and cares about you as a human being not just an athlete. The classes are challenging but you really do learn something and get a great education. I would recommend Clarke to everyone
What I like about Clarke University is how everyone knows each other. I can. From a big high school so I expected college to be daunting but I really enjoy the community within. The professors are super nice and know you on a first name basis. They are always willing to make time for you if you ask them. The things I’d like to see change is make the campus more handicap accessible. The men’s dorm does not have an elevator so it makes it very hard for those on crutches or have a walking disability to get up the stairs. I also would like to see more
The dorms are a little out of date, and the campus is small, but the professors care about you a lot, the food is good, and everyone on campus is very friendly
I have a great experience at this school. All the staff are welcoming and make Clarke feel at home. Depending on the program, The head is normally very attentive. Clarke is a challenging school, but they do not let you do it alone.
So far I love my experience at Clarke. It is small, but that is good for academics. My professors are all very helpful, and the advisors are great! The food is pretty decent for college food, they try to keep it mixed up. The dorms are average, I would like to see more options for rooming. But overall, it's been great so far!
The academics are a bit difficult but the professors take the load off of stress because they are willing to work one on one with you. The athletics is very competitive, starting in 2018, Clarke is getting a football team. The school advocates for equality.
I like the overall feel of the campus. Feels like home. Everybody is so nice and welcoming and answer every question you have that they're able to or they point you in the right direction.
It was the right place at the right time for me. Great liberal arts faculty. Business faculty...not so much.
As a parent of a freshman, it's still too early to share details but I can say that the times I have visited campus I have ALWAYS felt welcome. The admissions process was great and the professors that I met were equally enthusiastic about their areas of study. I have consistently felt comfortable and safe on campus! If you are looking for a small campus this is the place!
I like the friendly atmosphere the staff has created. Since everyone is so kind and caring it feels like I have gained another family.
I was matched with Clarke University because of my baseball ability as well as my interest in Nursing as a career. The admissions advisor as well as the Head Baseball Coach treated me like a person and made my decision to go here a no brainer.
Clarke University is without a doubt the place I'm glad to call home. I have finished my first year, and I cannot wait for the next. The Clarke community makes being away from home easy. I am very fortunate to be able to attend Clarke University to gain education at such an excellent level. Clarke allows me to feel safe and welcome. It is very easy and enjoyable to be involved in various activities around campus. I am a part of the Clarke softball team, and it makes the college experience so great. Dubuque is an all around involving town, and it provides many great opportunities. I love Clarke and recommend it to every high schooler I know.
My experience so far at Clarke University has been amazing. I've learned so much since attending Clarke. The staff and professors that are very helpful and they go out of their way to assist in your success. I've been telling my coworkers about Clarke and I give this school two thumbs up.
I love Clarke University. The professors here are very good at their job and are always willing to help students when they need it. It is such a small campus that it feels like we are all one big family and you can definitely tell that the professors truly care for us and they really do want us to do well.
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I have visited Clarke University 4 times now. I have not attended any classes yet since I am a senior in high school. I do like that all buildings are connected including the dorm rooms. I also like that laundry is included with tuition. Everyone is very friendly and helpful. The one negative thing I can say is that the academic scholarships are not as good as other schools especially since the tuition is higher than other schools I have looked at.
I would NEVER tell anyone to attend this college.
The tuition inflates, professors don't think of students & do not deliver material in a beneficial manner, & Clarke preaches small class sizes but many of the classes in the medical field add up to more than 80. They tell you that your class sizes will not exceed 12, but in my last semester at Clarke I was in Anatomy and Physiology every MWF with 85+ students. The professor didn't know names, you were a number, & you didn't get the 1 on 1 attention you needed during an intense class.
When choosing Clarke I was under the impression that students had a large impact on campus, but once there I was mistaken.
The nursing department is ranked highly, but I do not see it being ANYTHING that the professors do. It is nearly impossible to get any nursing professor to help you understand material, prepare for an exam, or do well in their class.
Clarke was overall a waste of time & money.
I really loved the location of the college. it is located in Dubuque near the bluffs and a river, and is also about 5 minutes away from downtown. The campus itself is very old, but is newly renovated which gives it that antique feel. It used to be an all women college, but has recently been opened up to men. The architecture of the buildings is spectacular, and even more impressive, the school has underground tunnels! I'm going for nursing, and the program guarantees you're out in four years with a degree which is extremely satisfying. There are also a lot of hospitals near the campus which makes it super easy to complete my clinicals. The only problem I have with the overall atmosphere is that it is still a blossoming campus, so it is quite small. I'm from a small town so I'm familiar with the small-town feel, but it would be nice to be apart of a campus with more students at some point in the future.
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