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This school is liberal to the extreme. I was liberal when I came here, but now I'm kind of conservative, and it sucks that there are so few conservative students. I am doing math and economics, which isn't very prone to liberal bias, but if you are conservative or centrist and want to do political science, or just like politics, I would not recommend Clark.
But the food is pretty good, and the professors have been really good.
Warning: they will only accept four AP tests for college credit, which is one semester.
tl;dr Clark is a liberal bubble with a lot of annoying requirements, but the math/econ professors are great!
Great academics, terrible social scene. Worcester is not a great city by any stretch. The students are very cold and standoffish, and if you don't make friends during Week One you won't at all.
Clark is a small liberal arts school with a very welcoming community. The academics are rigorous but not too overwhelming. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved on campus. Clark has lots of resources to help with post-graduation plans
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Clark has been great academically, but I feel the price is too high. Some teachers let classes out early and it feels like money goes down the toilet. Dorms are really nice! Wright hall is the best. Its a pretty ghetto area, but there are hidden gem stores like yo-way and acoustic java.
I don't have no type of experiences right but probably later on I'm have some experience but it seem like is a good college. I will to know more about this college.
Clark University is a located in Worcester, MA. Though campus is safe, the area surrounding campus can be sketchy at times; but, like all universities, the safety of students is a top priority. It is a very interesting and diverse community of students and professors. Most professors, faculty, and staff are kind and have their doors open to students when ever possible. One thing Clark is really focusing on these days is the job availability to students within the campus community so as to have students gain experience within their fields of study, or within other fields that may not pertain to their field of study.
I don't know where to begin with Clark University. It is a school with so much potential to be wonderful and yet I find myself not clicking with it. I'm stuck in my major, my advisor won't communicate with me, and it's becoming difficult to manage. I had picked out a ridiculous course load for my first semester and no one warned me otherwise, when my scholarship was in jeopardy they revoked it early before my grades came in and demanded that I pay in full. I wish there was more communication. I wish the administration actually took the time to improve the school internally rather than brag about its rich history.
Clark University is an amazing small liberal arts school. That being said, it is a SMALL and very LIBERAL school. The feel at Clark is very quirky. Everyone is unique and like to term themselves "weird". Clark is small ad so it is easy to speak with professors, put together projects and find oppurtunities. Faculty and staff are usually very helpful and welcoming, but there are always a few who are not. Clark is not really a "sports school" but you will still find your handful of athletes and sporting events. Overall, Clark is a good school. You get the experience of going to university in an urban setting.
What I like about Clark University is the strong academics and the small campus setting. Clark has a great community and is centered around the schools motto.
I have been very happy with my three semesters at Clark. My class sizes have been small and class discussions are always educationally intimate. It's in a very accessible area of Worcester, with a bus stop right across the street from campus and transportation offered by the school any time after 4 pm.
Clark University has lots of opportunities for science majors and various great 5th year tuition-free programs. There is also Spree Day, which is very liked by the students.
It is a great school that will challenge you and introduce you to the most incredible people. The neighborhood and surrounding community will become your home.
Clark is a TINY university and has all the perks and drawbacks that go along with that - everyone knows everyone, there are only two dining options, classes, even lectures, are pretty small, it takes about three minutes to walk across campus, and so on. Students tend to be really liberal and really do want to change the world, as the motto implies. Classes aren't that challenging, but you have a lot of flexibility in making your schedule. The party scene is kind of nonexistent and parties are usually BYOB so most people who want to drink or smoke get their own stuff and do it in the dorms. Worcester is kind of a dump of a city, and it doesn't really have anything to do in terms of night life, but it is relatively walkable and Clark is involved in a lot of revitalization projects. If I could change one thing about the school I would triple it in size, but of my friends, I'm the only one who thinks that. Overall, I'm happy and would probably make the same choice again.
I have had a great experience so far at Clark. The professors are fully engaged in teaching and want to see their students succeed. Outside of the classroom there are a multitude of activities and opportunities for student involvement on and off campus. The school promotes community involvement and truely tries to integrate the students into the Main South area.
Eclectic student body. You can find a friend group no matter what you're interested in. High student interest in activism. Better than average dorms/housing. Worcester is diverse and has many cheap and good eats, but the Main South neighborhood surrounding Clark's campus can sometimes be sketchy.
Many professors are not very engaging in class and the social scene leaves a lot to be desired. The surrounding area is crime-ridden so it's not safe to leave campus on your own.
Overall, I think so many people find a home at Clark that complaining about trivial things feels whiny! It's a welcoming and open community where 99% of people are very caring about your well-being and happiness. I love this school
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if you want to find a party, there definitely will be some, you just have to walk around and find it, they are all off campus. Bistro stays open until 2 am. parties are kinda lame though, a lot get busted by the cops and the houses are too cramped with people
Academics here are great. They are challenging and the workload is a lot but also manageable. You learn a lot in your classes and the professors definitely want you to succeed
there are so many different people here and everyone is accepting