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Everyone is wonderful! I have only met maybe one or two people on this campus that I didn't like. Faculty and Staff are amazing. Bureaucracy runs slow, but that's a college.
Clark can seem a little intimidating for students who are new to the area, especially because of the surrounding part of Worcester. In reality, it is a very accepting and non-judgmental community. It is a very liberal college, but those who are a little more conservative or who don't identify as extremely liberal will also find it easy to get along with others and find their own group. Respect is key at Clark, no matter what belief, political affiliation, gender, appearance, race, etc.
Very welcoming and friendly campus. Everyone is nice and inclusive. No one sits alone...Beautiful campus, nice dorms, great food and lots to do. Easy to get the courses you want and professors are generally really good.
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I think its generally a very good college where students are curious and intellectual and faculties are intelligent and caring. However, it might be small for some people since it feels as though there are limited groups of people to talk with.
Attended Clark University for freshman year of college prior to transferring to more affordable, more competitive, and more prestigious state university in the Mid-Atlantic. I absolutely despised my time at Clark. Worcester is unsafe and dirty. Administration and student body are EXTREMELY liberal, to the point in which there is absolutely no diversity in thought. It is an echo chamber of ideas. There is a very athlete vs. gen population culture perpetuated by both parties. Athletes hang out with athletes. The cost is absolutely outrageous and Clark shorted my scholarship by 15,000 although I met all criteria. Courses were too easy. Felt as if they were ensuring that I would not fail, which is absolutely not representative of the real world. Boost GPA's in order to make everyone feel good. Overall, this school is an echo chamber of overly liberal ideas filled with an administration that likes to shield students from real world problems.
It's an enjoyable experience with small class sizes and very engaged professors. I have loved my time here so far.
The small school environment gives students excellent access to research opportunities and professors.
Clark University is a place like no other. The professors are amazing and so willing to form relationships with students. The campus culture is unparalleled, we're quirky and fun and motivated.
So far Clark has been a great place for me to earn a degree. The academics and culture really create a unique home like enthronement where everyone knows each other. I've been impressed by the amount of hands on opportunities the hands on opportunities that the school provides in terms of class work, volunteering, clubs and internships. It seems like almost everyone can find some way to get connected to the community which really helps to make Clark stand out from other four year schools.
I think that overall clark is a great school academically speaking. The two majors that I'm pursuing are well-known to be some of the best Clark has to offer. The professors I've had were really nice and understanding while also providing me with the right amount of academic challenge that is required to succeed in academia in general. I do believe, however, that clark needs to do better in it's diversity considering how much it is promoted. There are a lot of international students which is great, but I'd like to see more domestic POC on campus as well as more resources from the school to support/encourage POC programs. Some diversity in the faculty would also be great.
Clark University is a small institution in the heart of MA. It is a liberal arts college with strong programs in biochemistry, psychology and environmental science. It is very diverse, with 20% of the student population being international. This makes you learn more about the world and grow as a more complete person. My experience at Clark has been great so far!
Many of us would like to believe that we practice our profession with a lot of evidence. Our belief stems from the act of having read and planned for treatment planning seminars as students. As we read the papers we rarely, if ever ask – what paper is this? An opinion, a bench study or what? Can you identify the dogmas we practice in dentistry? There are many. After we graduate from dental schools, nearly all of us have little access to the library of information housed within universities. Most of us depend on accessing the internet for information. What your dental education must have done for you, to prepare you for your craft, must have been also to teach you how to recognise which practices are dogma and which are scientifically validated. It would have taught you to discern the nuanced statements made in guidelines to dental practice as well as to discern which articles are about ideas that are not yet validated.
As the commercialization of American higher education accelerates, more and more students are coming to college with the narrow aim of obtaining a preprofessional credential. The traditional four-year college experience--an exploratory time for students to discover their passions and test ideas and values with the help of teachers and peers--is in danger of becoming a thing of the past.
Midnight Bagel Brunch. Nuff said. It’s an amazing place.

Midnight Bagel Brunch is literally worth the whole tuition.
Since its founding in 1887, the University has produced alumni who boast notable individual achievements, yet who also changed the game for everyone by fashioning new approaches in science, business, literature and the arts. As Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie '73 told a 2013 reunion audience, "At Clark, it wasn't just a professor determining what the paradigms of the moment were. I didn't want to hear the paradigms as they existed; a lot of us wanted to hear the paradigms of what could be. That notion infused me with energy to go after things that others would say were conventionally unrealistic."
I am a señor at Clark University, and I can't imagine going to any other college. There are many clubs and groups that pertain to all different interests. The university provides excellent resources and opportunities to engage with the surrounding urban community outside of campus, contributing to a more enriching learning experience that is also beneficial to the city.
I loved Clark! I found my education to be excellent and the professors were very knowledgeable. The diversity of classes is unmatched and I was able to have deep discussions with classmates on a regular basis regarding race, religion, poverty, global issues, and the like. I would go back to Clark in a heartbeat and encourage others who are looking for a quality education alongside an incredible experience, to go to Clark.
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Clark is a really great school like any other and your experience is really what you make of it. Don't beat yourself up trying to get accepted, though, because I'm sure you can have an equally great experience at another college that may be a better fit for you. Good luck in the college search process!
Clark is a good school, but definitely not outstanding. It is an incredibly small research university, so it can sometimes be difficult to get professors who are good at teaching. It is located in Worcester which has truly terrible public transportation, making it pretty much impossible to get anywhere unless you have a car, or a lot of money to shell out to Uber all the time. The administration is often not transparent about important issues until students make a huge fuss over them, and even then, are not always clear. Student life is pretty good, however. Clark has many different kinds of clubs and it is very easy to start a new one. The nature of the student body is generally pretty friendly and open, and the orientation program is a great introduction to college.
Clark is a great place for individual thinkers. Each student is motivated and the professors are helpful yet challenging. Clark's campus is small and there are limited options for food. Also, Clark's location in Worcester is not ideal but also manageable.