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I am transferring out of Clark University. The academics are impossibly difficult to handle for me. I am an English major, and even with just two English classes, I have multiple novels and articles to read every week, and well over 100 pages of reading per day. Maybe some students could handle that, but I don't think that's average at ALL compared to what other schools have. The food here is extremely poor quality and the dorms and living options are small and difficult to work with. There are very few parties and I don't fit in here at all. Whenever it snows, they don't salt the pathways so everyone slips on ice. On a positive note, I will say that despite their difficulty, classes here are engaging and professors are really amazing. So if you are able to handle an EXTREMELY rigorous academic workload, the classes here and the teachers are awesome, so this is the school for you. Otherwise, go somewhere else.
I'm a second semester first year. My problem has been more personal experiences. I went for a freshman only dorm. It started off great - we all talked over the summer and we made what we though would be these great friendships. The first few weeks, even month or so were great. However, drama emerge. It felt like high school again. There was a lot more to it, but long story short, I'd suggest not going for a freshman dorm.

Another problem I had was the RAs. They haven't been very helpful with anything going on in the dorms.

Aside from personal experiences that weren't too great, the school is a good school. As I said, the professors are very good. So far I've been able to get classes I want, and some professors have even expanded their class size when a class filled up before I was able to register. The area around Clark is so so, not much to do, but there are some nice volunteer opportunities near the school. So if you ask me again a year from now, I may rate it higher.
I've really enjoyed my time at Clark so far. I've had some professors I've really liked, I've found some good friends, and although it's expensive I'm holding out for the free fifth year.
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It's a great place to go for a great education. The community is very accepting and welcoming. Professors are generally top-class and are passionate in the subject they're teaching. They offer various opportunities depending on your major and assistance when pursuing internships.
It's a liberal arts school so there's no stress to stay in one major. I get to diversify my classes and not feel so confined to my major.
I loved Clark! I found my education to be excellent and the professors were very knowledgeable. The diversity of classes is unmatched and I was able to have deep discussions with classmates on a regular basis regarding race, religion, poverty, global issues, and the like. I would go back to Clark in a heartbeat and encourage others who are looking for a quality education alongside an incredible experience, to go to Clark.
It is a small liberal art college. you can go anywhere on campus within 10 minutes, and it helps a lot when you wake up late.
Again, it is a small community, you would see familiar faces anywhere you I have never expected. People notice you easily, compared to big universities, and vice versa; It is easier to make diverse friends without being constrained in a certain "group."
Clark is one of rare colleges that give substantial amount of scholarships to out of state students and even international students. Almost 70% of the total undergraduate students are out of sate and 15% are international.
Professors are generally kind and generous.
For the campus cafeteria, well, ice cream here is the best!
The only thing I do not like is housing facilities, but other dorms in campus are much new than this might not matter.
Clark is a beautiful campus with amazing professors and academics. The professors are easy to reach and always open to talk. Clark offers a very open and accepting community that encourages social and political involvement. There are many opportunities to volunteer in the surrounding city and clubs for all interests. Clark is also a very small campus, perfect for people who do not like to walk very far and someone who enjoys a close knit community. Clark may be located in a city commonly referred to as dangerous but I have never felt unsafe during my time here and University Police takes their job very seriously. The only downside to Clark is the poor food selection and some dorm halls are somewhat outdated. Overall, Clark is one of the best universities in New England.
I loved my experience at Clark. It was such an inclusive environment that helped broaden my horizons and introduced me to so many amazing people and experiences.
Excellent entry as a freshman to campus, athletics and academics. A lot of support provided during transition to the school.
I am a rising junior at Clark University, and I can't imagine going to any other college. There are many clubs and groups that pertain to all different interests. The university provides excellent resources and opportunities to engage with the surrounding urban community outside of campus, contributing to a more enriching learning experience that is also beneficial to the city.
I have absolutely loved my first year Clark University! As a member of the field hockey team, I was able to meet new people right away and there are always people around to support me in my studies and on the field. Clark University allows me to study International Development and Social Change as well as French and still participate in varsity athletics.
This school is liberal to the extreme. I was liberal when I came here, but now I'm kind of conservative, and it sucks that there are so few conservative students. I am doing math and economics, which isn't very prone to liberal bias, but if you are conservative or centrist and want to do political science, or just like politics, I would not recommend Clark.
But the food is pretty good, and the professors have been really good.
Warning: they will only accept four AP tests for college credit, which is one semester.
tl;dr Clark is a liberal bubble with a lot of annoying requirements, but the math/econ professors are great!
Great academics, terrible social scene. Worcester is not a great city by any stretch. The students are very cold and standoffish, and if you don't make friends during Week One you won't at all.
Clark is a small liberal arts school with a very welcoming community. The academics are rigorous but not too overwhelming. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved on campus. Clark has lots of resources to help with post-graduation plans
Clark has been great academically, but I feel the price is too high. Some teachers let classes out early and it feels like money goes down the toilet. Dorms are really nice! Wright hall is the best. Its a pretty ghetto area, but there are hidden gem stores like yo-way and acoustic java.
I don't have no type of experiences right but probably later on I'm have some experience but it seem like is a good college. I will to know more about this college.
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Clark University is a located in Worcester, MA. Though campus is safe, the area surrounding campus can be sketchy at times; but, like all universities, the safety of students is a top priority. It is a very interesting and diverse community of students and professors. Most professors, faculty, and staff are kind and have their doors open to students when ever possible. One thing Clark is really focusing on these days is the job availability to students within the campus community so as to have students gain experience within their fields of study, or within other fields that may not pertain to their field of study.
I don't know where to begin with Clark University. It is a school with so much potential to be wonderful and yet I find myself not clicking with it. I'm stuck in my major, my advisor won't communicate with me, and it's becoming difficult to manage. I had picked out a ridiculous course load for my first semester and no one warned me otherwise, when my scholarship was in jeopardy they revoked it early before my grades came in and demanded that I pay in full. I wish there was more communication. I wish the administration actually took the time to improve the school internally rather than brag about its rich history.
Clark University is an amazing small liberal arts school. That being said, it is a SMALL and very LIBERAL school. The feel at Clark is very quirky. Everyone is unique and like to term themselves "weird". Clark is small ad so it is easy to speak with professors, put together projects and find oppurtunities. Faculty and staff are usually very helpful and welcoming, but there are always a few who are not. Clark is not really a "sports school" but you will still find your handful of athletes and sporting events. Overall, Clark is a good school. You get the experience of going to university in an urban setting.