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Clark State Community College Reviews

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One of the best things I love about Clark State Community College is that the school will work with you when it comes to any aspect of your life. If there is a time you cant pay your rent there is a emergency fund that you can apply for. If you need parts for your car to get it started and running again they will assist you with that to make life easy. Also what I love about the school is that they are there for you more than most schools are, when it comes to academics, help, tutoring, anything they always and will always find a way. Clark State does a great job with there students, if I had to pick any community college to attend it would very much be Clark state community college.
Small Community College very cheap and nice staff. The drive is a lil far but its the cheapest college around my area.
I like the price of the credit hour. However i had a hard time getting the financial aid to submit my fafsa. This put me back an entire semester. I also had a professor that didn't answer any emails throughout the semester.
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I have had a pretty good experience! I am recently just restarting my education here. I went for a while but I was not in a good place in life, I was a teenage mom things were hard.
this is one of the best schools i have gone to. the only thing i would change would be to add more higher level classes.
I liked how an advisor was always there to help whenever I needed it. However, when it came to scheduling for classes, I was better off scheduling them myself than going to an advisor due to the fact that I felt I knew just as much as they did. I did like the size of the classes which made it easier to gain a relationship with the professor and also make new friends.
Clark State is a very tightly-knit and encouraging community. What I enjoy most is walking in and always feeling like any question or concern I may have is greeted with professionalism and a sense of urgency of someone who truly cares about my well being. It is easy to succeed in this community because students are constantly offered resources and information for their education.
Clark State is overall a great college. It is in a smaller location for those who don't like big cities. It's not only for the younger crowd. This is a great school for those who have families as well. It's a great way to complete a class here or there. It is clean and organized. Campus is centrally located around a variety of shops and restaurants. Clark State guarantees a fast way to complete half a 4 year or complete an associate's degree. If you aren't great at school, the classes have a smaller ratio of students to instructor, allowing for more one on one explanation/teaching. It is a good way to complete your schooling without being sucked into the party scene as well. You don't waste money on dorms and extra trivial expenses. You can live at home, work, and save money while in school. I would recommend Clark State Community College to anyone looking to stay focused, complete their goal, and continue a family or job in the mix.
I am apart of the college credit plus program that clark state has and it's a great way to get credit while still in high school. The techers I've had from clark state are great when you need help and are generally very engaging.
Excellent school. Great academics. Low tuition. Flexible classes. Great support services. Many different majors and programs to choose from.
Clark State is great because--and I know how corny this sounds, but it's true--they want you to succeed. College involves a number of complicated processes that you probably aren't familiar with because you've not yet gone to college. Faculty and Staff here genuinely want to help you solve any problems with financial aid, registration, oral reports, or anything of the kind. It's small and the course options can be restrictive, but it's just right for getting your general education requirements done.
What I like most is the environment provided by the campus and the culture of the staff. I've never had any trouble receiving help.
I love the college. It's small enough to where I can transition eventually to a university. The college is small enough to where the student can have more one-on-one time with the teacher.
I love the Beavercreek campus option. The main Springfield campus has also made huge improvements, although some parts of campus are obviously the old buildings added onto.
Great teachers who truly care about you and your education. There are great students who really want to succeed and push each other so they do the best. There are many classes offered online which is great.
Everyone is very helpful. Always answer phone or calls me right back. Lot of help navigating classes. Great study help and tutoring.
Very casual class setting with knowledgeable professors and instructors. Lots of campus resources available though the information was not readily available, but instead obtained through word of mouth.
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I really like Clark state community college. Everyone is friendly and helpful. You'll see familiar friendly faces , the teachers are awesome and my grades has never been this good ever . I passed with all A's this semester. Because of the help from Clark state community college and I really appreciate it. 😁
Only a few of my classes did not transfer but overall im ready to start classes at the new school
I was able to keep focus and stay on task. I didnt have to worry about missing class and making up assignments.
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