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I liked the small class sizes, most of the teachers were excellent teachers. The teachers are very understanding. I had one or two teachers that didn't really know how to teach, and that made my learning experience in that class harder but other than that I have no issues! They offer plenty of courses online if you so choose to learn like that, and they have great on campus classes too!
Clark State is a very diverse atmosphere. All different kinds of people attend Clark State and right now, it's still being renovated into a new building. The professors and faculty all play a role in my everyday life as I attend the school. My professors are always willing to help in any way whether it's an online class or a traditional class. The faculty will stop whatever they are doing to help you or direct you to the correct area you need to be in. When you walk into the school unsure but end up leaving feeling so accomplished, that's how you know the school is fit for you.
my experience is the best there are so many advisors that will help you where you need to go they offer all types of majors for you Clark state is the best school to go to they are very flexible with your school schedule
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The people were great but the education was not the greatest. Not very expensive but still hard to justify that it was non athletically worth the money.
Cheap but efficient school to get you in the right direction toward the major you want to achieve. Work well with transfer credits to and from their school.
As a Nursing Student, Clark State Community College has open more Nursing classes down in the Beavercreek area. They have An Excellent new staff which are dedicated to see their students pass. I recommend this school for nursing students who wants to pass their Board exams.
Currently enrolled for general education courses. Some instructors are invested in student's success. Some are truly inspirational. An important key is giving your all and meeting them half way.
Clark State is a great small college where you can earn your Associate's at a much cheaper price than a 4 year university. It's convenient and has online classes and several campus locations to suit your needs.
Great college to attend for associates degree. Offers many majors for low pricing. Very professional and kind professors. Classes are a great setting and most students are great people and very polite. I would highly recommend this Community College because of the low pricing, local locations, and great kind people. This college also works very well to set students on the most successful path.
Clark state feels like high school. I have never spoken to an adviser, and I have barely had any communication with teachers. I almost get the feeling that students are being set up to fail.
I just started but I honestly can say the staff cares. Staff is very friendly and welcoming to new students. The professors are all very professial. The campus is in differnt locations in the city though. For me I got my classes I need for a 4 year college out of the way for cheaper.
The campus I attend is smaller. I go to Beavercreek and it's no athletic teams, big library, nor dorms or housing. I put very good because I don't live on campus.
I love how the classes are going! The teachers are amazing and very understanding. The campus is little and you're able to get to classes very easily. The academics are amazing and they have lots of choices for classes. The campus is in a local area, and where people can easily find it.
Excellent school. Low tuition rates, making it easy to get through college, or get started on a bachelor's degree, without breaking the bank or needing a ton of loans. If you want to continue and get a bachelor's degree, Clark State has associate's degrees designed specifically for transferring to a four-year college that will knock out virtually all of your "core" classes so you can focus on those relevant to your major after transferring. Clark State also has a relationship with Wright State University called the Gateway Program, along with dozens of articulation agreements, that makes it easy to transfer and gives you access to additional scholarships automatically if you complete the associate's degree. Clark State's advisers and professors are very friendly and approachable and are willing to work with you to ensure you get the most out of your education. I have no regrets for choosing to start my education at Clark State.
I have attended this School on two occasions, all of my experiences from the application, placement, fianancial aid, and advising have all been and excellent experience.
I am currently enrolled at Clark State in the Police Academy, and so far this has been an excellent experience.
I took courses here as a high school student and had a great experience. I know Clark State is much cheaper then other schools, and it has a wide variety of college students.
I am currently in my last semester at Clark State for the Practical Nursing program. They have been super helpful throughout my time at Clark State. I have learned so much from my instructors and have overall enjoyed my time at Clark State.
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Overall it is a nice college. Going through the financial aid process with the college was pretty easy for me. It is easy to register for classes. There is also nice areas to sit and wait for classes and/ or get work done for your classes.
Good school teachers care. They help when you need it. If you need extra help they have it. They have a area for disabilities.
One of the best things I love about Clark State Community College is that the school will work with you when it comes to any aspect of your life. If there is a time you cant pay your rent there is a emergency fund that you can apply for. If you need parts for your car to get it started and running again they will assist you with that to make life easy. Also what I love about the school is that they are there for you more than most schools are, when it comes to academics, help, tutoring, anything they always and will always find a way. Clark State does a great job with there students, if I had to pick any community college to attend it would very much be Clark state community college.
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